Beachsissi Review – Do Beachsissi Swimwear Worth the Price?

beachsissi reviews

Beachsissi Reviews – Summers are mostly loved because people get a chance to visit beaches and pools. But, when the first summer ray comes down to the earth, beach lovers start to worry about swimsuits. If you are one of those who love to shop for swimsuits, then this content is to help you. Beachsissi is a new platform offering great and cool swimsuits. We delved into deep research to give our readers honest reviews. So, they will not face any problems while purchasing their desired swimsuits. Let’s start with the introduction of Beachsissi.

When it comes to shopping, selecting the right brand which gives a perfect look at an affordable price is the main concern of the purchaser. Beachside is a site that is growing name in selling affordable yet adorable swimsuits. But, in brand competition, when someone sells anything good at less Price, it becomes suspicious. So, let’s know about the legitimacy of Beachsissi.

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What is Beachsissi?

In the growing online market competition, Beachsissi is focusing on women’s swimsuits. Their office and manufacturing are based in China. They have covered a wide variety of women’s swimwear. It goes from three-piece bikini to single-piece bikini, tankinis to full dresses. These
bikinis and swimwears are different than ordinary pieces. They give you a damn sexy look with a lifted bust, high fitting bumps, loose dresses, frilled blouses, and more. Once a girl visits the website, it gets even harder to roll her eyes back. Yes, they have the most attractive and appealing swimsuits—some plain full shirts to half floral printed blouses paired with floral
printed panties.7

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Despite their unusual, prettiest, and comfortable swimsuits, they are offering a pocket-friendly range. The prices are comparatively low, and this is what catches more customers to their platforms. It is adding a new style to life and diversifying the fashion industry. Well, other than the swimwear, they have a range of other beach dresses and clothing. Now let’s talk about their prices. The average Price counted around thirty dollars (30$). But, they
offer different sales on their new arrivals as well. Other than the sales, they offer various coupons that give extra discounts on affordable articles. You can directly visit the sale section on their website to see available discounts.

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Do Beachsissi Offering anything else?

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Of course, they do. As women are obsessed with fashion, they have special attention to makeup as well. Beachsissi understands this mentality and offers everything- a woman wants- at a single platform. From skincare to makeup products, they have everything which can bring a smile to a
woman’s face. Their beauty variety includes a full coverage base, concealers, powders, lip colors, nail colors, and more. Moreover, they have a special addition to hair care products. Where they give you awesome products, their blogs help you in using the product rightly. You can get Hair Products, Makeup, Shin Care Products, Cool Bikinis, Beach Dresses, and more from a SINGLE PLATFORM.

Specifications of

  • Brand Name: Beachsissi
  • Website:
  • Gender: Women
  • Variety: Beach Swimwear and dresses, Skincare, Haircare, and Makeup
  • Material Quality: Premium Quality
  • Sort of merchandise: high-quality Beach clothing for women
  • Color choices available: Different Colors are available
  • Average Price: $30.00
  • Date of Domain registration: 14th January 2021
  • Social media Sharing: The website can be shared on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest
  • Email:
  • Phone CALL: +(86) 15991803877 (All Customers, Service in English Only)
  • Return Policy: To return a package, please contact their Customer Service for a return address. Please do not use the address mentioned above directly as it is not for returning service.
  • Shipping policy: It takes 7 to 14 days to reach a product. The company offers expedited shipping for all customers.
  • Customer service: The Company offers 24×7 hours customer service.

Is Beahsissi Legit or Scam?

When the market shows new platforms, people ask this question more often. This website is new and covers a great domain, including beach clothes, beauty products, and hair care products. The best part is that they do not have an expensive range. They deliver at affordable prices. Thus,
catching more interest and concern of the public. The worldwide service further increases the concerns.

Its details can judge the legitimacy of the product. As per contact information is concerned, they have given in-depth information to gain the trust. Moreover, they do have a social media platform that gives confidence. Customers have made purchases and given reviews as well, which means the platform is legit.



  • It facilitates women of different age groups but specifically designed for those who love to spend summers on beaches or pools.
  • The Bikinis and beach clothes are available in different designs and patterns.
  • The clothes are so comfortable and do not cause a rash on the skin.
  • Their make-up range is affordable.
  • All the products are light in weight and breathable.
  • All items are available at affordable rates.
  • The bikinis and beach dresses enhance confidence as it gives shape to the body and looks different.
  • These clothes provide a perfect fine fitting to the women’s body.
  • The skincare products do not contain harmful ingredients.
  • They have hair care products that are discounted Price.


  • The site is new.
  • They have not told about the durability of the product.

Beachsissi Customer Reviews

The site is filled with beachsissi reviews it means people are purchasing more items from this platform. But the overall score rating is average. So it is not as good as the site looks. Some people have loved the dresses, but some do not recommend the site at all.

Final Words (Beachsissi Reviews)

Wrapping up beachsissi reviews, Although the site has a fancy look and appealing pages, people still complain about this platform. Although the rating is average it is positive as well. So, we cannot claim this site a scam or bad platform to make any purchase. You can make a purchase but we recommend trying something economical.

