Crane Finance Reviews: What is Crane Finance? Is It Trustworthy Or a Scam?


Financial aid is a silver lining for someone in the middle of a financial crisis. Some online loan lending companies cover people’s backs when they are in need. However, trusting an online website can be challenging because of heightened scams. (Diazepam)

Crane Finance is an online application that offers fast and secure loans up to $1,000 to help you with your short-term financial needs. You can easily navigate through the website and apply for an application in simple steps, which are:

  1. Apply for the loan by filling out a simple form.
  2. The company will verify and approve your loan request.
  3. You will get the funds deposited on the other or same business day.

Today, we will be doing crane finance reviews that will let you know if the website is authentic or not.

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About Crane Finance

Crane Finance is an online loan application that gets your back covered for your financial needs. The company provides you with short-term relief in any financial crisis. You can apply for a loan with their simple online application, which is just one click away. You can use it for any amount between $100 and $1,000.

Is Crane Finance Legit or a Scam?

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CraneFinance provides fast and secure loans ranging from $100 to $1,000. If you get approved for the loan, the funds will be deposited on the same business day.

However, online sites cannot be trusted until you thoroughly investigate them and ensure that they are legitimate and trustworthy. Here are some details about CraneFinance that will help you know the company and its legitimacy.

Product and services

The website offers fast loans with a quick online application. Although, the company does not provide its service to the residents of New Jersey, Arkansas, Connecticut, District of Columbia (D.C.), Illinois, Maine, New York, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Vermont, New Hampshire, Alaska, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia.


The company, CraneFinance, lends a minimum of $100 and a maximum of $1,000. However, first-time customers must apply for a maximum of 800.00 USD. Financial charges will be added to the loan amount according to the customer’s financial situation and creditworthiness, determined by the customer’s employment, income, credit, payment history, and debts. Moreover, your loan’s APR(Annual Percentage Rate) will be based on your loan amount and the length of time you will keep it.

Crane Finance Quality


CraneFinance offers installment loans designed to meet your short-term needs, including unexpected emergencies, medical care, car repair bills, and travel expenses. Below are some details about the website showing the company’s genuineness.

  • CraneFinance was registered on April 7th April 2014.
  • The website provides you with a loan amount from $100 to 1000$.
  • The company has got a 58.4% trust score.
  • The website states that it is a member of NAFSA (NATIVE American Financial Services Association) and the Online Lenders Alliance(OLA).
  • has a 22% proximity to suspicious websites.

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Founder has listed no information regarding its owner, which makes this site suspicious.

Contact and Address

In the event of any questions or inquiries, you can call them at 855.432.7654 or email them at

Due Date and Late Fees

The first loan payment will likely be due on your next pay date, which is five days away. Moreover, the company charges additional fees if your payment is late by the due date. If you do not make the payment ten days after the due date, you will be charged an additional $20 late fee.

Crane Finance Customer Reviews

There is a lot of customer feedback available about the website on BirdEye and Google, which is mostly negative and does not recommend the company.

Parisha J. on BirdEye states about CraneFinance,” Don’t do it!!! I only borrowed 300 dollars. Now I owe them $1000 or something. I have a stop payment set down immediately. Nobody has called me back or returned my messages regarding this. I feel they are a scam. “Beware.”

Crane Finance got a 2.3 rating on Google and another review indicates that the company is not legit. Ani T says, “These people illegally gave a loan to someone using my personal information.” They do not want to try to fix the problem and expect me to clean up the mess for them. I DIDN’T apply for the loan, and YOU people NEED TO FIX IT! “

Promotions and Discounts

No discounts or promotional offers are available. However, the company does reduce your finance charges if you make an early payment.     

Pros and Cons of

We have listed the pros and cons of Crane Finance that will clear confusion regarding the legitimacy of the company.



  • is a member of renowned associations
  • The website lends you a loan of up to 1000 dollars
  • The company deposits the funds into your account on the same day if they approve you for a loan
  • The official website provides you with fast and secure loans with elementary steps


  • This site has not provided its founder’s information
  • There is some negative feedback found about the company
  • Cranefinance has a poor online reputation

Final Verdict

After the above analysis and details, we concluded that Crane Finance could not be trustworthy as it has many negative reviews on Google and other online platforms. Moreover, the website is not too popular online; thus, it lacks credibility. We recommend our viewers avoid this website because of the large number of negative reviews, which indicate that the site is a scam.

4 Reviews

  1. I took out a loan from this shady company for $400.00 and I’m all paid off but I went online to check my account they have $ 238.60 posted as my next payment which is totally deceiving. I will be putting a stop payment immediately and will longer be doing any more business with this company. Please stay away from these crooks.

    1. I’ve been paying almost 4 months. The loan is 600 and when I asked for the pay off they told it was 576. Did they try to make you pay still?

  2. They gave me $539 one loan and for ten months they took $500 every month that adds up to $5.000 thousand dollars this is a scam company I can’t do anything because I signed the agreement and I never again get another loan from crane company

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