Jive Mini Pods – Incredible Earbuds Compatible With All Phones – Water and Sweat Proof 30 Hrs Battery

jive mini pods reviews

Tired of tangling headphone wires? Every time you wear headphones, you have to untangle the messy cables first, and it can get really annoying.

Well, it’s 2020, and its time to go truly wireless now. With jive mini pods, the tangles and knots of your earphones just got dissolved. Listening to songs while taking a walk, or commuting to the job? Or even lying down in your cozy bed and enjoying your favorite songs – all depends on a good set of earphones, right?

With jive mini pods, your listening experience is bound to get better than ever. Convenience, high-quality sound and reasonable price are what make jive mini pods best ear pods in the market.

Jive mini pods are all the fuss these days, and many people are calling them the best ear pods of the year. Here is our Jive mini pods review so that you can decide for yourself if it is truly worth its salt or is it all just a scam?

What Actually are Jive Mini Pods?

jive mini pods earbuds
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Jive mini pods are very much similar to iPhone ear pods but here is a catch: the price is extremely affordable, and it won’t break your bank like those fancy earbuds. Isn’t that so cool?

Besides, Jive Mini pods are extremely convenient to wear without the hassle of annoying tangled wires. Moreover, the sound quality and the ergonomically designed jive mini pods make it all the more attractive for users.

You can receive calls, play music, and even pause it; the Bluetooth connection is bug-free and smooth so you can connect it with smartphones and laptops without any hassle. You can carry it anywhere you want as it comes with a charging case too. Once charged, the battery lasts up to a whopping 30 hours. Talk about ultimate convenience and reliability!

Now let’s talk in detail about the features and specifications why should you buy these mini pods?

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  • Speaker Diameter: 9mm
  • Magnet Type: NdFeB
  • Frequency range: 18 -20 kHz
  • Impedance: 16 ohms
  • Cable Type: Braided Nylon
  • Cable Length: 1.3m
  • Plug Type: 3.5mm Gold Plated
  • Accessories: Satin Carry Pouch and 3 Silicone Gel Sizes
  • Sports ear clip headphones
  • Adjustable clip with five selectable positions for a secure fit
  • Splash-proof ideal for sports and exercise
  • Powerful sound with bass boosting earpieces
  • 5mm Neodymium driver unit
  • Three color choices
  • 2m cord with gold-plated iPhone-compatible plug

What Jive Mini Pod Has To Offer? Features and Specifications

The wireless jive mini pods are a blessing for people who are music freaks or like listening to motivational podcasts or anything at all while working out, walking, and even for their leisure time.

They are incredibly convenient as you just have to put them on and booomm…the high quality and smooth sound experience take you into an alternate world. Just give it a try!

jive mini pods bluetooth feature

And it is straightforward to operate via Bluetooth; you will get a seamless connection with no problems. The design is really intelligent, so you don’t feel like you are even wearing anything in your ears.

It is comfortable to wear and not like those cheap headphones that hurts your ear and ruin your music experience every time you wear them.

The battery quality is exceptional, so it is unlikely that you will run out of battery, but even if you keep them on all the time, a quick 15 min charge will last you for up to 2 hours. The cherry on top is the extra battery backup which gives a backup charge time of 30 hours. Mind-blowing, right?

Equipped with noise reduction technology, the Jive Mini pods cancel all the unnecessary noise hence giving you high quality and uninterrupted sound experience.

Jive Mini pods are stylish and sleek and are a perfect accessory to compliment your every outfit. You can also opt for other colors as listed on their website. These mini pods don’t look anything less than their high-end counterparts and will surely make you stand out in a crowd.

Now rock to your favorite beat, take a walk in the park, or simply chat with your best friend – the possibilities are endless with Jive mini pods ear pods.



  • Comes with an LED indicator to let you know about charging status.
  • Comes with on/off button, you can also drop or receive the calls via these buttons.
  • Comes with advanced latest A2DP 1.3 Bluetooth version which makes sit compatible with iOS and android devices.
  • Comes with waterproof resistance, makes it ideal for wearing during swimming etc.
  • Up to 30 hours back up battery


  • No specific cons

Jive Mini Pods Real Reviews

Reviews from real-life users are a great way to know the inside reality of the product. Always search for genuine reviews that can help repel your reservations regarding the product.

Here is what Josue white – a jive mini pod user have to say:

After several pairs of Sennheisers – the last pair being Jive Mini Pods. I was destined for another pair. Until a friend insisted I try his pair. Within an hour of listening, Id bought a set. If you’re into the good base and listen to a wide genre of music, then these are bloody good all-rounders, and you’ll seriously not be disappointed. If your taste is nothing but base, then you will feel short-changed. They’re comfortable to wear even after a couple of hours. The minor negative would be the wire feels slightly flimsy. Wrapping with around your MP3 player and storing them in your bag/pocket will knacker them in no time. Don’t let that put you off; simply give them some TLC.”


