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zlistore site reviews

Zalistore is one of the online stores that let you to sit back and shop for the things you need.

Just like the other stores, this online store does have a niche explained in the about us page. In this review, let us reveal a few things about the store that will help you to identify its authenticity.

According to About us Page

The About us section of the zalistore website explains it as a fashion store that focuses on lifestyle and fashion products.

zalistore about us page

It gives the appeal of a designer store who presents some amazing collections to make a person look attractive and elegant.

Unfortunately, on the products page you will remain unable to find any fashion or lifestyle product.

In fact, at least the first three product pages contain food items and hand sanitizers. It is completely opposite to its initial description.

Limited Products Listed on Zalistore Product-Page

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When we will go through the products available on store, even these are not relevant to store niche but still too limited.

zalistore website products page

When we visit products page, we have noticed that the URL is irrelevant with expecting products, it is saying toyforkid.html but what we see are food items 🙂

This is a pure signal of a scam website.

In case of food or hygiene products you have, a very limited number of products to access that do not fulfill your shopping list. If you want to do grocery for the home stuff, then you need to have a variety of options that will help to get the right products.

Obviously, It is not feasible to shop in parts from multiple stores.

What They are Selling in Reality?

As we mentioned earlier that they are selling only food items which are, liquid hand soap, rice noodles, pasta, roast chicken and sausages.

zalistore pasta and noodles items
zalistore products

Even in the food items, you will get at Zalistore but still there are limited options.

The store offers you a variety of pasta and noodles especially. You are unable to find anything else but many of the pasta options in multiple flavors.

It seems to be boring and useless for you to shop at the store if you are not interested in noodles and pasta. For healthy food options, the store is definitely not a recommendation.

To look for some healthy food options, you need to check out any other online food store.  

Comparison of Prices Deeply

Be reviewing the prices of the food products available at the store we found out these are extremely high in comparison to other stores. Let’s compare some items, we picked up a product from the main page of zalistore website which is listed under new arrivals.

bumblebee chunk light tuna

BUMBLE BEE® Chunk Light Tuna in Water they are selling 4 Cans at $3.38 which looks suspicious while checking the price on other stores.

In the same way, an ounce pack of Maruchan Ramen Noodle Chicken Flavor Soup 3 oz. at Zalistore cost $2.99 while it is only $0.24 at Walmart.

Similarly, one pack of Great Value Elbows Pasta Family Size 48 oz. at Zalistore is for $3.99 while the 2 packs of the same product are available at Walmart for $3.74 that cost even lower.

It is mandatory to make a technical assessment to verify any website. Now, Let’s digg deeper little bit technically. Technical Assessment

Not a User Friendly Navigation

Another downside of the store is the complicated navigation. On the products page you do not have many filter options to look for the stuff in categories.

You can only have the results in tabular or tiles format. Not all the products have categories or subcategories that will make your navigation easy.

Although there is a search bar available on all pages that helps you to look out for one specific product. You can only use this feature when you know the name of the product.

Who owns

zalistore domain registrant

Domain registrant information is hidden which also looks suspicious to us. A legit site must have a valid registrant name.

  • Valid SSL Protection? (Yes)
  • Registration Date? 2020-03-09 (New Website)
  • Name Servers: (Suspecious)
  • Email Address: (Suspecious)
  • Contact/Tel No: 211-657-7297 (Not Valid – Fake)
  • Address: 461 Prospect St, Nutley, NJ 07110, USA (Fake)

Final Words

Zalistore website seems to be a scam and pricey option for online shopping. There is ambiguity about the store that starts from its basic description to product categories and pricing.

It is not recommended to reach out to the store for shopping.

11 Reviews

  1. I bought sanitizers too. No communication from the seller. Reached out to PayPal. They couldn’t get a response either. I had my money back in about 3-4 weeks. Standard procedure is to give the merchant time to respond. If you paid with PayPal and file a claim, you should be okay to get a refund.

    A reminder to us all to make sure we keep scrutinizing these sites, pandemic or not! Be well, be blessed.

  2. I fell for the scam too. I never got a receipt and the PayPal seller had all Asian lettering and webpage Name nowhere listed. I searched for the website today and it doesn’t exist anymore. I will try to file a claim with Paypal but by reading all these comments, looks like people are having no luck with that.

  3. yes this story was lie all people i did buy totally 35 dollars for hand sanitizers and waiting more than the date did not received any thing did not know why ebay can not do any about this story .

  4. I wanted to buy hand sanitizer in March. I went to PayPal to pay. When I was returned to they told me there was a problem and order did not go through. I went back to PayPal where they said payment had gone through. I filed a dispute and PayPal denied it. multiple people have had the same problem. I sent email to e.address listed; no reply. New Jersey address does not exist.

  5. This is definitely a scam. I order $45 worth of sanitizer and never got an invoice from company. Phone is fake, email is fake, now their website is not working. I filed a claim with PayPal. I hope it goes through.

  6. I was stupid and made a purchase from this store in the height of COVID-19. $21.95 for hand sanitizer and wipes. Realized after I submitted my payment that it was sketchy. I emailed the seller within 5 minutes. It was something Asian. Seller never responded so I filed a dispute with Pay Pal 2 weeks ago and now they are trying to deny my claim.

  7. I ordered about $24 items from them. No email confirming orders , no shipment or back order information. Now it show the account was suspended

    1. Yes all they are totally fake
      And when you buy from them paypal transaction shows like you send money to an individual Asiatic person Every name apears in an alphabet like Chinese

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