Odadike Review: A Legitimate Online Store or Just Another Scam?

Odadike Reviews

With the rise in online shopping in recent years, it is now more important than ever to know whether the stores you’re considering buying from are legit.

Knowing the details of these online stores will help you know whether or not a business is trustworthy enough to make a purchase.

Today we will be reviewing Odadike to see if it is a legitimate store.

What is Odadike?

Odadike, as per their website is an online store that sells a varied range of products. Their catalog includes items such as t-shirts, shorts, sunglasses, fishing equipment, and camping essentials. In addition to this, they also sell harnesses for goats and inflatable swimming vests. Most of their clothing is meant for the purpose of sports activities, as are their other items such as sunglasses.

Odadike claims that customer satisfaction is at the top of their list of priorities, and their qualified team will always be available to ensure that your experience as a customer is never compromised. Big words to say, but are they true? Read More: Is Verihend Legit

Is Odadike a legitimate store, or another scam?

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is odadike legit or scam

One of the ways to figure out whether an online retailer deserves your trust is to check the age of the domain. Using the smallseotools.com domain age checker tool, we were able to find out that the domain for Odadike is just 1 month and 18 days old. This is a sign to be cautious as stores with newer domains, such as Odadike, are generally more likely to be scams.

A strong social media presence, such as on Facebook and Instagram is also a feature of reputable brands. Odadike does not have any social media pages, so this makes us a bit hesitant. See Also: Barrel-Beer.com Reviews

Additionally, Odadike.com has a very low trust score on scamadviser.com. This means that the likelihood of Odadike.com being a scam is actually very high.

Customer reviews are an excellent way to figure out whether a business is trustworthy. However, Odadike.com does not have any customer reviews on its webpage. This is a bit odd as reputable online retailers generally have a reviews section. Moreover, we still tried searching for reviews across platforms such as Facebook, and Quora. However, we were not able to find any reviews. This is a definite red flag. If Odadike had been a legitimate store, it should have had at least a few reviews somewhere on the internet.

Additionally, while searching their catalog we came across something unusual. One of their hexagon umbrellas was being sold for $0. While this may just be an error, poor website design is a surefire way to spot a scam.

That said, Odadike.com does have a valid HTTPS and has not yet been blacklisted on any search engines. Must Like: Testergigs Com Legit

What do customers of Odadike say?

As previously mentioned, we tried searching for customer reviews of its products, but couldn’t find any. This is unfortunate because by seeing what people’s past experiences with this retailer have been, we could have been better able to decide whether Odadike deserves our trust.

How are the prices?

We were able to see that the products being sold on Odadike’s website are all priced quite low. For instance, their 100% Corridor Stretch Windbreaker Vestis sold for $51 on their website. This very same vest is sold for $89 elsewhere.

Similarly, the 100% Airmatic pants are sold for $69on Odadike. The same pants however are retailed at Top of Form for $109 in another store AIRMATIC

All in all, the prices listed on Odadike are actually quite low. While we love reasonable prices, we can’t help but feel suspicious. Scam websites tend to use low prices as a way to trap potential customers. Don’t Miss: Curiosity Stream Tv Scam

Refunds and Returns

According to their webpage, Odadike accepts returns within 30 days of delivery. This means that products can be returned within 30 days of delivery. However, returns will only be accepted if the original packaging is still intact. A receipt or other proof of purchase will also be required in order for a refund to be provided.

On their refunds and returns policy, Odadike says that some types of items cannot be returned, such as perishable goods or personal care items. What’s odd about this is that Odadike does not sell any personal care items or perishable goods on its website. Hence, mentioning these types of items doesn’t make much sense.

Shipping and Cancellations

Odadike offers free shipping on orders in the US. They claim that for orders in the US, the time between placing your order and receiving it at your doorstep will be only 4-5 days. Furthermore, you may also cancel your order any time before it is sent to be shipped. After the order is shipped, it cannot be canceled. However, you may choose to return it. Would Like: What time do staples open today?



  • Valid HTTPS
  • Low prices
  • Free shipping on orders in the US
  • Accepts returns within 30 days


  • Low trustscore on scamadviser.com
  • No Customer reviews
  • No Social Media Accounts
  • Poor website design

Should you buy from Odadike?

All in all, Odadike does not seem like a legit business. We’d advise you to not buy from Odadike because they are currently showing all the signs of a scam, such as the lack of customer reviews and poor trust score.

If someone chooses to still buy from Odadike, they should do so at their own risk. There is no guarantee they will have a positive experience with this business.

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