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staying home does sound fascinating but with the number of carbs we are
consuming daily, you need to watch that waistline.

So what, if gyms are closed? You can stay fit and healthy at home by ordering every kind of fitness equipment from…that’s right, it’s a fitness site that is taking care of people’s fitness needs during the corona pandemic.

What is What Are They Selling?

usfitwear products claims to be the “one-stop-shop for all your fitness needs“. This website stocks products related to fitness and health. Whether its weight vests, compressions, wrist wraps, or belts.

But that’s not all that they stock. You will also find apparel, men and women jewelry, and other stuff on their site.

The is getting a lot of attention from consumers in the US. The fact that they are offering great fitness products and stylish apparel at a reduced price is generating a lot of hype from the consumer market.

I mean who doesn’t want to look chic at the gym or even at home
while working out? So if you are also in search of quality fitness products and
trendy fitness gear, we are here with the detailed review and everything you
should know before purchasing from this site.

What Makes it Stand Out From Other Fitness Sites?

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Since many e-commerce stores stock fitness products, why then should one choose to shop from this particular website? What makes it stand out from other sites?

The number one reason is that has all the quality products at an exceptionally low price. We know that fitness equipment is expensive but by the look of products on this site, you can get quality at a reasonable price and that’s a deadly combo for any fitness enthusiast right?

Is it A Scam or Legit?

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The most important question that pops up in the mind while you are shopping is: is this site scam or legit? I know we ask our self this question whenever shopping from a new site. header
usfitwear website reviews main header
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So let’s find out if is a genuine website or just another fraudulent site ought to rob people of their hard-earned money.

  • First things first, is a new website. Generally, that’s not a good sign and the fact that the domain was registered on 2020-2-21 for one year only makes it even more suspicious.
  • Another red flag is the address listed on the website. The address is fake and does not belong to a fitness store but a house. Why would a company do that? Why hide the identity and not give a legit address.
  • The next thing to check off our list is social media. does have social media buttons on the website which is a great sign. But surprise surprise, when you click on the button, they take you to nowhere. Sketchy much?
  • When you shop on this website, you get a purchase limit notification. That means you can’t shop for more than 105$. Many scam websites are doing this nowadays. Why limit the customer to a certain amount? I haven’t seen any genuine websites doing that and I am an avid online shopper.
  • Huge discount major red flag alert. I always go by the motto, if it’s too good to be true, then you shouldn’t believe it. A website with huge sales and unreal discounts are mostly a scam. The lower price tag is more often used as a bait to lure the customer into their trap.

All these red flags points toward one thing-that is not a legit site. There are too many red flags to ignore. The identity of the owner of the site is hidden. There is no information or brand story about this site. You cannot trust a site that won’t reveal its identity to its customer. It gives the impression that they are hiding something.



  • Ranking high in website traffic as per Alexa
  • Using an SSL certificate
  • Using PayPal which is a legit service and provides a money-back guarantee
  • Provides email, phone number, and address too
  • User-friendly interface
  • Wide range of fitness products available at reasonable prices


  • As mentioned above 🙂

Are They Endorsed by Athletes?
claims on their website that “Our products have been tested by USA Olympic
athletes, world-class Powerlifters, Strongman athletes, fitness competitors,
and more. swimwear is the leader in fashion-forward fitness gear.”

However, we couldn’t find any such endorsement from the athletes anywhere on the internet.

What Customers Are Saying About usfitwear?

there aren’t many customer reviews of there are some people who
were scammed by this site.

Tammy Utley on Facebook says: “I was a fool, got scammed by this website. My claims are filed, people beware!”

Grace also shares: “I too was scammed out of 90$ for a bicycle…”

What About Their Refund and Return Policy?

According to
their refund policy, the accessories, intimates, and bodysuits are eligible for
a return or refund. If you want to return an item, you will have to pay the
shipping fee out of your own pocket.

This means that not only will you have had the misfortune of receiving a faulty and low-quality product, you will also have to pay extra for the return? What kind of company does this to its customers?

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We know that
while social distancing online shopping is one of the best ways to get what you
want. People are relying on it heavily across the globe. And that is the reason
we are here to expose any website that may be a scam. (Ativan)
looks like a suspicious website due to all the red flags I mentioned above. I
would recommend you to stay away from such sites and also let your friends and
family know by sharing this article with them.

If you want us to review any other website, leave a comment and we will be happy to review it since aims to make online shopping a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

8 Reviews

  1. Complete scam. No confirmation email of order until you complain to PayPal who then give you an Amazon tracking number that UPS says was delivered to a very different address than yours. No way to contact them and PayPal denies your fraud claim because of a valid tracking number; showed to be a 3.8 lb package for an elliptical. Homeowner of address on website is working with FBI etc. is an ABSOLUTE SCAM!!!! Checkout PayPal community and see how many were scammed.

  2. I’ve confirmed they are Scammers. They sent a UPS tracking # that package had been received. After contacting UPS it was a package from Amazon to someone else at a different address than mine. UPS emailed me confirmation of that to send to PayPal.
    Total Scammers and I’ve let GOOGLE ADS know it and they deleted my complaint and USFitWear is still on GOOGLE ads.

    1. Got scammed myself. Took a while to get a hold of PayPal through their messaging but did get help. Asked to diapute the charges, they contacted the seller and actually received a tracking number of my package stating it was delivered. I never received any confirmation or shipping info from seller. USPS website confirmed the package was delivered. Had to get confirmation of the delivery address from the post office because that was not showing on the tracking. Of course the delivery address not mine and package was only 4 oz, my item was 46 lbs!!! Was able to get a refund! Can’t believe they are getting away with such a scam!!!

  3. I’ve been scammed by this company. I need a refund ASAP! I’ve been trying to get help all day.

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