Airteacap Reviews: Are They Offering The Best Halloween Shirts In Town?

Airteacap Reviews

Is Festive around the corner? Whether it’s a Christmas party, Thanksgiving dinner, or Easter Day, you all want the perfect outfit. If your friend is throwing a Halloween party, you must have started looking for the best attire to wear. While thinking, the artificial intelligence starts showing you the various choices for the thematic TEES. But can you trust those brands, indeed? Indeed, the images, quality, description, and others make it the best among other online resources. But can you trust them? Of course not. Indeed, online shopping makes life easier, but it also helps boost the scam rate. There are chances that buyers will receive faulty and low-quality items. (Valium) Sometimes they refuse to refund the amount or exchange the item. Here we advise you to read the buyers’ reviews of the website and then make up your mind about it.

Today we will review the Airteacup. It is a China-based online store that deals with various tees, beers, wear, accessories, and whatnot. So, here we will study the customer feedback for this brand. Are they offering any shipping quality? Are they offering a great price? Let us have a look.

Which name is the best for men’s online shopping?

Airteacap Reviews1
  1. Courtesy from 
  2. Arket Shop from 
  3. Asos Shop from 
  4. Bonobos shop from Courtesy. 
  5. Boohoo shop from Courtesy. 
  6. Buck Mason Shop from 
  7. Cabela’s Shop from 
  8. COS Shop from

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About Airteacap

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Airteacap Reviews2

Airteacap is the only store that deals exclusively with men’s wear. Many stores only deal with women. But you can only find a bunch of names that claim to deal with men’s wear. This store offers a variety of tees, beach wear, accessories, ball wear, and whatnot.

When you read the about us section, we found the following: they offer items that buyers might like and utilize, such as clothing, home accessories, and more. They claim they have covered it all.

At Airteacap, they like to offer great items for fans. It does not matter what item it is, and it can offer ease for buyers. It has become a buyer’s favorite and essential item in their life.

So do you like to buy from Airteacap? Before that, please read this review to get full feedback on this website.

What are the items they are offering?

Airteacap Reviews3

What products and services are they offering to their buyers. Do they offer the same items they claim in their about us section? They have mentioned that Airteacap deals with the following:

  • Clothing
  • accessories 
  • home accessories

Halloween Clothing

The Halloween section comes under hot selling. Let us have a look at what it has for you.

  1. Men’s Winter Halloween Contrast Hooded Drawstring Sweater
  2. Men’s Hooded Long Sleeve Loose Print Sweatshirt.
  3. Happy Hallothanksmas Wine Print Short Sleeve T-Shirt For Men’s
  4. Men’s Happy Hallothanksmas Wine Print Short Sleeve T-Shirt

The price range of the sweater or sweatshirt falls between USD 30 and USD 40.

It also has some items for women to wear in the accessories section. But there is not a single thing for the home.

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Airteacap Reviews4

Do they offer free shipping?

Yes, they do offer free shipping over USD69.

How to contact them?

Contact at

Address: Room 506, Building 2, San Street, Hantai District, Hanzhong City, Shaanxi Province

Do you need to pay shipping charges for the refund?

The return shipping cost and other miscellaneous charges are the buyer’s obligations.

How long does it take for the return?

Processing returns takes about 14 working days. 

Airteacap Reviews5

What is the mode of payment?

It is the following:

  1. Paypal
  2. Discover
  3. Mastercard
  4. Amex
  5. Mastercard

Does the buyer pay customs?

Import duties, related customs, and fees might be charged when the parcel reaches the destination.

Do they offer any discounts?

There is ten percent off for the new user via AIR10.

What sizes do they have?

  1. S
  2. M
  3. L
  4. XL
  5. 2XL
  6. 3XL

What are buyers saying about Airteacap?

Airteacap Reviews legit or scam

We have found some feedback from the buyers. They have given five stars to the hoodies on their official website. The following is some great feedback from the buyers:

  • It’s so soft and has the perfectly oversized look
  • I like it, and I highly recommend it!
  • I LOVE IT! Even I can’t wait to wear it in colder weather.

Feedback on UiLiU

From this website, we have learned that Airteacap is not legit.

There is also no feedback from the buyers on the Trust Pilot, Site Jabber, and other platforms. 



  • Low rates
  • It has an HTTPs link
  • Good feedback on the website
  • Free shipping


  • They are offering low rates
  • There is an unbelievable discount.
  • There is no feedback from the user other than their official website.
  • The about us section seems fake.
  • There is a refund charge.

Is Ariteacap legit?

Airteacap does not seem legit. Why is that so? It is because

  1. They are offering low rates
  2. There is an unbelievable discount.
  3. There was no feedback from the user other than their official website.
  4. The about us section seems fake.

6 Reviews

  1. Ordered two Jack Skellington shirts for $80. Got two Jack o lantern shirts of the exact same thing. They’re saying the sent me the correct order. Terrible. Avoid at all costs

  2. Company selling different product than advertised. Item delivered is only similar to item on their site. They will send you a very cheap version of what they show you. Avoid this company at all cost.

  3. Ordered four items on 9/24/22 totaling $142.51 which included a $13.20 discount but a surprise $23.75 Tax that wasn’t included in check out but was charged to my credit card. The U.S. has no VAT but maybe this was an Excise Tax which is sometimes imposed. I received the items 4 weeks later on 10/20/22. The quality varied from item to item. The men’s waffle half black/half orange pumpkin “sweatshirt” is ridiculously thin and feels like thin couch upholstery material….The same for the American flag print “sweatshirt”. The women’s “On a dark desert highway” witch “sweatshirt” is even thinner and the witch and moon are an iron on…not silk screened and it runs large. On the other hand the men’s waffle A Win print henley sweatshirt is very thick and comfortable. This was the only item worth the asking price. In the future I will NOT ever order from them again and will not order directly from a foreign seller. In order for me to return anything I have to pay shipping and any VAT back to China. Sigh…

  4. Yes they are labeled Large but are not close to any large I have by US company
    Sorry for the inconvenience.
    As we did have sent you the correct item,
    exchange cannot be acceptable according to our rules.
    Sorry for not being helpful in this issue.
    ​We can refund you 5USD as compensation.
    Hope that’s acceptable
    Thanks so much for your understanding.

    1. Orders mine in the beginning of October it’s near thanksgiving and still have not received my products. Tracking is useless and when I email the company they are no help. After reading reviews, I’m not even looking forward to these items. No desire to buy from them again.

  5. I ordered some stuff. No tracking info. Emailed them. It’s been 2 weeks and they sent one email saying they don’t know what happend to my order. I’ve tried to contact them several times. No response for 3 days now.

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