We DO NOT RECOMMEND buying this product from their website.
We suggest you buy from a big marketplace like AMAZON.

26 Reviews

  1. I had no idea this company was located in China. I read the ‘returns’ page and it states that bathing suits can be returned which is a lie.

    The suits I received all varied wildly in size from one suit to the next. The suits are better suited to young girls with an A or B cup size.

    I reached out to get the return address and found out the company was located in China. First, they told me that they would send me two more suits for free if I didn’t return. I replied that I wanted to return the suits and get my 200 dollars back. This is how they replied:

    Hi Elizabeth,

    Thanks for contacting me.
    Return is OK, but returning 7 items isn’t good for you.
    We just want to protect your benefit at most.
    Our warehouse is in China. You can check the shipping cost to China first as a reference.
    Return shipping cost is high, it takes a long time, and it might be stuck at customs.
    We can only refund you after we receive your return.
    That’s why we can send you 2 new items for free, without any charge to replace return. You even don’t need to pay for shipping cost. You can select any item price under USD$35.
    You can sell the items out. They won’t take you much time. Our items are cute, high quality, and cheap.
    Or we can refund $25 in total instead of return.

    Kindly please consider it.
    Contact us if you need help, we will offer you feedback ASAP.


  2. I wish I had seen these reviews before I ordered from their website! Do not buy from them. My swimsuit suit arrived but not as described and Too large (I expected size 10 according to the sizing chart. It is more like a size 14) . The suit was $45 CAD on sale on the website
    Their return policy requires a tracking number, this is a postage cost of $66 CAD
    Without the required tracking, and sending without to China is not recommended by Canada post, my cost would be $18.
    Either cost us not worth it and clearly the company knows this. The recommended not returning and will provide either a 50% discount on another suit purchase or a $3.00 refund. Such a scam!

  3. Deceptive return policy. Terrible customer service. I purchased two bathing suits from this company. The return policy stated that customer satisfaction is a top priority and that returns are allowed at customer’s expense. What it doesn’t state is that they require you to ship your items back to China which costs almost as much as the items do. Then they insult you by offering a $3.00 refund only per item or “allowing” you to make another purchase at 50% discount if you just keep the item that doesn’t fit. This company should not be allowed to keep scamming it’s customers.

  4. Bought a suit, never arrived. International phone number is bogus. I would love to sue, but not worth it. Feel like I just gave money to China.

  5. SCAM – Do NOT do business with this company.
    The dress and swimsuit I ordered are not the quality the website stated. The dress is not the size as stated by the size chart. I ordered and received a medium but it was so tight I could get it on (I’m a size 4/6). I actually measured it and compared it to what the size chart states and it measures smaller than the size small.
    I requested a refund and received a response saying I had 7 days from their approval to return. I asked for the shipping address and this is what they gave me (below). I’ve requested the proper format for the address and they continue to respond with the same address. Something tells me that if I ship it to this address, they will claim they never received it and I’ll be out the money I spent on the items plus the shipping costs.
    Receiver: Lixuan
    Detailed address: Eastern Side, 4th Floor, 15th Building, Qiyate Business Centre, NO. 999, Rd Jiangyue, Pujiang Town, Minhang District.
    City: Shanghai
    Province: Shanghai
    Zip Code:201114
    Country: China.
    Phone number: +86 17301192901

    1. I ordered a bikini with mesh on it, it unraveled the first day I wore it. terrible quality

  6. Terrible company!!! Do your self a favor and don’t buy from them.
    Takes much longer to get your order than they tell you. If you need to return it, good luck! They wouldn’t respond to my messages until after the 15 days that’s right, 15 days. which is all they allow for a return.

    1. BEWARE- Terrible company! Do not buy! Ordered full coverage swimsuit and they sent me Brazilian cut bottoms! Tried to exchange and they want me to pay 1/2 for new bottoms and return shipping for their error! They are based in Shanghi, China so returning is not simple! I will NEVER order from this site again.

  7. I ordered swimsuits for myself, my daughter and my niece. 16 in total. They arrived late. We had already left for our vacation. I inquired about returning them when we got back from our trip and were told we needed to send them to China. It cost $83.00 to send them back. Customs held the shipment supposedly and Beachsissi never claimed it. I sent the suits back in August. I just received the suits back 7 months later. I lost $460.00 and $83.00 for shipping. The suits fit weird and we will not be able to use them. I have never felt so scammed in my life. Do not order from this company. They could care less about their customers. The suits might cost them $1.00 to have made in China. They have stolen alot of money from me. It is sad that a company would do this.

    1. YES, BUYER BEWARE! DO NOT BUY FROM THEM! Extremely similar scenario happened to me! This company and return policy are a joke! As a customer you are set up for failure.

  8. This place is a SCAM. Ordered a beach over and had expedited shipping.( 3-7 business days). 5 days later it hasn’t even shipped and I leave for vacation in 3 days. You CANNOT contact anybody!!! Address says UK but they are a BS China company stealing from us yet again.

