Elite Heater: Electric Heating Radiators, Does it Really Work?

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Elite Heater Ltd. is an electric heater producing company that claims to be in the market for about 14 years, since 2006. Their innovative technology, attractive designs, and reliable products, and reasonable ranges make them stand out in the market.

Jingle Bells Jingle bells, jingle all the way. Oh, what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open slay. Jingling all the way through are these cold winters, we are guessing all of you are making sure that you’re fully prepared and well equipped for the winters.

Heaters are winter essentials. You’re not the only one who has been seeing the advertisements for elite heater, and we are guessing just like the thousands of people online, you are here to do your part of the research before purchasing a heater.

Are you confused if the website is legitimate or not? Do you have questions about how efficient these heaters are? Do you want to ensure if your investment is going to be worth it? Read the full article to find out answers to all possible questions you may have in mind about the elite heater.

What is Elite Heater Ltd. about? How do they work?

As the name suggests the brand sells various kinds of heaters. It is an England-based company that ships all over Europe as well as the United States of America. These water-filled heaters are perfect for homes or offices, bathrooms, and kitchens.

They keep you free from the hassle of wires and pipes. Moreover, these heaters are wall-mounted so they do not take up any extra space.

They work with the electricity supplied to them. To ensure comfort you can operate them by connecting them to an LCD, where you can set up the desired temperature. The heater shuts off heating when the temperature is maintained.

How much do they cost?

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There is a wide range of heaters that are manufactured by elite heaters ltd. These are all specific to their functions so the costs vary greatly.

Their ranges start from a reasonable price of £238 depending on the size, capacity, and features of the heater.

One thing that elite heater ltd claim is that they offer the best value for the price that they are asking for, compared to any of their competitors in the market.

Pros and Cons

Elite heater has multiple advantages but as we know nothing is perfect. They have their pros and cons both, just like anything else that exists.



  • The prices of the products are reasonable
  • The heaters are eco-friendly
  • Multiple payment options are available
  • 2 years warranty


  • High energy consumption by the heaters
  • The website shows errors
  • The pages are blank and there are no products to show on the website
  • Incomplete information about shipping returns and exchange is mentioned.
  • Social media pages do not exist

What do the customers have to say about Elite Heater? What do they rate it?

Even though the company states that they have been operational since 2006, which means for about 14 years now, surprisingly they do not have a single customer review published on their official website. Moreover, there aren’t any reviews regarding heaters from the elite heater on websites such as Quora, site jabber, or trust pilot. The most intriguing part is that there aren’t any reviews on Facebook and Instagram handles as well.

On various social media discussion forums and buying and selling groups, people have complained about finding little to no information about elite heater ltd. They have also mentioned that website has many issues. As soon as they click on “view product range” an error appears stating no page is found. They add that there is no proper list of products on the page, nor are the prices written for each product. On inquiring, people have found out that the store is operational entirely online, thus no physical store exists that sells elite heater.

Is the brand legitimate? Can it be trusted? How can we tell that?

The most important factor that determines the legitimacy of a brand or product and confirms its authenticity is the reviews that customers leave behind after using the product. These reviews are honest and unbiased. However, in this case, there are no reviews found, which is the biggest cause of suspicion of it being a fake one.

Besides that, there are various other factors that add up.

First of all, the information on the website is missing. There are no proper lists of products or descriptions for the range of heaters available at Elite Heater Ltd. There is no cost of shipping mentioned; neither does it say that shipping is free.

The trust index for the website is found to be 0.4/100 which is very low. Absence from social media puts them under suspicion as well.

There are no options for cash in delivery, only advanced online payment options are available which increases the chances of being scammed.

Final Verdict

Keeping all the factors in mind discussed above, the first thing that would come into anyone’s mind is that the brand is fake. It is a waste of time and money both so it is better to look up other options for heaters available in the market.

We understand that. Despite giving the brand some leverage and benefit of the doubt for their website being non-functional, the rest of the factors such as the missing return policies, non-existent social media handles, and suspicious shipping methods, we can conclude that they may be a scam and thus we advise our readers to stay safe and far away from Elite Heater.

Since the website is almost blank, there may be viruses and malicious links generated. Even though you do not shop from here, you may still end up falling prey and thus it is recommended not to visit their homepage over again.

5 Reviews

  1. Yes a piece of junk!!!!!!! I tried for a refund and could not get any response from the company !!!!!!!!!! DO NOT BUY………RIP OFF would not even stay in the plug in……………………………..

  2. Elite heat is a total scam. I got mine on the 29th of Jan. 2022 it was a cheap piece of junk with plastic parts. Not only that .It is a fire hazard. There were pictures online where people’s Bedrooms, dens, converted garages into bedrooms were burned down.some rooms so badly burned. I doubt if people got out alive. I
    eventually tracked down the Owner inventor and called him about three weeks later. He said “Send me back the item in the original packaging” , and I will refund your money.” $72.00 plus tax. Did he keep his promise Heck no. Did not get my money back .Total Slime Ball Crook, of an Owner.
    Hope there is a place in Buddhist Hell for Him. Without air conditioning.

  3. I bought the heater, it’s a waste of money. Nothing special about it, it’s just a ordinary 500 watt heater. No breakthrough, money saving technology. It doesn’t even work well! Think about it, my wife’s hair dryer is 1500 watts, this is a third of that. The brand name, ‘Elite’ is not even printed on the heater. I see a duplicate of it with the same ad is now being played on YouTube under the name ‘AlphaFlame’. another BS ad because people are finding out about Elite heaters I guess…

  4. The Ad also states a man raised by his grandparents in Minnesota came up with “invention” last year while the world was hunker down (my guess would be covid). SO How can this product been around since 2016 and from what I’m gathering from this write up mainly coming out of and set up in England. Your telling me this usa jet engine manufacturing gentleman who is so worried about our elder decided to handle this in a foreign country and not in the USA. I THINK NOT!!! There is Also a mention of installment payments. Do they ship during your 1st installment or wait until paid in full or is this heater worth the 1st installment with a major markup naturally bc they know it’s coal but the scam still needs to generate them a good profit or why would I be worth it. I agree stay away

  5. DO NOT BUY ELITE HEAT portable heater. The remote did not work. It did not even heat up a 100sq foot area. WORST PRODUCT EVER. AND you have to pay to send it back, get a tracking number and FLIPPIN CALL THEM BACK with it before they will refund your money. PRODUCT AND COMPANY SUCKS!!!!!

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