Vardon Shop Reviews: Is a Legit Brand or Another Scam Site For Sports and Outdoor Items?

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About Vardon Shop

Vardon Shop is a brand that specializes in selling sports and outdoor items such as water sports equipment. Founded in April 2022, this brand is still fairly new to the market and has not yet received any customer reviews or ratings.



  • Offers a wide range of sports and outdoor products
  • Has a secure SSL certificate


  • Prices are cheap
  • The brand is not registered with the Better Business Bureau
  • There are no customer reviews or ratings yet
  • The website quality is not very professional
  • They offer a return policy on their products, albeit a fairly strict one.
  • No shipping policy
  • No contact number, only email address available to contact

Is Vardon Shop Legit or Scam?

In this vardon shop review, let’s take a look at the brand’s legitimacy by looking at their website, social media presence, customer reviews, and more.

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What is the Product Quality?

The product quality of the items sold on is said to be high. Most of the products are taken from Walmart, which is a trusted retailer. However, the brand does not have its own items to sell.

Are the Prices Reasonable?

The prices of the products on are cheap when compared to other brands. For example, a product that is listed on Walmart for a high price is being sold for a much lower price on This is not real and you should be cautious with this brand.

Is There A Good Shipping Policy?

There is no shipping policy listed on the website, which is a bit concerning as many online shoppers like to know in advance how much they will be charged for shipping before completing an order.

Is There a Hassle-Free Return Policy?

The return policy stated that you may return items within 30 days after delivery. They only accept if the products have quality problems. All returned products must be in their original condition, unworn, unwashed, with original tags and the panty protective strip intact.

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What are the Payment Options?

The only payment option that is accepted on this brand website is PayPal, which is a bit worrying as this platform has been known to issue chargebacks and refunds on orders that are disputed by customers later down the line.

What is the Website Quality?

The website quality is not very professional, with texts that are not easy to read and navigation that is not user-friendly.

Is Website Secure?

Yes, the website is secure. It has an SSL certificate which makes it safe for you to enter your personal information.

Is the Brand Registered?

The brand is not registered with the Better Business Bureau, which is often seen as a sign of a brand’s legitimacy.

Who is the Founder?

The founder of is unknown, and the brand has not been able to be located yet. Therefore, it is difficult to ascertain the legitimacy of this brand at this time.

Who is the Domain Registrar and Date?

The domain registrar for this store is GoDaddy and the domain was registered on April 18, 2022.

Is The Address Real?

There is no doubt that the address given in this question is real. Many other stores and businesses use the same address, so it can be confirmed that this is a legitimate location. However, there is a red flag in the fact that this address appears to be used by many different stores and businesses, suggesting that it might not be the specific location of this particular store.

Whether or not this is in fact the correct address remains unknown, and further research would be required to confirm if this retailer really does have its headquarters at 2834 North Harper Terrace in Peoria, Illinois. Nevertheless, from what we can see online, it seems likely that this is indeed a valid address and we would not hesitate to recommend shopping at this retailer based on its apparent legitimacy.

So with all that said, it does seem like The Address Real! But perhaps you should always do your own research to verify before you shop!

How to Contact?

The brand does not have a contact form on their website, and there is no phone number listed. The only way to contact them is through their email address, We recommend that you avoid doing business with this company unless you are able to get in touch with them and resolve any issues that you may have.

How is Customer Service?

The customer service is not good. The only way to contact them is by email, and they have been known to take a long time to respond to customer queries. In addition, many customers have complained that their issues were not resolved even after multiple emails. Therefore, we would not recommend doing business with this company unless you are able to get in touch with them and resolve any issues that you may have.

What are the Ratings on Other Platforms?

As this brand is not available on Trustpilot or Sitejabber yet, there is no rating for it. However, you should look out for reviews before shopping with any retailer in order to ensure that their services are good enough and that they can meet your expectations.

What are The Customer Reviews?

There are no customer reviews available on the internet about this brand, but we would advise that you do your own research to ensure that the brand is reputable and trustworthy before doing business with them. We would also recommend reading independent reviews of this brand on sites like Trustpilot and Sitejabber so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not to shop with them.

Should You Order From Vardon Shop? (Conclusion)

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Based on our research, we would not recommend ordering from Vardon Shop. The brand is new and there are no customer reviews available yet. In addition, the company is difficult to contact and their customer service is not good. Therefore, we would advise that you look for another retailer when shopping for your products.

Please keep in mind that we only assess a brand’s worth based on its online presence and popularity on social media. If you are a real buyer, please leave your feedback below to assist others.

Have You Had a Good or Bad Experience With This Brand?

Please share your experience with this brand in the comments section below.

37 Reviews

  1. Total scam, I ordered some chlorine my pool turned green in the process of waiting over three weeks and no delivery, I email them multiple times and of course there was no response, I can’t say don’t buy anything from these company because is already too late for us all, we all got scammed!!!😡😡😡

  2. Place a order May 9 2022,Contact them several times and still no response from them.Guess I am going have to file a complaint with PayPal.

  3. Place an order for a Keter deck box – I should have know price of $98.99 was too good to be true. Never received an order confirmation. Email to their “support” was rejected. They charged both my PayPal account with email of Oudaoyibusiness@outlook. Com and my credit card with the name Brian Koch. Not sure how they were able to charge me two times on different accounts but they did it. Be aware! SCAM….

