Booksi Reviews: Should you Book it or Not?

booksi reviews

Traveling is the therapy that fuels your body and mind. But this therapy sometimes costs you a little more. But various firms can help you achieve your dreams and add color to your desires. Various online names claim to make traveling fun and affordable. When searching on the internet, the one name with a great rating is booksi. The firm claims to offer its customers the best and most cost-effective traveling solution.

In the booksi reviews, we will discuss whether this website is legit? Can you rely on it? What is their pricing? Are there any great reviews from the customers? 

In today’s review about booksi, we will do great research about everything regarding the website and the products it manages. Also, give the final verdict about the website’s authenticity. So before that, let us find out more about the company.

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About Booksi

Booksi is a USA-based firm that offers the client a one-stop shop for great discounts on about 1M and more:

  • hotels
  • car rentals
  • cruises
  • attractions
  • and other travel services.

This company emerged on the internet in 2020 and has two years of experience. It is a small startup striving to make its name.

This name uses its upgraded technology and unmatchable buying power to get the best prices on:

  • attractions
  • hotels
  • flights
  • Transportation
  • lounges
  • cruises
  • vacation homes
  • car rentals 
  • Much more.

How does this company work? Booking these services and things through its exclusive members globally gets volume discounts. It is then passed on to their members at exclusive member pricing. Along with that, their members also earn a reward for each booking made via So the member can use the points on their future travel.

So, what does this all mean? It shows that you should stop wasting your time looking for the best-rated website. Subscribe to It is the name that deals with all your travel demands.

They also claim that if you ever find the pricing lower, then booksi will refund 110 percent of the difference. Hence, it is vital to get the travel services at the best rates so that you can have them for future travel. When you join them, there is no need to pay the full price in your life.

The booksi guarantee that!

Their offers and claims look promising but are they a scam or not? It is time to jump into the next section of booksi reviews.

Is Booksi Legit or Not?

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is booksi legit-or-scam

In this part of the writing, you will find vital data regarding this name. Read all the data and then decide on this company. We just leave it to the reader to do the detailed research by themselves.

  • Pricing: They haven’t mentioned any recipes on the websites, but if you want to contact them, fill out the contact us form.
  • Product quality: There is great customer feedback that you can check on the review page.
  • Founder: No data about the founder of the company.
  • Email: There is no email address.
  • Type of Item Name: 
  1. 5 Nights Accommodation consists of all meals and drinks in the Puerto Vallarta.
  2. The 3 nights’ accommodation in Las Vegas
  3. Also, 3 nights’ accommodation consists of all meals and drinks in the Dominican Republic.
  • Choices for payment are none.
  • Delivery time: None.
  • Return Policy is none.
  • Social media handles: No social profiles are accessible.
  • Contact address: If you check their address on the website, no physical office addresses are mentioned. But they have mentioned it in their GDP policy.

1309 Coffeen Avenue, Suite 3647
Sheridan, Wyoming 82801

The site only has a contact page by the website owner. So this makes a notable trust as they are unable to give,

  1. The contact info
  2. email id
  3. The company address 
  4. Contact number: there is no contact number or data accessible on the website, which is a red flag.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews matter a lot before availing services from new businesses. Booksi is the name that offers the best travel tickets and other traveling services. This firm has notable customer reviews on its official website. But you can check the client’s reviews on Trustpilot. On Trustpilot, you can see the positive feedback from the customers, and they have even mentioned that the rates are affordable. The client feedback is great, so it looks promising.

Promotion and Discounts

 Up to 90 percent discounts on hotel bookings, which looks unrealistic.



  • Alluring rates
  • great customer reviews
  • GDPR policy


  • No email address
  • Urreasltic low rates
  • New website
  • no social handle

Final Verdict: Booksi Reviews

So here is our final verdict on the brand. It looks engaging and has great reviews, but as it is a new website with no contact information, we advise you to avoid such a site. If you want to avail of the services, do complete research and try to get their authentic contact information.

