Review: Best Place to Buy Sports and Outdoor Items or Another Scam Store?

The world of e-commerce is growing with each passing day. Before making a purchase from any online shop, it is important to know whether it is trustworthy.

Knowing the details of an online retailer can help you know whether it is reliable.

Today we will be reviewing to see whether it is a legitimate online store or just another one of the thousands of scams on the internet.

What is Mylest Shop?

Mylest is an online store based in the US. They sell a varied range of items such as kitchen appliances, crockery, bicycles, grills, and other items for outdoor activities. To add to this, they also include gym equipment, such as treadmills, and elliptical machines, on their platform.

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Is Mylest really legitimate?

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One of the best ways to figure out whether an online retailer is trustworthy is by checking how old their web domain is. The older a domain is, the less likely it is that the business is a scam. Using the domain age checker tool, we were able to find out that the domain age for Mylest is just 10 days old. This is a pretty big red flag.

A reputable business always makes an effort to maintain a social media presence. This is even more true for online retailers. Hence, the fact that Mylest does not have a social media account on any platform is concerning.

A business that provides appropriate contact information is also more likely to be reliable. Upon searching, we found out that the address provided by Mylest on their webpage is actually a family home. This also raises suspicions that Mylest may be a scam.

Legitimate businesses always have customer reviews of their products. Upon searching, we were not able to find any reviews on any of Mylest. Shop’s products. We tried searching for reviews on other platforms as well, such as Facebook and Quora. However, we were not able to find any reviews. This makes us suspect that is not a legitimate business. In addition to this, none of the products have descriptions.

Using this Google Lens, we were able to find out that some of the images used as Mylest’s products have actually been plagiarized from other websites, such as Amazon. This is another sign that Mylest is actually a scam.

Furthermore, has a poor trust index on, at just 38.7 percent. This is a very low ranking and makes it likely that is a scam.

To add to this, the most surefire sign that Mylest is a scam is the fact that they have copied the exact same website design as Even the list of products is the same. This makes it extremely obvious that is a scam website.

That said, does have a valid HTTPS and an SSL certificate to its advantage.

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What are the prices for

The prices for are actually extremely low. For instance, on their website, the Medium Orion Cooker is priced at $65.9. On the official website for the Orion Cooker, this product is sold for $250. Offering such low prices is a common tactic for scams. This low pricing is seen with some of their other products as well.

What do Customers of say?

There are no customer reviews of any of their products. We went through each and every one of their products searching for reviews but were not able to find any. Similarly, we couldn’t find reviews on any other platforms such as Facebook or Quora either.

Does Mylest offer returns or refunds on its products?

According to their website, accepts returns on its products within 30 days of delivery. However, this is only if the original packaging of the products has not been damaged. 

The item must not be used in any way. Additionally, a receipt or proof of purchase will also be required. Certain types of goods can’t be returned. This includes beauty items and food items. They also do not accept returns for hazardous materials or flammable liquids. 

What’s odd is that does not sell beauty products or food items, so mentioning them does not make much sense.



  • Valid HTTPS
  • Low prices
  • Valid SSL certificate


  • Low trust index on
  • No customer reviews
  • Copied the exact same website design as

Should you buy from

In conclusion, we do not think that mylest is a reliable online shopper. This is because it has no customer reviews, has copied the exact same website design as, and has plagiarized a number of photos from other websites. Furthermore, the extremely low prices are too good to be true.

If somebody still chooses to buy from Mylest, they should do so at their own risk. The likelihood of being a scam is extremely high. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

20 Reviews

  1. July 18th made purchase.Dope! Yes that’s me!!! I’m usually keen on r”red flags” when ordering on line. Not this time, i 2 was scammed! Their site came up as I googled a wack weeder, & was ecstatic that it was half the price on what I wanted went ahead & purchased my item, but heh wait, no S&H, really, receive in 3-5 days! Yeh I’m 4 that. Ordered! Received a confirmation email with order #, item description, so forth, BUT no phone # & a weird support email, which did not work! SCAMMED! Called my credit card co & reported & dispute this transaction.

  2. Prices are to good to be true. I ordered a Backpack Leaf Blower for $98.88 which I never received. I emailed
    them got no reply. This is a 100% Scam. My credit card company is during an investigation.

  3. I order something but never received it, so I just disputed it on my credit card.
    Now the web site has disappeared.

  4. I ordered a moped from mylest on June 30th and haven’t received anything. I wish I knew about this fake company sooner !

  5. I was scammed as well. I Googled what I wanted and this site popped up. 79.00 for a 300.00 item? Let me jump on this right now. Then the 20 people are looking at the item right now. Stock was dropping, so I had to get it now. After the first response email that’s when I got suspicious. Some Interior design @square. Didn’t I order from Hello credit card company. I got a refund today.
    God is good!

  6. I feel like Google should be responsible for checking out these posting before being posted on there search engine

  7. I just ordered a scooter I became suspicious when I googled the name upon further research of there contact I have came to the conclusion that it’s a fake company

  8. Mylests a scam. No phone number and I tried to email them. Email not deliverable. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THEM.To many red flags.

  9. We also fell victim to this scam. Ordered a motor for our pool pump. Recieved an email, no idea they weren’t for real. Tried to email , no response..very frustrated that we allowed ourselves to fall for it. DO NOT order from this site!

  10. This site is a rip off!!! DONT DO IT!!!!How can this website not know that these people are ripping people off .Unless of course they are in on it Come on Mylest tighten your site up and get rid of all the F#$@ing criminals on your sitedont buy if payments are through Green Mountain Bank or Square

  11. I ordered something or at least I thought I had. The confirmation email came from a totally different company. They offered a personal email as contact. To which I never got a response. Luckily I paid thru PayPal, which refunded my money. They never received a response either.

  12. i got scammed out of $100.00 from these people. i wish there was some recourse for there thievery ….people are going through hard enough times to have BS like happen to them.

  13. I cannot believe I fell for it! I was looking for a circular saw online, and after googling it, one of the cheapest option was this website, I’ve never heard of it but it seemed legit since it had the https. However, the first red flag was that I was charged via square. Second red flag was that I received a confirmation email of my order for the exact amount but the item description was only “random” letters. And the company name on the order was completely different to the website. Also the “contact” email on the order was not related to the website, it was an “outlook” email. I sent them an email and requested a cancelation of my order and a refund. I also checked online for reviews of this website mylest and found none. I called my bank and requested a new card. It was too good to be truth.

      1. I did to it was on sears official site when I click to purchase it sent me a email from them!

  14. I just ordered 5×7 trailer kit. I did use my credit card, so if not I legit I can get my money back

  15. Oh man just order from them… I should have used some common sense … too good to be true

  16. I was a dork and purchased something from and was amazed to never receive the product. They have never responded to any of my emails. Fortunately, I purchased a low cost item. Should have reviewed this prior to buying, but it was such a great deal!

    1. I just ordered something, too, and have not gotten a response. Wish I saw this review prior to ordering.

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