Rasney Clothing Reviews: Is The Brand Legit?

Rasney Clothing

A woman without shopping is a dead one, perhaps. It is something that makes us all feel alive and happy. It is necessary to shop with time and keep up to date with the current fashion. Your wardrobe needs specific changes as style keeps on changing every year. Your classy clothes make you the center of attention whenever you step out of that house door. Isn’t it right?

However, finding clothes that align with modernism yet are affordable is significant. Certain brands are selling out such garments online. Having such clothing at your disposal is like reaching a goal. Here, we bring you a brand that claims to help our readers choose the best. The rasney clothing reviews are here to find if it’s a trustworthy brand. 

Rasney Clothing Overview

Rasney Clothing1

Rasney clothing is a manufacturing company that deals directly with clients through social media. All the clothes are manufactured and shipped from California, USA. It aims to help out everyone who is a fashionista these days. They claim there is no middle man or retailer in between, and they directly deal with the clients. It is our pride that influencers wear and love their clothes on social media. 

They produce ethical clothes with recyclable fabric and have good retail experience with their team. Let us have a look into further details.

What Does Rasney Clothing Offer?

This clothing brand has a wide variety of apparel for your summer and winter wardrobes. Let us list the options available here.


A good range of colored tops is available here that are double shirts and can easily be worn by everyone. 


They have maxi, mini, and midi dresses to be worn on different occasions. They have casual dresses and long sleeves too. 

Casual and vacation dresses

They have different backless and sleeveless casual attires that you can wear to any party or hang out. These dresses are a must for your office wear to look classy yet elegant. If you are planning a trip, this must surely be a part of your wardrobe. 

Sweater and cardigan

They have a lovely selection of loose and tight-fitting cardigans. Many colors are available, and the stuff is pretty warm. It will make you love these cozy sweaters. 

Two-piece set

They are also offering some co-ord sets for your gym or home wear. You will fall in love with the colors and lose the fitting. 

Autumn and winter

The dresses mentioned above are all for your summer and winter wardrobe. You can wear them and style them with ongoing fashion in any season. 

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Company address

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Rasney Clothing2

The address is not mentioned anywhere on the website. This makes it suspicious as there are no details about its location. 

Shipping details 

They are offering free shipping over $79. It might take a month for your delivery to arrive as it is directly sent from the factory.

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Rasney Clothing3

They are offering a 10% discount coupon. You only have to enter your email address and receive the code in your inbox. It also has a general 5% off coupon if you enter the code “SAVE5.”

Return policy

You can return the products within seven days of receiving the parcel. The clothes must be undamaged and in their original condition. However, there is no return address mentioned. You need to reach their customer service via email to discuss the return process.

Rasney Clothing: Comparison with others.

Rasney Clothing4

Rasney offers a good discount on her clothes, which is not present anywhere else. Furthermore, we looked into using Amazon for such garments. The colors, designs, and prints offered by rasney clothing are hard to find anywhere else. Although Amazon has much cheaper clothes, they are old-fashioned and will never compliment your overall look. Thus, if you’re looking for some good clothes, then Rasney’s must be a go-to stop. 

Customer Reviews about Rasney Clothing

Rasney Clothing legit or scam

The official website has many reviews, and everyone seems happy. They have a good collection of clothes that everyone loves. One of the clients says that the fit is perfect. Another one says that the delivery was slow, yet it was worth the wait.

We checked into Trustpilot to find some more reviews. It shows 200 plus reviews with 4.2 ratings. 

A patron is delighted with her purchase and recommends it to others as well. However, one of them says that their refund policy is not good and no contact information is provided. It seems that the quality is good but everyone is having issues with the customer service.



  • They have a modern design and vibrant coloured clothes
  • A good discount is available.
  • The email address is accessible.


  • They have a low trust index
  • The refund policy is absurd.
  • No contact information is provided, regardless of an email address.
  • Social media accounts lack information relevant to the brand.

