Lovesac Sectional Couch – Total Comfort Adaptable, Washable & Changeable Couch

Table of contents

  1. What is Lovesac
  2. Material
  3. Is it Comfortable
  4. How to Buy
  5. User Reviews
  6. Pros & Cons

Adaptable, flexible and contemporary – lovesac sectional is a sofa that will add oomph to your living area and make it a place to relax and unwind comfortably.

Decorating a house is a tiresome task indeed. Your living room is perhaps one of the essential rooms to spend some quality time with loved ones.

Getting a perfect sofa for your living room is a mission to be taken seriously. There are just too many options, but where is that one perfect sofa when you need it?

You need a sofa that is adaptable, comfortable, spacious, cozy and maintenance-friendly. Because let’s face it changing a sofa now and then is not a feasible option.

Luckily, lovesac sectional sofa meets all of your sofas needs fully. It checks all the boxes and the great thing about lovesac is that these sofas are highly customizable.

What is a Lovesac Sectional Sofa?

Lovesac sactional sofa is a trendy sofa that has a lot to offer in terms of versatility and flexibility. You can experiment with each sectional to make it more suitable for your individual needs.

The ”deigned for life” approach of lovesac sofas are what makes them stand out from the crowd. You can arrange each individual sactional, according to the growing needs of your family.

For example, one sectional has sides that can be arms and back, add two sactionals, and have a loveseat. With three sactionals, a sofa, and four sactional makes a cozy and compact L shaped sofa.

There are numerous options available on lovesac website, and you can stretch the sofa to 10 seaters. That is what design for life approach means. This is the sofa that will last for life and grows along with your growing family’s needs.

What are the Materials?

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Lovesac offers 3 different types of fill for cushions. Depending on a person’s preference, you can pick any one of them.

Standard foamconsists of three high-density layers. There is a central layer the is resistant to sagging and keeps the cushion firm.

Down blendis a mix of goose down and feather along with synthetic fiber. This fill is preferable for soft and comfortable cushions.

Lovesoft fillthe trademark lovesoft fill is soft, stretchy, and looks and feels fluffy, so even sitting for a prolonged period doesn’t feel uncomfortable.

Is the Lovesac Sofa Comfortable?

The comfort level that sectional sofa offers is proportional to the choice of users. It totally depends on what type of cushions you like.

Some people love soft cushions while others prefer a hard and firm surface which doesn’t sag under their weight.

If you like cushions that are firm and offer more support, you might want to go with the standard foam option.

If you are living in the United States, there are over 70 locations where you can try different options offered by Lovesac before ordering it online.

Owing to the glowing user reviews (which will be discussed later), it won’t be wrong to say that lovesac sactional sofas are indeed quite comfortable and cozy. The ingenious design, high-quality build material and the cushion fill makes lovesac sactional sofas a luxurious couch that lives up to its fame.

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How to Buy a Lovesac Sofa?

Ordering a lovesac sofa is extremely convenient. You can always go to a store and pick it up or just order online from lovesac website directly.

Here is a breakdown of the ordering process.

  • Pick a fabric of your choice from a huge variety of fabric covers.
  • Next, choose from standard or rolled arm type.
  • Pick up the preferred fill from 3 options.
  • Now you can add as many pieces as you like. It depends on your requirements.
  • And you are done. Check out and make a payment. Your order will be shipped as soon as possible.

How Long the Delivery Takes?

Lovesac order free shipping on all online orders. The delivery time usually depends on your location. The estimated delivery time is 2-3 weeks.

Is it Washable?

The great thing about the sactional sofa is that you can always wash them as the sac covers are usually machine washable. The covers are easily removable, and after each wash, they look like new, which is a great plus for people with kids.

You need to check the cover tag to understand if your sac cover is machine washable or not? You can also visit the lovesac website to know more about the fabric guidelines.

User Reviews

Lovesac sofas are an investment as they are quite expensive, so it makes complete sense to know what other people think of these sofas.

There are some glowing reviews on the internet about lovesac sofa, which are the proof that a lovesac sactional is truly worth it is salt.

One Reddit user, bougahleebooyas says:

My husband and I have a 4×5 set for 3 years now, we love it and will never look back to regular couches! We have 2 dogs and all the cushions, pillows, and their covers still look and feel brand new.



  • The modular design offers great flexibility and is perfect for any space
  • Choose from a wide range of 250 different fabric covers
  • Free shipping for online orders
  • Machine washable
  • Lifetime warrant for hard pieces
  • 60 day home trial


  • Expansive than other sofas
  • Covers and cushions do not have any warranty

Why Purchase Lovesac Couches?

Shawn Nelson, the founder of Lovesac, share that the philosophy behind these sofas is ”designed for life”.

Shawn said that “Imagining a product that could be built to last a lifetime and designed to evolve with life as it changes—that became Sactionals. We call this approach ‘Designed For Life.”

Lovesac sactional are easily moveable, which is why it is gaining popularity rapidly. Instead of throwing furniture that doesn’t fit your new space anymore, you can always adapt it according to your individual needs.

Is there anything better than this? It is an investment worth every dollar and one that will last you a lifetime.