Flamingo Clothing Store: Best Place to Shop Women’s Clothing?

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Flamingo clothing store deals with women’s clothing. They have thousands of trendy options for you to choose from at prices never seen before. Some people seem to love the brand while many are annoyed with their delayed responses. Flamingo clothing store is legitimate or not, you’ll find it out here!

Talk about fashion and you will see this incredible store named the Flamingo clothing store pop up in your search engine results. A lot of debate has been going on whether the website is genuine or a fake one to loot money off people.

Read along to find out answers to such questions that rise into your mind. We understand that with the exciting discounts offered you are unable to resist shopping from the Flamingo clothing store, make sure you are well aware of how the brand functions before you proceed to checkout.

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About Flamingo Clothing Store; What is the store about?

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Flamingo is a women’s clothing store that functions solely online. They deal with women’s wear that includes everything from jeans, jackets, and coats to activewear, lingerie, and matching sets. You name it and they’ve got it.

Flamingo clothing store believes that fashion and quality do not have to necessarily be expensive. The best of the lot can also be light on your pockets and one hundred percent reasonable.

With the mission of adding colors to your wardrobe, at the most reasonable prices and following the fashion trends, the flamingo is all set to cater to your outfit demands.

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Pros and Cons

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We have summed up a couple of negative and positive features for you to analyze the brand at your fingertips. Let’s have a look at them.



  • Flamingo Application available on play store and app store for free
  • Free shipping on orders that cross $49
  • No missing information
  • The website is 3 years old
  • HTTPS protected


  • Offers look too good to be true
  • No official presence on social media

What do the Customers think about the Flamingo Clothing Store?

No customer reviews were found on the official website of the Flamingo clothing store. After extending our research, we came across the three thousand reviews published on trust pilot which is a credible website.

47% of the customers gave them a 5-star rating and thought that the brand is excellent, while 14% think it is a good brand. 7% of the customers think that this is just as ordinary as any other store; however, 32% of customers were not satisfied and gave them a poor rating.

We have seen some great reviews about the brand. Many women seem to be in love with the products they have received and have already placed their second or third orders. They loved the quality of the fabric, the design, and the size fit perfectly well too. They received exactly what was shown in the picture. Many customers were seen to be praising the texture of the material and how comfortable it felt. 

Not for a moment did they feel like shopping from an unpopular online store, instead the clothes were better than what big brands sell.

The majority of the people that were dissatisfied with Flamingo seemed to complain about their customer service which is quite poor. They take weeks to reply to emails and do not pick up calls; the order was delayed not for days or weeks but months after the committed delivery time. Some people write they still are waiting for their clothes to be shipped and it is making them furious.

Despite the clothes being amazing and the prices being reasonable, their customer service brings their ratings down and they need to work on their communication and interaction with people.

There are above 50 pages on Instagram and Facebook with the name flamingo Store, none of which is the authentic page that we are talking about. However, there have been mixed reviews about the store on various buying and selling discussion groups on Facebook. The majority of the people think that the offers are too unreal. Some say that they are a fraud and some of the ladies are recommending all of their circle to try out the brand.

Is the Store worth Shopping from?

While we spend thousands of dollars on our clothes, shoes, makeup, and accessories, there is no harm in trying a brand that is promising and delivering great quality clothing. As per many people, spending money at Flamingo clothing store has been worth it.

Promotions and Discounts

Flamingo Clothing store offers astonishingly low prices for all the clothes that they have on their website. Their coats and jackets from $19.99, denim jeans collections begin from $9.99, matching sets from $8.99, bottoms from $6.99, tops and sweaters and cardigans from $4.99 activewear, and lingerie from $2.99.

Flamingo Clothing Store is offering up to 80% off on all items. Moreover, they are giving each customer an additional flat 15% off on every purchase that is made.

Terms of Service; Contact, Payment, Shipping, Returns, and Exchanges

If you have any questions in mind regarding the product, you may contact them at their customer support via support@flamingo.shop.

The store ships its products to the USA, UK, Canada, Mexico, and the European Union. It usually takes 10-14 business days for the order to be processed, packed, and delivered however time may increase under unfavorable circumstances. Shipping charges vary, however packages costing above $49 are shipped for free.

Payments need to be made in advance. It can be done via Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Diners Club, PayPal, Klarna, and JCB.

To return a product you must notify the store within 7 days of receiving your orders, and the clothes must be unworn, else you do not qualify for a refund or exchange.

Is Flamingo Clothing Store Legitimate? How can we tell that?

Over 16000 reviews have been recorded to date for the Flamingo Clothing Store which gives us an overall rating of 3.4 stars. This speaks about the website being legitimate however there may be concerns regarding the sizing, quality, and time of delivery but as per the customer reviews they got what they ordered and they loved it.

Moreover, the website has been up since 2018 which makes it a 3-year-old website. The domain is protected by HTTPS and data transmission across its servers is safe. Its registrar is Alibaba.com which is a trusted website. On the contrary, their trust index was found to be only 14% which is super low.

The contact information and policies regarding payments, shipping, returns, exchanges, and refunds were properly mentioned on the website. Moreover, the website is well maintained and updated regularly.

The absence of the Flamingo Clothing store’s official pages from social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram indicates something is fishy as a store that runs solely online needs to be actively present on social media.

Final Verdict

Before you purchase anything from any store online, be it a new one or an old one, you must do your research, go over reviews and find out whether the website is authentic or not. Whether you should be spending a single penny here or is it not worth it.

Based on our research, customer reviews, and website policies, we believe that the website is authentic and legitimate. It is safe for users to shop from the website.

The website has been up for a while that builds confidence in the shoppers but due to its low trust index, it makes us doubtful.

