Review: Is it a Legit Women’s Clothing Store or Another Scam?

crigne reviews

The world of e-commerce is growing with each passing day. Before making a purchase from any online shop it is important to know whether it is trustworthy.

You can determine whether an online retailer is reputable by looking up its specifics.

Today we will be reviewing to see whether it is a legitimate online store or just another one of the thousands of scams on the internet.

What is

Crigne is a US-based online clothing retailer that primarily targets older women. They sell a varied range of items. Their product range includes items such as dresses, casualwear, and tops. Crigne claims to offer its high-quality products at very reasonable prices to customers worldwide.

To add to this, as per their webpage, says they are also focused on treating their workers well by giving them livable wages. Crigne says they choose to only work with other brands and designers that provide fair treatment and pay to their employees. Additionally, Crigne also claims to donate a small part of its annual revenue to charities around the world to help end poverty.

All in all, Crigne seems like a legitimate, ethically-aligned company, but are these words true or just fluff?

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Is Crigne a Legitimate Store or Scam?

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crigne legit or scam

One of the ways to find out whether a business is legitimate or not is by checking the age of its domain. The older the domain is, the more likely it is to be an established and reputable retailer.  Using the domain age checker tool, we were able to find out that the domain for Crigne was created 6 months and 26 days ago. This means that this brand is a relatively new retailer. This also places Crigne’s reliability in doubt, as scams generally have new domains.

Additionally, another sign that is not a legitimate retailer is that they have plagiarized photos from other websites. This is a pretty big red flag, as scams often do this.

Furthermore, we also noticed that Crigne’s “About Us” section on their homepage has been entirely copy-pasted from another brand, Capatee.

To add to this, Crigne has an extremely low rating on at 19/100. This means that the likelihood of Crigne being a scam is very high. This low rating makes us think that this brand is not trustworthy.

That said, Crigne has provided extensive contact information on its webpage, including an email and a phone number.

Crigne also has a valid HTTPS and has not yet been blacklisted by any search engines.

What are the prices for Crigne’s products like?

Crigne’s dresses are all mostly within the price range of $30–50. While this is somewhat pricey compared to other cheap retailers, Crigne also regularly offers significant discounts on its products, so the price can actually get reduced quite a lot.

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What do customers of Crigne say?

On we found mixed customer reviews of Crigne, According to some of the negative reviews, Crigne’s products did not fit the description provided regarding fabric, design, and quality. There were also complaints that Capatee took too long to deliver their orders. Another common complaint is that the company would not process refunds on time and would only offer partial refunds.

Does Crigne accept returns or offer refunds?

According to the returns policy on their webpage, Crigne accepts returns of its products within 30 days of delivery. However, in order for your return to be accepted, you must contact Crigne’s customer service to get a contact service authorization. A receipt must also be shown as proof of purchase in order for your products to be eligible for a return. Additionally, the original packaging must be intact and the product should not be damaged or used in any way. They say that a refund will be processed within 7 days of the return.

Shipping and Cancellation

According to their webpage, Crigne offers free shipping for orders over $79. There are 2 methods of shipping you may choose from. Postal shipping will take 20 business days to deliver, while express shipping will take 15 business days to deliver.

Their cancellation policy mentions that you have the option of canceling your order within 24 hours of delivery. However, between these 24 hours and the time of shipping, if you cancel you will have to pay a 10 percent cancellation fee. After the order has been shipped cancellation will not be possible. You may return the product after delivery, after obtaining a return authorization from their customer service.



  • Valid HTTPS and SSL certificate
  • Contact information has been provided
  • Social media accounts


  • Low trust score on
  • Plagiarized photos from other websites
  • Some negative reviews on

Should you buy from Crigne?

Overall, we think that Crigne is not a legitimate retailer. They have copied another brand’s about us section and plagiarized photos from other retailers. This makes it evident that they are a scam.

If somebody chooses to buy from, they should do so at their own risk. We think that you will not have a positive shopping experience with this retailer.

74 Reviews

  1. Everything I’ve ordered has been beautifully made and fit me. Each item, depending on the style or fabric, can have different measurements. So you have to check each item individually for what measurements they are using for each size. There are some fashions that are offered in XXL that coincide with my measurements, and others that say XXL but are too small.
    A few times I’ve ordered items that they no longer had in the size I ordered, and they automatically refunded my money. I use PayPal all the time so I can track each transaction. Maybe I’ve just been lucky, but I’m still going to order from them when I can.