Wireless ear pods are quickly replacing wired earphones and are getting increasingly popular all over the world. Jive mini pods have excellent reviews, and people all over the internet are praising the excellent sound quality and the waterproof design of these ear pods along with the surprisingly low price tag. We hope that our Jive mini pods review will aid you in your buying decision and make your music listening experience all the more joyful.

169 Reviews

  1. I totally love mine too. I don’t know what all you whiners are complaining about. My problem is that I broke the charging case and can no longer charge them. I’m very sad as these were awesome little guys and they worked beautifully. How can I find a charging case?

  2. Terrible product as the others who have attested to on this site. Product does not fully charge, only lasts about 90 minutes, and are difficult to operate. Customer Service is the worst, asking me to jump through hoops that are unreasonable to do. It would be much easier to return them and let them see for themselves, but who trusts them to do that? And where would I ship them? China? That would be costly. I’ll never ever buy anything off social media again. Lesson learned.

  3. Just… NO!! Save yourself some money and a TON of aggravation! First, I’ll start off by saying that the design is SPOT ON… and that’s where it ends for me.
    None of the lights work… on the charger pod or on the buds themselves. Next, you’re lucky if you can get ONE to work… much less BOTH….. at the same time! And, if you would like to hear anything coming out of the ONE bud, well, that’s not going to happen either… unless you like to listen to everything in a whisper!!

  4. Horrible. Used less than 20 times, and one of the EarPods completely fractured and fell apart. Do NOT buy these.

  5. I can’t emphasize how bad these headphones are. They die super fast, they are constantly disconnecting from each other. Bought 2 pairs one for my dad and myself. Bit work just as bad. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THESE AT ALL. I am going to purchase the BOSE ones. Definitely worth the price. These are crap

  6. Took forever to get my Pods like many others have stated. Upon purchasing two pair, one works okay while the other cuts in and out and does not get a full charge. In discovering this, I attempted to contact the company and found, like others, contact information is bogus. Stay away from this product/company. It is a bogus company with no intent except to gain money and providing only junk!!!

    Do not purchase these unless you desire simplay to provide a donation. In which case there are much better and notable organizations who would greatly appreciate your donations!!

  7. CON ARTIST- I purchased five pairs of earbuds to get as gifts. I try to pair out and was unable to pair with anything including galaxy and iPhone, iPad, Mac computer. So I called the company and they said package them up and mail them back. I did that. I never got a refund. My bank told me there was some kind of return policy. I have no idea what that was. I am out $159.72. Do not purchase this product. They do not stand behind it and I also understand that their website is not secure! Be aware!

  8. I bought three pairs, along with several add ons. I received the incorrect order, which they fixed by shipping the correct add ons. So there was that. However, I cannot get these headphones to work. One works ok, the other one powers on/then turns right off right away immediately. I would suggest thinking twice about purchasing this, I got a standard email response back from “customer service” making it sound like I’m the issue. When in fact, this is not a well made product at all. IT DOES NOT WORK!!! I spent $100+ on this, giving two away as presents. Looks like I’m the big sucker here. DO NOT PURCHASE.

  9. I too wished I saw these reviews before buying these! 5 weeks to arrive. 70 minute charging described is actually 2 hours. Frequent channel jumping and signal dropping in one or the other. Connecting can take 30-60 seconds or not at all. If changing devices, manually disconnecting from the first device is necessary before connecting to a second device. All in all, very disappointing. The old adage is true, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is!

  10. They are an absolute crap chinese product. As we all know, the Chinese only make diseases that last. The charge lasts maybe two hours, connections are sporadic and for some reason, just twitching your ears will cause the volume to die off nearly completely. They look nice. There, I said something positive.

  11. It took me forever to get mine – over 2 months, and when I received them, one didn’t work, and the “charging” lights on the case also do not work. I wish I’d seen these reviews before ordering!

  12. Jive mini pods. So I ordered mine and they came more than a month later which sucked. Once I received them they seem to work okay for the first week. Then I go to take them off the charger and out of the little charging box and one is totally off. It will not come on or charge. So Im emailing and hoping for a response of how to fix this problem, hope that doesn’t tale another month. So I currently have a set of Jive mini pods that I cant use unless I only want to use one. Will update as I get info.

  13. I received my jive mini pods and let me tell ya they are the worst things I’ve ever seen!!! They don’t stay in my ears just to bend over and pick something up from the floor!! I mean I’ve tried everything with them and they just don’t perform as advertised!! I sure wish I could get my money back and if not for the fact it would cost me money to sue I would definitely sue so what’s a person to do??? PLEASE DON’T BUY THESE BUDS!! THEY STINK!! SORRY Jivemini pods but it’s TRUE!!

  14. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!! I bought a set of Bluetooth 5.0 Jive Ear Pods and their charge only lasted two hours, they started falling apart after the second use, and shattered when I tried to resemble them.

    1. Absolutely true! They only lasted for 35 minutes for me. Unfortunately, I waited pas the 60 days to try and return them. No refund. No exchange. Just wasted $40.

