Sitfeed Reviews: Is It A Reliable Clothing Store Or Just Another Scam?

Sitfeed Reviews

There are thousands of brands that are offering clothes. But can you trust all of them? Many leading names are now offering their services at the best rates. Would you like to try the new brand? If so, then be careful and read the reviews about it. A new brand is getting famous on the internet: Sitfeed. Can you depend on this brand? Many names are too good to be true.

It is an online clothing store that specifically deals with women’s wear. They offer hoodies, jackets, and more. It also has a separate section for Halloween. NBedies women’s has a variety of men’s wear. You could say it is a one-stop shop for both men and women.

Can you rely on this brand? How to find out if the brand is legit or not? It would help if you read the feedback from the buyers and their shipping policy in great depth.

Which is the best site for clothing?

Online shopping is growing in popularity day by day. There are thousands of online stores that sell quality services. If you plan to buy anything online, ensure it’s from a reliable source.

The Best Places to Shop for Clothes Online in 2022

  1. Farfetch. Farfetch. 
  2. H&M. HM. 
  3. J. Crew. J. Crew. 
  4. Madewell. Madewell. See it on 
  5. SSENSE.
  6. The Frankie Shop The Frankie Shop 
  7. Target. 
  8. Uniqlo. Uniqlo. View On

So can you place the supper in this rank? What are the qualities of the best online stores besides quality items?

What are the qualities of a good online store?

  1. The comfort of navigation. It is a critical aspect of the site. 
  2. Quick Load Times.
  3. Clear Policies. 
  4. They offer seamless checkout knowledge. 
  5. The design does not distract from buying. 
  6. Of course, Branded. 
  7. Promotes related items. 
  8. Accurate item Descriptions.

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About SitFeed

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It is an online store that deals with clothing. They have not mentioned whether it is US-based or not. This brand deals with men’s and women’s wear. But the main portion of their website covers the original clothing. 

When we visited the About US section, we found a lot of data about these names. So they mention that they were born in Italy and raised globally. The Academy Find emerged in 2008 out of a high desire for stylish, comfortable, lightweight, and pocket-friendly shoes. So they love to treat buyers’ feet with comfortable shoes.

They are fusing their quality with love for movement to offer you a way of liberation. So whether you are searching for a new place or relaxing on the sofa, their flex-fold technology paired with the memory foam insole will be buyers’ best friend. So, the styles for children, men, and women are the perfect fit for each of you.

They create each design with love; each design is more than just a regular shoe. The promise of offering comfort makes you glide on the floor.

 So when we studied the about us section, we found that the website never matches the data in this section. In the About Us section, they discussed shoes. But on their website, there are no links to the footwear. Is it not a strange thing?

So, can anyone purchase from this website? Is it too good to be true? On the site, buyers can also read the shipping and exchange policies. They also have stated contact info if the customers have any questions. But here are the main things that you need to consider.

Halloween Hoddies

We have studied their Halloween hoodie sections as it is the month for trick or treating. This section contains a variety of alluring hoodies with eye-catching graphics and text.

These hoodies are accessible in the following sizes

  1. SMALL
  3. LARGE
  4. XL
  5. XXL
  6. 3XL
  7. 4XL
  8. 5XL.

So it also has choices for plus-size people. The material of the hoodies is Terry cloth.

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Sitfeed Reviews legit or scam

Is there any discount?

  1. Buy 3 items and save 15% off
  2. Buy 5 items and save 20% off
  3. And Buy 7 items and save 30% off

What is their return policy?

The buyers can request a refund, or exchanges must be made within twelve hours of the order.

 Do they offer free shipping?

Free worldwide shipping on orders over $29

Is it a USA-based brand?

There is no data about it.

How do you contact them?

Can I return my shoes?

For the buyers’ ease and convenience, they accept returns for credit or within thirty days of delivery. 

Do you ship internationally?

International shipping is available on 

What is their mode of payment?

  • VISA 
  • Master Card

Sitfeed Reviews: What are buyers saying?

We have not found any feedback about this brand on its official website or any other platform.

The feedback was provided by ARJ, with 2.58K subscribers.

  • It has a low trust score.
  • It has copied the address location from the other site.


  • The huge variety of women’s hoodies and jackets.
  • It also has a separate section for men.
  • They are offering free shipping.
  • There is a secure payment mode.


  • The about us section is about shoes; no items are linked to shoes.
  • There is no feedback from the buyers.

Final Verdict

So, as per our searches, we have found this site is legit. Why is that so? There are many red flags, like wrong data in the about us sections. There is no feedback from the buyers. The bad reviews from the YouTubers. This site has a low trust score and more.

1 Review

  1. I ordered from them over 2 months ago and never received my package. They sent me a small scarf in a tiny package and I emailed them asking what this was (I ordered 2 sweatshirts and 2 joggers) and they replied saying it was a gift but my package was on the way. It has since been over a month and I have not gotten it in the mail, but their website tracking says it was delivered. I do not recommend ordering from them unless you want scammed. I was so excited for my order, but I guess the cheap pricing should have been my first clue that this website was not reliable. So sad!

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