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sunxonline reviews

Indeed, the perks of shopping online cannot be denied. The online shopping industry is estimated to hit a whopping £4 trillion in 2020. That’s just mind-blowing, right?

And the amazing thing is that you can literally shop anything no matter the size. There are no limitations when it comes to shopping online.

So if you are looking for a plastic storage shed for your garden or backyard, is a place to go.

This site allows you to buy a different size of storage sheds right from your couch.

We try hard to provide you with honest reviews of different websites in order to make your online shopping experience pleasant and secure.

In this article, we are focusing on sunxonline review and digging in deep to find out the truth about this site. Let’s see if this site is a genuine or yet another scam site? is an e-commerce store that is selling plastic storage sheds of all sizes and shapes at affordable prices.

Storage shed is a great outdoor accessory for your garden. You can store so many things such as tools, lawn equipment, furniture, power tools, outdoor items, and your décor accessories in it as well,

A storage shed helps you take care of your valuable belongings by keeping them safe from weather elements like rain and dust etc.

Sunxonline has stocked plastic storage sheds of various sizes to facilitate your gardening and outdoor needs.

Plastic storage sheds are easy to move around. They are weatherproof and are low maintenance.

Above all, these plastic sheds are affordable for everyone.

Sunxonline is selling vinyl and metal sheds with double and single doors. All of these sheds are prices below £100.

This is quite a reasonable price tag for a storage shed.

What is unique about this site? is a storage shed shop that is offering up to 77% discount on its items.

It’s an attractive offer for people who have budget limitations but want to buy a decent storage shed.

What’s more, is that they are offering further 20$ off on orders above $100. They promise to deliver high quality goods only.

All in all, this online store has some pretty great deals for people who don’t want to build a shed by themselves.

Is sunxonline a Legit shop? or Scam

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One of the most important factors while finding a scam site is to find out how old is the website. A newly launched store is not much credible as it has not yet established its authority.

Is it a New or established store?

Sunxonline is only 121 days old website. A website this young cannot be trusted blindly and you cannot share your sensitive monetary information with such a website.

Is there any owner information?

When in doubt, always search for owner information. That way you know the person you are trusting your hard-earned money with.

On the ”about us ” section of sunxonline, we couldn’t find any information regarding the company or the owner.

There is no mention of the brand mission or anything that win the customer’s trust.

All we could read was generic content that is most probably copy-pastes from other sites. Such stores are not to be trusted as they can easily scam you out of your money because you don’t have any real information about them.

Is sunxonline present on social media?

We couldn’t detect any social media presence on any platform. They don’t have a shop on Facebook or integral which is weird considering most e-commerce stores are hugely focusing on these platforms to earn revenue.

How is the customer care of sunxonline?

The tell-tale sign of any scam website is the shortage of contact details. We couldn’t find any legit email addresses on the website.

This website is using outlook as their official email server and doesn’t own an email server of their own which is pretty unusual for a business.

On top of that, they haven’t provided any contact number for complaints and queries. So basically, you don’t have anyone to contact if you don’t receive your parcel or if you get damage good. Talk about pathetic customer service, eh?

What is the shipping and return policy?

The return policy listed on their website is full of grammatical errors. As per their shipping policy, the consumer has to bear all the shipping charges apart from the delivery charges that he has paid already.

Moreover, the company can reject the return request for any reason that it deems necessary.

This means that you have to pay them out of your own pocket to return the damaged product which was their fault in the first place. Plus, if they don’t see it as damaged, they won’t return it and your hard-earned money will go down the drain.



  • Reasonably priced storage sheds
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Huge discount offers


  • No authentic owner information
  • No contact number
  • No address provided
  • Newly established store
  • Only payment method is PayPal
  • No social media presence
  • No customer reviews

Wrap up

We tried to find customer review son internet but there isn’t any review of this site. Customer reviews are authentic sources to know the inside story of scam websites.

While shopping online, one must do all the necessary research to avoid any trouble.

If anyone has shopped online with this website, we encourage you to leave a sunxonline review to guide other readers and save them from this fraudulent website as well.

11 Reviews

  1. I disputed through paypal as I never received The shed. Paypal denied my dispute as they said there was tracking information. If they would have bothered to look, the tracking was for a lightweight parcel-a letter. I didn’t receive that either! So out of the money, product and paypal was absolutely no help!

  2. I fell for this also but the day after ordering i tried to cancel. Then filed claim with paypal. They have now provided a tracking number. However, it is with the USPS and I know they do not ship freight. It says it was delivered but I was home the day it was supposed to have been delievered. Along with it was left on my front porch. I have a very small front porch and it would not have fit on it. I have told paypal the website is now down and I have never gotten a responce from these scammers. Next step will be to go to post office for package info for proof not what package was supposed to be. If a package at all.

  3. This is sad. I’ve been had. I didn’t expect much for $99 but for the purpose I was going to use it for, it seemed a great deal. Now I’m out the $99 and no product. Hoping PayPal can help.

  4. It has been a month since I ordered my shed. Just emailed asking when I might received it. Awaiting reply. Thank God I paid through PayPal. They pretty good about refunding my money when they get no response from companies.

  5. I to fell for this, Sunxshedsonline, I ordered two. I’m out $198, I ordered on a Friday, received tracking on Sunday that it was delivered on Saturday. That there is impossible, I contacted PayPal and made a claim. The seller showed tracking # and delivery, I’m out the money. Thanks PayPal for allowing scams to continue without even reading the complains. 8/11/2020

  6. Yea Ann I fell for the same bullshit!! I want my money back if U don’t give my money back u will be sued. How about getting a real job u piece of shit.

  7. I too fell for the SUNXONLINE $97.00 shed. I have contacted my State Attorney General and my bank for fraudulent actions. DO NOT Order from this Company. As the saying goes,”If it sounds too good, it probably is”. Thanks.

    1. Now after reading the comments and looking further into it . I do believe it is a scam. I will try and get a hold of PayPal and try to get my money back. I thought that the we better than that.

      1. I do not believe this is a real paypal site either. There is no response from anyone. 97.00 is not that much in the scheme of things in the world, I think that is what they are banking on. I even got emailed a letter with postal delivery of this as well. How does the mail man deliver a shed? AND it says I got it two days before I ordered it. SCAM all the way.

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