Beduvely.Com Reviews: Is It A Trustworthy Shopping Store?

Beduvely.Com Reviews

Are you looking for a complete package store to shop at online? Is it getting more difficult to order from various stores? Are you in need to find a store that offers everything? Then here we are to help our readers. There are many stores that provide everything for their customers. You can get the maximum number of items available there, you can get everything from shopping for clothes to accessories and daily essentials while sitting in your comfort zone. Read More: Is Verihend Legit

You can find many online shops. However, the main question is their legitimacy. Because there are many online scams, you need to be extra careful. We are here to review another store today. Beduvely offers everything to their customers. Let us list reviews to determine if it is a trustworthy store. 



Beduvely began as a small company selling electronics. However, they have increased the number of products with time. Now they have a section for every item needed in daily life. They aim to provide the best quality products that are economical for everyone. 

They now have 300k customers. Beduvely claims that their clients are pretty satisfied. This team of twenty members is working hard to run Beduvely online platform. Your personal information is safe, and there will be no issues. Customer satisfaction is their utmost priority in this business. See Also: Reviews

What does Beduvely offer?

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You can purchase from the following sections at Beduvely.


They have many cool gadgets like car holders, umbrellas, etc. 


They have cute toys for babies as well. Must Like: Testergigs Com Legit


Various makeup brushes and other cosmetics are available for you. 


You can buy undergarments, masks, and shirts here.


You can get tabs and other such devices online here.


Amazing garden essentials and decor items are present here.


Cute keychains, Christmas items, and much more are present on Beduvely for sale. 


Many pet items include hair removal, gloves, tooth cleaning, and more. 


Cute toys for toddlers and young ones are in this store in many designs. Don’t Miss: Curiosity Stream Tv Scam

Social Media Handles of Beduvely

Beduvely.Com Reviews1

We looked at various sites to find any social media accounts. It seems they don’t have any. This is very suspicious, as social media platforms help your business grow exponentially.

Website details

Let us see some details about the website domain.

  1. The website domain got registered on April 15th, 2022.  
  2. The expiry date is April 15th, 2023.  
  3. It only has a one-year limit for expiry. 
  4. The name of the owner is not known.

Address details

They have provided the following address on the official page.

8345 Nw 66 St #D7935 Miami, Florida 33166-2696

However, if you look on Google Maps, it will show something else. This is the address of a beach house for the holidays. You cannot find any warehouse or factory that would be dealing with such a business. It is hard to admit if you say they operate from such a place in Miami. 

Shipping Policy

The standard time for shipping within the US is 7-10 days. You’ll have to pay shipping charges of about $5.95. You will receive a tracking number soon to keep an eye on your order. 

Refund policy

You need to contact their email address for a refund or exchange of your purchase, you have a period of 30 days to avail of the reimbursement. You need to keep the receipt, and the item must be in its original condition. 

Are there such websites?

Beduvely.Com Reviews legit or scam

There are a few websites that offer everything to their customers. Amazon and eBay are surely well-known sites. However, they have other stores where you need to order separately. Such single stores with everything are hard to find.

Customer reviews: are they satisfied?

The official website has no reviews from clients. We looked at TrustPilot as well. Would Like: What time do staples open today?

There is not a single review or response from the buyers. This may be due to the fact that this is a recently launched website without proper advertising on social sites. Even trusted reviews have no response from the clients.

Beduvely.Com Reviews2

Smart reviews show a single response from a buyer on its website. He says that: Horrrrriiibbbbble! Don’t buy from these scammers. They said my package was on the way. A week later, I tracked the package only to find out ” label created but not yet shipped.” I reached out to the company, and they said the box could take up to 20 days to arrive! Don’t waste your money–buy elsewhere!

This shows that maybe the Beduvely website is not authentic.

Scam detection

We looked at various sites to find out if they had good ratings. Let us list different results found on such sites.

  1. The scam advisor shows a trust score of 1/100
  2. The scam detector gives a 3.95/100 rating as a trust score.
  3. “Is it legit” considers this a potentially legit website.


  • It has good products.
  • The prices are affordable by everyone
  • They have good shipping policy


  • There are no client reviews on any site except for one.
  • The scam detector has given below average ratings.
  • The website has no social media accounts

Final Thoughts

We bring our readers’ reviews. The website has no reviews from patrons on any site. The scam detector rates it pretty low. However, the shipping and other policies are pretty good. Thus, it is hard to say if it is completely authentic. We recommend our readers wait a while until they see some good reviews on other websites. 

4 Reviews

  1. Though I realize this is the review section I’m not leaving a review just pointing out that this site that has been so criminal is now for sale for close to five grand US dollars would be interesting to see someone purchase that site and turn it into something worthwhile maybe even something that played off the words of the title

  2. The website is definitely a scam . I paid $28 for a 6.5 foot outdoor Christmas tree decoration on sale from $45 and I received a 5 inch box with some Christmas lights not worth a dollar. . Totally scammed however the website I viewed looked so legit with lots of comments

  3. I bought a Christmas tree light from these criminals. Advertised as a 2m tall Christmas tree with multiple led lights and programs..
    Received a cheap and nasty led string light barely worth $5. When I complained they didn’t reply, when I posted on Facebook they blocked me, when I started return request they ignored me.
    By the time this company is brought to account, they would have scammed millions then shut up shop.

    Don’t buy from them.

  4. Went to purchase a Lighted Christmas Tree with the ability to different blinking lights. etc. The site does not tell you that you are only purchasing the lights and not the stand or star. When checking out, if offers those options at a discount, which I said no to as I thought I could cancel it. When I declined, another offer with deeper discount came up for said options, again declined so I could cancel the order. Instead, it went straight to “purchased”. I immediately sent an email to the company requesting cancellation of product. Instead I get an email stating that they would refund me but with %10 taken off for an inconvenience fee or I could purchase the options at another discount. Uh nope. No where on their site does it state that you are only getting the lights and you get no option to cancel once the purchase order started. I got a full refund due to using PayPal.

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