Lsoru Reviews: Are These Clothing Labels Reliable?

Lsoru reviews

Good fashion plays a vital role in your everyday life. It helps you get dressed up to look better than everyone else. It is your instinct about how those clothes will look together when you wear them. You can say that you must dress correctly without any formula.

One must always know what and from where to buy it. There are a vast number of brands out there that offer different styles of dresses. However, only a few are reliable and provide authentic clothes. Since COVID-19, people have preferred buying clothes and other accessories online while sitting in their comfort zones. So, we bring you lsoru reviews, a clothing brand offering a good variety of clothes online for their beloved customers.

About Lsoru

A small group of people laid the basis of this online website, Lsoru. They have been operating for a long time as a manufacturer and supplier. Lsoru used to make clothes for other designers.

Their mass production company is in South Carolina, US. However, they realized that clients liked their quality. So, they decided to initiate a small online platform to sell their high-quality fabricated products at reasonable prices.

They claim to hire independent designers who are new to this field. Lsoru likes to give them a chance to convert their ideas into reality. They consider their workers a team and continue to design a stunning variety of dresses for everyone.

What are the options at Lsoru?

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Lsoru reviews1

It is a very long list of types of clothes you can grab from their website. They manufacture an excellent design and color range in maxi, mini, vacation, long, sweater, and printed dresses. Furthermore, casual dresses, blouses, shirts, outwear, long sleeve tops, sweaters, and cardigans are available.

You can buy dresses for summer and winter. This list of threads mentioned above comes in many unique designs and colors. They even have sizes ranging from small to extra-large. Now, plus-size people can also choose from a good range of options.

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Dresses at Lsoru in comparison to others

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We looked for a few maxi dresses on Amazon. They also have a good variety of maxis in a cheap range. However, the colors did not match the season’s vibe. Most of them are available in black color. But how can you wear such dark colors on hot summer days?

Discount codes on Lsoru

You can avail of a good discount of 40% on everything. Isn’t this a steal? It would be best if you used the coupon code SAVE5 to avail further discounts on your cart items. They are also offering free shipping if your order is over $79. Now quickly grab your all-seasons outfits to look classy every time.

Customer reviews: Are they happy with Lsoru?

Lsoru reviews legit or scam

The official website has many reviews under almost every dress. A buyer is pleased with her purchase. She says that the maxi’s fabric is comfortable and is not damaged after washing. Another client says that she ordered their top on her birthday. Everyone gave good compliments as it looked pretty.

We looked further into other sites. TrustPilot shows a 3.9 rating for Lsoru. A patron gave five stars, saying she had many doubts at the time of ordering. However, both dresses turned out to be pretty. Another one says that all the clothes are received in the best condition.

However, a client ordered about four dresses, but none fit properly. She asked for a refund but was not treated properly. Another one claims that the dresses are made in China rather than South Carolina. All the dresses were in the wrong size with late delivery.

YouTube reviews show that the website is only seven months old. They have only provided email on the website with no other contact information. Furthermore, there is a sparse engagement rate with a few followers on their social media handles.

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Return and Refund policy

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The shipping time will include 35 business days as the dresses are manufactured in South Carolina. You can return the items within 30 days of purchase. The dresses must not be damaged at the time of returning them.

Lsoru reviews

We have listed all the positive and negative expectations of the brand in our lsoru reviews. The website seems to be offering good products, and clients are happy. However, there has been a lot of issue with receiving the wrong size. We hope that you will do a little research on your own before ordering from them.

58 Reviews

  1. Issue 1. Their Facebook ad for short and top sets states that they are made in “South Carolina USA”. Unless there is a town in China by that name it is a lie because the labels on the packages all say made in China.
    Issue 2. After carefully measuring the appropriate sizes were ordered. No tracking was provided. I asked them to provide tracking but got no response so I asked to cancel the order and they replied to give them more time. Once the package came from China to the US, it was sent via USPS to me.
    Issue 3. The garments were too small and I contacted them to arrange an exchange. OOPS! they will not exchange if the size is wrong, only if the garment is defective. They then told me they would send another size if I pay $35.00 to cover shipping and they did not want the others back. Not wanting to be stuck with $200 worth of clothes I couldn’t wear, I reluctantly paid the Shipping fee requested and waited on another package to arrive from China. Again no tracking was provided. The replacements fit better with one more big issue.
    Issue 4. One of the replacements was way smaller than the other similarly sized garments. I contacted them to get a replacement and sent pictures with the smaller set overlaid on one of the others that were sized properly and they said that it was the proper size and there was nothing they could do. Clearly it is mis-labeled.
    Issue 5. Of the 6 pieces ordered I now have 7 garments I cannot wear, 5 that fit and a bad taste in my mouth.
    My advice would be to look for retailers in your area and buy local.

