BrosWear Review: The Best Men’s Clothing Store? High-Quality Shirts and T-Shirts

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About Broswear Clothing

BrosWear is a men’s clothing store that offers high-quality shirts, pants, sets & jumsuits, and t-shirts. They have a wide selection of clothes to choose from, and their prices are unbeatable! It is a Chinese brand and It was established in January 2021 and is registered by Alibaba in China.

It can be hard to find a good men’s clothing store that offers high-quality shirts and t-shirts. Most men’s clothing stores offer low-quality clothes that don’t last long. You usually have to go to multiple stores before finding something you like, and then you have to hope it fits well and looks good on you. BrosWear may be the perfect place for you! With everything from dress shirts to T-shirts, they have something for everyone. Plus, their prices are unbeatable!

Are broswear shirts or t-shirts of high quality? or Is this a legitimate brand? What are customers saying about this brand? Yes, we are aware that you are seeking answers to these questions. This broswear review will explore brand trustworthiness, shirt quality & t-shirt quality, what customers are saying, and more so you can make an informed purchase.

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About BrosWear

broswear shirt 1

BrosWear is a men’s clothing store that offers high-quality shirts, pants, sets & jumsuits, and t-shirts. They have a wide selection of clothes to choose from, and their prices are unbeatable! It is a Chinese brand and It was established in January 2021 and is registered by Alibaba in China. The brand also has a nice collection of women’s tops, bottoms, sets, and dresses. According to their website, this company is operated by Broswear and a firm headquartered in the United Kingdom named meledo. The Meledo address in the United Kingdom, as well as the phone number, may be found on the contact page.

The brand is not featured on any of the major review sites, but they do have social media pages. Instagram has the most followers with over 1345 people, and their YouTube channel has just over 380 subscribers. Facebook has the least followers with only 45 people. The brand has heavily promoted its items on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google. Now, this broswear review will go over the key highlights before getting into more detail about broswear shirt quality & broswear t-shirt quality, what customers are saying, and more.

Key Highlights (What They Claim)

  1. Huge collection of men’s dresses.
  2. Reasonable prices.
  3. Fast Shipping
  4. All credit/debit cards and Paypal accepted.
  5. Good shipping and return policy.

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The brand has a huge collection of shirts and t-shirts this broswear review will look at some of the most selling items to understand broswear shirt quality & broswear t-shirt quality.

Broswear Shirts Review

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broswear shirts

The brand has a great selection of broswear shirts that are perfect for any summer occasion. The leaf print design is unique and stylish, and the shirt is made of a comfortable and breathable material. The short sleeve style is perfect for hot summer days, and the pocket detail is a nice touch. Overall, this is a great shirt that would be perfect for any summer activity. The stitching is done well, and the fabric is soft and comfortable. The colors are also true to the pictures on the website. The shirts fit well and look great! There are a few complaints about the sizing, but overall, the broswear shirt quality is good.

Broswear T-Shirts Review

The broswear t-shirts are very comfortable and fashionable. The fabric is of good quality and the colors are very vibrant to the pictures on the website. The shirts are a great length and they fit well. The only downside is that the neckline is a little bit too big, but overall, these shirts are great!

Broswear Promotions and Discounts

The broswear shirt quality and broswear t-shirt quality are both good, and the broswear prices are unbeatable. You can get a discount of up to 50% on selected items, and the shipping is free for orders over $119. 3 for $99 deal is also available on all broswear shirts and t-shirts. Flash sale up to 50% off is also available on all broswear products. For more deals check out broswear website or social media platforms.

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Broswear Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

On Trustpilot, broswear has a 1.8/5 rating with over 76 reviews. The vast majority of customers are unhappy with their purchases, and the most common complaints are about the sizing, the quality of the clothing, and the customer service. Many customers have also had issues with returns.

On Instagram, broswear has a 2/5 rating with over 1345 followers. The majority of customers seem to like the clothes, but there are a few complaints about the sizing and the quality.

Let’s discuss some of the reviews customers posted on Trustpilot website.

broswear customer review 1

One customer said, “I ordered a shirt from BrosWear and was extremely disappointed with the quality. The fabric was thin and cheap-looking, and the stitching was poor. I would not recommend this company to anyone.”

broswear customer review 2

Another customer said, “I placed an order for a shirt and it arrived with a hole in the back. I contacted broswear and they said to send it back to China. I asked for a refund and they said no.”

broswear customer review 3

One buyer said, “I ordered a pair of shirts from this company, and unfortunately they turned out to be a scam. I contacted customer service within 24 hours of receiving the shirts, as their policy states that if you cancel within that time frame you will receive a refund. However, when I didn’t receive my refund I contacted customer service again and they told me that the manager was not going to agree on giving back my money, and that I should keep the order. I would not recommend buying anything from this company.”

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Another buyer said, “I ordered items from this merchant, and they sent me the wrong size. I tried to reach out to them to get the right size shipped to me, but they never responded back to my emails.”If you’re thinking about buying anything from broswear, beware! There are many complaints about this merchant online, and it seems like they are difficult to get in touch with if there is a problem with your order. It’s best to shop elsewhere to avoid any potential headaches.”

Is Broswear Legit or Scam?

broswear legit or scam

There are many complaints about broswear online, and it seems like they are a difficult company to deal with if there is a problem with your order. There are also complaints about the quality of the clothing, so you may want to shop elsewhere if you’re looking for something high-quality. However, if you’re looking for something cheap, broswear may be a good option for you. Overall, we would not recommend broswear.



