Power Xl Duo Nutri Sealer Reviews: The Perfect Seal To Keep The Food Fresh.

Power Xl Duo Nutri Sealer Reviews

Food waste is not a good thing at all. Most of you will place your leftovers or other edibles in the container. When buying, make sure that the box has a vacuum seal. But placing the leftovers in the boxes always gets fungus or bacterial contamination. In such cases, you should look for those that offer the perfect seal. These vacuum sealing tools are getting popular on the internet. It offers the perfect seal against any contamination. But the question is, can you buy any random sealer for that purpose? Of course. Today we are going to review the Power XL Duo Nutri Sealer.

It is the tool that you might have seen in the TV commercial. With one single swipe, it offers the perfect seal to the bags. It claims it keeps the food fresh five times longer than any other method. But is it too good to be true?

In this essay, you will learn about this thing in great detail. What are users saying about it? Is it worth the price? 

What is the top vacuum sealer?

The hustle is packing your food at home or keeping it in the refrigerator. Most of you are afraid of bacterial contamination. So the best means to avoid such things is to go for the seal. But which machine is best for sealing things? Right now, the Anova Culinary Precision Vacuum Sealer is the best vacuum sealer in town. After that, we have another NESCO Deluxe Vacuum Sealer with a Bag Starter Kit. If you talk about the budget, we have the Geryon Vacuum Sealer Machine. The Anova Precision Chamber Vacuum Seale is the best for hunters.

What are the different types of vacuum sealers?

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Power Xl Duo Nutri Sealer Reviews1

So, there are many different kinds of vacuum sealers. But the most common one is the chamber, channel, and nozzle vacuum sealer. So people use a chamber and nozzle vacuum sealer. It is best for a carrier vacuum bag. Both of them are great for commercial usage.

What is PowerXL Duo Nutrisealer?

You might have seen it in various TV commercials, on Instagram, and YouTube, but most of you are unaware of this magical item. As per the business, the primary purpose of this bag is to deal with the pouches that contain things. 

The seal it offers makes the food remain fresh for a longer time. The best part about these bags is that you can keep anything in them with a perfect seal. It is perfect for all of them, whether they are cream, liquid, or solid. Do you know this tool comes with around 100 sets of bags that go best with the sealer?

What is the benefit of PowerXL Duo Nutriseale?

Power Xl Duo Nutri Sealer Reviews

This vacuum sealer locks in the nutrients and prevents them from bacterial contamination.

It keeps the product frozen and prevents any freezer burn.

You can enjoy the tool when you buy it in bulk. Why is that so? Because it offers 60% off on bulk purchases. 

  • You will get the vacuum sealer bags with zippers.
  • It has two storage containers.
  • And two sealer jars.
  • One wine sealer.

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Features of the Power XL Duo Nutri Sealer 

It has an airtight double seal. These double seals add more protection and offer you the right choice to make various bags.

It works great on any bag. 

The vacuum seals any ingredient like:

  • Dry
  • Frozen
  • Fresh
  • Even liquid.

Keep Item Fresh 5X Longer.

This Duo NutriSealer seals in freshness and nutrients while allowing you to prevent freezer burn versus regular freezer storage.

Vacuum Bags Are Without BPA

Bags are boiling water, freezer, dishwasher, and microwave safe.

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Power Xl Duo Nutri Sealer Reviews legit or scam

Can you store anything in the bags they offer with the vacuum?

Yes, you can seals anything from liquid to solid.

Is there any deal going on?

Make purchases in bulk and save around 60%.

Do they offer free shipping?

Yes, they do offer free shipping.

Do they offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, they do offer a money-back guarantee.

Is it easier to use?

It is easy to use. Why is that? It is because

  1. Compact
  2. handheld
  3. You can store it easily.
  4. It has a built-in bag cutter.

Can you use vacuum sealing for liquids?

No, it is not advisable to use only the sealing function for that.

Can you seal non-food items?

Yes, you can seal nonfood items like medicines and others.



  • Easy to use.
  • Compact
  • Offer a double seal
  • Great buyer reviews


  • A vacuum sealer is not the best tool for sealing liquids.

Power xl duo Nutri sealer reviews: What are buyers saying about it

Reviews on Amazon

I like the double seal; I like the one-handed use. The closure clip on end works. I sealed around 12 bags, product still functions. I gave it four stars because, for the price, they do not include the airline to use the jar sealer. For that price, I’m tempted to send it back. The one I purchased comes with baggies that need the hose. I couldn’t use them. That, to me, is abysmal customer service, not to supply something that is required to use something else that is included.

I really do like the sealer. Now to see how long the food lasts.

Another buyer states it is “easy to use, and I use it for everything !!”

Review: Walmart

5 stars review


It’s super easy to use.

I’m in love with this vacuum sealer. I have the other big brand sealer, but it’s bulky, and I end up not using it as often because it is annoying to get out and put away. I keep this one on the counter because it’s small, light, and doesn’t take up much counter space.

6 Reviews

  1. This company is a scam and should be reported to the BBB. I ordered the 2 for 1 deal, just had to pay shipping for second one. Not only did it take almost a month to receive it, they only shipped one. So I went online to check the status and the company canceled the second one without any notification at all. The reviews are terrible which is a lesson learned as I typically always read the reviews before purchasing items from a TV commercial. So now I’m out $130+ for one, not two, crappy sealer.

    Very upsetting, will NEVER buy from this company again and will do my best to ensure word is out across the internet of how terrible this company is.

  2. Purchased Duo sealer direct from the web site about 6 months ago. The only useful purpose of it is the sealer. The vacuum does not remove the air from the bag to seal it. Does not work with other brand bags.

  3. I purchased the Power XL Duo Nutrisealer on October 9, 2022. Its Now November 27, 2022. It never worked right out of the box. Called the company to obtain a refund or a new machine. They were not clear as to which they would provide. The required I take pictures “before and after cutting the electric cord” and submit to them before they would move forward. I did so. To date, have heard nothing. As I was never given the opportunity to actually use the device I can not say if it works or performs as advertised or not. Just frustrated at this point in the outcome thus far.

    St Cloud, MN

  4. I’m concerned as I purchased the Power XL duo nutri sealer and the seal doesn’t work on it. I’ve tried contacting the company to have it replaced but the number is not currently working and no one will respond to my email. Now what do I do?

    1. Call your bank and explain what has happened. I promise they will refund your my bey and the company will have to answer to why they never answered emails. Keep copy of emails so you can send to bank. I’m sorry I’ve been through this!!!! Good luck sweetheart….. your bank will back you up!!!!!’ Good vibes and best wishes, do t let them get by with that cuz there’s a lot of frauds out there. I feel your frustration!!🙏🏻❤️♥️

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