Review: Safe to Buy Vitamins or Another Scam?

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Are you searching for a health supplement to strengthen your immunity? Is this a legit website? So, read this article to check authenticity of

Minerals and Vitamins play an essential role in our diet. Apart from Minerals, Vitamins are equally crucial for the functioning of the body. Here we share a review of a new website which is claiming to provide free vitamins for the United States people.

What is

It is a website offering free vitamin supplements to customers. It is an online site with a free doctor guide for people suffering from cold, flu, and cough. Due to pandemic, many people get anxious even if they suffer from flu and cough. Research shows that you should have a strong immune system to combat covid19.

This website shows us the detail of medicine, symptoms, and time taken for recovery. This site gives a bottle of Vitamin D3, a bottle of Zinc, Cold Recovery Medicines, and many other products. header
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How Customers Get These Vitamins?

Now let’s see how we can get these vitamins.

  1. Firstly you have to login into a portal that appears on this website.
  2. The portal needs your name and email address.
  3. To get the products, you have to finish the formalities.
  4. You have to pay $9.99 for shipping.
  5. In this way, you can get Vitamin D, Zinc, and a guide naming Mindset For Health.

What Kind of Questions are Asked on this Website?

You have to answer a few questions after logging into the website. It would help if you told them about your age, your gender, and exposure to sunlight. Tell them about your weight, and lastly, you need to describe how efficient your immune system is?

Does Vitamin D Effective in Covid?

The health officials presented their reviews to intake a minimum of Ten Vitamin D Micrograms due to Covid. People having an incompetent immune system are said to get attacked first by a Coronavirus. So Vitamin D supplements keep your immune system healthy.

News is trending about the delivery of Free Covid Vitamin D supplements. Many products related to Covid are on offer for all the United States people, so people are almost doubtful about which one to trust.

What Customers Say About

As this website is one month old, so we can say nothing with confidence. Due to this website’s newness, many people have not tried out their vitamins, so there is a shortage of reviews. No customer is presenting a single thought on this website.

Reviews are not available on other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. So we don’t acknowledge customer’s thoughts on this website. We recommend you to purchase the supplements from the recognized website.

Is is Legit or a Scam?

It is a few days old, listed on 28 November 2020. The website domain is too new to say anything about its legitimacy as it was only registered a month ago. It uses a valid HTTPS connection, and it is ranked 1,430,897 among millions of companies.

Moreover, this website drives low traffic on its platform. They don’t have Facebook and Instagram accounts with the company name. As it is not socially active, we don’t know either this site is real or fake. Therefore, it would be too early to say anything.


One should buy one’s supplement from the store and known website and avoid it till much perceived about its realness. It is impossible to predict any particular views about its realness, so if you have more information about the website, write about this in the comment section. If you have purchased any product from this website, do share with us and benefit others.

11 Reviews

  1. I ordered from them last year with no issues. Dr Napute has been blocked from social media and has faced lawsuits claiming his medical advice is a lie. Dr Napute is a real doctor based in Missouri. He has treated covid patients. You can follow him through email newsletters.
    Stay healthy!

  2. I did receive the free Vita D and zinc aftershock week or so. Thank you dr. !! 👍🥰

  3. I’ve ordered from them and have always gotten my products. My daughter runs her own business, separate from vitamins, but I can tell you that during Covid years, it’s been hard to get the containers, her ingredients, and the mail was so slow last winter it took over 6 weeks for people to get their products. Nearly drove her out of business….

  4. Where can i contact them as I hear nothing from them as soon as I registered myself and paid the shipping cost on their website. 🤔

  5. Call me my number is: 208-252-0439. The tracking number you gave me is a fake. You got my shipping and handling I didn’t get nothing.

    1. Contact them, they will make it right. It happened to me & that’s what I did. IT IS NOT A SCAM !!!!!!! I order from them all the time

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