  2. This is an update to an earlier review. Finally, finally, in March or April of 2023, something strange arrived with the same tracking number as our Christmas order from LSORU. It was from someone with an hispanic name in Texas. When I checked the address, it was an apartment complex. I marked refused and returned it unopened to the post office. It was never delivered back to the original address. The mailing point of origin was a port from a shipper from China. By this time, I had protested the charge from the bank and received a provisional refund from the bank pending investigation. When I contacted LSORU, I was told that I had been “refunded” by the bank and they had no further obligation to me. I checked; my bank never received a refund from LSORU. I have filed complaints with the BBB, the FBI, the FTC, the postal investigtor (mail fraud) and the state police. LSORU, to my knowledge, never responded to any of them

  3. I have been trying to get a return authorization and haven’t had luck. Only an offer of refund of $16 or $24 refund on my $80 purchase, Clothing is made in China, not South Carolina.

  4. Oh how I wish I had found these reviews before I ordered! I placed my order last week and after not receiving a confirmation I became suspicious. Another flag that I failed to see was that most all the items had the same number of reviews. I’m going to try to get PayPal to cancel the order but I think you have to wait so long before you can do that. I HATE scammers!

  5. I should have read these comments BEFORE I ordered a dress from this company! I agree that it is a scam!! The color was the ugliest and the construction and style was not as it appeared in the picture! The dress fit like a tent and was down to my ankles and was just plain ugly!! I have attempted to contact the company for a return but have been getting the run around!! I am going to complain about them to my American Express credit card company! This business should not be allowed to continue to scam unaware consumers! I understand everyone’s complaints on here because now I am with you!!

  6. I agree with all the above reviews. This company is a complete scam. Do not order from them. I had read previous reviews on the company site. All were raving about the quality, fit, material, color, they were great for the “mature woman”, and made in the USA.. Many said they ordered several dresses. I ordered 2 dresses based on the great reviews. Arrived over a month later. Tried on and immediately hated the fit (very deep v-neck), color, style, material, etc. So, like those listed above the customer service turned into a nightmare. Offering me very little at first in refund. I went back and forth with them for at least three weeks and finally settled on less than half what I paid. Also discovered the international fee added on. Was told to keep the product, since the return is Dubai. So, I will try to resell myself for someone quite young, not a “mature woman”. Wish I had seen this site previously.

  7. I am like so many others who am not satisfied with their goods. I want to return them but cant even find the right place to go, to do this! They dont want returns thats obvious

  8. I had the same situation with this company!!! How can they be allowed to operate???
    Negotiating with a buyer who is dissatisfied with their product is an unaccepted way to run a company!
    DO NOT purchase anything from this company. My dress fit horribly, was down to my toes when it should have been just below my knees, and looked like a 1940’s nurses uniform!! Incredible!

  9. I have experienced the same poor quality, incorrect color, and outrageous size difference in the dress I ordered. I have contacted their “Customer Service” department 4 times and of course am being offered a fraction of the purchase price to keep the unacceptable, unwearable clothing I ordered. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!!!

    1. I looked at many online etailers of clothing, and chose to order from Lsoru because it said “Made in South Carolina.” I placed my order on 03/05, because I wanted something new to wear for a weekend away on 04/01. I received order confirmation within 12 hours. I did not receive shipping notification after 2 weeks. I referred to my order confirmation, went to the “order tracking” section, and found that the order had yet to be pulled! I immediately contacted them, and asked if this order would be received by 03/28. Nearly 3 days later, I received msg that I was not to worry, it would be received in time. This cat and mouse went on for one more week, then I cancelled my order. To which I received an response 12 hours later, that the shipment was “being fulfilled.” I continued to state “Cancel this Order.” But instead, the order actually arrived 04/08/2023 … I decided to open the package, 3 items fit ok, one did not fit at all. I noted that there’s not one label in these garments, other than a “care label.” No brand name. No place of manufacture. I immediately requested a Return Authorization, and 12 hours later, received an email, offering me $7 and I keep the shirt that doesn’t fit. It cost $40.99! No way I’m keeping it. So now it’s a continuing back/forth. DO NOT ORDER FROM THESE PEOPLE! This is not a legetimate US based company. They have no order fulfillment nor customer service that you can speak with, and they do not want to do any refunds.

