JolamStore Reviews: Is Jolam.Store Legit or Another Scam Store For Sports Uniforms?

jolamstore reviews

If you are into exercise and daily workouts, you must have the right attire. You need to be careful if you plan to look for something for your teams like t-shirts, Holceu Jersy, and others. Today, most of you don’t have much time to visit every store, ask for a quotation, and check the quality of the fabric. Most of the time, you end up shopping at online stores. One store that is getting a lot of hype nowadays is the Jollastore.

Can you trust this brand for your team uniform? In this piece, we will take a closer look at the brand and offer our final verdict. In this article, you will find everything about it. Why is this name better than others? What is the user’s feedback and much more?

About Jolam.Store

Joram. The store is the only US-based sports fashion brand that deals with sportswear, consisting of jerseys, hoodies, shoes, and much more. The licensed online store deals with all your things linked to sports. This company aims to build the leading digital sports media and change how fans buy their favorite team Hardgoods, headwear, hoodie, jerseys, and much more. Does the innovative approach of the jolam store make this brand different from others? It is their tech-infused and creative approach to quickly making and distributing fans in a 24-7 mobile-first economy.

This store offers the best things when it comes to sports. They focus on the custom team uniform. You can avail their services from the following:

  • Shop online
  • Get on the phone
  • Buy from the flagship stores
  • Or approach them at sports events.
  • Get in touch at the stadium.

The jolamstore customizes everything for you, from jerseys to hoodies. You can contact them via 

  • 21 S Main St, Salt Lake City, UT 84111, United States.
  • Phone: +1 551-237-8812
  • Email:

JolamStore Sports Hoodie Review

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There are many sports times accessible on this site, but today we will focus on the Hoodies. This brand offers you if you are planning to get the perfect custom hoodies for your sports uniform.

This site deals with pullover sweatshirts and hoodies in various colors and sizes. You can get them in yellow, grey, navy blue, and more. If you want specific shades, feel free to place a customized order.

In the custom order, you have a logo on the back with the buyer’s name stitched at the back of the hoodie. They will also stick the number on the back of the pullover hoodies. The jolam makes sure to offer the full look to their buyers. They will stitch the logo on the left and your team name on the front if you discuss the front.

The jolam store uses breathable, quick-dry, dry comfort, and moisture-wicking materials to make sportswear. The single bespoke shire will cost you about $79.99 with free shipping.

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JolamStore Air Jordan Review

Besides the clothing, it also focuses on footwear. You can get your hands on the original Jordan shoes on this website. These shoes are great deals that you can avail of. When you check the price on another store, it is quite high; you get them at affordable rates of $158.95. So, is it too good to be true?

Why Should You Buy from JolamStore?

So, here comes the main query why would anyone purchase from this store? If you study, the shoes and hoodies’ prices are less than on other websites. But the query is, is this site offering a quality item? They also offer fans cash. What is this? In this, you can redeem and earn cash from each other. Also, if your teammates change teams, they will replace your jersey.

Are There Any Special Discounts For Purchasing From JolamStore?

This store is offering notable discounts on its items. They believe in buying more and saving your hard-earned money.

  • Two items get 5 percent 
  • Three items get 0 percent 
  • Four items get 20% off.
  • Also, there is a fan cash plan.

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Is JolamStore Legit? 

jolamstore legit or scam

Do our jolamstore reviews state that the deals and offers make you wonder if this brand is legit or another scam? If you study this site in depth, the prices look fishy here. Why is that so? It is because the same item like Jordan shoes on other sites like eBay is 380 dollars plus, and on the jolam store, it is 150 dollars. It is a huge difference.

Despite the low price, they offer great deals to allure buyers. Also, the  Fan Cash offer looks fishy. Why would anyone sell the thing at such a cheap rate?

They offer free shipping at a minimum of 10 dollars, which is another red mark. Let us also review the user feedback about this store.

Jolam.Store Customer Reviews

On the Trust Pilot, buyers can receive great feedback about their services and items. You have mentioned that delivery is quick and fast. Another buyer states that they never feel any issues from placing an order to delivery.

But on AD Scam, one of the buyers states that it is a big scam, and they cheated him of 128 dollars.  We have not found any other feedback besides these few on their fiscal website and other sites.



  • It is offering alluring rates.
  • This is a great deal for the buyers.
  • They offer a bespoke choice of clothing.


  • There are mixed reviews of the site.
  • It is only a few months old websites.
  • The deals and prices are unreal.


Fast Delivery? 

As per the buyer’s feedback on their website, they are happy with the fast delivery.

Money Back Guarantee?

They have not mentioned anything about the money back, and one buyer states that he was scammed with 128 dollars.

 Free Support?

Yes, they offer free support at 

12 Reviews

  1. This store sucks. I placed an order on August 12, 2022. Since then I don’t have the shoes I ordered. Nor does anyone answer the emails I sent, or the calls I have made.
    Stay away from this fucking store. It is a fraud.

    1. I fell into the same trap I place an order 8/15/22. I have not received my order nor I can’t reach anyone. They charge my card and didn’t send my order.

  2. -UPDATE-Today is August 14, 2022 I had ordered the Air Jordan 4 “Black Cat” for men on June 19th 2022 I did receive a digital pdf receipt of my purchase, and it stated that it’s already being processed since the funds have been already cleared and taken out of my Credit Card. Well here I am 2 months later and still absolutely nothing, no updates, no shipping tracking number, and absolutely no call back. I’ve emailed them about my purchase 7x & still NO RESPONSE NO ANSWER NO NOTHING. ** THIS WEBSITE IS A 200% SCAM **
    I called my Credit Card. & was refunded every penny 110%. I cancelled my old card info & ordered a new one with a different account number. This site is a SCAM & FRAUD, Don’t never purchase anything from this fraudulent scam site.
    Trust me please you have been warned.

    1. I ordered the jordan 4 for my grandson and havent recieved anything either thank you for your input 162 dollars

  3. I was going to take a chance cause prices was amazing but o knew it was to good to be true. Can’t trust it. One review stated he never got a call or a email about his item or money.

  4. I spent 148$ on the red thunder 4s and I have emails saying that my order was processed but no tracking number was ever sent out I have been calling and emailing them And I have received nothing in return. It’s a Scam report this website immediately I’m going too post it for the world too see on Social media , not too shop here.

    1. I was gonna get the red retro 1s for my daughter but her mom said website is suspect! After reading your comment I will not be purchasing anything from the Jolam website! Thanks 💯✊

      1. It’s a scam I’m disputing with my bank now . They sent me a shady email saying
        Dear Customer

        + If you are open to dispute, please note that we will provide the evidence to the court and the bank saying that your order is shipped and we have sent the tracking number to you. That would mean our winning rate is up to 60-70% and It may take approximately 60 days to resolve a dispute, subject to the time taken by the Credit Institution to respond , by then we will inform our supplier to stop sending it, along with the penalty of 15% of the order value for the court fee and it is claimed by the bank.

        + If you withdraw and tell the bank close your dispute, we will provide you with an 15% discount coupon for the next order (Use Coupon : SALE15OFF) enter the code during checkout to receive the discount) and we will notify the our supplier to use the express shipping service to ship your order as fast as possible.

        + We always want to have the win-win in these kinds of situations. When you close your dispute, we will inform our supplier to use the express shipping for your current order, so you can receive it as soon as possible.

        1. So what did you end up doing? I just sent “support” an email and if I don’t hear back will also dispute my charge. Ordered August 6th.

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