Elarise Clothing Reviews – Is elarise.com Legit Online Store? or Just another Scam Website

Elarise.com is a fashion brand that provides you with the latest and trendiest clothing. All kinds of stitched dresses and cardigans are available at affordable prices. The brand previously used to manufacture fashionable attires for reputable brands and has recently created its own online store. However, there are doubts if the brand is legit or a scam.

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  2. Pros & Cons
  3. Customer Reviews
  4. Is Elarise Legit
  5. Final Verdict
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The word “sale” attracts customers like honey attracts bees. What could be better than buying clothes for less than the original price? This is human nature and is going to last as long as the world does.

This is exactly what scammers take advantage of. Many fraud websites are up on the internet which displays products at a low price to attract the customers and cheat on them by either sending them poor quality or wrong products or never shipping anything to their address.

Elarise seems to be a great store for fashionable and trendy women’s clothes. The question is how authentic the brand is?

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What is Elarise.com about? How do they work?

Elarise.com is a clothing brand that sells you clothes that are in fashion these days. It is very easy to order from their website. Product details are available with each article that tells you about the material and quality of the cloth, whether it’s washable or not etc. In addition to that, a size chart is also available that helps you choose which size to buy for yourself.

Once you have selected the item(s) you want to buy, enter the details necessary for the shipment. Payment can be done by using either method; through your PayPal account or your debit/credit card.

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Elarise.com offers a discount of up to 40% on all their clothes, the discount will be applied if you enter the voucher code given on their website. Free shipping is available if your order is above $79.

Orders can be canceled and completely refunded within the first 24 hours of purchase. But if they are canceled after the given period a 10% cancelation fee is charged to the customer. Your orders can not be canceled once they have been shipped.

Returns are entertained within 30 days of receiving the parcel and only if any items are damaged.

Pros and Cons

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At first glance, it may seem as if you have landed on the website of your dreams and you’ve got a solution to all your shopping problems, there still are some disadvantages that come along with these advantages. Let’s have a look at them.



  • Elarise.com is offering up to 40% discount on all its clothes.
  • Free delivery is provided if the bill is above $79.
  • Orders can be canceled and fully refunded within 24 hours of purchase.
  • Returns can be made within 30 days of delivery.
  • Multiple payment methods are available.
  • No negative reviews can be seen regarding the website.


  • The website is newly created, it is only 4 months old.
  • The popularity of the website is zero.
  • It has a trust index of 28.7% on scam detectors.
  • Many of the articles are not new and have been copied from different clothing sites.
  • It has a malware score of 44 which is very alarming.

What are the Customer Reviews and Ratings?

Customer reviews for this website are excellent.

It has an average rating of 4.1 stars on trust pilot and 5 stars on a3reviews.com which is considered very well.

The customers claim that their orders were up to the mark and they arrived on time. The cloth was made of good quality fabric that feels good on the skin.

Overall they commented that their shopping experience was great and they would definitely recommend others to buy from this website.

A few people complained that their packages arrived later than the delivery date and some of the clothes did not fit well. They faced some issues with the sizes but in the end, they liked their fit.

Contradicting to this, on Quora we have read comments where the customers state that the products received were not what they had ordered. They were made of cheap material and couldn’t be worn.

Is the Website Legit or not? How can we say that?

It is difficult to conclude if Elarise.com is legit or not, but there are a few facts that can be studied that will help you decide whether you should buy from this website or not.

The first and the most important thing that helps us decide whether a website is legit or not is what the existing customers have to say about it.

Apparently, besides a few, the majority claim that they loved their order and want to shop again.

The website has not been blacklisted anywhere and that surely gives them an edge over here.

Contradicting that, we have also found some alarming information about Elarise.

The address mentioned on the website is XBP International Ltd. In London is not a valid address. This address is found on many scamming websites; with this, we begin thinking that Elarise.com may be a scam too.

The website domain was created only a couple of months ago. It is a relatively new site which causes its trust levels to drop. The scam detector gives it a score of 28.7 which is considered low.

The website has a valid HTTPS but the WHOIS name is not found.