  2. Do NOT buy anything from this company. I sent my “baby” shirts back (they were so small). They did not reimburse me one penny. It’s a company from China.

  3. I ordered a blue and white top. It finally arrived and it is beautiful quality the fit is perfect.BUT
    It does not look anything like the picture on the web site. I am very disappointed and will never order from them again.this company should have a zero rating.

  4. This is a scam. Return policy a joke. Not made in South Carolina, packaged from China. Sizes not accurate on purpose so you have to pay return freight (varies every time). Please do not buy from them. I don’t know why Facebook is allowing this. Are you listening Mark???

  5. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! THEY ARE SCAMMERS!!!!!!! I ordered a dress and received a wrong item. It nothing like I wanted, it’s a cheap piece of material that looks like a graduation gown!! After refusing to refund me and at least eight emails back and forth they gave me an address in China to return at my expense for a refund! What a joke! They sent the wrong item and will not accept responsibility. It makes no sense what-so-ever for me the customer to have to pay five times what this piece of crap is worth to get a $60 refund!!! If you have money to throw out the window, then go for it, otherwise BUYER BEWARE – THIS COMPANY IS A RIP OFF!!!

  6. They are not base out of North Carolina like they state. I took a screen shot of the Chinese company name. I’d post it here if I could.

  7. This is a terrible company, they will not tale returns even though it says they will on the website, they are from China or Hong Kong but they are not in the United States like they advertise. D o Not Order Fron This COMPANY!!!! BEWARE!!!!

  8. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! THEY ARE SCAMMERS!!!!!!! I ordered a dress and received a wrong item. It nothing like I wanted, it’s a cheap piece of material that looks like a graduation gown!! After refusing to refund me and at least eight emails back and forth they gave me an address in China to return at my expense for a refund! What a joke! They sent the wrong item and will not accept responsibility. It makes no sense what-so-ever for me the customer to have to pay five times what this piece of crap is worth to get a $60 refund!!! If you have money to throw out the window, then go for it, otherwise BUYER BEWARE – THIS COMPANY IS A RIP OFF!!!

  9. I did more research on FB and could not believe what I found! They have so many same companies with different names I gave up looking after finding 37 of them. They all have the same information “About Us” – here are the websites I found on them: RUTAVE.COM, TIYWE.COM, POUVI.COM, HUTYR.COM, PEAGY.COM, LSORU.COM, CAYRED.COM, TYYWE.COM, ARWOP.COM, PAPPYA.COM, SYZELL.COM, DYVIY.COM, RAFOA.COM, ZYKYL.COM, OSCYA.COM, ZOMYL.COM, KLYNU.COM,
    I’m having my credit card bank deal with refunding what I paid and have not received; I cancelled the order but haven’t heard back from Crigne, yet.

  10. I placed an order 5 days ago and was shocked to see a foreign transaction fee charged on my cr card for it! I should have checked this co., and read all these reviews before making a purchase with them. I’m notifying my bank to dispute for a refund.

  11. I ordered several items from this company according to the size chart on their site, but they fit as if they’re two sizes smaller. Also, the fabric is poor quality. It took three weeks to get my order from the time I ordered it.

  12. Do not purchase anything from this company. I ordered three blouses from them and the material is so cheesy and they are too small. I know what size I wear. I went by that size chart. I called the telephone number I was on the phone with his man for almost a half an hour, and he said that they would send me a refund well guess what they tried to use my credit card in three different places, so I had to call my bank this morning And they are taking the charges off but I still have to fight for the money back that I paid for the blouses because they offered me $21. It’s absolutely a scam! I am going to report them to the Better Business Bureau in tomorrow. I will open the dispute over the original charge..

    1. I ordered 2 items. Both way too small. In emails they first offered me about $12, I said no then offered me $28. Still refused and now say I can return my items to Dubai! For clothing that was advertised as being made in SC,USA? The bag they came in says made in China. I will be checking out the cost to mail the package to Dubai. Do not buy from them. Material is flimsy.


  14. I ordered 4 items from cigne and NONE of them fit (and I used their “size chart”. I reached out to them to return items. They have refused. The only items they will consider taking back are items that are damaged, etc. Their website USED to say they were in S.C. (the US!) and had a London address. Now, they have taken that off their webpage. The reason they REFUSE returns is because their warehouse is in DUBAI and it “costs too much for THEM to pay for shipping. You want to return the items, the cost of shipping is up to you. SCAM, SCAM, SCAM!!!