  4. CON ARTISTS ! Spent 43.61 on a leaf blower. Got a PayPal receipt for a colorful dog collar ! PayPal refunded my money. How do creeps like this stay in business ?! Should be banned from the web and Jailed !

    1. I also was scammed. I paid for a snowblower. This so called business described my purchase as a body con mid dress. They sent a tracking number to Paypal not me. I called postal service and whatever it they sent was sent to a address across town from me.

  5. Would appear to be a scam. The 2022 New Year banner was obviously suspicious but given the low prices listed, I wan’t going to get too picky about their storefront. I ordered a relatively inexpensive folding workbench table which based on the price they listed comparative to the same item I bought at a big box warehouse club store a few years ago seemed plausible. After, placing the order, I came across some rather expensive items that were priced at $98.99. Everything appears to be brand name quality and new but the higher priced stuff being listed at ridiculously low prices seemed implausible. But I figured with being paid for through PayPal, I should have reasonable protection and the total wasn’t necessarily going to break the bank. Anyway, after placing the additional orders, PayPal sent an acknowledgement but I never got any confirmation or tracking info. Waited a few days and watched my PayPal account for any irregularities which none appeared. However, all of the products I ordered were identified as ‘Pet Emulsion Vocalization Duck Bite Resistant Toy’ which a separate search suggests that this may be a translation from a foreign language to describe a pet squeaky toy. So I then tried contacting via their customer service email After several hours, I got a mailer-daemon undeliverable response which pretty much confirmed my suspicions. I then reported the problem transactions via PayPal whom immediately credited my account back.

  6. May 8, 2022 I bought lawn mover rake for 79 $ -no any information from vardon shop SCAM!!!

  7. Me 2, looks like i got scammed for $47.98. I turned them in to three gov’t agencies. My US bank debit card sent the money to a Natasha Edwards in Texas. That’s who got my money. Emailed them ample times about my order with no response. I am going to contact this godaddy and see what they say about this company.

  8. I ordered Sony headphones and I can’t see the shipping or the order it says I have to log in but I don’t have an account and there’s no where to sign up? I spent almost a hundred dollars.

  9. Bought what i thought was a Cobra surveillence 2 cam system. The transaction said it was a dog collar. On credit card transaction, the location was a bunch of numbers, Ca. With an contact email. Is that around anymore? They should be in jail. Called paypal right after, and my account has purchase protection, I should get a refund within a week.

  10. I ordered a Campco little red outdoor portable count fire for $79 which was about half price. There are a total scam they just sent me an email telling me that they’re sending me some women’s hair ribbon.

  11. IF YOU WANT TI LOSE $98.99 USD, buy something from VARDON SHOP‼️
    TOTAL. SCAM ‼️😡
    Shut these CROOKS DOWN‼️

  12. Never got a email confirmation or tracking number, no way at all to contact them but they sure did take the money from me fast! Has to be a way to get to them???

  13. This site is a total scam ! Please do not order from this website . I ordered a microwave and they took my funds and I never got my microwave . I tried to get a refund but it was un traceable . I did do some research and the address on the website is a resident deeded to a Nadine Jamison . I found several phone numbers . 309-648-3553 , 309-643-3695 , 309-681-0973 . I also found out the payment went to a Square and registered to GO DADDY . com Help put these scammers out of buisness . Tell everyone you know .

  14. Darn it. Saw This right after placing order for a co detector. Why on earth does this show up in Google search looking like a legitimate company?
    Hey Google, I’m talkin’ to you!

  15. For the love of christ, do not order from this fucking website. I’m here after I seen the vardon site for the first time and was instantly concerned. So I Googled them and found this here.. Most likely you’re sending your money to out of country scammers.

    1. I think you’re absolutely right to be concerned. The price they are asking for a pressure canner is less than 1/3rd of what it should cost. Always a bad sign.

    2. They took my $ and magically disappeared! You live and learn it’s a shame that they don’t get off of their a$$ and work like the rest of us!

  16. I ordered a freezer 5-4-2022 and got no shipping instructions. I contacted PayPal and opened a case. This company is a scam.

    1. I ordered a scooter and have no confirmation email to notify me where my scooter was no tracking information or anything and it was like wow this electric scooter for 70 dollars and I need it for commute to get home from work why not buy it and I was sitting here wondering for like 2 3 days why I couldn’t see where to track my package and now I have read things that happen recently to everyone I want my money back I’ma call my bank and have the transaction disputed

  17. This company is a scam. I ordered and did not get a receipt to print, a confirmation or tracking number. Tried contacting them and my emails keep getting rejected. They withdrew the money immediately and now I have no product and no communication whatsoever. Complete SCAM!!!

    1. wanted to order something there , but just wondering why the price there is unbelievable cheap? thank you for reminding !

  18. total scam… does not work, charge you for a bose sound system and it shows up for a belt buckle that you never get. beware do not buy here

    1. I ordered a freezer 5-4-2022 and got no shipping instructions. I contacted PayPal and opened a case. This company is a scam.

  19. I ordered a Country Smoker from this site on May 1, 2022. All went thru properly but after clicking on ‘complete order’ the message came up that I had purchased a ‘fashion leopard patterned square buckle design belt’ for $98.99! not the Country Smoker I had ordered. This was from a Chinese dealer with the name of the dealer spelled out in Chinese. I placed a complaint thru PayPal. Waiting to see if I get my money back.
    Buyer Beware; “if it sounds too good to be true price, then it is” !

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