Elarise.com has social media presence on Facebook and Instagram, however, their Instagram page is down right now. Authentic brands ensure their active status on social media and this adds more to our doubt.

Moreover, the majority of the content, including pictures, descriptions, and website policy is plagiarized.

Final Verdict

The website construction may have gone into the wrongs hands and therefore we find a lot of plagiarism, despite that, Elarise.com is working hard to ensure customer satisfaction and delivering the right articles.

The reviews make us want to shop but the technical information makes us rethink our decision.

There is still a risk associated and our recommendation is to shop from websites that aren’t doubtful at all.

Let us know about your experience with Elarise.com if you have shopped from this brand. This will help other women choose the right brands in their next online shopping spree.

67 Reviews

  1. I ordered 2 tops in Oct. 2021 and here it is the middle of Jan. 2022 and I have still not received the items. I spent over $80. I have sent numerous emails asking for a refund but I get the same reply every-time saying “Let me check it for you,” and then I don’t hear anything else. I am going to try to see if I can get the credit card company to do something.

  2. Do not order from this company! Their website said free returns so I ordered $200 worth of items. They finally arrived after about a month and was such bad quality I couldn’t wear any of the clothing. The quality is some of the worst I have ever seen! I ask for a refund and was told I could get $60 of it refunded but that was all!!!! The website said total refund when I ordered! This place is definitely a scam! Stay away!

  3. I ordered from this company because the tops were cute and because it said it was made in USA. I should have done more research on this company. I am finding out that they are made in China. I placed an order for two tops in October and I still have not seen them. Do not order from this company. I also think that facebook should block company’s like this.

  4. Ordered in October FINALLY got my Order in December. Only received 3 of the 4 items but in all fairness they did send me an email saying the other was out of stock and will receive a refund once I receive my packages. I will be checking my credit card statement to see if it happens. I did save that email so I can forward it my CC co. if I dont receive the refund. The clothes themselves run very small I did order 2 sizes up so they do fit and they are beautiful but I wont be doing business with them again. Took too long to receive when they advertise 10 days from order to shipment. Its a shame because the stuff they advertise is beautiful and I do love what I received.

  5. This company is a big scam. I ordered 2 tops. They look nothing like the pics on FB. One top had a pocket and it had been cut out and just the outline left. Total garbage. The other one was material so thin you could almost see thru it. They were $74. They offered me $10, then $20 and finally $35. When I said No they informed me it would cost more than $74 to return them as they are located in Dubai. They were supposed to be in Indiana. If I had known they were not here in USA I would never have ordered them. False info. I learned a lesson. I just hate liars and dishonest people.

    1. I ordered from this site and the product took sooo long to get and when I did get the 2 sweaters I ordered they were nothing at all like the picture. This company is a big scam! It said the clothes were made in Indiana; they were not! I want my money back but nowhere to get it back. I am thinking they just want your credit card numbers. BIG SCAM!!!

    2. Definitely a SCAM!! Do NOT order from Elarise.
      Claiming to be manufactured and based in Indiana, products are made in China and shipped from California, USA.
      Products are thin, poorly constructed, ugly and non-fitting in stated sizes.
      After a many, many emails without effective or satisfactory replies. It still took TWO months, plus FIVE days to receive my order.
      ONLY after demanding a refund, a Tracking Number AND a “FRAUD” to the FTC did I receive my order.
      YES…I have reported it “FRAUD” to the Federal Trade Commission. And if anyone asks, I can provide the FRAUD Report Number and Date.
      December 21, 2021

  6. I was lucky I guess. It took a very long time for the 2 dresses I ordered to arrive. I ordered size small and the did fit but snugly. They were not expensive and so I did not expect anything great. I knew there was a chance I would not like them so I was surprised when I tried them on and decided to keep them. I have no experience with attempting returns. I like their advertising about using some recycling and donating to charity. I hope it is true. So I suppose I was luckier than a lot of others.

  7. I was encouraged to shop here because the website claims that the items are made in the Greenwood, IN, and the site has in bold letters up top FREE RETURNS. Not so. The package was mailed to me from Los Angeles, with a return address in NY. The charge on my credit card included a foreign exchange fee.