  15. How can you stop this company this is what happened to me

    So June 4th I was on the website I decided to order put information shipping & credit card once I did that a whole bunch of pop up came up so I close immediately the next day I notice in my bank account that they debit my account without me hitting the SUBMIT ORDER BUTTON. ALL ATTEMPTS TO CONTACT THE COMPANY TO STOP THE PROCESS HAVE FAILED. Once I did get someone they said I can send them back but I paid $6.00 to return I had to call my bank to get a new card THIS IS TERRIBLE COMPANY AND I SAY LOUD AND CLEAR NEVER ORDER THE PRODUCT!!! RIP OFF!!!!

    1. Same thing happened to me. I canceled my order, and it still went through. Their product came and it doesn’t work.

  16. So June 4th I was on the website I decided to order put information shipping & credit card once I did that a whole bunch of pop up came up so I close immediately the next day I notice in my bank account that they debit my account without me hitting the SUBMIT ORDER BUTTON. ALL ATTEMPTS TO CONTACT THE COMPANY TO STOP THE PROCESS HAVE FAILED. Once I did get someone they said I can send them back but I had to pay for the return $6.00 I had to call my bank to get a new card THIS IS TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE AND I SAY LOUD AND CLEAR NEVER ORDER THE PRODUCT!!! RIP OFF

  17. My husbands jive mini pods work on and off – mine only got one of the ear things to work and then quit.

    will not ever buy again. Plus it took over a month to get them and I had to email them to find out if they were coming . . . ?

    took 3 months to get and they only stay charged for 20 minutes
    this product is a complete waste
    when I called they said I would have to pay to ship back and wait for return, another several months

  19. I received my Jivi Mini Pods, it did take about two weeks to get. Overall review is that these are less than average. The sound does not go very high, and its difficult to hear. Their is no bass so its just high frequency. I find the controls on the head phone are inconsistent and not friendly meaning turning up the volume or lowering does not work and its really easy to hang up on calls. I don’t recommend these. The only thing I really like about these are the fit, like Pods they are comfortable to wear.

  20. Okay I understand the mail is slow but after 2 months I finally received the jive mini pods. I’m not a big fan of pods they never stay in place for me. I prefer wireless sound canceling headphones.
    Anyways, l listening to them now. The instructions are poorly written. Had to kinda figure it out myself. They do work. For how long. Who knows. I will put them on a shelf and use them in an emergency. Bottom line. My Cowin headphones are way superior and lm Sorry l wasted 35 bucks. I may try to get my money back.
    I do not recommend this product..
    Cancel if you can.

  21. They take a month to ship. You get a tracking number but it never works. Once you get them they are charged around 70%. The only thing they are good for is music. Pretty worthless for phone calls. The other usually just heard your background noise that gets “canceled out”, not really. Using the headphones you can barely hear what the person you are talking to is saying, it is such a low volume. Even with the volume all the way up.

  22. Shipping issue: never got a follow up email after original order confirmation. After three weeks I called, was given some vague reason. I think that was when they finally chose to ship them.
    Another two weeks, I had
    ordered three pairs only received one. Took four phone calls to get the missing ones shipped. When I got an email confirmation from shipping, it was a link to the original shipment of one pair which I had already received. Still waiting.
    Now the product. Had the one pair plugged in for 20 hours, only reading 40% charged.
    I’m not sure how you get bass out of them, sound really cheap (oh yes, they are). I have a pair of corded Bose which are fantastic, these don’t come anywhere close.
    If I ever get my other two pair I will be requesting a refund.

  23. I received mine today I ordered two of the them. Neither one work right. I never could get the right ear pod to pair with the left or even come on. The one that worked has very poor sound quality. Save your money. If I saw these reviews before I purchased them I would not have bought them.

  24. I was very disappointed with this product and it took several weeks to receive my order. I purchased two pair so I would have a spare. I opened the first pair and only used a total of six times before one of the earbuds fell apart. Of course, customer support said they would ship me a replacement, but I lost my confidence in the product and wanted to return. Unfortunately, the return was on my dime. Still waiting for my refund.

  25. This is a total scam. They bill your credit immediately and you might receive the products 5-6 weeks later. I tried one of the two pairs I received. They do not pair when you use them.

    THEY AVOID ACCEPTING RETURNS. There is no money-back guarantee. It’s total lies.



  27. I have been disappointed with my Jive wireless ear buds First, they took 6 weeks to arrive. Secondly, the battery life is only about 2 to 2.5 hours after being charged all night. Sound quality is about 7 out of 10. The left ear bud tends to cut in and out with the slightest of movement of my head. Sitting still is ok.
    I don’t know if I just got a defective pair–short battery life, but I’m thinking I would have been better off putting the $35 towards a higher quality set of ear buds.

    Mike P.