    1. Do not order from this company! Two months later, no products. They are NOT made in the US like they advertise.

  15. This is their so called num,however upon calling it the guy was foreign speaking and got smart w me and hung up on me. Called 4 more times and he would not answer.(315]633-3636

  16. I ordered something 2 weeks ago and I have not heard back from there customer service center. service@ So far, their customer service is nonexistent so I would recommend not ordering anything from this scam show. I would be very surprised if I ever see this product. I they ever get ahold of me, or the product shows up I will retract my comment.

  17. I ordered two items – one I wanted to keep the other I wanted to return. I paid $34.99 for this item and when I emailed customer service they said they would give me $10 dollars back and not to return the item. I told them that is unacceptable and then they came back and offered me $17 dollars back. I said this is not acceptable nor negotiable. I’ve been scammed. They are not legit. They are also I believe a Chinese company that’s why delivery is so slow. I am going to attempt to dispute this charge through my bank now.

  18. I ordered some “nice looking” blouses THEN read reviews – BIG MISTAKE! However, the same day I cancelled order stating I found that their site was not credible and had no link with So Carolina and that they were deceiving shoppers and I would report to BBB
    The next day there was a credit for full refund and no comment!
    Buyer Beware

    1. Exactly! All of these companies with these varied letters saying they are out of South Carolina are all scams!

  19. I ordered what was supposed to be a cute top. I received a damaged, cheaply made copy of half of what was pictured on their site. The purchase reminds me of a Wish purchase I once made that I threw in the trash. The only difference is that purchase was $5 and this one was $55. I contacted customer service only to be offered $8 of my $55 purchase, and then had to spend the day haggling with them to attempt to get my money back. The most they offered was $30, so I filed a complaint with PP this morning. I also left a review on their website on the item page. Funny how my 1 star review turned into 5 stars the second I submitted it… I have the screenshot of before and after. I figure if they are going to waste my time I’ll spend my day posting the truth about them, report them to the FTC, Facebook and anyone else I can think of.

    This company needs to be reprimanded. I’d also wager that the items are NOT made in South Carolina… That’s deceptive practices and false advertising. Item was shipped from California and return address is New York.

    1. I tried to return an item and the call went to another person who got my info and charged my Bank of America account $550.00 at Kohles in Ohio. I had to cancel all my cards and I’ve been on this for two days. The purchase was on Dec.5 th. The shirt didn’t arrive for weeks and there was no information that came with it. Please contact me as I still don’t know how to return this item.
      This has been reported as fraud.
      Best Regards,
      Carol Shuttleworth

  20. I placed an order for two sweaters once I saw the type of clothing and that the ad and the website stated they were made in South Carolina. My credit card alerted me of a foreign charge: in HongKong. I questioned them and asked for a cancellation, no respone. When I sent a request for cancellation and stated they were fraudulent, sending the a copy of website stating made in SC, but charge from Hong Kong, they processed my cancellation immediately. Right after that many FB showed up with similar ads for different companies of clothing made in South Carolina. I don’t trust any of them anymore.

    1. I ordered 3 items October 27 and have not heard anything as to where the order is yet!!

    2. I ordered a couple things for my wife. Delivery was slower than I am used to, but came in decent time. My wife loved what I got her, so I am saying it was a positive experience.

    3. I ordered items on November 8, 2022 and did not receive it. The shipping label was made only November 21 but the tracking number doesn’t show it even left. Their customer service is full of BS blaming the “epidemic”….in South Carolina? I wish I read the reviews before I purchased.
      You can see their products all over the web with different companies and “all made in the USA”…..right….

  21. This is a clothing company under many different names but not based in S. Carolina. I found the items I paid way too much for on Cringe on other sites named NORACORA, JUST FASHION NOW, ZOLUCKY to name only a few. Zolucky had the best prices so shame on me for not researching before I bought. My items came from CA through another country and the return address they sent me was to New York. You can contact them by going to Cringe, scroll to bottom to find the contact email. What was weird was when I said my items did not fit, they never offered me an exchange. Instead, they offered me 3 different prices which I took $50 (I paid $75) because I did not trust them after reading other reviews. I received the $50 in less than 24 hours. I wish I had returned them (because this was my other option) and paid for the postage which now I think they would have reimbursed me for and got a full refund. Another stupid move on my part. As far as the clothes 2 of my items were not exactly what was shown in the pictures. They do not offer petite sizes so I should not have ordered dresses because I am only 5’1″ therefore they are too long. The sleeves are too long as well so I need to roll or pull some of them up. You get what you pay for on Zolucky but I paid too much on Cringe.