54 Reviews

  1. Never ever trust booksi,
    We had the worst experience with them.
    We booked an 80% off Black Friday package with them. but the next day one of their agents called my sister to confirm our booking. First they told her that we need to pay the same amount again upon our arrival to Cancun, Mexico as a hotel fee. That was the first red flag for us. Then they started asking a lot of questions about her job, her income, her marital status, if she has ever been married or divorced, if she has a copy of her marriage/ divorce agreement to show to the resort/hotel, if she has a boyfriend, partner or common law and they put her under pressure to answer those questions and they told my sister that this is part of their policy to ask clients those questions which was very wrong and suspicious for us. The second red flag. When my sister refused to answer all those nonsense questions, she was told by the agent that they would cancel our package with no refund. They were calling from different places in the world with different phone numbers. For us this company and what they do is a scam.
    Please be careful before sending them any money or personal information. You may pay a couple hundred more travelling with a legitimate and legal company but you make sure that you are safe.

  2. we called customer service and confirmed our dates to cyrstal cancun a, but no confirmation emails. we called back one week prior to the vacation date, they said our dates were never confirmed. then they change us to Grand Oasis Palm, and charged us another $280. Then we received an email said our booking is not finalizing until you call this number. So we had to call again, but the customer service said they do not have such a hotel named Grand oasis Palm. We called the customer service many times, every time it’s about 20 minutes waiting, and getting nowhere

  3. Are there any extra fees that we don’t k ow about ahead of time that we need to worry about? I am glad everything went well. So we have nothing to worry about? If we book through booksi

    1. A lot of time, they have daily hidden resources fees and time share presentations.

  4. Booksi deals are definitely legitimate. My husband and I are newly weds and work in law enforcement, we don’t have a lot of vacation time so need to make it count. We saw the ad on Facebook for an adult only all inclusive in Punta Cana. We did some price shopping and found the price was less expensive however the catch is to get the savings you have to take a presentation during your stay. I convinced my husband to do it and it ended being a breeze – they just showed us how we could come back in the future at a lower rate with no presentation. We declined but still might go back as we loved Breathless and the all inclusive. We had private butler named Edgar that helped reserve our beach chairs and make all dinner reservations. Transportation is not included in the package, however the resort fees we paid cover the private limo – Edgar even met us at the airport. Definitely recommend the Catamaran snorkeling tour.

  5. I’m more skeptical now, than before. And I am that trust but verify guy. In reading this positive reviews, I notice within the first 10, “Harry Wilson” and “Deepak Kemur”, write the EXACT review, word-for word. Now what are the odds of that????? Gonna pass, as this doesn’t seem kosher!

    1. The booking company cancelled my trip less than one month before my confirmed reservation because “the hotel will be undergoing renovations.” They refused to refund the money I had paid, and would only offer me a change in sites that included an additional $180 parking fee, or to cancel my booking and forfeit my $150 refundable deposit.
      I feel this is a breach of contract since they are the ones who cannot provide the trip they offered.

  6. We booked a hotel, with”,” advertisement on face book for Country Inn ( by Radisson) Gatlinburg, TN. 4 nites for $199 up to 4 people, breakfast buffet included. The normal rate is $197 PER NITE>> all contact is by terxt emai.. , I am sure the hotel is very reputable, but this booksi co, scares me. No confirmation on the room, JUST ON CREDIT CARD CHARGE>>>>The hotel had no reservation and never heard of “booksi” our booking companies had no knowledge of booksi. I have received 9 computer generated emails, of which NONE answered a question,, just a form type e-mail. I have made 3 phone calls,,,, on hold for 15 minutrs each,,, left a call back…. over a period of 3 days. no response to anything. Web site does not give a physical address or phone number, or founder etc.
    I had not seen mention of the necessity to attend some sales promotion deals, but others mention it in these reviews.

    1. we are having similar experience, we called customer service and booked our dates to cyrstal cancun, but no confirmation emails. we called back one week prior to the vacation date, they said our dates were never confirmed. then they change us to Grand Oasis Palm, and charged us another $280. Then we received an email said our booking is not finalizing until you call this number. So we had to call again, but the customer service said they do not have such a hotel named Grand oasis Palm. We called the customer service many times, every time it’s about 20 minutes waiting, and getting nowhere

  7. We booked one of the deals, (paid$$$) then they never called to confirm so we sent email after email to get a response. Finally, they called to tell us the trip we booked and paid for was not available. so we upgraded to different hotel for 500$. the trip is in 3 weeks so we called the hotel and they have no reservation or anything about our booking. it is 100% a SCAM!! Don’t waste your money. If you already did, then get a refund ASAP!