  28. These fake AirPods suck truthfully. I ordered mine, it apparently got lost in shipping and I was sent out a new one and I actually got both. I will say it look about a month and a half. The battery life sucks. The charging light on my second case doesn’t even work. The battery life is HORRIBLE!!! I don’t know who writes the reviews that it’s great but it’s a lie. The “it’s charged in 15 minutes” has not been my experience. I noticed can’t leave reviews on their website thou. That’s very telling. I should’ve read revives and looked at other alternatives.

  29. This company is absolutely shitty. They are liars and the customer service is horrendous. Do not order from them. Save your money and frustrations. The absolute worst shopping experience I’ve ever had and the rest pieces sounds like something from family dollar. Sorry family dollar. Don’t order the accessories either. The car phone holder was broken when I took it out of the box.

  30. Stay away, I fell for it, with all the money they spent on social media promoting these things I figure I’ll give it try. Don’t do it, I had it for a week and could not get them to work properly for more than 30 minutes. Calls dropped off, the left one will connect whenever it wanted to, total frustration.

    1. Amazing and I thought I didn’t know how to sync them. So sad these faulty products continue to sell simply because of good social media advertising. I wish Facebook would take note

  31. It took a month to get them. Very quirky about connecting to I-Phone and battery life is only about two hours. I also have Air-Pods and they are far superior in every respect. Ok for the price but not very good quality.

  32. Well, I’m not surprised by the turn out of negative reviews. I ordered some 3/27/202 and called back 4/24/2020, 5/19/2020 and was told they were lost in transit and I told them the shipping they provided me said it was still stuck in China as of 4/25/2020. I said that the next time I call it would be for a refund and when I called today I searched for a class action lawsuit pending and I think we need one. I was told it was “shipped” on June 1st and asked for a number. The one she gave me stated a shipping number was MADE in Houston, Texas. But the USPS has never received it. I told her that I could create a shipping number, too, just to give false hope to the consumer. I know there is a pandemic, riots, and world chaos. But this pisses me off. I had to provide my phone number to “Kim” and she said she passed it on to the people who could give me a refund. I don’t think they quite know what they are dealing with when a nurse gets pissed. I’m contacting every place I can. And I’m calling every day until it gets fixed. I have no idea what goes into a class action suit, but I would be in on it!

  33. Jive mini pods are a scam. Do not waste your money as they do not work. When you do request support, the are quick to provide a BS response on how to fix them. If you request a refund, you get the following response on how to even qualify for a refund:
    We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused you!
    If the troubleshooting steps does not work, please send us the following details below.
    1. Clear Image of the shipping label.
    2. Image of the product received.
    3. If damaged/defective: Close up image of the damage/defect on the product, with the damage/defect being highlighted clearly.
    4. If Malfunctioning: A short video demonstrating the malfunctioning of the product.

    Once we have received the above-requested image/Video we will certainly provide you the best possible solution.

    Be sure to keep everything and be prepared to spend a lot of time trying to justify return of a horrible non-functional product. You are better off just donating your money to this company. It’s less aggravating.

  34. I ordered on 3/22… received a “successfully shipped” email on 32/25 but the pods only just arrived yesterday, 6/3 (didn’t complain initially as I figured it might have been delayed due to delivery issues related to COVID-19. I charged them up and the left one wouldn’t charge up at all. The one side that does work will connect to my iPad but i can’t get it to connect to my iPhone. It keeps saying to press and hold the button on the back of the charging case but it doesn’t do anything. Customer service did offer to send a replacement and said it would arrive in 7-10 business days but after reading all these reviews, I’m not really counting on that happening. We’ll see.

  35. I’m not sure what magic pair you received EKAT, but I received mine today and they are pretty much junk. They did connect and worked but the sound is really garbage. Again you get what you pay for. I did buy mine as a backup for traveling so I guess ok for that. They did take a really long time to get to me – 6 weeks or so.

  36. I ordered in March and finally received them two months later. I can not pair the left one and only the right one works. Also the charging case that came with it does not work. It said a redight will appear when charging and nothing. I also can’t believe it told me waterproof and thank it says to keep away from water. I have never ordered anything from a facebook ad and this was my first time and I got scammed never again.

  37. They’re junk. (I did receive the after 2 and a half months – I had to call and follow up but I did receive them.). They’re very cheaply made. Ok(at best) sound quality. Terrible sound for people on the other end when using them to speak on the phone. Don’t waste your time and money.

  38. Please don’t anyone buy these I just got them had them for a few days they are by far some of the worst pods that you can probably get the boost on having good sounds like the Apple they do not spend the money on the Apple honestly these suck Mine came in the mail and one side still doesn’t work

  39. Finally received mine after several weeks. Guess what, they don’t work. So I contacted customer service. Guess what? You have to send a copy of a picture of the original package they sent it to you in, pictures of the damage, and a video, yes, that’s right, A VIDEO OF EAR PODS NOT WORKING. I could only get one of the ear pieces to work. Fully charged, it worked all of three minutes and stopped. Never in my life have I heard of having to send a video of a product malfunctioning. Let alone ear pods. By the way, they have to be in your ears to work them. Also, there’s no instructions included. Save yourself the headache. All this is not worth it.