We recommend you not to blindly trust everything that is there on the website, as there is always a chance of things going north. Make sure you are well researched and well aware of all the aspects of the Flamingo Clothing store. Then only you may go ahead and make a purchase.

18 Reviews

  1. Wish I could report this site to the Better Business bureau. Their return policy is non-existent and they repeatedly ask you for more and more information when you try to return an item. Finally after a week of back and forth, I was offered a store credit. This company is a sham !!!

  2. SCAMMERS!!!! DO NOT BUY. Quality is terrible and they give the run around to return asking the same questions in 50 different was in attempts to determine you from returning. Will not give a return address even after following their return policy procedures.

  3. This is the worst place I have ever…..DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM HERE…..I AM STILL WAITING ON MY MERCHANDISE!!!! I have been waiting not for 3 weeks just for the status to change to ship, the minute I write them and tell them at this point I just want a refund, that’s when they tell me “oh it’s been shipped”…smh worst place ever. This was my first experience with this store and it will DEFINITELY be the last!!!!

  4. The biggest mistake you will ever make!!! DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING!!! My account was charged, and I still haven’t received notification, order confirmation, tracking number…nothing. I will never make this mistake again. Worst company I’ve ever dealt with. I should’ve read reviews prior to ordering, but you can’t see them at the time you place your order. SUCH A SCAM. Buyer’s BEWARE!!!! Most unprofessional organization and customer service. Shame on them!

    1. I purchased $ 635.00 worth of stuff and found that almost everything I purchased was on TEMU For Less than half the price… I was so mad! Go to temu they on point.

  5. I ordered 2 pair of jeans and when they arrived, they were too long and didnt fit right. Was told I could return them at my expense – they do not paid to ship anything back. Not really fair to the customer. If you keep them, you pay and if you return them you still pay. either way, they get your money!!!!! Not good business at all! WILL NOT ORDER FROM HERE AGAIN IF YOU CANT STAND BEHIND YOUR PRODUCT!!!!

  6. Do NOT, I repeat DO NOT buy from this site. The clothing will not be like the pictures. The quality is terrible. They also will give you a hard time returning anything to them!!! Beware of this company.

  7. It’s all a scam , I invested 90,750 US dollars with scam broker FXG trade and never got my money back and they kept asking for more which I couldn’t meet up with their demands, so they never got back to me anymore and i was so desperately in need of help to recover all the money back to me, fortunately I came across a colleague that introduced me to a binary options trade funds recovery expert who goes by the name Mr Maxwell Devine when i met him i did not believe that he could get back my money because i have been scammed a lot already and didn’t know what to do, but my spirit told me to give it a try and i did, feel free to contact him via his email address:{devinemaxwell28 (@) gmail.com}. and he will help you to recover all your lost investment that was denied from you by your scam broker.

  8. I placed an order for 2 of the same shirts, different colors on June 11, 2022. I have not received my merchandise. I placed a call to the phone number that’s listed only to be instructed to send an email. I sent 2 emails that included my order number and the date Flamingo was paid by my bank. I have yet to receive a response or my merchandise. I am still receiving advertisings from this company which is like throwing gas on a fire. I will NEVER order from these people and nor will I advise anyone else to order as well. I want my refund and I promise you, you will not here from me again. This is so unprofessional!!

  9. I ordered 3 items a week ago. My card was charged a week ago. I got an email today saying two of the 3 items were sold out now. That tells me either they were sold out when I purchased them or the delay in filling my order caused them to be sold out. Now I have to wait 7-10 days for a refund and I still have not received the item that I ordered that was in stock. Based on these reviews I am no longer excited. Never again.

  10. Sizing wildly varies between the jeans. I actually like the pair that fit but the other 2 were 3 sizes too big. For jeans go with a size down because if you have to return they make you pay for shipping which is absolutely absurd. Ill be returning 2 pairs of jeans. 1 ill exchange the other a refund and I wont be dealing with them again till the fix there return policy. Also there app always runs unless you force close it which Is very weird and unsettling. I would recommend using a different “fast” fashion site that is more well known. Who knows if Ill ever see my money and exchange again. They have so many rules for returning sounds like they try to jack your money whatever way they can. Dont trust them! There reviews on the site are all models they pay. If you see the pics in reviews its the same 4 to 5 girls everytime.

  11. I ordered 2 pair of jeans. I received a second package and was charged for both. I have tried repeatedly to get a response to return them. NO ANSWER! There was no packing slip. I am out the money and I have 4 pair of jeans that would fall off me when I walk. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!!! THEY ARE A COMPLETE SCAM!

  12. It’s just as the other reviews point out: the clothing pictured is not what you receive: it is a cheap pseudo look-alike. I ordered a fair isle sweater thinking it was a chunky wool and received a cheap, acrylic knit sweater that in no way looked like what’s online. Worse still, when I tried to contact them to return it they never responded. I could find something much higher quality from one of the second hand stores locally. Don’t waste your precious time, energy and money.

  13. Items never looks like the ones advertised! You receive just a cheaper copy. Most of the time total different materials. That’s annoying and false advertisement

  14. why wont anyone respond to my emails, I’m trying to return an item which is way too small you say we only have
    7 days to return but we need to contact you for the right address to send to and instructions on how to send back that’s what I’m asking fro is the right address and instuc

    Why won’t anyone respond to my emails I need to return an item which is way too small You say we only have 7 days to return but you tell us we need the proper address to return and instructions on how to return. would really appreciate the address and instructions so I can return for a refund. thank you Patty carl

  15. I ordered my regular sizes per their websites instructions and received product that was 4x too large. They will not pay for return shipping and exemplify the worst of the worst customer service I have ever received. I have never regretted an online purchase this much.

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