Reviews: Is It A Legit Source? Reviews

Do you find it hard to pay your bills this month? Are you facing financial problems? Are the medical bills pretty high this time? We all face these kinds of situations at any point in our lives. The procedure of a bank loan is pretty hard, and the interest rates are much higher. However, various online websites are now available for such kinds of financial aid.

You can now grab a loan amount in a much easier way. They have quite simple steps and procedures with reasonable interest rates. Today, we bring you one such review. They are providing good loans to everyone in need. Would Like: Proper Funding Reviews

About is a website operated by Chief LLC, a company established in Nevada. They basically do not provide you with a loan. Rather, it just acts as a bridge between you and the lender. This website will refer you to providers and lenders after you complete the online form. There is no guarantee that the lender will accept your loan immediately. It most likely depends on the lenders. Explore More: Loyal Lending Reviews

The website does not charge you any amount. The compensation is done from the side of the lender. The APR amount, installments, and repayment time depend on each provider. 

Eligibility Criteria

You can qualify for a loan here even with poor credit. However, the following requirements are mandatory for accepting a loan here. 

  1. You must be at least 18 years old.
  2. Proof of citizenship or residency.
  3. Proof of your consistent source of income.
  4. Your full email address and telephone number.
  5. A bank account in your name.

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How does BadCreditLoan work?

There are some simple steps to follow while applying for a loan.

  1. You need to visit the official website.
  2. Then you will fill out the application form with all the required details.
  3. The website will connect you to the appropriate lender.
  4. Do read the terms and conditions properly.
  5. Once your loan is accepted, the money is transferred to your account.
  6. You need to pay back the installments as scheduled. 

Specification of Badcreditloans?

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This website has the following features for everyone.

  • The services are 100% free for you all.
  • You can contact many lenders. They have a diverse array of lenders available.
  • They ensure complete privacy and security.
  • You can contact them 24/7.

There are easy steps to follow to complete the application process.

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BadCreditLoans: Comparison with others.

Bad Credit Loans legit or scam

Let us look at some other websites in comparison with bad credit loans.

 Lender Minimum credit score Full APR range Minimum loan amount Maximum loan amount 
 Bad Credit Loan Poor is also acceptable.  5.99% -35.99%, $1000 $10,000
 Lending Club None 8.30% – 36.00%. $1000 $40,000
 Seedfi  520 12.96% – 29.99% $1750 $8,000

Many other loans have a higher maximum limit with no credit minimum. However, some others have a pretty high APR amount. Thus, the policies for bad credit loans seem to be pretty reasonable. 

Customer Reviews: Are they satisfied?

The official website lacks any reviews from users. However, Trustpilot shows some poor ratings. The users have given it only a 2.7 rating, with poor reviews. There are 50% five stars of satisfied clients. The user says that no one was giving him a loan due to bad credit scores. But this website provided him with a loan amount pretty quickly. Learn More: Cashtab.Info Legit

At the same time, another one says that I think this may be a phishing scam. They collect extremely sensitive info, like bank information and SSN. They then sell your information to lenders who may or may not take it and use it badly. This seems to be a little risky to provide personal information to anyone out there.



  • This is a pretty old website with good traffic.
  • They have 50% of the 5-star ratings from the users.
  • The website accepts your application even with poor credit.


  • Some poor ratings have been seen on the website.
  • The clients are upset about having to give personal information over the phone.


Do you get directly contacted by a lender?

Yes, it redirects you to the matching one instantly.

Is there only a single loan provider?

No, you may have to deal with many lenders and agree with the one whose terms and conditions are reasonable. 

What is the repayment duration?

You must return the loan within three months to 72 months. Thus, the maximum repayment time is up to 6 years. 

Bottom Line

We bring you reviews to help you find a good lending website. They have an excellent repayment duration with a good APR range. They have a pool of lenders with various terms. You can find the one you like and instantly get a loan. However, people have given mixed reviews of this website. We would recommend you apply here once whenever you need to.