  40. Hey all,
    I received mine rather quickly. They are beautiful and fully functional. Before I had a $400 pair of BRAGGIS and they suck.
    These are great. I not sure why you all posting negative comments.
    Learn how to use them first. My $400 BRAGGIS took forever to get connected to my I-Phone. These connected right away. Listen, you can not beat the price. I highly recommend these. Awesome and affordable. Sorry if you had a bad experience. 🙁


    1. Yeah you definitely work for these pricks!!!! Shove your pods up your i-hole!!!!!

    2. You are probably an employee or paid to write a review. These pods work decent but only last 2-3 hours. What good is that? Takes 5-6 hours to charge and last such a short period of ti e. Asking for a refund.

    3. yeah these things are terrible. left pod held a charge for 4 minutes. emailed and got another pair sent. 2nd pair left pod held a charge for maybe an hour. when playing music it would cut in an out and they were unlistenable. emailed and got a 3rd pair. third pair when talking over bluetooth the person on the other end said i sounded like I was in a wind tunnel and they couldn’t take the noise. I really haven’t tested the battery life as i’m sure it will disappoint.

      3 pairs all junk. at least they were responsive over email and kept sending me new ones. shame they are worthless.

  41. I ordered mine 4/27, never received them and no updates. I have emailed them and no response. lesson because I seriously doubt I’ll get my money back. SCAM. SCAM! BEWARE!!

  42. I just received my Jive mini pods, 1 month after I order them, and yes they come from China. This is very disappointing. They sound terrible. If you think you can get the quality of an $150 ear pods for $35 then you are wrong. I found out the hard way again. You get what you pay for. Not good!

  43. I just received (2) two pairs of Jive Mini Pods. (1) Pair works well,But the second set only (1) one right one will connect while the left one will not. Can you advise me how to them two pairs with my LG STYLO – 5. Can you help me out??

  44. Total rip off, lesson learned!!! I couldn’t get my to connect to my Bluetooth. Save yourself $35 bucks!!! I wish I had seen these reviews prior to ordering.

  45. DO NOT BUY THESE!!!It took over 4 weeks to receive mini pods. They came with no instructions. I had to look up how to use them from other people reviews and instructionals. The right ear did not work at all, the left worked, but every time I turned my hear a little it stopped. Tried several times to contact company for a return and they keep sending me the same message telling me to take a picture of the ear pods, show the damage and then record a video show what is the problem. When I sent them a message saying they did not work and asking to return for refund, they sent me the same message again! DO NOY BUY!!!

  46. I never completed my order because ads kept popping up and I got skeptical. I deleted my card info and close my browser. They charged my card for 4x the amount of the product I was looking at. They said they will not cancel the order and will not accept returns. I have filed a complaint with the BBB. I would love to join a lawsuit against these frauds!

    1. Jodi,

      you can order w/o all the rest of the stuff. I had to put up with that as well. Just get your air pads and the charger. They are wonderful. Sorry you are jumping to a conclusion as you actually never received these. Give it a try.


    1. These shipped to me via USPS and it takes forever to get your shipments due to COVID. I received mine and they are wonderful.

      1. That’s nonsense. I ordered mine before covid and it took me around 5 weeks before mine came. Estimated delivery was 2 weeks due to overseas shipping. It came 3 weeks after it was due to arrive. Covid had nothing to do with it.

  47. The left side would not pair with right so only one side working. Contacted the company and they said they would send instructions via email to correct the problem. Email instructions sent written in broken english that did not begin to solve the problem. Requested customer care to return my money or credit my credit card. They ignored my request and simply wanted to send a new pair. Likley they would have taken weeks to receive with no guarantee that they would work. They requested photos of my earpods and packaging and envelope that they came in. Subsequently they requested a VIDEO of the malfunctioning earpods. I provided everything. When asking for a refund….now that I jumped through hoops, that normal people would not do they wrote back and said, “As you are a valuable customer, we can process a partial refund of 20% on the total order value with a free shipment.” Yes….only 20%. I plan on contacting my states Attorney General and my credit card company.

    1. Same thing happening to me right now. Instructions are crap and did not fix the issue. Just E mailed I want my money back. Haven’t heard back yet. The pair that works are statically. I wish I had read reviews too. I think contacting Attorney general office is a good ideal.

  48. I, like Shannon, ordered through FB, not thinking to research before buying. It wasn’t until after I bought a pair, and a charger, and wasn’t getting them in the mail, that I researched and saw the reviews.
    I agree about the class action lawsuit, however, I also think we should all file complaints with the BBB. They currently have ZERO filed against them! That might stop them quicker from doing this to others. Scumbags!
    I plan to call them today and demand a refund. Right before I call my Atty General.