    1. I was in processing my reservation that made me feel untrustworthy, I searched information when I hold the conversation on my phone , and read this forum. I asked booksi refund it, otherwise I will call my credit company. It looks like they refund the money on my account. But they still steal my information like driver license # and my address.

  8. I was skeptical at first because I saw you had to take presentation but the savings so was to much to pass up so we are heading to Anaheim to take our 3 year old daughter to Disney land.

    1. So how did the trip go? Was booksi legit? The reservation worked out good and everything?

  9. I convinced my husband to purchase the Dreams Tulum all inclusive. We had a rough time getting through Covid so really looking forward to this trip in April. We compared to Expedia and definitely saving us $2000. Will let you know it all went!

    1. How did the trip go? Was everything legit with Booksi? Did you have any issues with getting your room? Was it all on the up and up?

  10. I don’t normally write reviews one way or another but I seen people complaining about the presentation even though it is on the Booksi web site. I don’t want to take the presentation either but I also don’t want to pay full price so to each their own.

  11. We booked the Cyber Monday Multi Stay. We already made reservations for a ski trip in Loon Mountain NH for this February – excited as right on the mountain.

  12. We just returned back from Aruba from our honeymoon. Everything was as promised at the Eagle resort and we can see why Eagle is Ranked in top 10 in the world – it was the most incredible, calm blue water with white sands that you can image.

    1. Clara
      Can you confirm,you were charged the discounted rate? I’m skeptical on booking in case they cancel our trip without refunding, as I’ve read in the above comments.
      Thank you for any insight u can share

    2. Are there any extra fees that we don’t k ow about ahead of time that we need to worry about? I am glad everything went well. So we have nothing to worry about? If we book through booksi

  13. I don’t normally write reviews one way or another but I seen people complaining about the presentation even though it is on the Booksi web site. I don’t want to take the presentation either but I also don’t want to pay full price so to each their own.

  14. I was a little hesitant at first because I saw you had to take a presentation but the savings so was too much for my husband to pass up. We are both high school teachers with 2 young kids so need to make our teaching/vacation dollars stretch far, we are booked to Wyndham Cancun during February break Booksi price was $1500 less than Expedia for the same hotel/same. Everything good so far will report back

  15. I saw the special on Facebook and booked Savannah GA to go this Spring. The booking process was smooth and easy. The hotel is right in the historic district we love.

    1. How did the Booksi Co. stay that you booked in Savannah GA pan-out? Did you have any issues with the Embassy Suite that they are offering in their Booksi deal?

      1. There doesn’t seem to be anyone who has gone to Savannah ?? Not enough info to know if it’s a scam or legit ?? One site says stay away from this type of website !?

  16. My family went to Wyndam Grand Cancun. Most of the time we were belly up at the swim up pool bar enjoying music, entertainment, and more margaritas then I count – Javier the bartender was the best! We loved the all inclusive especially the sushi bar at the pool. The resort preview wasn’t bad either. We did it on our second day and we were done. We definitely saved $500.

  17. I just booked it for Cancun last night (Black Friday). I tried to contact them several times via email to ask questions, but they would not call or email me back. I had bad feelings about this company and now I see that many people gave them bad ratings. I am canceling it right now with my cc company.

    1. Hi. Were you able to cancel with them? I was on the phone for an hour to try and cancel but they refused, and finally only gave my a partial refund.

  18. STAY FAR, FAR AWAY FROM THEM. They are all about THEIR bottom line, and scam you in a second! They are NOT subject to the 24 hour consumer contract rule. and don’t give a Damm about their customers. Bait and switch!

  19. BEWARE … I came across a link to Booksi and it looked too good to be true (should have believed my intuition). Booked a trip to Myrtle Beach to try them out (it is only 2 hrs south of me). As others have said, it is impossible to reach a person. Any inquiries are via email and though they keep sending emails that they have received a request, are looking in to it – it takes many to get a solution. After putting in dates for travel, received an email that I must call a 844 number. This gets you to – not the job site. A real live individual asks several questions including a credit check. Then you are asked, did you see that you must attend a Sales Presentation? Ours was for Bluegreen Vacations. I was told it would be 90-120 minutes. At the conversation end it was stated that there might be resort fees. Also you can only have one active vacation at a time.