  • Good prices
  • Vibrant colors
  • Fits well


  • Neckline is a bit too big
  • Quality of fabric is not the best
  • Many complaints about customer service and quality of clothing
  • No refunds or exchanges for incorrect sizing
  • No contact information on the website

Please keep in mind that we only assess a brand’s worth based on its online presence and popularity on social media. If you are a real buyer, please leave your feedback below to assist others.

14 Reviews

  1. With the first order that I placed with Broswear everything they sent me seem to be undersized. I measured the apparel up with clothes that I have of the same size and they were all smaller. The stitching was also of an inferior quality as the lines sewn in the fabric were not straight and some of the pockets were stitched shut a little further than they should have been so I couldn’t fit my hands in the pockets. On two of the four sets the coloring was way off from what was pictured on the website in fact one of them was so far off it was indistinguishable to what is shown online. I contacted the company to return them but they said it would not be cost-efficient to do that because of the customs they would have to pay for the return. As compensation I decided to take a 30% discount on my next order.
    Within days I placed my second order making sure I went a size larger than the last time. When the new items arrived there wasn’t a significant increase in the size but I could tell they were a little larger. All four of the outfits however were totally off in color from what is pictured on the website. I mean the colors are so light and washed out that they don’t even compare to what is pictured online. In fact all four the sets are so ugly and putrid looking they make me want to puke.
    I feel like burning them and putting them in a box and shipping them back to Broswear no matter what the cost.

  2. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM BROSWEAR!!! I tried to return items that did not fit. I sent the items and paid for the postage to the address provided to me. The items came back to me 6 months later. Alas, I did not receive a refund and also lost the money paid to return the items. Now, I receive no responses to my emails. I’m going to continuously post negative reviews to hopefully avoid anyone else losing money like I did.

    1. Do NOT buy a single item from BroWear! A horrific experience Edith a total SCAM company that does not honor their shorty clothes in anyway! They refuse to send me a return address and refund me for items that were poorly described with pictures that were simply lies! This company is scamming its customers in so many ways! Stay far away! Awful!!!!

  3. They got me too! I ordered a nice sweat suit and it did not look anything like the picture. I wanted a refund and they will keep asking you to accept a 10% coupon on purchasing a future item. I said no thanks. They then offered 20%. Then they offered 30%. Then they stopped responding to my emails. Oh well, $35 down the drain!!!

  4. This company is a total scam I bought 6 items and tried to Return a 3 of them because they were not the same color and did not fit correctly. They have literally lied on every single email response. Last week they said they couldn’t help because it was a national holiday and I needed to contact them in 6 days. This week the email says their Financials are frozen so they can’t do it right now. DO NOT BUY FROM HERE. YOU WILL REGRET IT. See below

    On Fri, Sep 30, 2022, 5:24 AM support wrote:

    Hello, I’m sorry for not replying to your email in time. Because it is our National Day holiday these days, we haven’t gone to work yet. Please contact us again in 6 days to deal with your after sales problem. Sorry for the inconvenience, thank you! Cassie.


    I was told by our Financial manager that Our account has been frozen due to a lot of transactions recently. The manager is currently dealing with this issue.All refunds will be postponed for a period of sorry for the inconvenience. your understanding is highly appreciated.

    warm regards

  5. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY! I would give a 0 star if I could. The shirt I ordered didn’t fit. I tried to return it (within the appropriate return policy time frame) & were given the run around. Asked to take a discount on future purchases and then were told it would cost over $100 to return…..I responded that I would get accurate shipping costs myself if they would just provide a return address and they never would. We emailed back & forth for 32 days!! The whole time they would not send me an address and now they are ignoring my emails. Complete SCAM!

  6. .5 is way to high of a score. 2xl shirts came in are the size of a super small at best. Ordered these shirts for a wedding and shipping took way over a month. Shirts just came in and the 2xl shirts would not fit a young child. Extremely disappointed was looking forward to these being for my groomsmen in my wedding and now no time! Should of known better than to purchase such a product from this company. Buy local as that way you see what you get.

  7. I should have did my research before ordering. I ordered an american flag shirt at the beginning of June to wear to a 4th of July parde and today is July 3rd and I still havent recieved a tracking & confirmation code or EVEN THE SHIRT YET! F%#k this company. I want my money back!

  8. Terrible. I ordered five items and it took three months for three items to arrive. Nothing fit, despite being the right size. Vendor refused to offer a refund or even a return. Told me to accept a $20 discount on future orders because of logistics issues. Six months later, I’ve still not received the final two items and vendor even lied to Apple in my dispute over the transaction, claiming all items were shipped and there was never an issue. Thankfully, I’ve kept my email chain and will be re disputing the charge. AVOID!!!!

  9. Avoid this company. The quality of product is abysmal. They use zippers which (my guess) would break or snag in a matter of a few wearings. The fabrics are flimsy – the collars don’t match the feel of the shirts. Despite their “return policy” there isn’t one. You would have to airmail the products back to China. Even then, I’ll bet there is no refund forthcoming. You will be offered a “discount coupon” for future purchases – which you’ll never use.

  10. You will not receive what you see in the photographs. The quality of the clothing is poor. I wish I had seen these reviews before ordering because it actually took 2 months for such clothing to deliver.

  11. Not recommended! The first time I washed my European-style shirts, one of the size 14 long-sleeved dress shirts shrunk to a “comfortable” size 10. 🙂

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