  49. I ordered 2 pair of the mini pods and two of the “special” charging blocks as well (what a idiot I was). I finally received them and they are junk. A lot of static in the sound and one side did not work. One set linked with the blue tooth then never would again. Put the pods back in the charging case and the music continued to play while they were in the case. I requested to send the items back and I was told in the response email to send a video of the problem occurring. I did not send a video btw. I told them you can’t send a video of bad sound quality and no sound in one of the ear pods. Wtf ???? I received another email that they were sorry that the warehouse damaged my product and that they would ship another pair! I responded I did not request another pair I Want To Return Them!!! So I am going to dispute the charge with PayPal . I am so tired of getting the run around. They sell crappy products and then try to scam you. I checked and they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee for 60 days. So my guess is that they drag it out past that 60 day mark so they can offer you no refund.

  50. Save your money it’s a scam

    I received mine month and a half later, but email said it was shipped day after ordered. Both ears worked, sound was good, but when the charge was done it didn’t work any longer. I tried to charge the case but it won’t charge. I purchased the special charger for it also.

  51. My husband order them off of a Facebook ad i told him not to. That was end of March took the money real fast. Called no response. I always go online and check the reviews. I wish i did before he order them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. I ordered a pair on April 13 and have yet to receive them. I even paid for expedited shipping. I call and they say they should be on the way soon. Due to the Corona virus they are being sanitized?!?! I was even sent a usps tracking number and a letter from usps that said they had been notified that a package would be sent to them for shipment. Now they say my package was returned for incorrect address. It will now be 7-10 days .THIS IS A SCAM. Do not order.

    Richard Evans

  53. Literally worked great for an hour….right one works left one zero…three different people said the same thing, “Sounds like you’re in a helicopter.”

    At least the design flaw is consistent…

    The package is covered in Chinese writing, no surprise, but this will be my last COVID19 product test…

  54. Do not buy these. I ordered them 6 weeks ago and they still aren’t here. They said they got lost. I should get them free! Whenever they come if they do!

  55. Total bullshit. Never recieved. Tried calling and says number has been disconnected!!!!! DO NOT ORDER!!

  56. Been waiting weeks and I wish I read these reviews prior to ordering. What everyone said is 100% true other than I cannot comment on the sound because they were never delivered. No one responds to emails or answers the phones. Obviously these POS are coming from China and this is why it is taking so long. Don’t buy!!

    1. I got scammed too. They don’t return any correspondence or phone never gets answered, postage from USPS says been applied for but cannot track it past the original email, so they must have a legit USPS copy website.

  57. Garbage! Horrible sound, hard to use, hurts my ears like the OLD apple Round headsets did. Took eternity to get here, I’d pretty much given up. No lights to indicate charging. Just all around not a great product. Glad they were cheap. You get what you pay for. I keep learning that.

  58. I’ve had the same experience. I think it’s just a scam. I haven’t received anything. They took my money right away but here we are 5 weeks later and I have nothing. DO NOT ORDER FROM THESE PEOPLE. THEY STEAL YOUR MONEY AND DON’T SEND YOU THE PRODUCT.

    1. Same here. I’ve called several times and sent an email today demanding answers or a full refund. They were certain to take the payment quickly. I ordered on April 21, says shipped on April 25…. Tracking only says a label was made. What a joke and a rip off!

  59. I ordered a pair of mini pods and they did not ship until I threatened to notify the BBB. Took a month to ship from time of order. Garbage product to boot.

  60. The comments from real world customers is better than the article they are written in response to. You should be ashamed of yourselves, Forty Reviews!!!
    Thanks for all your honest feedback here!

  61. They suck! Total scam! If you find out how to get our money back please let me know!!!

    1. I can help you I got my money back still have air pods and got an extra 30% $$ back from them contact me quackattacksrs at Gmale ill be happy to help you they are total scam

  62. I purchased this since April 27 I called them 4 times every time I call I got the same tracking notification it hadn’t moved it is now March 22 and they want to send it on the end of April or the middle of may I called to cancel and telling me No I want my money back and nasty hang up the phone on me these are thieves and scammers people need to know what jive buds are

    1. just blows my mind with all of the complaints and how everyone has been ripped off, that these people are still in business?? Oh, BTW I finally received mine today and can’t figure them out!!

  63. These are Garbage!!!! Nothing works! no lights to know if there on, one side at a time might work! this is garbage!!

  64. Omg I can’t believe I didn’t read on here first before ordered three pairs!!!! Kept calling ask why the tracking hasn’t moved since a month ago. The tracking number showed my products is still in China!!!! How do I get my money back if it’s really scam!?!

    1. I ordered 3 pairs as well. THEY SUCK! IT’S A SCAM. Do NOT buy Jive Minipods. I am disputing this on my credit card!

  65. I would like my money back to many negative comments about them and there not even water proof no money back sorry .
    I need my money back refund please thank you

  66. Ordered on February 28th 2020 and still have not received the product. Contacted customer service several times with no resolution. Definitely a scam.