  10. I unfortunately did not read all these remarks otherwise I would never have ordered from them. Same business with items i ordered. Everything too small and offering me only about a third of the money that I paid.

    1. I agree with the above comment completely. It says Made in THE USA which is not true and everything about my order had a problem. Then of course came the return policy and the low ball offer for credit. WHAT A SCAM!!!!

  11. I ordered three items and all were inferior in quality and fit. After a month, I am still trying to get a refund for my $200 purchase. So far, they have negotiated to give me $30 which I declined.

    1. I cannot find the fabric content or Made in Labels. Size right, colors right but no labels really bothers me.

  12. Buyer beware I spoke to customer support and began feeling very uncomfortable with length of time they took to process request. They kept saying it took so long as item was from China. After being told I would receive return label in 24 hours and fill credit. when I checked my credit card a few minutes later there were several unauthorized charges to companies I do not go to.

  13. My experience is the same as all of the others who have commented. I ordered because they advertised as a USA company and when the item did finally arrive (2 months after placing the order), it doesn’t look like the shirt that was pictured and when I checked to see where it was made (I was suspicious at this point) it doesn’t say on the item but found on the package in very small print, made in China!!! Let the buyer beware!!!

  14. I ordered a blouse that was advertised on social media. The picture showed a beautiful sequin long sleeve blouse. I received a very cheap nylon blouse that looks nothing like the picture of what I thought I was buying. They have offered me eight dollars out of the $58 that I spent for it. This company is a total rip off avoid at all costs!!!

  15. My wife ordered three matching Christmas Dresses on Dec 5, 2022. On December 9, we received an e-mail that the dresses had been shipped. LSORU uses EC BEST to ship their products to the USPS, which then does the final leg of the delivery. As of December 31, the USPS website indicates that it has not received the dresses from EC BEST. I looked up EC BEST on line and attempted to call them; their number was disconnected. When I looked up the address on Google Maps, there was a “for lease” sign in front of the address.

    LSORU does not have an address or phone number; customer service is just an e-mail address. I attempted to contact them three times, and gave them this information. I asked them to reach out to EC BEST. I was told to “please wait,”the dresses had been “shipped,” and that sometimes it takes a while for the USPS to enter it into their system. In other words, they ignored my request and apparently not willing to take any action to resolve my complaint

  16. Offered an $8.00 credit on a $50.00 item. It took 3 days to receive an address for their return warehouse that is in Dubai. They will issue a full credit when they receive the items at their warehouse. It will cost more to ship that I paid for the items. we Settled on a $20.00 credit, and I keep the item. I will not order form this company again. very difficult to deal with

  17. I ordered four tops for over $141.00. They were all too small in the body and too long on the sleeves. I emailed them…they first offered $35 refund. I said no, wanted return authorization. Then they offered $65, again, no. The last email they offered $70. And said return to Dubai address is expensive. I am going to return to the New York return address, which probably is a hoax. I also filed a complaint with my credit card company. Then I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. The site claims the clothing is made in the USA….South Carolina. It is a hoax. But I am determined to get my money back and report this scam to authorities.

    1. I am experiencing the exact same thing with this company! I ordered 3 shirts. When I got them I only opened one to try it on. It was too small. I contacted the company and they offered only an $18 refund and to keep the shirts. I spent over $100 on them! I want a full refund or at least exchange for one size larger! I thought these shirts were made in South Carolina but pretty sure they are not. It seems that this company is working out of China or Nigeria. And now I am seeing “companies” on Facebook also claiming to be selling clothes made in South Carolina. I should never have ordered clothes online! Lesson learned!

    2. I, too, am a victim of false advertising! I believed them when they said they were an American company, based in SC. Wrong! Wrong! Don’t believe them. They’re terrible to work with, and horrible clothes! Don’t buy! Took forever to get the 3 tops I ordered, then they were so cheaply made I will never wear them. I cancelled my order several times but they sent them anyway! I know trying to get my money back will be an exercise in futility, so I think I’ll just eat the $120. I spent. Never again. BEWARE!

  18. Buyer beware. I recieved two blouses as a gift. One fit; the other’s armholes were too small to wear. They will not accept a return and offered $8 compensation. Clothes were made in China, and no packing slip was enclosed to make it difficult to locate company. Shady company. Stay away.

    I bought because the clothes looked cute and were “made in S Carolina”. The dress fit like a sack and was made of some weird material. I bought 4 items for $135.00. I initiated the first email the day after I received the package and tried everything on. I wanted to return it all due to the quality of the fabric. After multiple emails with customer service (they finally answered me 2 wks later) they offered to refund $55 because shipping was so expensive. To S Carolina? It is a scam. Based on the other reviews here it has happened to a lot of people.
    I will be looking into reporting them for false advertising.


