Radiant Fused Anti Aging Cream Reviews: Is It Legit Or a Scam?


After paying thousands of dollars on one in a million serums and various diamond-infused creams, it looks like the grass is always greener on the other side. So, if you desire to prevent such mishaps, it is better to know your skin and pick the desired item. Women in their early 30s start looking for anti-aging remedies because no one wants to have saggy and wrinkled skin. The truth is that aging is a natural process, and you can’t stop it. But the thing is that you can delay that process. But all you really require is to find a suitable skincare regime.

 Many creams and serums are accessible on the market. Many of them promise to reverse the aging process, but most of the time, it never works. But today, we will review the most exciting item on the internet: radiant fusion anti-aging cream. In the glowing fused anti- aging cream reviews, we will cover everything from its features to customer reviews. 

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About Radiant Fused Anti-aging Cream 

So here we are discussing the far-flung claims; the radiant fusion anti-aging cream claims to offer users the following in a few days.

  • Healthy looking skin
  • Cheerful and glowing skin

This promise looks genuine. It is best to have a unique glimpse of these items. Here you will write about the following:

  • its drawbacks
  • The benefits
  • Reviews

Here is the top specification of this item. This product is creamy in consistency and comes in a jar with a lid. Lamoos is the name of the brand that is making this item. You can purchase this product on Amazon, the e-commerce site. Would Like: Eelhoe Collagen Boost Reviews

This item comes in a secure cardboard package. The box has all the data about the product. The plastic jar with a lid consists of 75 ml or 2.3 oz of the product.

This cream is for adults, not kids, and has anti-aging benefits that reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It is a United States base item, and the main purpose of the item is to reduce the anti-aging effect.

Here are some pain points with this item.

  1. This product is Radiant Fused.
  2. It is Radiant Fused Cream.
  3. One of the best Radiant Fused Anti-Aging
  4. It is Radiant Fused Anti-Aging Cream-Single.

Let us move towards the promising features of this product.

Feature of Radiant Fused Anti-aging Cream 

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In this section, we will learn about the promising features of Radiant Fused Anti Aging Cream that make it the best among the other anti-aging items. See More: Trybreeze.Com Reviews

Active Ingredients

Vitamin A: Vitamin A is the best retinoid because it soothes the user’s skin with its anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory features. It also improves the production of collagen.

Vitamin C is best for brightening the skin and reducing dark spots.

Vitamin E keeps your skin moisturized and nourished.

Hydrolyzed soy protein: It helps repair and heal the skin. This active ingredient also minimizes wrinkles.

Plankton extracts have anti-bacterial effects.

Aloe Vera: It soothes the skin and brings comfort and clams to the user of skin cells, offering them a break from dryness, sun exposure, etc. Read Also: Pocoskin Reviews

Other Pain Points Of Radiant Fused Anti Aging Cream

  1. Radiant Fused Anti Aging Cream makes the skin soft.
  2. It soothes the skin.
  3. This cream reduces the signs of aging.
  4. This item makes the skin look brighter.
  5. It has a vitamin punch.

So these are the amazing features of this item. The active ingredients in this item are vital to the product’s effectiveness. Now the active components are making you get one for yourself, but before that, study how to use it.

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How to Use Radiant Fused Anti Aging Cream

The refreshing composition of this cream makes you use it. This product is for both men and women. You can also use it in your early twenties to delay the process of aging. 

  1. Use Radiant Fused Anti-Aging Cream at night. First, double-cleanse your face with a gentle cleanser. 
  2. After that, towel-dry your face. You can also air-dry your face.
  3. You can apply the toner after it depends on you.
  4. Now your skin is ready for application.
  5. Take a small amount and apply it to the entire face and neck. Never ignore the neck because the neck skin ages first.

Pint to remember: Never use this cream in the morning because it consists of retinoids that can make your skin photosensitive. Always apply sunscreen if you are using this cream at night.

Promotion and Discount

Radiant Fused Anti Aging Cream is accessible on Amazon, but this product is not on sale or at any discounts.

Is Radiant Fused Anti Aging Cream legit: Does it work?


The features of Radiant Fused Anti Aging Cream make it look promising. If the product consists of active ingredients, then we make it legit. On Amazon, it has a three-star rating, which makes it quite an okay item.

