Reviews: Best Place to Buy Sheds Online or The Store is a Scam?

fightersmarkets com reviews

Online shopping is the most comfortable shopping experience dill date. People in the United States buy from online stores to make their life simple and easy. From clothing to household items, they prefer to get them from the online brand. Many customers purchase things like garbage sheds, wood sheds, storage shed, and more from online shops.

The one name is famous when you talk about these things that are But with the demand for online shopping, there is also a rise in the scam scale. How can you trust In this piece of writing, you will discover about reviews.

Best Sellers On Amazon

sunxonline storage shed related 1
Rubbermaid Double-Door Storage Cabinet, 18″ D x 36″ W x 37″ H, Gray/Black, FG708500MICHR
sunxonline storage shed related 2
LIFETIME 60075 8 x 15 Ft. Outdoor Storage Shed, Desert Sand
sunxonline storage shed related 3
Lifetime 60057 Outdoor Storage Shed, 7 Feet by 4.5 Feet
sunxonline storage shed related 4
Arrow 6′ x 5′ Newburgh Eggshell with Coffee Trim Low Gable Electro-Galvanized Steel Storage Shed


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The fightersmarkets is an online store that sells various types and materials of the shed to meet the need of the customers. The USA-based store was created on Dec 2nd midnight. So as per this data, this website is only 6 months old.

This name claims to offer their customer the best storage shed in various materials from plastic to wood. This site offers its items at a highly affordable rate, and it is enough to engage the buyers with these alluring prices.

The engaging price of the product and the images make the customer place the order immediately. For this, you require a detailed review of the site with proof. In this article, we will deliver authentic info about this page and help you with buying decisions.

Is Legit or Scam?

is fightersmarkets legit-or-scam

So here comes the main point that brings you to this article: Is this legit or a scam. This USA-based online site claims that it is the store that offers all shed solutions under one umbrella. They have reduced their prices ridiculously low. Now, before making any purchase, let us investigate this name in depth.

Product Quality:  There are some customer reviews on the website that claim their item quality is top-notch, but it is only present on their Official website, and there is no proof other than that. Customer feedback seems to be paid because there are no reviews or feedback about the item on other online handles.

Prices: If you compare the price of 8 Ft. W x 10 Ft. D Plastic Traditional Storage Shed price is ridiculously low than another online store like Wayfair. There is a huge difference in the prices of similar items on the two platforms. It is another red flag for this website.

Website Quality: The site’s quality is poor, with no backlink engine detecting it. The Proximity to the Fishy site is 33/100. Here is some score to evaluate the site quality:

  • Threat Profile:32/100
  • Publishing Score:28/100
  • Malware Score:32/100
  • Spam Score:27/100

This site is poorly made and never consists of the element in metadata that might aid its online sight. What does it show? It means this site:

  • loses credibility 
  • Shows that its quality is questionable momentarily

Founder: On the site, there is no data about the owner of this online store. We found no data on any other platform.

Contact and Address: 7642 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92111. They have mentioned the store address and email id, and phone number. So, as per the search, this address exists in San Diego, CA.

So, as per the above information, this website is not legit; it has many red flags and points. If you check the YouTube link, it mentions that this site is not real. This website mentioned its other social handles like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc., but when you click on these links, the visitor will be redirected to the same page.

Shipping and Refund:  they have claimed that they mention the estimated delivery time of the product at checkout. For the inquest about the item’s delivery, you can contact the customer care team.

They offer free followed returns on United Kingdom’s orders within thirty days of delivery. The site must get the returned things within fourteen days of starting your return.

Customer Reviews

No reviews of customers on any online platform other than their official website. The reviews look fake or paid.

Promotions and Discounts:

There is a notable discount on all the sheds. The prices are low as compared to other online stores.



  • alluring prices
  • customer care contact data
  • address and email ids are mentioned
  • do have custom reviews only on their website


  • no social handles
  • negative review about the website on YOUTUBE
  • The site is only 6 months old
  • poor website quality
  • ridiculously low rates

Final Verdict

The data we have gathered states that this website is not real. It has many flaws and red flags. From the quality of the websites to the rates of the items, all look shabby. The brand has mentioned the social handles on their site, but they are all fake. On the bases of reviews you can make the decision.

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  1. Order summary

    Home Depot Sheds For Sale 10 ft. w x 10 ft. d Wooden Storage Sheds Garden Sheds Metal Shed×1

    $ 78.47
    Subtotal $78.47
    $ 0.00
    Shipping $24.88
    That is the comfirmation for the shed/ Home Depot is mentioned..

  2. I just ordered from them, as I thought they are affiliated with Home Depot; I did not do my research! I found the shed on Home Depot’s web page.I thought. The confirmation comes from “Home and Outdoor storage Solutions” –
    Now , I wonder, If I ever receive the ordered shed or if I have to write the money off! Bummer.

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