  67. They claim that the quality and sound is as good as apple. Not so, garbage! This product reminds me of a headphone set that you purchase because you forgot yours at home. You bought the cheap $10 ones and got what you paid for. Exactly! Don’t waste your money on this crap.

  68. Absolutely JUNK!!!! I don’t understand how they get away with selling electronics what don’t work correctly and market them to be great….WTF

  69. Took over 3 weeks to receive mine. I ordered black, received white. The left pod has static and does not work properly.

    1. HAH! Let’s switch; I ordered white but got black! At least these are working fine. So far…

  70. I ordered mine Mar 15th. I still don’t have them. I’m glad I used a credit card and not my ATM card. Total BS.

  71. It took several weeks to receive them and were DOA and I am now having trouble getting a RTA. I just get instructed on how to operate them. They are junk!!!!!!! DO NOT BUY!!!!!!

  72. It’s been more than 3 weeks and I haven’t received it. I think it’s coming from China. Why is hard to track the delivery date. Not a good thing. I want my money back.

  73. I ordered through their facebook advertisement their whole package including loss or damage insurance and 2 extras breaking my rule of buying before I research product and seller first, stupid me. afterwards I got on line and found a lot of negative reviews so ,I called and ask for a refund and was toldit would take 7 days to refund .I told the guy from India that if refund wasen’t received in 3 days I would report to FTC, AG’s OFFICE WITH IN 10 MINUTES I HAD A CONFORMATION EMAIL THAT IT HAD BEEN RETURNED BUT I HAVEN’T CHECK CREDIT CARD COMPANY TO BE VERIFIED BUT I WILL AFTER 8 IN THE

    1. Thank you for your review! I was able to call and get a refund of my purchase. If I had see these reviews first I would have never placed an order. Thanks again.

      1. I’m happy that you got your money back Nadine. I promise you that you wouldn’t have been happy with them. They’re no good. Also, to all of you that were interested in getting in on a class action suit, I will speak with an attorney and see what all that entails and get back with you.

    2. U get what u pay 4suckas

      “If its too good to be true, IT PROBABLY IS”

  74. This is a scam! I bought the charging block and chord also and even it doesn’t work! I’m sick of scams! You can’t buy anything on line and expect it to be any good! I say that all of us who were scammed by these people to file a class action suit against them! This is the only way to stop this sort of thing.

    1. Right there with you let’s get it poppin on them. They did advertise waterproof, one main reason I got them, then it says to keep away from water….wtf??

    2. I’ll join you all in a class action law suit! Wish I saw this thread before I ordered. I ordered a pair on April 16th finally got an email stating that a tracking number was created (not shipped), called their customer service rep’s and they said that it should take about 7-10 days for it to be shipped. April 28th still no change in status on my the tracking number. I feel like they create a tracking number so that it “looks legit” but then they never send you anything. And you can’t return to sender because it’s technically lost in transit. But it never friggin left

      1. I don’t know how a class action suit would work but I agree, they have to be held accountable! I got mine and right out of the box they didn’t work. No instructions anywhere. Should have still trusted my gut feeling.

    3. I’m up for that I didn’t even make to check out before giving up on all the adds they were trying to shove down my throat that I gave up and just closed out the wedsite and 5 minutes later I get a receipt emailed to me for the EarPods!!

    1. Same! I tied to cancel within an hour of ordering after reading the reviews and they replied “sorry, they’ve already been shipped”, but I could refuse the package upon receiving and they’ll fully refund me. Nineteen days later and still no package! Don’t make the same mistake as me! Do not place an order. They are SCAMMERS!!!!!

    2. Took 5 weeks for mine to arrive by USPS, but I paid for ups delivery and the product is a bait-and-switch all the way, meaning be prepared to get what you paid for–better spelt SWINDLE.

  75. These are a total rip off. One pod has never worked. Sound is very cheap. Don’t waste your money.

  76. Ordered and haven’t received yet but watch before submitting your order that they try to get you to buy so many accessories. Hit no thanks on the bottom unless you want it. I didn’t see it and was charged for an item I didn’t want.
    Also a couple days after my card was being charged by scammers. I have not ordered on sites like this before. So be careful when ordering on this site.

    1. Same thing happened to me I didn’t even check out and they kept hitting me with more adds for stuff so I gave up and closed out the site! 5 minutes later I get an emailed receipt for a pair of jive mini pods!

  77. Ordered two of them. Sounds is fair like other cheap fake AirPods. So way far to be comparable with Apple original.

  78. I ordered a pair I have not gotten them I called three times three different story and now they don’t answer the phone you all got my money and didn’t send my pods it’s been over three weeks are you all scamming people

    1. Same here. I ordered two pairs in mid March and still haven’t received it. I called and emailed. No response.

      1. It took over a month to get these in the mail, they say they are mailed from California USA, bull, they came from China. Can not get them to connect to my phone. So far, I’m not real thrilled.

    2. I ordered mine on March 21 and still have not received them and it’s May 29,2020. Never ever will I order form this company again!!!