  20. September 26, 2022
    Sadly I have to confirm everything previously stated here. This website is a SCAM. Their “1-2 week delivery” time exceeded 6 weeks and arrived from Dubai, via China. The website states the clothes are made in “South Carolina, USA”, which they are most definitely not. Don’t let the pictures on the website fool you either. Both tops I ordered appeared to have been stamped onto an unknown fabric, unlike the images of the organic materials appearing on the site. It’s almost as if they photographed an authentic mockup which was later reproduced onto some foreign material. One top was too big and the other was too little although they were both the same size. I threw them away because they were not even worthy of a donation. After several attempts, they agreed to give half my money back but they still came out ahead, which is why they continue to operate. I took this up with American Express. They graciously refunded the other half of my purchase to make me whole but said there wasn’t much they could do since the vendor has a refund policy of no returns. This company knows exactly how to dodge consumer laws. They are well versed in the SCAM game and are able to profit handsomely without worrying about customer satisfaction. One purchase per sucker is all they need to come out ahead.

  21. Do not buy from Lsoru! The fabric is cheap and the fit is not accurate. The items took a month to arrive and there was no packing slip included. I have sent a message to them but cannot find a way to return my items and get a refund.

    1. Sadly should have read reviews before I ordered…. Impossible to return, and credit card had unauthorized charges from businesses I DO NOT order from. Credit card company is investigating.
      Do not order from LSORU. They are frauds!

      1. I am so glad I read these helpful reviews before I placed my order ! A red flag this morning when I saw exact same shirt I ordered from Amazon ( unfortunately made in China) for $20.00 more! Thank you everyone for your reviews!!!!! I am grateful!

  22. Fake! Will NOT send me return infomation. They stated it was too expensive to return to Dubai. Scam! Do not buy from them!

  23. I have purchased from Modlilly and Lillygal before online and was very happy with their product. But I am very unhappy with LSORU!
    The fabric the fit are horrible and very mad they can advertise as being made in the US.

  24. They’re right back online now with a different name–exact same clothes and write up. BEWARE! Nothing to do with SC. Like everyone else, clothes were small, strange material and I was offered a $20 refund to keep the clothes. Crazy!

  25. Still waiting to complete return process. I provided SKUs and the only response has been will credit $21 NO, will credit $35 and keep the merchandise. No? My refund amount should be $102.57.
    Numerous emails sent to service@lsoru and a couple other sites similar to this one. I hope you can help.

  26. I ordered two dresses which are not of the material I expected. I was very surprised to receive a Foreign Transaction Fee on my credit card for things made in South Carolina. I sent the company a message but have not received an answer. Also when the package came there was nothing in it how I could contact the company if the clothes didn’t fit and I wanted to return them. I would not order from this company again.

  27. Everything about this company was totally mispresented. The clothes are not made in the U.S., or shipped from South Carolina. The red printed top I ordered eventually arrived after I tried to cancel the order for the length of time it was taking to receive it. It was not red but orange and the print was not what the site showed. I don’t know what the fabric is. I’ve since seen some of the same clothing from this site on other questionable online clothing sites that have the same advertising of the clothes being made in the U.S. and shipped from SC.

  28. I ordered 3 sweaters in xlarge I like them a little loose but these two were snug and one came in size small, would like to return , please send me the return sheet so i can get this done in time.

  29. I agree with the comments already printed. This company is a total SCAM. The clothing is made in China, not S Carolina as advertised (the labels all say “Made in China”); they are ill made and the fabric is of such poor quality that I would never wear them in public. When I wrote the ‘customer service’, I was told that they would send me $22 for the $151 I spent on these ridiculous garments. I asked them if they thought that was fair. I’m sure I will not receive a reply to that email!! (But if I do, I will post what their response.)

  30. I agree with the reviews already printed. This company is a total SCAM. Definitely not made in S Carolina – Made in China is on all the labels. The clothing is made of such ridiculously bad fabric, that I would be embarrassed to wear any of them. Lsoro offered me $22 for the $151 I paid and is granting me the privilege of keeping the ill made, poor quality garments. The pictures on their website and Facebook look lovely – don’t be deceived!

  31. Purchased three items; two of which were acceptable and one was manufactured from an unfamiliar fabric and did not fit properly. I have contacted Lsoru several times for a refund without success. The charge was not from South Carolina as advertised. It was from china as well, “Made in China” was clearly marked on the packaging. Buyer Beware!

