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chicvoss hair straightener

Stepping out of your house every morning with unruly and ruffled hair is no way to start a day. Shiny and Frizz-free hair is a new mantra every girl swear by.

Rocking those bouncy and straight locks at a party, a night out or even at work will give you a much-needed boost of confidence. Because let’s face it: your hair has the power to make or break your personality.

It’s a fact that one can never be satisfied with their hair. Curly-hair girls want straight hair and vice versa.

Luckily, we live in an era, where even those with curly or extra frizzy hair can transform their straight hair by the help of hair straighteners and flat irons.

The options with hair straighteners are boundless. Straight hair, curly hair, wavy hair or side curls are all just a hair straightener away now.

But with boundless hair straightener options in the market, how to pick up the “Right One”? Hair is precious, and you should only invest in the best products when it comes to your hair. A reasonable yet high-quality straightener is a rare find but guess what: I have found just the right product for you. Chicvoss professional hair straightener is just what you need to turn your dull, dry, and frizzy hair is shiny and immaculate locks.

Is it Professional Hair Straightener?

Chicvoss hair straightener is an all-in-one solution for professional hair salons. Designed for professionals as well as home use, it is a budget-friendly option for beauty divas who take their hair-styling game seriously.

Hair-styling is essential, but so is the health of your hair. Along with heat protection spray, your straightener should protect hair burns. Tourmaline ceramic coatings of chicvoss hair straightener make sure that your beautiful hair remains undamaged and healthy.

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What Are The Features of Chicvoss Straightener?

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  1. With an all-in-one Chicvoss hair straightener, you can straighten, wave, or lose curl your hair quickly.
  2. Quick heat up in 30 sec.
  3. Top-quality ceramic plates equally straights all the hair.
  4. Anti-scalding design with safe heat insulation design. After 30 minutes, it switches to power save mode.
  5. Extra-long 2.5 meters cord lets you whip the straightener around easily. The long cord doesn’t get tangled.
  6. Digital LCD control offers temperature control of up to 450*F. If the chicvoss straightener gets too hot, you will get an alert.
  7. The innovative technology targets the temperature that is neither too high nor too low for hair styling.
  8. Chicvoss steam hair straightener is recommended for shinier and healthier looking hair.

What Are The Results?

chicvoss straightener before and after results


  • Produce results like expensive hair straightener in a fraction of the cost
  • Sleek and stylish design, perfect for traveling
  • Straighten hair in a jiffy even on low heat setting
  • No hair snapping thanks to the user-friendly design
  • No hair snapping thanks to the user-friendly design


  • Not suitable for people with extra-long and curly hair

3 Reasons You Should Get Professional Salon Hair Straightener, NOW.

  • The professional-quality chicvoss hair straightener is giving top brands the run for their money. If you want a reliable straightener that ACTUALLY gets the job done, this product is suitable for you.
  • Equipped with Nano-ceramic and floating function plates, chicvoss professional salon hair straightener slips through the hair with ease and efficiency without snapping your hair at all.
  • The perfect width of this hair iron is a lifesaver if you are on the run. It lets you iron out big clumps of hair, and you get silky and shiny hair in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hair Straightener Bad For Hair?

An excellent hair straightener like chicvoss hair straightener is what every girl dream for. But does it damage the hair? Should you give up the straight hair entirely and let your unruly hair rule your life (and head)?

Well, not really. Excessive use of flat iron can dry out your hair that can result in split ends and hair breakage. But there are ways to minimize the damage.

First things first, you need a right straightener that protects your hair like the Chicvoss Hair straightener.

Which one is the best: Titanium or Ceramic Straightener?

Choosing the right hair straightener for your hair type is crucial. There are different choices when it comes to plates. People often get confused between different types of plates used in a straightener.

Titanium plates are great at dispersing the heat evenly among the length of the straightener. Those with thick and coarse hair should opt for titanium straighteners.