    Vacation time rolls around – must first stop at the Bluegreen Welcome Center to pick up package. I was promised a king bedroom suite at the Crown Reef. The package indicate two queen beds and 3 people. The Bluegreen rep crossed out 3 to 2 and queen to king. Check-in at Crown Reef took almost an hour. BTW – resort fees & taxes were $238. The clerk tried to sell me a $40 per night insurance in case we broke anything. Since I declined it they too a $200 deposit to cover any probelms. Being on the beach was the only plus. I would not be caught dead in the gray water pools, thankfully brought my bedroom slippers, thankfully the floor was tile; beds OK, but overall it was creepy. We never used any of the resort amenities other than one towel exchange in three days. There is no housekeeping except before you arrive and when you leave.
    The presentation was at noon the next day -Monday. A sleazy salesman spoke for two+ hours before he turned us over to the closer. He said over and over – we ‘ care if you buy or not. We explained to the closer why we were not interested yet he detained us another 45 minutes.
    Never again will I use Booksi as most of the incredible value vacations require a presentation.

    1. Damn! I just booked a vacation to the exact place you wrote your review on! I’m going to cancel it and see if I can get my money back! Thanks

      1. Can you please let me know if you could cancel and how?
        I am trying to cancel mine, and they (844 number people) keep saying that I can not cancel – well, the terms and conditions says the deal can be canceled within 14 days of purchase. Need help.

      2. Would you let me know how the cancellation went please? I also booked a vacation with them, should have known it was too good to be true by the sounds of it.
        Thanks for any information you can supply.

      3. They won’t let you cancel. I just tried for over an hour. I asked fir the supervisor, she said she was. Scam.

  20. I pre-paid a trip to Savannah. I got no communication or confirmation from them nor instructions on how to book. Now I’m afraid maybe I got scammed. I want to go cuz I love Savannah but I don’t even know how to book or if they just took my money

    1. I just also tried to book for Savannah, but instead of the $199 my card was charged $499, luckily the bank asked for my approval and declined it, I may have accidentally clicked on something, I don’t think I m going to book

      1. My family of 3 just came back from Wyndam Grand Cancun book through through Booksi / really Monster Reservation Group – its LEGIT with terms and conditions. If you are okay with them then you will have no problems. My trip was great and great food. All inclusive food!! Gorgeous beach! No complaints. Even the sales presentation was a pleasure- almost brought it. Below is my reveiw and you decide if it is worth it for you.

        This program works like this:
        Prepaid Discounted Vackage Package with 18 months to use it. Next, if something happens where you cannot go or hotel cancels due to renovation/natural disasters etc.. it is a CREDIT on the account to be used for something another trip.

        Alot of hotels/airlines/ sites or similar sites offers either offer full refunds within a certain # of days ( Airbnb comes to mind) or they provide CREDITS like airlines.

        With Booksi/Monster- the are acting as your agents- they book on your behalf and cannot FULLY CONFIRM without the hotel providing the confirmation first.

        Here is the problem – because it is prepaid- and you asked for the dates – and it is not available- you freak out a start to think it’s a scam like I did at first.

        Here’s what I did- I reached out to Booksi/ asked for my dates to see if it’s available. The must have reached out to Wyndam because they screen shot me the month/date that I needed and it showed available. Then I booked it.

        Now- the advertised cost was $399 ( with a 90 to 120 minute presentation required) add the taxes, fees, insurance, credit card interchange fees etc…) for the hotel and Booksi- came to about $700 ( I know seems alot) – then they offered the “White Glove Service” that is optional but the way they explained it Ifelt like I’m so far into this already what’s another $99. Still a great deal. $800 for 3 people. Average night for.this hotel is $350 per person. This was a 6 day 5 night trip.

        So, I go there, service was great!! I even booked an Xplor Trip with the tour guide at the hotel which was cheaper than booking online because it was day of. Worth it.

        My suggestion- know when you are going before signing up. I was planning a Spring Break trip so I had specific dates
        already. Great if your flexible. Ask about availability of your dates before booking. This deal is for 2 adults and 2 kids under 12 – there may be an upcharge for teenagers.

  21. Just joined & set a trip to Savanah, ga. I tried to update my account information and it is not working.
    I tried to contact customer service and I received a way to get into my account, but the link is NOT TAKING ME THERE.
    THIS IS NOT WHAT I SIGNED UP FOR. Very shady website.

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