GotoSellers Review: Is Legit or a Scam?

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Online shopping is in fashion nowadays. It is easy, and one can do it from the ease of their home. is a new addition to online shopping stores. This website deals in top-quality sneakers, shirts, hoodies, and other accessories. But is this website authentic or a scam? Can you buy from this store or not?

Today, we will be putting a spotlight on Gotosellers reviews to see the website’s legality and clear all your doubts and confusion.

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About is an online store that retails sneakers and streetwear. The website works like a consignment store; potential customers bring their goods, second-hand or new, and the site sells them on their behalf and gets a share of the sale.

The firm makes top-notch athletic products. Besides that, they also deal in shoes, t-shirts, socks, hoodies, and so forth.

Is legit or a scam?

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The website, retails top-grade custom-made sporting goods. The firm also makes items ranging from footwear and clothing to accessories. Today, we will be analyzing gotosellers reviews to verify if the website is worth a buzz. Here is full data about the website, quality contact information, and much more.

A quick overview of scamdoc

  • The website is only one month old, created on May 16, 2022. Thus, it lacks trustworthiness.
  • got a 38.2% trust index ranking.
  • The website,, has a 40% proximity to dubious sites.
  • The website has a 57% threat profile.
  •  The company has zero online reputation.
  • There is no information about the owner of the website.
  • The website got a 34% spam score.
  • The fake trusted seals on the website are not from a lawful organization.  

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Social Media Presence

The website has no presence on Instagram, Facebook, or other social media platforms, which is very odd in this generation.

Product quality

The website deals in premium-quality footwear, streetwear, and accessories. The website has no customer reviews. Thus, we cannot utter a word about the product quality.

Prices deals in a diverse collection of sneakers, hoodies, and accessories. Prices are skeptically low. And the website facilitates free shipping if you shop for over $35.

Website quality

On May 16, 2022, they made this website. As per the website, quality is concerned; the content on the website is copied from other sites online. And even the product images that the website is using are taken from several other online stores.


The website provides no information about the owner, another red flag indicating the store is a scam.

Contact and address

The website has listed its email address for inquiries, but it seems inappropriate as customers have complained about their emails snapping back. Moreover, the company’s address provided on the website is also a fake address. 

Hence, the website has provided its store location, which is a fake address.

Shipping and refund policies

The company ships your order within 7-9 working days. Additionally, the website provided free shipping on orders above 35$. proffers a refund only if the box it comes in is not damaged. They haven’t mentioned a specific time at which the refund will be processed.

Customer Reviews

There are no reviews available on the official website. However, online gotosellers reviews state negative reviews about the store. For the growth of any firm, happy customers are a must. If you find bad reviews from buyers, never buy from that store.

Promotion and Discounts

The website offers a massive discount of 50% off. There is no data about promotions and discounts.

Pros and Cons of

Are you not sure whether to get the items from this online store? Are the discounts appealing yet accurate? Don’t worry. We have here the pros and cons.

There are no presence of the store on social media. There are no details provided about the owner. The website has zero online reputation. The website has copied content from other sites.

Final verdict

Putting an end to our review, we analyzed that the website, is not reliable and authentic. The website has provided fake information about itself and has not offered its owner any information. It also has a meager trust score; thus, we advocate not trusting the website. They are also offering a 50% discount on their items that look unreal.

Share this gotosellers review with your friends and family to ensure they may not become the victims of these scam websites. While buying anything from an online store, do detailed research to avoid scams.

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