  22. I ordered two tops and the ad said spending over $79 free shipping but when it Wes totaled I paid $14.99 shipping my order was over $80.00……?

    1. Ordered 3 items on November 5, 2022; still at shipping office; 2 weeks and no items. Won’t buy from them and will not recommend.

  23. I wish I had researched this company before I bought from them. I had a gut feeling after I placed my order, but it was too late to cancel it because it was more than 24 hours. I emailed customer service asking, “where are my items?” They emailed me back right away saying that it would be 10 more days to fill the entire order, or I could receive most of the items now. I said I wanted them now only if I could get a full refund on the items not sent which they actually did. I am happy with most of the shirts, but the dresses were way too long because I am 5′ 1″ and they did not offer petite sizes. The pictures on the site are not all accurate. I wrote 4 reviews on the website giving them 3 stars which they did not post and noticed they only show few 4 but mostly 5-star reviews. I am trying to return a dress and shirt and they offered to compensate me $25 and to keep the items. I said no, why can’t I return them? I am still waiting for their response because I wrote it today. Originally, I wrote a separate email to customer service asking to return my items, but I got no response, So I went back to the email that I received when I asked, “where are my items?” and they are responding as before. It must be someone with a conscience. Wish me luck on my getting my money back.


    Company Name:

  25. THIS IS A SCAM…. No doubt about it. They take your money, send you really cheap stuff and returns are ridiculous. They offered me 3 amounts none of which would half cover what I paid. They insist that I have to pay shipping to Dubai. WHY??? They were supposed to be made in No. Carolina. I even checked on Amazon and found the items there but they were no tin stock. Yea right, they just copied the website and it wasn’t really Amazon.

    1. Same thing happened to me.
      S Carolina is a big lie…China
      No returns to Dubai…
      Having my credit card handle this nonsense
      Buyers beware!!’

    2. Linda B:
      I ordered a top and a dress from Crigne on November 11th 2022. Both items arrived on December 2nd from Tracy, CA. The top is really nice, is like the picture and fits me well. The dress however, does not fit me at all, it is too big, and has no shape to it. It does not resemble the picture and is made of cheap material. I wrote to them regarding a return authorization and address to send the dress back………..3 emails later they still haven’t told me where to return the dress to. They offered me $5 compensation for a $43.99 dress, then the next email they offered me $15 and told me if I insisted in returning the dress……..’the shipping costs are too high to be worth the reward. If you insist on returning, you must pay the freight by yourself’. What a joke! Do not buy from this company, unfortunately I did, I will be more careful when ordering from unpopular online companies.

  26. Well, I considered making a purchase but these comments have changed my mind. My question is, all of these clothes presented are super cute! They are my style and I know I would love them! That seems to be the normal of these scamming Chinese companies, cute clothes but quality issues, wrong sizings, difficult customer service. Why can’t we get a legitimate company to make these cute clothes? If there was one out there, I would be a customer!

  27. I ordered a dress and used their sizing chart as suggested. I ordered a large. The dress is too small and there is no way to contact them. No invoice or instructions enclosed in the plastic bags in which the dress arrived. I will never order items from these pop-up sites that have the face cut off of the models! I’m out of $55. Such a scam do not order from them–Alejandro Ruiz in Carson CA is fake. and these clothes are not made in the U.S. as originally stated. Like one other post indicated – Chinese written all over the bag.

  28. I ordered two tops from this company. They state that all their clothing is made in North Carolina and shipped from there as well. However my tops apparently came from the UK by way of California… who knows! BUT! they were exactly as described, fit perfectly and I love them! Also it only took a week to receive them. I am a happy camper and I’m considering ordering another top.

  29. I ordered 3 blouses, my wife picked out. They were for our 51st wedding anniversary. They are all way to large, and I can’t reach them to return or exchange. Now my wife feels bad for wanting something and spending the money ,on what now appears to have been a scam! She’s fighting cancer and didn’t need the disappointment. Learn from our mistake … don’t even consider ordering from Crigne.

  30. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY. I ordered a sweatshirt. After over a month, finally received it and it did not fit. I noticed the bag it was in, had Chinese writing all over it. It was not of the quality they described either. Contacted customer service asking for a refund of my $53.95 and a return slip to return the shirt. They emailed me back offering $8.00 refund and to keep the shirt. I refused offer and asked for my full refund of $53.95. Second email they offered $19.00 and said because their general manufacturer was in Dubai, too expensive and not worth it. Third email this morning said their best offer was $26.00 refund. These people are scammers. I only ordered from them because they advertised they are located in South Carolina, USA. What a crock.