    One dress was fine. The other did not fit. I sent a request for the FREE RETURN as advertised, but after some back and forth (including me having to send pictures of the package and dresses) Elarise declined the FREE RETURN. It is not free if the item is not damaged–wrong size doesn’t count. They offered my $6 for the $36 dress. I finally argued them into $25, which I haven’t seen returned yet. OR, they would give a full refund if I returned the item, at my cost, to their DUBAI facility. What a scam. Don’t trust this company!

  8. This site is a total scam. I purchased 3 matching shirts for myself and 2 family members for the holidays. The items arrive almost 3 weeks late, from “Indiana” and therefore were not here in time for me to take on my trip to see family. I would have just shipped these family members their shirts, but the quality was so awful and they looked nothing like what was pictured on the website. I immediately initiated a return and then received 3 different emails in the middle of the night – one saying I would be refunded $15, another saying I’d be refunded $10 and a third saying I’d be refunded $11??? I had paid $102 total for these shirts so none of these amounts were acceptable to me. It doesn’t look like I’ll be getting any of my money back and I now have $100 worth of cleaning rags 🙁

  9. This company is a scam. They know that we don’t want to purchase from China so they intentionally show products from Greenwood, Indiana. They show free returns within 30 days. HA!!! I ordered 3 dresses and after 40 days got the flimsy, poor quality and fit is terrible. I wish I’d seen this page before I ordered. I won’t be taken again. I thought I’d done my research. The reviews on the FaceBook page made me think this company was legitimate. I was offered $23 in one email for dresses I paid $118. Another email they offered $32. I’ve contacted my credit card company and hopefully they will be able to get results.

    1. I had the same reaction….took over 30 days to come from “Indiana”. The quality was horrible, very flimsy material & the fit was horrible. Contacted them fir a return authorization. Received an email back that they would replace with another size. A few days later I received an email saying my new order had been shipped & all I had to do was pay shipping. I went to the link & paid $14.95 shipping. Nothing has been received & no response from the “company”. Total scam!!!

  10. I bought a dress, waited 2 months,then they shipped the wrong size. I ordered 2XL and received a small. I asked for a refund or another dress in the correctt size
    they wanted a picture of me in the dress and offered me $8 for my trouble. Scam site in my opinion.

  11. I received my Order from elarise in about 20 days and for the most part was satisfied with what I received. In fact I just ordered two dresses about a week ago. However, I have been trying to return a blouse that is too small. Cannot find a legit email. ( It’s a no-reply.) no phone number. I don’t think they are a Reputable company. Hence, the no-reply email. If I am lucky enough to receive my dresses to my satisfaction I’ll call that a win! With all the bad reviews I won’t be ordering from them again. I think Facebook should investigate the company a little before they let them post their products on their website☹️

  12. I ordered a dress and top on 10/26 and received them today 11/30. I tried multiple times to cancel the order since the items were not shipped and I would not receive them for a planned event! I got nowhere with my request. The items are cheap, substandard, poor material and workmanship! Definitely will not be wearing them! Won’t bother to try for a refund because that will not happen! Can’t believe I contributed to a scam! Lessons learnt!

  13. I ordered a dress and top on 10/26 and received them today 11/30. I tried multiple times to cancel the order since the items were not shipped and I would not receive them for a planned event! I got nowhere with my request. The items are cheap, substandard, poor material and workmanship! Definitely will not be wearing them! Won’t bother to try for a refund because that will not happen! Can’t believe I contributed to a scam! Lessons learnt!

  14. I agree with all the other reviews. I too ordered because it said Greenwood, Indiana. Took forever to get two dresses that I paid $80.00 for. They look nothing like the pictures. I can’t even get them on the size is so off. Same deal, they offered me $10 and I could keep them. I said no, I want my money back. Now they have offered me $30 and I keep the items or return at my expense to Dubai. I have no doubt that I will ever see $30. I wish I had done some checking before I ordered. Please………….do yourself a favor and do not order from this company.