Final Verdict

We bring you rasney clothing reviews to find out if it is reliable. Everyone seems happy with the purchase, but a particular drawback leads to a 10% poor rating. This also includes a poor refund policy; no information is given to contact them quickly. The ones having size issues are unable to get a refund. However, overall it seems to be legit. We will still recommend our readers do some of their research before ordering from Rasney’s clothing. 

10 Reviews

  1. The clothing they show is sweater material. I got 4”sweaters” that were very cheep nylon material. Tried to write negetive comment and it was deleayed. NOT shipped from USA. NOT free returns. Was going to cost $67.00 to ship it back to China. Pay Pal would not stand behind their money back guarantee either. DO NO T waste your money. Aweful mayerial

  2. Another person said this company is a total scam and they were right!!! I wish I had thought to google it first i spent almost $300 and they are only offering me $95 back and then said I would be responsible for shipping it back. This company needs to go!!!!

  3. I ordered from this company because the advertising said that the clothes are made in South Carolina, USA. I was willing to spend more for American made products. It is a scam!!! DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!! The fabric was a thin, cheap polyester. NOTHING like the pictures. I will be reporting this company to the appropriate agencies.

    1. This company is deceitful. I also ordered because the clothes were supposed to be made in the USA. They aren’t. American companies are easy to reach and have their addresses known. The quality of what I ordered was poor. The material was thin and sizes were off.
      I tried to have the items returned and credited, but when I actually talked to someone, they would only offer a small credit. It was a fraction of what I spent! I was advised that shipping back would be too expensive. Needless to say, they wouldn’t give me a return authorization.

  4. I ordered 3 shirts, took 3 weeks to get them. All are to small. The size chart is not true to size. Having to email to get a refund. First they offered me 35 dollars and to keep the items. I refused. Next email offered me 65 dollars and I will have to pay return shipping, I refused. The return address on my packaging is from California. Can’t wait to see what they say next! Guess I will be contacting PayPal and dispute the charges.

  5. This company states the clothes are made in the US. Upon receiving items, the bag they were in was clearly marked “made in China”. Fit was a little small so I emailed to see how to return. 2 weeks of unclear emails to discover that Even though the return address said John doe in New York, the ACTUAL return address is in DUBAI! THE COST TO RETURN $80 purchase was $200. Highly recommend you stay away from these people. FRAUD

  6. Your clothes are not what you represent them to be. The material is not cotton. It’s crap. Don’t buy from this company. It’s a rip off. I will never wear this fifty dollar piece of crap.

  7. This company is a SCAM!!!
    I ordered 2 tops that were supposed to have been made in South Carolina, but they were from China!!
    They also stated “free returns”, but not true!!
    I waited 20 days to get my order. When I started tracking my order, the first destination was New Jersey. If it was coming from South Carolina to Georgia, why would it be in New Jersey?? (First red flag.)
    The packaging they came in had Chinese writing on the outside of the package.(2nd red flag)
    When I opened the package, each item was in a plastic bag. On the bags it said (made in China). (3rd red flag)
    I didn’t even take them out of the bag. They are awful and very cheap looking.
    There is no phone number to contact them, only through email.
    I did so asking for a return label and a refund. I keep getting the run around from them.
    1st email they offed me a $14 refund and to keep the items. I refused, so they offered me a $28 refund and to keep the items. Again, I refused so they offered me a $45 refund and to keep the items. Or I could send them back at my cost and then they would refund me the $79.98 I spent.
    The address they gave me was in Dubai!! Really!!!
    I don’t usually spend that much on 2 tops, but they looked so nice and I wanted to support “made in the USA!! Boy was I a fool!! Don’t fall prey to this SCAM like I did.
    Rasney Clothing is a cheap clothing company from overseas!!!!! Don’t waste your money!!!!!!

  8. They are not in the US. They are in Asia and will not stand behind their products. Material is substandard and sizes run 2-3 sizes too small.

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