Titanium infused plates generate more negative ions compared to other materials. Negative ions make your hair shinier and frizz-free by closing the cuticles on hair strands.

It is evident that titanium is a winner here.

How Do I Choose Best Hair Straightener?

Here are 5 pro tips for choosing best hair straighteners.

  • Plate width is an essential factor to consider while shopping for a hair straightener. Wide plate means you can straight big clumps of hair at one time hence saving some precious time. Ladies with curly or coarse hair may need wide plate hair straightener while the narrow plate is suitable for fine and short hair.
  • You should not ignore different plate’s coatings when buying a straightener. Titanium, ceramic, and tourmaline coatings are all suitable for a different type of hair. So know your hair type and go for the kind of coating that is most beneficial for it.
  • Temperature setting is as vital as the straightener itself. Always go for a straightener with temperature setting option because high heat can damage your hair significantly. You need to know what temperature is best for your hair type and always set the iron according to that.
  • You can’t just go out and buy the cheapest or most expensive hair straightener out there. There are a gazillion of options to choose from, but do the research and pick up a product that gives you value for your money. Chicvoss hair straightener is an excellent choice if you are looking for a high class and long-lasting straightener at a reasonable price.

Is Ceramic or Tourmaline Coating Better for Hair?

Tourmaline is a crystal silicate material that is used as a coating for hair straighteners. Special thing about tourmaline coating is that it naturally generates negative ions when heated. Tourmaline coatings generate significantly more negative ions compared to ceramic coatings. This coating is suitable for people with frizzy, static, and ruffled hair. Although, tourmaline coating enables hair to stay straight for a more extended period of time. That being said, tourmaline is more prone to wear and tear compared to ceramic coating because it is a gemstone.

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27 Reviews

  1. This hair straighter is a POS, absolute garbage. DO NOT BUY!. Even if you have straight hair it would still manage to screw that up too. It’s tiny, not hot, and does not straighten your hair.

  2. I just received my order this is not the right one who do I get in contact with to talk to I am very unhappy that I paid this amount of money for what I ordered and is not what I ordered

  3. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chic Voss is a scam I purchased the flat iron and I did not receive the product I paid for I received some other cheap mini flat iron that has no temperature control. The flat iron I should have received was regular sized and had temperature control up to 450!!!! This company is trash and they will offer you a coupon and you have to pay to ship back to China.


  4. I order the flat iron i saw in the video and all I received was 2 mini flat iron that they are not even working. I’ve been contact them and i only received one single answer telling me they will gave me a discount of my product and so i write then back that all i want is my money back. No answer received any more. Been waiting for 2 weeks to answer. I loss my money

  5. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chic Voss is a scam I purchased the flat iron and I did not receive the product I paid for I received some other cheap mini flat iron that has no temperature control. The flat iron I should have received was regular sized and had temperature control up to 450!!!! This company is trash and they will offer you a coupon instead of correcting the problem.

    1. The company is an absolute rip-off. They send you a cheap piece of garbage!! No return lable, no info on product. Mine went right into the trash. My hard earned money wasted! I’m reporting them to my state Attorney Generals office. I new it was shit, before I even opened the crappy package.

  6. I ordered the flat irons, never received the email confirmation or the flat irons. Please contact me.

  7. Nothing like the video I saw. Worst straightener I’ve ever purchased. Emailed about a refund. Awaiting response.

  8. Yo ordene una alaciadora chivoos en La página en la pagina nunca decía k era mini page $25 dlls lo k vale la medida regular yo creo k nada mas se aprovechan creo k está uy mal k hagan . 😈

    1. What you show online is not what was shipped. It came in a box and it was mini. Tried it on my daughters hair and didn’t work at all. This is a SCAM. DO NOT BUY.

      1. The same happened to me. I received a mini, and it was cheap & did not work.
        I purchased through an advertisement on Instagram. The plates did not even close correctly.

  9. as per me Not all products are scam which are bought from facebook. i bought from amazon its good air cooler.

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