Customer Reviews

The customer has shared great feedback about this item on Skin Prosac. Amazon also has a good rating.



  • It removes the dead cell layer
  • This item also pumps up the hydration levels
  • Boost elasticity
  • The formula includes botanical extracts
  • It reduces scars, acne spots, etc
  • This item promotes collagen production, which firms the skin
  • Get rid of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Replenishes cell


  • It is costly
  • No unique ingredients


Does it have active components?

Yes, it has active botanic components.

Where can you order it?

You can order it from Amazon.

Final Verdict

Our radiant fused anti aging cream reviews state that this item looks promising. But the price is a little costly as you can get the item with the same ingredients at an affordable rate. but the customer enjoys the results after using it for two weeks.

11 Reviews

  1. Wow – is Kelly Ripa is behind this scam???
    I agree -I was scammed too but can’t find an email from them – wanted to call to cancel. They just sent another jar, I did not subscribe to auto-ship. Anyone have a phone number or email from them? Website? Do you know the name of the company that appears on your credit card statement? I want to have my credit card block payments to them. Would appreciate anyone’s help providing contact info for these crooks.
    Also ordered from FB ad, like Jayne.

  2. This is a scam !!!!! Don’t waste your money. They make you think you only have to pay postage just to get your account information. Read the fine print very closely. Had over 240.00 in charges unexpectedly could not get money back and cream was no good. BE WARE !!!

  3. I have been using this cream for a month now have seen no improvement in anything. Claims will help with bags under eyes and wrinkles it has not done anything. Put it on morning and night every day and still nothing except that it makes me sweat. Would not pay the price…

  4. Complete CROOKS! Ordered, got “serum and cream” called to cancel was told OK done, later got billed again. “Oh you only cancelled the Serum not the Cream”. So here’s another shipment of Cream and another chg for $124. Call again was told this time “OK the account is cancelled but the $124 stands”. Got another shipment, got another chg $124, called again was asked “Did the previous representative give you a cancellation number?” NO they didn’t well OK here is the cancellation number but the latest chg for $124 will stand.
    So these guys three times have told me I’m cancelled chged me $119, $124, $124. I have two unopened jars of useless “cream” . Don’t give these punks your cr cd # they will abuse it!

    1. Biggest scam I’ve ever been a victim of! I impulsively bought the trial jar of cream, got tricked into buying the eye serum and then a few months later was charged over $200. for more of the same and I did not order any more of it! I filed a fraud complaint to my bank and I’m hoping they can get my money back! Meanwhile I’ve had to cancel and get a new debit card so they can’t charge me again! And to top it all off, the product was total CRAP!!!

      1. Wow – is Kelly Ripa is behind this scam???
        I agree -I was scammed too but can’t find an email from them – wanted to call to cancel. They just sent another jar, I did not subscribe to auto-ship. Anyone have a phone number or email from them? Website? Do you know the name of the company that appears on your credit card statement? I want to have my credit card block payments to them. Would appreciate anyone’s help providing contact info for these crooks.
        Also ordered from FB ad, like Jayne.

    2. I have the same problem. No credit of charges because on website page it is said you have to cancel in order not to be charged anymore. So I asked what the website was called and she told me she had no access to that information!!! I can I cancel if no one can give me the website name . Whole thing is a giant SCAM!! And I order thru an ad on FB! Never again. Don’t trust anyone!!

      1. Jayne – were you able to block payments from your credit card company to them? Were you able to find contact info for them?
        Marni – another victim

    3. Hi – do you have the number to call? I’ll try anyway to cancel or at least match the phone number to the charge on my credit card

  5. It appears that the cream I got on promotion is a knockoff. You list ingredients not found on what I received. I read reviews that say it is a scam and I fully believe that. I was told no refund available. That if I didn’t like it to give it to someone or throw it away. I have not seen that on the brand being sold thru Amazon. My creme says it is distributed by Radiant Infused in Costa Mesa, CA. I had a feeling this was not legit and now that I read what it should contain, I believe I got taken. I will be tossing it. Lesson learned.

    1. Stay away nothing but a scam. They charged me over $200.00 for my free sample. When I called …can’t give me a refund but will give me a 20% discount…..wasn’t that nice. Nothing but a big rip off.

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