  9. On December 2, I spent $27 to return two swimsuits.. They were size medium and I am a size small but they were way too small. I contacted the company 2 weeks later to track it but you can’t track package to China once it leaves the US. They sent me a China tracking number and indicated that on December 22 in Shanghai, the package was out for delivery to the company. The robot response to messages indicated that they had not received it and said the same thing after two more weeks, and than after a month when I checked again. Do not do business with this company. They are a total SCAM. I am out about $100.

  10. Same! Spent $168 on bathing suits and needed to do an exchange. By the time I figure it out oh to email and send them back It was over 15 days and now I’m stuck with them. Disgusting return policy. The quality is not great at all, one bathing suit came rift on the side. I would not buy another thing from this website and tell all your friends never to shop there.

  11. DO NOT buy from this company!!!! I spent $180 on suites that unfortunately didn’t fit me so I followed the return policy, paid $70 to ship them back to China, 6 months later I got the package back saying it was not claimed. Contacted customer service and their answer was “Oh, must be customs returning it and your bad luck, you can send them back again or get 15% back”…WHAT??? Contacted them online via their chat….said to send them an email that the chat is not for orders already placed….another WHAT moment and they won’t send me a return shipping label on their dime, they want me to spend another $70 to ship them to China AGAIN! DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!

    1. OMG! At least they are consistent. I felt like I was reading my own experience. The exact same thing has happened to me. What terrible company. They give your money back & it’s easy got them to ignore the return & not pick it up. Free shipment back to sender & they keep your money, again. Oh but hey, we get to keep the crappy miss matched sized suits! I am so angry. Oh but hey, you might get 25% refund! They keep 150$ & we get 25$ & suits that are unwearable.

  12. Their 15 day return policy is ridiculous. And then, you cannot get anyone to help. Extremely disgusted.


    I have been waiting for over 5 months for my order and they refuse to refund me. This is a scam of a company and absolute thieves!! DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!!

  14. I wouldn’t recommend Beachsissi, mostly based on their return policy. I was unfortunately 1 day over their 15 day return when I started to inquire about how to return an item, and by the time they responded it was 4-5 days over, and it led to me not being able to return anything, as it was beyond the 15 days. I had spent approx $400, and was left with some ill fitting suits, and no ability to return them. Probably not a site I would ever recommend.

  15. I ordered 2 suits and they never arrived. Customer support told me to contact the post office. They would not accept responsibility for their error. I will not order again!!

  16. I ordered 3 suits from this site no knowing how they would fit. I liked them but they were too small. I contacted them to send them back and they gave me the directions to send it back which I followed and even paid the shipping cost back to them. This was at the beginning of July. At the beginning of September they still hadn’t refunded me the money so I contacted them and let them know the situation on their response was: Hi Michelle, Thanks for contacting.
    We are so sorry that customs held parcel occasionally, kind of bad luck.
    The customs clearance should be done by big shipping companies which have authorization to do that.
    We don’t have customs clearance authorization, therefore, we do not have the ability to do that. Please understand.
    For this condition, we can refund you 15% of your returning items. (which would only be $17 back of the $119 order)
    This is the best we can do, kindly please confirm.
    Contact us if you need help, we will offer you feedback ASAP.

    I then informed them that I would be disputing the charge as I felt they should have let me know ahead of time this information about customs and possible situation that they run into.

  17. I placed two orders with Beachsissi, one in late June, the other in early July. It’s now early September and I’ve only received one of the two packages. I requested that the order be canceled multiple times but the person responding to my emails failed to acknowledge the request and only kept saying they would “rush” the package. Of course now that one has been deliver they refuse to make any exceptions on their return policy and are requiring I pay the shipping. TO CHINA! The expected arrival date was weeks not months…this company has zero concern about having return customers. Do not be fooled by the good looking website and Instagram ads, this is just another cheap Chinese based clothing outlet like all the others.

  18. This company is a total scam. Horrible return policy! Buyer beware!!! This is shipping from China and they will scam you when you attempt to return any product. The shipping costs alone to return items are more than the cost of the swim wear you are attempting to purchase! Scam company with poor return policy.

    1. I second this comment! I even went as far as to return $500 in bathing suits (bought a bunch in 2 different sizes) because site made it seems returns were easy. You have to contact them for return address. BEWARE! Your package is shipped to you from US but you must return to China. I paid to return to China and my return was returned to me 6 MONTHS later because it was not claimed at customs so I am out the $500 PLUS what I paid to ship back to China which was not cheap!

  19. I bought a hot pink tankini—-which I actually loved—-until after a week of vacation when it turned to a VERY VERY light pink with purple spotting and is completely stretched out. Customer service said this is what happens to a suit over time when exposed to the sun and pool—-not after a week of time. I won’t shop there again.

  20. Do Not order from this website! Big SCAM! It would cost me $56 for postage on a return on a most unflattering bathing suit! I feel duped!

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