    1. YES I am trying to get a return refund have emailed them 6 times and the best is always here is money keep your product or we can send you next size up !!! I just blasted them on their facebook post and they are ignoring my response. What a joke, I sent them 170.00. I might learn not to order from Facebook. I think it’s my loss. They are cute items just a little small. I agree do not order from this company and there is no phone number. I also ordered because they said South Carolina USA-based company.

      1. Can you place a dispute on the order with your credit card or payment service? I did. I gave my credit card service the fraudulent information about the company that I had uncovered. At the same time I was exchanging emails with Crigne. I experienced all that others claimed happened to them. In my last email to Crigne I let them know I was taking their fraudulent business to my state attorney general.

        I received a dispute resolved notice from my credit card company for a full refund.

        1. These people need to be stopped! I have had to cancel all my cards because of the return dept. They ? Used my information and charged $550. + more…………

    2. I so agree. My package had Chinese writing all over it also and they said it was coming from the Carolinas it took almost a month to get here and I am not happy with the clothes at all and I can’t find where to return them to there’s no phone number nothing. I advise no one to go through this company

  31. Trying to find out how to exchange for a larger size but having no luck. I would like to return the clothing but being the return says only for clothing with quality problems, I at least thought I would get larger sizes. It says made in the United States, at time North Carolina and other times South Carolina, but the order was sent from China!!! Blatant lies!

  32. i purchased 3 items and charged them. I want to return my dress and exchange 2 blouses my order #4923504 . I can t fine any way to contact Crigne. I never any of these ads before I ordered with them. Please help. Thank you.

  33. I read this after I placed my order. I worried for no reason. My three tops came within a couple of weeks of ordering – ordered 8/25 arrived 9/8, and was free shipping. I’m in between their sizing of a medium and large so according to the fabrics I chose one large and two mediums. All three fit just fine. Two are exactly like the pictures. One appeared to be a shinier fabric than what I got, which is more of a jersey fabric but I’m satisfied.

  34. I’am still waiting for a blouse i ordered and paid for. It has been over a month. What is the problem Crigne?

  35. I have been burned 3 times by companies that turned out to be Chinese. Always the same situation: shoddy craftsmanship, wrong sizes, and extreme difficulty getting a refund (only 1 refunded me – $15 on a $65 order! So, I no longer do business with Chinese companies.
    A red flag for me is their poor English on one of the pages. I’d be very wary!

  36. Dispute the charges on your credit card and you will get your money back and the credit card company will deal with the unscrupulous vendor. That’s what I did with a similar internet company experience.

  37. Same as above. Ordered 3 blouses and they are all too small. Trying to reach customer service with no success! My 30 days will soon be up! I actually like the blouses just need a larger size! Looks like I will soon be out of luck!

  38. In keeping with some other negative reviews, why don’t they just shuffle the letters around to spell “CRINGE”!!


    I received a cheap looking product and immediately contacted them to return it. They offered me an increasingly larger discount to just keep it. I returned it a month ago and still have not received a refund.

  40. 3 weeks into it and still no order received. Left a few emails but no respond. If someone has a customer service telephone number, please post as I would love to speak to them.
    Just hoping they are not a fake – until I speak to them, I will keep hoping.
    Thank you.

    1. I am having same issue. I also had an additional charge on my bank account that I have emailed twice and still no answer. I cannot find a phone number for them. I have not received one email saying my item has shipped but gave tracking number. When I emailed them they said they have found the order but USPS says still waiting on package. I am on a fixed income and probably will never see this order!

  41. please help me return 2 blouses I purchased and received on 7/29/2022 I have tried everything to
    get through your system but it is impossible to get any help!!
    Spoke to a person named Fabian but had a difficult time understanding him, he was sending me to a websight I did not want to be part of. PLEASE HELP , PLEASE HELP,

  42. I am needing to contact customer service at
    Where is a site or phone number?

      1. This company is a complete scam. They advertise made in S.C., not true! The dress I ordered is trash, the top part and sleeve is made very small, the bottom plenty big. The fabric is very cheap quality. It is nothing as pictured. They were only interested in offering a pittance in return and keep the worthless dress. They have cured me of ever ordering on line ever again! I am sick of being ripped off by these scam artist. They are making money on lies and trash product.

  43. I ordered 2 dresses which I needed to return because they didn’t fit. I contacted them and they responded saying “I can keep the dresses and they will refund $12.” These people need to be put out of business. It appears they use other names also because their sites are identical.

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