    1. i too have the exact same experience. 200.00 shipping was over 30 days. product is inferior, wrong size. This is a Hong Kong phone number for JJs Brand. They said I can return to Dubai if I pay the shipping. Address provided is not valid.

      There is no company located in Greenwood IN

  15. I ordered two items A sweater and a dress. Love the sweater but the dress was a horrible material. Have spent the last 2 weeks trying to return it. They wanted me to take pictures of me in the dress and I refused. Now they offered me $6 to keep it. Don’t order from them!

    1. I ordered 3 dresses $118. When I contacted them after 3 weeks of not receiving, they stated 2 of the dresses were not available for 2 weeks. I told them since the order had not shipped, to cancel. I placed order 10-1-21, received 11-9-21. They asked me to send them photos. I’ve stated in all my emails how dissatisfied I am at the quality of fabric. Fit is terrible. Flimsy fabric. They’ve offered me $23 to keep the dresses. I am extremely frustrated with their poor customer service and misrepresentation of their product and policies. BEWARE!!!!

  16. This company is a total rip off. They say you can return in 30 days, but I CANNOT FIND THE WAY TO MAKE RETURNS. So now I have $100.00 worth of clothing that I cannot wear. That is a rip off to me. I will be telling everyone I know.

    1. Help I want to return. 3 blouses. The return Address is phony do I go to the bank do I go to the police or do I go to the post office

  17. Not good quality garments. Took 5 weeks to receive. They did not fit and Elarise refuses to accept returns and refund my money. Oh They did offer $20 and could keep garments ($130 of garments) …do not fit why would want to keep. DON’T BE FOOLED! SCAM!!!

  18. I too have ordered from this company and the quality of the garment is awful not anything like it looks on the website. And of course you can’t get a hold of anyone to get a refund. Never again ordering from facebook.

    1. Yes I ordered 3 sweaters October sent a email they said order shipped still 2 weeks later tried to notify Facebook since I saw ad on Fb but no luck either – will never order anything from Facebook or Elarise

    2. I ordered 5 tops from this company. They arrived 20 days later. Tops are garbage they look nothing like on their website. They say they are located in Greenwood Indiana but pkg came from China. They do not respond to email or FB messages. They have no legit phone #. Company is a scam!

  19. I ordered 3 tops from Elarise and very unhappy with length of time to receive product. It took over a month to receive. Product description doesn’t match actual product. The fit is all wrong eventhough I followed size chart. They offered $11.00 refund for 2 items totally $60.00. Product is not made in USA as stated on website. I would never recommend this site to anyone. It’s a scam.

  20. The site is a complete scam. My items took over a month to arrive, not 7-10 business days as stated, and when they arrived they looked nothing like the pictures and were completely unwearable. I contacted Elarise for a return, and even though their site promises free returns, they asked me to keep the items for a refund of $24 (of $131 that I had spent). They advertise products that are made in USA, but the ugly items came in clear bags that said MADE IN CHINA.
    Please don’t buy from this company. They will take your money and give you horrible products, or no products at all, in return.

  21. I ordered 2 blouses and it took over a month to get them. The site said they were Indiana. Return address is new york. The blouses are awful. Cannot wear them and have also tried e mail address to no avail.

  22. Not made in USA as claimed on sight. Took a little over a month to receive, cheap quality printed fabrics, disappointing quality and fit. Now in my sewing basket for alterations and possible save. Not worth what I spent.

  23. I received my order and 2 were too small and one was too large. None of them had instructions on how to clean them. I have tried to contact them and as of yet they have not responded. I am not happy with them and will not order from them again.

  24. This company is a fake not in the USA!! Will not ship in 48 hrs. My order was placed over a month ago and still hasn’t even though they have sent an email a week ago that it had been shipped. Please take this company off social media and any purchase sites. They also advertise under different names.

    1. I ordered 3 tops. All three arrived each a different size and not the size I ordered. I should have know better than to order something I saw on Facebook. They offered $18 and keep the tops, which I can’t use! Told me if I want to pay shipping back to Dubai then go ahead!! Horrible. Don’t be ripped if like me. Bypass this company and save your money. Someone is getting rich off our substandard purchases.

