Paulawow Clothing Reviews: Is This A Legitimate Clothing Website?

Paulawow Clothing Reviews

How you dress is another way of expressing your personality to the world. Even if you are not concerned about dressing, your attire will still define you in every possible way. Fashion somehow plays crucial in determining the culture of your area or country. It’s nice to bring some vibrant colors to life along with some new designs.

You can always add something new after a while to your wardrobe. It makes life enjoyable and fascinating. Thus, one must be aware of new clothing styles and brands to change or buy from after every few months. We bring you Paulawow Clothing Reviews. It is an online website with various clothes from which you can choose. Let’s take you a little deeper to find the legitimacy of the clothing brand.

Paulawow Clothing Overview

Paulawow is an online brand based on selling the best online clothes around the globe. The team laid the foundation of this brand to help people get high-quality yet classy clothes while sitting in the comfort of their homes.

They sell products not even to individual clients but to retailers or shopkeepers who can also look for trendy clothes. Paulawow provides affordable dresses to worldwide clients. Stylish and fashionable garments are now being brought to the market. It is available to everyone in a budget-friendly price range by Paulawow.

What does the Paulawow clothing line offer?

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Paulawow Clothing Reviews1

The Paulawow website shows customers a good range of attire for any event, party, season, or everyday use. You can grab holiday essentials, including fancy party dresses, sparkle blouses, velvet party dresses, and coats.

Furthermore, they also have a good collection of dresses, tops, bottoms, jumpsuits, and stylish rompers on their website. They even have a separate section of velvet luxe. This part has a fascinating collection of velvet coats and dresses that are the perfect attire for the winter season.

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Are the Paulawow clothes economical?

The prices here are affordable. You can get a classic top for under $30. However, the dresses are in a higher range. You can now get velvet dresses at $30 to $40. They also have a good discount on limited dresses which is a steal.

Details about Paulawow website

Paulawow Clothing Reviews2

They purchased the domain recently, on 30th July 2022.

It will expire after a year. They developed it within a few months. Thus, a bit of concern exists regarding its authenticity.

The website lacks the presence of a company address and contact number. Every legit website provides complete details of their customer service offices. However, here you can only find an email address. They have not listed their warehouse address or contact information for clients to reach them.

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Is the content copied?

Yes, it seems that the pictures are copied from other websites. There is a possibility that others may have copied Paulawow’s content. You may never know about it. We have seen that their ripped jeans are on Amazon precisely with the same picture as on Paulawow. Furthermore, one of their long jackets is also on the Joom website. The coat pictures are the same on both sites. The maroon long sleeve coat is currently trending on Pinterest. There might be a chance that the images may be copied, but one might never know.

Return and Refund

Paulawow Clothing Reviews3

Their refund or return policy says that the purchase is returned within thirty days by contacting customer service. However, how can you return them as there is no information regarding this service? They lack any kind of contact information except for a general email address.

Customer Reviews: Is the brand trustworthy?

Paulawow Clothing Reviews legit or scam

The official website has some reviews. The patrons are pleased with the fast delivery and purchase. You can find these in the comment section below every image.

Now, let’s look out for some responses on other websites. We looked on Trust pilot, and it detects that such a page doesn’t exist. This is something highly fishy. We cannot find reviews on other sites. However, some of the responses exist on YouTube. It shows that the images are copied and cropped from others. The description is short, and some reviews might not be original.



  • The website is well-managed.
  • It has a good variety of apparel.
  • They have discounts on certain items.


  • It lacks any contact information.
  • There are no reviews or responses on other websites.
  • The images are copied from other links.
  • It seems to be a scam.

Final Verdict

We bring our readers paulawow clothing reviews. This online store claims to provide the best services and apparel worldwide. However, the responses are absent, with the presence of many loopholes. This makes it quite fishy. So, we suggest our readers do a little research before buying from them. 

5 Reviews

  1. Bought 3 items from here and the quality sucks. Every dress is see through which is absurd. I have better faith in Rosewe to pay 35 for a dress thats not going to look like this garbage. So much for having a nice bday outfit.

  2. I purchased what I thought was a light airy sweater. What arrived looks like a fleece/felty cow print monstrocity. I took a side by side photo “what I bought vs what arrived” and posted it online – everyone laughed bc it was that ridiculous. I emailed PaulaWow asking about return/refund, they wrote back eventually asking for a photo, so I sent the side by side phot I had taken. They never responded. I have since sent 3 more requests for return/refund info and no reply. I realize I took a chance by not researching the company first and it’s only a $32 order. At best, this company is definitely not well run, if not completely sketchy.

  3. Returns are basically impossible. Here is the response I received.

    “You could send back the package to the address below and we will give you refund upon receipt:
    Building A,Room 302, NO. 399 Hengnan Road, Pujiang Town,Minhang District,Shanghai,China
    Zip Code: 201112
    Please be advised:
    1.The returning shipping fee will not be covered by us.
    2. Please send us an Email to tell the returning shipping number and paperwork after returned package be sent out.
    3. It will cost no less than $20-60 to send back.

    1. I am currently trying to return. I FINALLY received a shipping address but not before they offered $15 to keep it. Did you receive the refund?

  4. Can confirm they’re fishy. I ordered and received a dress, it looked like the picture for the most part but was a lower quality than expected. They also don’t REALLY do returns — you would have to pay shipping yourself to send it back to China for more than the cost of whatever you order. Don’t buy from them.

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