  79. While the audio quality is nice, they are a complete rip off. Only one pod works the other will only charge for about 5 minutes usage and then turns off.

        1. I received my jive mini pods and let me tell ya they are the worst things I’ve ever seen!!! They don’t stay in my ears just to bend over and pick something up from the floor!! I mean I’ve tried everything with them and they just don’t perform as advertised!! I sure wish I could get my money back and if not for the fact it would cost me money to sue I would definitely sue so what’s a person to do??? PLEASE DON’T BUY THESE BUDS!! THEY STINK!! SORRY Jivemini pods but it’s TRUE!!

    1. THEY ARE A JOKE!!! Ordered them on march 19th, 2020. Never received them, even though i contacted them mutiple times via email. On April 23rd, 2020 (over a month later) they told me over the phone they were so sorry, and they would put an “expedited” order for me and that it shouldn’t take more than 7-10 business days… TODAY MAY 8TH, 2020 I CALLED THEM AND DEMANDED MY REFUND! OVER A F*CKING MONTH AND A HALF FOR AN ORDER IS UNACCEPTABLE!! YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED!!! YOU ARE A JOKE!!! RUN AWAY FROM THEM!!!

      1. I am dealing with the same thing!!! It’s been over ten days since the “second” shipment has been put out.

      2. same thing here. I WIll NEVER order ANYTHING from a Facebook AD. THis is the 2nd time I had this issue with buying off FB ads. ALL SCAMS!

    2. No! They won’t work at all! Do not buy these earbuds! They will not work properly! I bought some that didn’t work and they did send me some more( I’ll give them that) but neither pair works! This is a scam!

      1. Mine work but are quirky, play here and there, but stationary at home they’re ideal. They’re mainly built for those who workout and as that is the case. they are inadequate.

  80. This is a scam! They do not work. I bought two pairs. One for my wife and one for myself. Couldn’t get both to connect on one set. The other set connected both ears, but one was cutting in and out. There is a warning “not to get them wet.” What the heck?!?! They advertise waterproof! There is a warning not to use around WiFi. What the heck?!?!?! Where can you even go nowadays without some wifi signal. I can’t even find a way to return them. Total disappointment. I hate getting ripped off!

    1. Same here , bought two pairs which only right side working . I will return them … and sound also not that great

    2. I see this page talking about jive minipods, but no link provided here for those specific pods, nor are they available on Amazon.


      1. I just received my 2 today still trying ti get one to work. Although it took a month I was on top of my tracking which didn’t move for a while wherever they were. But on my email from them there is a number to call I never had a problem with them following up .

          1. Got mine and can’t get any lights nor are there any instructions. How’d you get them started?

      2. I received mine, they took 2 weeks to arrive but I got them. I also had an issue with them and got a response on how to fix the issue within hours after contacting them on their website via the contact us link.


      4. I believe that ordered them a month and still nothing.
        I called them and told me they would be here by 22 May.
        So I will call my bank and get money back.

      5. I beg to differ. I received mine today and tried them out already. Maybe I’m the one person who did get them, but I already put in an order for my husband. The only complaint I would have about the order process is that you can’t click order and be done. You have to go through about 5 more offers before they tell you the order went through.
        Btw, I’m referring to the Vibe 5.0 mini buds.

      6. I received them and the left side stopped working by the second use. Do not buy them. Their support and customer service is sketchy at best. The website is amateurish and so is the product and support system.

        I suspect it’s a Chinese knock off (they ship from China), so don’t count on anything.

        1. Don’t buy these, I recently got mine yesterday and after about three hours of usage the left earbuds just conked out, I looked up everything I could do to fix it but they were giving basic Apple AirPod how to’s, this product and the entire company is a scam, they used a white American and he even said “I haven’t used the product so I wouldn’t know lol” I hope they get sued.

      7. It took a couple if weeks, but I did, in fact receive the juve mini pods…however, the 3 different bell ear pieces did not arrive included…that was a big selling point for me, hoping customer service is honest.

        Shopping does take 2+ to 3 weeks, which was extremely frustrating…but they did actually arrive.

      8. It took awhile but I received mine. Customer support was excellent with response in 24 hrs or less.

    2. I ordered didnt feel comfortable with all the add ons so didnt finalize the order yet was still charged told my bank bank put stop payment refunded my money air pods were still sent after two weeks still hadn’t received complained (mind you at this point paid nothing for them) and they gave me 30% refund when finally got three and half weeks later they were garbage cant hear outdoors cut in and out etc.. Scam so was going to send back to try and get another $35 on the return of air pods even though already refunded plus 30% but you have to pay for shipping almost $30 so Im currently trying to get them to pay shipping so i can return and fully scam these scammers if not i at least got them for $12 and pair of garbage air pods. If i can help anybody else get some revenge on them email me quackattacksrs at gmale I would love to help you get even ive been able to get them pretty good and pretty sure they will pay for my shipping plus return money as well. They deserve this for their business practices hope to hear from you

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