      1. I also ordered 3 tops, they were all too small, tried contacting the company. Finally after trying different email addresses I got a reply exactly like the above message. They asked for pictures of the blouses, which I sent and then told me they would give me $11.00 and I keep the merchandise. I sent another email to them saying NO why would I want three tops that don’t even fit? So they replied they would now give me $27.00. I spent $91.00 and have three tops I don’t want. Received another message saying they are in Dubai and I can return them at my own expense. What a scam, I am so mad that I trusted this company. PLEASE DO NOT BUY FROM THEM AND GET RIPPED OFF LIKE WE ALL HAVE.

    2. I never received an orders confirmation but yet my credit card was charged. Feels like a scam to me!

    3. Took a long time to receive the order def was getting skeptical, finally came not quite the quality I was expecting, no laundry specs and was in a clear bag marked “made in China”!! I won’t be ordering again!

    4. At least you got your order. I have been waiting since October. They keep telling me to wait and offered me $5.00 for waiting. I believe I have been taken and my order wasn’t cheap.

  25. I have been taken for $90!!! Indiana is not in China! False advertising! Get with it Facebook!! Never again!! They are ripping us off!! Anybody have the phone number?!?!?!

  26. I have been taken for $90!!! Indiana is not in China! False advertising! Get with it Facebook!! Never again!! They are ripping us off!! Anybody have the phone number?!?!?!

    1. I have been taken for $95.92. Can’t get an address to return them to that’s what Jeremy have contacted them by email six times won’t respond help help do I go to Police bank card or post office

  27. Very disappointed with my purchase from Elarise! I purchased an American made dress made in Greenwood, IN as described on Elarise website; and received a China made lookalike dress. Elarise will not provide a correct return address and will not refund my $56.98. They offered to refund $6.00! This is not acceptable. I am returning the dress to the last First Class return mailing address on the received package: OnLine Seller, 2646 Rainer Ave S, Seattle, WA 98144. Additionally, I am notifying American Express of my attempt to resolve my business transaction with the Elarise company.

    1. The exact same thing happened to me. Except, my grandmother bought the items for me as a gift, so I am helping her dispute the issue with her credit card company. Did you have any luck in getting your credit card company to resolve the dispute?

  28. I was skeptical-but ordered 3 tops. They looked cute in the photos. I was prepared not to receive-I had a live and learn mentality. I received in 1 month. They fit!! Albeit not as cute as on the 5’10 100 lbs models-they are different and will look cute with jeans. The quality is ok-but the price is really good so don’t expect a SFA quality.

  29. I do not understand all the negative. I’ve ordered several tops received and felt it was great quality. Just placed another order for loungewear and super excited so warm and cozy. I did hesitate at first but kept talking to them and told me it all came out of Indiana.

  30. Do not order from this site! Inferior quality made in China they do not take returns even though the site says they do!

      1. Let me know if you are able to get a refund. We spent over $100, and they responded to my email after a week offering $24 in refunds. It’s a complete scam, and like you said, the quality is crap.

  31. I ordered a dress that was advertised on Facebook. When I received the dress, I was very dissatisfied with the fit, the material and the overall cheapness of the dress. It was baggy, flimsy material, did not fit well in the arms and looked cheap. The same day I received the dress I went on line to the elarise.com website to find the refund process. It said to email customer service and to request an authorization form and mailing label. I did that and have almost a week later not received an authorization return form. There is not return receipt nor return address in the package. The response to my return request has been twice, please send us pictures so we can help you. I sent a photo of the dress and still no response. I will be contacting my bank to dispute the charges for a non-reputable company.

  32. Facebook needs to get their act together and take down the scam sites. I also got took and I blame Facebook for not checking them out. Made in USA is a joke!!!

  33. My situation is similar to the above comments.

    I ordered 3 tops from Elarise, after seeing the advertisement on Facebook (BIG MISTAKE!!)

