Paddie Nail Reviews: Is It A Reliable Product?

Paddie Nail Reviews

Do you love dressing up for parties? Is it hard to visit the parlor every time? Do you wish to do a manicure on your own? We all want to look good even in our daily routine. Nice shoes, a dress, and makeup are very important. However, your hands should even look attractive for this. Beautiful designs on the nails have a positive impact on your overall look. 

Paddie’s nail brings you a cute variety of manicures for your daily wear. The gel kit contains good items that you can easily use. It will make your hands look way more attractive. But do they stay long enough? Will you be able to change them at night? Thus, we bring you paddie nail reviews to find their legitimacy. 

Let us have a look at the details of this product. Later, we will list all the pros and cons as well.

About Paddie Nail 

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Paddie nails bring care to your life. They aim to design such amazing products that will empower women. These nails are specifically manufactured to bring out the better version of you. You can use and carry them easily. You can add amazing designs to your nail with this.

Paddie comes with all the necessary tools to do nail art. They are easily handled and require a little practice. Now, you can skip visiting the parlour on every occasion to get your nails done. 

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What does the paddie nail kit contain?

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The paddie nail kit comes with the following equipment: 

  1. One tube of poly gel. (15g)
  2. One nail clip.
  3. 20 different nail tips.
  4. One nail brush.
  5. One cuticle pusher.

Specifications of Paddie nail

Let us have a detailed look at the specifications of the paddie nail.

  • You can get many different colors. About 20 different colors are present, which will match your every outfit.
  • The nails dry within one to two minutes. 
  • They are 50% lighter than other acrylics.
  • You can use each nail 5 times. 

How to apply paddie nails?

There are just a few steps to follow in applying paddie nails.

  1. Apply the gel on the nails.
  2. Attach the required color nail
  3. Then, shape the nails as you love.
  4. Apply the glass gel and give your nail a shiny look.
  5. You can even add some designs to the nails.

Removal of paddie nails

These nails are easily removed without any pain. Thus, you can use any removal solution to take out these nails. However, you can also get a nail removal kit with it, which will make the process easier.

Features of paddie nails

Let us have a look at some amazing features of this nail kit.

  • The acrylic nails are durable.
  • There are no harmful chemicals added.
  • No harsh ingredients are added to it.
  • These nail kits are odorless.

Price Range of Paddie Nail

The nail kit usually costs you $44.95. However, an amazing discount of 25% is being offered right now. Thus, you can get them for only $19.95. Isn’t this a steal deal?

Available deals of Paddie Nail

You can get an amazing deal by buying three kits. Thus, they offer 40% off on buying three kits. It will cost you only $59 rather than %99. You can get a complete year’s stock in one buy and enjoy.

Customer Reviews: Are they satisfied?

Paddie Nail Reviews legit or scam

The official website shows some very good reviews from users. One customer says, “Second purchase from Paddie, happy with how long they last and how good they look! 10 min removal using Paddie’s removal kit too.” 

Another one says that the nails will look pretty using the correct poly gel. Another one says that she got the wrong color. However, they exchanged the article and sent the right color. 

Pros and Cons

Let us have a look at the pros and cons.



  • The poly gel is about 15g and can be used for months.
  • You can take them off with any removal solution.
  • Every nail costs you only $0.19/nail.
  • These nails are 30% stronger.


  • It takes time to learn in the beginning.


What are the delivery charges?

They offer free delivery on every order.

How long does the nail last?

The nail will last up to 3 weeks. You can now enjoy the nails for many days.

Does it cause any pain?

They offer a pain-free guarantee for these nails. You can easily remove them whenever you like without any pain.

Final verdict

We bring our users with paddie nail reviews for daily use. They are amazing nails that you can use for three weeks. It contains 20 nails, and you can use each nail 3 times. The colors are according to your taste. The customer reviews are amazing, and the customer service is very responsive. Thus, we recommend you give it a try and get rid of visiting parlors every time.

5 Reviews

  1. I’m so upset with this company. I bought over $100+ worth of products, waited a whole month before I contacted customer service, then magically they said my package was delivered, that I should check with my local post office or my neighbors, and nothing was there. Long story short they Refused to give me a refund and had the audacity to say we’ll ship it again as long as you cover the shipping costs. I’m beyond p.o! I have all my receipts! Also to see that it’s a crap product makes me even more mad. Ugh.

  2. It has been 11 days since I placed my order. They charged me on day 1 but still have not shipped. They do not have an accessible phone number, nor do they respond to emails in a timely manner. It took for emailing to get any kind of response, but still no estimated delivery date nor return of my money. You know that it is a 50/50 chance that anything ordered on line is a scam, but it is still so frustrating. Who knows if the product is worth the money, but if their customer service is an indicator, I’m not hopeful.

    1. Ordered mine January 16th, contacted Paddie February 1st and told them if I haven’t received product by February 16th , I will contact my cc company and tell them this was a fraudulent transaction. Surprisingly I received my order on the 16th. Hmmmm

      1. Do they actually work though? I have been thinking to buy them, but I still have no idea if it is worth it.

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