    1. Me also! 2 of 3 were too small!
      Requested return authorization form in 5 different emails.
      No response til 3 try.
      They offered me 31.00, I replied no, I need exchange.
      4th email, they offered 50.00! I paid 113.00, but can’t see paying 53.00 to keep 1 item! Not worth it!
      I’ve sent my 5th email, to again request the form!


      1. Buyer beware I spoke to customer support and began feeling very uncomfortable with length of time they took to process request. They kept saying it took so long as item was from China. After being told I would receive return label in 24 hours and fill credit. when I checked my credit card a few minutes later there were several unauthorized charges to companies I do not go to.

  32. I ordered 3 dresses and 1 top in early August. It took almost 3 weeks to get them. They all fit, one slightly snug. 2 are some strange material. Every single one has a tag that says Made in China. Very disappointed when they advertised made in South Carolina.

  33. I asked for a refund on 2 dresses that didn’t fit. I received an e mail that said would I accept $14.98 and keep the dresses? I don’t want clothes that don’t fit!!!!

  34. Do not deal with this company. Items are not as expected and ran very small. I am on my 7th email communication in trying to get items returned and refunded and so far it is not happening. Save your money!! This website is not what they advertise.

    1. Yes, same for me. Sizes are ridiculously small. says made in USA, clearly says china on package:(

      1. I ordered long sleeve
        Top in SMALL size and it is HUGE! Hangs off my shoulders. Hope I can return, but from comments, might have battle on my hands. Ugh !!

  35. I ordered from them and they sent an email a week ago claiming my order has shipped along with a USPS tracking number. But the status on the tracking number says USPS is still waiting for the package from the supplier. I have sent them emails and they keep saying they havent updated the DELIVERY times yet, while the tracking number clearly states they have no package from the company. This is a major SCAM! I found them on Facebook and I have already reported them as SCAM. My $105 is gone for sure. Never buying from these online businesses ever again.

  36. Not a total scam, as you do receive items, however the items are very misrepresented. The original site showed they were made in South Carolina, U.S.A — they were not. They were made and shipped from overseas from a “recycled” material. The quality of the fabric is horrible, the sizing is off, and when I notified them that I was less than delighted with my order and wanted to return it for a full refund, I was offered less than half of what I paid as a refund. I expressed my dissatisfaction with their offer and again stated I wanted to return the entire order for a full refund. This time they offered me $100 and said I could keep the clothing. They said this was their best offer, and that it was too expensive to ship the merchandise back, AND that I would have to pay for the shipping. I accepted the $100 because I just want to be done with this company, but will never purchase from them again, nor will I wear the clothing that they “gifted” me with. If you are considering purchasing from this company, don’t be fooled. They are misrepresenting their product and their return policy.

  37. This company is a complete scam. I ordered 2 dresses in medium and when I received the shipping notice one dress was changed to small. I sent numerous emails to find out what happened and was totally ignored. Next, the USPS never received the shipment so I contacted PayPal and filed a complaint. Long story short–Paypal refunded my money after an investigation AND a second shipment was supposedly sent and USPS still did not receive the second shipment. I never heard from LSORU through the entire fiasco. Do not order from this company, it is all a scam.

  38. I ordered several dresses and tops from what I thought was an American Company (LSORU) in South Carolina as noted on the web site. However, they were all made is China.
    One dress was acceptable. All the rest were cheaply made, and did not fit.
    Under no circumstances believe that these clothes were made in the US. I will post after I return the clothes and what the refund is

  39. Scam return policy you pay shipping for returns to Dubuai. On a 89.95 dollar order they offered me 17, 28 final offer was
    37 dollars. Sizes run small and material not as described. do Not deal with this company

  40. I am sorry to say, but this web site is a SCAM. My order arrived in a normal amount of time but it all stops there! The dresses were made of some unknown fabric to me. The top seam that is to be under the bust runs across the top of the bust. When I opened the bag I found 2 plastic bags with the dresses enclosed. They all are covered in Oriental writing. Everything tells me they are made somewhere other than the USA. They instruct that if there is a problem to go to service I have attempted that multiple times for several days. The site immediately switches to the home page. This is in my opinion a rip off.

    1. It’s almost a month since I ordered an item. They promptly sent an email with a tracking number, but the shipper has not yet received the item. So I believe they are a scam company. I will be canceling my credit card payment for failure to deliver as promised. I ordered an item from China about the same tim and it arrived in two weeks. This company is a fraud. My lesson is never order from company’s on Facebook

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