Noaral Clothing Reviews: Is It The Best Clothing Shop For Your Fashion Needs?

noaral clothing reviews

You must surf the internet and look for a brand that deals with all your fashion needs. Indeed, online shopping is fun, but it can often become risky. You can not trust any name that claims to offer quality services. Noaral clothing is the name that is getting famous day by day. You may have seen their Google ads and much more. But is this brand legit?

Noaral is one of the fashion-clothing names. This item mainly focuses on women’s daily wear and fashion items. They design stylish, modern dresses that go with everything you need.

But the query is, can you trust any name when it comes to online shopping? Of course not. Today we will review this article in depth. We will study what buyers say about Noaral Clothing. What are their customer service hours, prices, and much more?

The Noaral Clothing Reviews

The Noaral is a USA-based clothing brand that deals with women’s dresses, swimwear, tops, and much more. They stick to the idea that fashion is for everyone, and each one of you can enjoy it. As a result, The Noaral works hard to provide their customers with upgrades as well as the latest and top fashion trends from around the world. So whether you’re looking for graphic t-shirts, cute dresses, or pattern blouses, you can trust these brands. You can tag this brand as the “one solution under one roof.” It is a one-stop shop for the latest yet affordable fashion trends. It focuses on offering top-notch items at engaging prices to each user globally. The best seller in this store is tee shirts. They offer their customers stylish, updated, trendy tees to make them look outstanding. So you buy these items from them and let us learn about them in the upcoming section.

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Noaral Halloween clothing Review

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People have already started buying for this holiday. They have tees and tips as per the theme. You can have the following:

  • Mom Life
  • Drink Life
  • American Flag
  • festive occasion
  • Haloween

The Halloween tees come in one piece, and the tee length is standard, but you can have them in various sizes, from S to 2XL. Although they have mentioned the size guide on their website that helps you buy the item. The shirt is 70% cotton and 30% polyester and comes in various patterns, from pumpkin to Disney Halloween. 

These shirts have an O-Neck with short sleeves. You can tag the style as casual and pair it with your favorite jeans or PJs. The best part about this is that the fabric is weightless, about 180.00 grams. The price of this item is 20 dollars, which is costly s you can get the same item from another site like eBay at a much lower price.

What Are The Customers’s Reviews?

noaral clothing reviews2

So you can not tag any brand, whether legit or not. So here we have done a detailed study on this brand.

On their official website, we have not found any feedback from users. But this brand has a social media handle. Facebook We have studied their Facebook page for user feedback. One of the buyers states that she hasn’t received the shirt, but then she states that she did receive the shirt.

Another user stated they “ordered for Mother’s Day well over a month ago.” She still hasn’t gotten an item. She will never buy from this brand again.

Other buyers take this firm as a fraudulent company. Another buyer stated that he would highly advise reporting this FB page. Why is that so? It mentions the terrible service provided. Another user mentioned that she got scammed also!

One more user states, “I ordered 8 days ago. I did get an email that said 3-5 days to ship and 8-14 to receive. It still hasn’t shipped. So, there are no great reviews on this website. There are no buyer reviews on the Instagram handles of this brand.

Is Bellelement a Scam or Legit?

Noaral clothing legit or scam

So the main query is, is this brand legit? So, we are here to help you out. We have completed a detailed study on this brand and the products. Their rates are high as on the same site, which you will get at much cheaper rates. The images seem copied from other websites. Also, there are no great reviews from the users of this brand. Therefore, we cannot mark this brand as legit or reliable. So, we advise you to do detailed research before buying from any store.

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Are they safe to order from?

As per the buyers’ reviews, it is not safe to buy from this website. Why is that so? It is because it does not have any user feedback on the website and never delivers the item.

Does Bellelement Have A Good Return Policy?

They accept the return of all items except undergarments and sales.

Do they offer free shipping?

Yes, you can enjoy free shipping on orders over 79 dollars.

Can I Cancel My Order Without A Charge?

Yes, you can cancel the order without charge. They accept the cancellation of the order before the item is shipped. When you cancel the order, you will receive a full refund. You cannot cancel the item if they have shipped it.

Customer Service

If you have any queries about this brand, you can approach them via email at But some buyers state that they never respond to the email.

Payment Options

The offer follows:

  1. PayPal
  2. Paylater
  3. UCB
  4. VISA
  5. Discover

2 Reviews

  1. BUYER BEWARE! This company is based in China, regardless of everything on their site implying they are in the United States. Over a week after I placed my order nothing had shipped. I contacted them, they ignored me. Contacted a second time, they ignored me. It was only after I initiated a claim through PayPal that they suddenly decided to ship after 10 days.
    I purchased a mini-dress I thought I could wear over a bathing suit. What arrived was a short racer-back tank top. Overall, not a good experience at all. I will never make another purchase from this store.

    1. Same issue! I will have to contact pay pal. I got email confirmation but still no shipping details and like you emailed their Customer service. Have not received any feed back.

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