    I was going to be patient with the delivery time, based on the positive comments I had read. But, after over one month of waiting for my order, the items were still not received, and I noticed on my credit card bill, I was credited back $30 of my $100 purchase.

    If I can save one person from making the same mistake I did, this post will be worth my time.

    I will be putting a dispute in with my refit card company, contacting the BBB, and warning anyone I can about shopping ELARISE website or trusting Facebook for any companies they support in false advertising SCAM companies

  34. I ordered a pant set outfit 1 month ago. It was charged to my card at that time. I am getting the run around through email and am assuming I’ve been conned. Im so angry with myself because I swore I would not order off of Facebook again! I loved the oufit and gave in. I will see if Amex can can help me but I doubt it. Do not order from this scam!!!

    1. Same thing happened to me. They’ve offered me $5.00 and keep telling me to wait a few days that it has been shipped. It’s been over a month. I feel so bad that I fell for this scam.

  35. I ordered and recieved an immediate response that the order was being processed and would ship within 48 hours. Then NOTHING for 17 days. I inquired to the customer service and they responded in very broken English. I knew then it was Chy-Nah and I said I would wait; but a week went by with no confirmed ship date. Today I contacted them to cancel the order and I contacted PayPal too. This is the second time FAKEBOOK ads furtively hiding CHINA products has burned me. I am SICK of being fact-checked on Fakebook when they allow garbage sellers like these to steal customers who should be and desire to be buying AMERICAN MADE or at least STOREFRONT merchandise.

  36. I ordered 3 dresses and 5 tops from this company which claimed to make and ship their items from Greenwood, IN. The reviews on fB were very positive. However, had trouble finding any info on my order. Took several weeks, maybe a month before the items arrived in a plastic mailer marked with a return address in Vernon, CA! Inside, each item was neatly packaged in a ziplock bag. They were very nicely made. HOWEVER, my size 2X was more like an XL. There was NO label ( other than size) in each item. There was no invoice and NOTHING to identify the company that mailed the items. Fortunately I had taken a screen shot of the website when I ordered, so I was able to contact the customer service by email. They say they require a return authorization label in order to return an item. The language& grammar in the email and on a tag attached to each garment very much mirrored items that I have previously received from China. When I requested the return authorization label, they sent me reply emails, twice asking for the sku #’s ( which I had already sent), then asking if I was sure that I got the items from them. When I said that I had taken a screenshot of their website, they sent another email asking if I would accept 50% of my money back and I could keep the items.
    Another clue that they are not in Greenwood, IN.
    Also, there is no entry on my visa bill by the name of Elarise. I found 3 entries with vague names that I don’t recognize, but since I have no invoice, can no longer find all of the items on their website, there is no way for me to verify what I purchased, or how much each item cost.
    Beware. Something is fishy here.

  37. i placed an order on 9-22 have not received it nor any replies when i sent inquires. there is no American telephone number to call and they ignore any other inquires. this site is a scam

  38. I am also trying to track a purchase through Amazon that I have been charged for on 10/05. Its like the company has disappeared???

  39. Ordered from Elarise. I’ve been trying to contact them regarding my order that I haven’t received, and have gotten no response. They claim to be based in US, but pretty sure they are not. There are several other sites out there that have the same exact look and clothes, so I don’t quite understand that. Anyway, I made comments about my dissatisfaction on their FB page that they were able to take down, and have blocked me from commenting. No wonder all of the comments are favorable. Lol. Please do not order from this website, and probably not from any other that looks similar!!! I will be contacting my credit card company tomorrow.

  40. I ordered because it says “made in Greenwood, Ind.. On checking the tracking number it is being shipped from China and there is no info on it even though they say it was shipped!! To me, this is false advertising and potential scam!

    1. I too saw the Indiana address. I also trusted that this was not an overseas company that I would be scammed by once again. I’m beginning to have my doubts, since I seem to be no longer able to track my order. When will I learn!!

      1. i also have been taken . i placed an order over a month ago and have not received the order or a reply from many inquires. there is no American phone number to call and the ignore the ‘contact us’ inquires. this site ,in my estimation is a scam

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