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Social earn is a platform trending worldwide, especially in the United States of America. It allows its users to earn a large sum of money daily. That too, just by performing simple tasks. However, their offers are too good to be true, and thus it is suspected to be a scam.

Easy money? Definitely a yes! Who would decline an offer to make money effortlessly? 

Intellects might oppose the idea of making quick money because what comes fast usually goes away fast too. However, high school students are always looking up opportunities to make a couple of extra bucks above their pocket money. Read More: Testhomebasics Com Legit

The driving force behind so many of these kinds of websites is the demand for easy money. Even though that is a whole another problem within itself, the main issue that we address here is whether Social Earn, which claims to help you earn tons of money without having to make efforts.

Find answers to all the concerns you may have regarding social earn. Save your time and money and invest your energy only where it is worth it.

What is the website about?

Social Earn is a website that allows its users to earn money simply by promoting the website, referrals, filling out surveys, and other simple tasks. This website promotes various businesses. In turn, allows earning opportunities to many people all over the world. Would Like: Funwithfeet Website Reviews

How does the website function?

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how social earn works

All you need to do is visit the website and sign up. You will be required to enter and verify your email address to complete the signup process.

Once you’re in you will be given multiple tasks that may pop up on your screen. Must Like: Reviews

First of all, you get a signup bonus of $25. This is free money, quite literally.

After that, you can earn money by sharing the website. You earn when your friends click on the link that you shared, and you earn extra when your friends sign up using your referral links.

You can also earn by watching videos and downloading gaming applications on your phones. These are various advertisements that are sponsored. 

Another way to earn social earn is by filling out simple surveys.

You can withdraw money anytime anywhere with Venmo, Bitcoin, and PayPal.



  • Easy way to make money
  • Promotes various businesses
  • Active social media presence
  • HTTPS encrypted website


  • The website was created just 3 months ago.
  • Low trust index
  • Attractive offers in the advertisements that do not exist in real
  • Domain license expires

What do the customers/users have to say about Social Earn?

To many people, including our team, the offers seem to be too good to be true. People have been discussing Social earn on many platforms. They have been reviewing this initiative on the official website of social Earn, social media handles, as well websites such as Quora.

Social Earners say that this is the easiest money-making way that they have come across. The tasks are simple and do not consume much of their time. They enjoy playing various games that they downloaded to earn money.

For many people, signing up on social earn was merely experimental, out of boredom, or to just help out a friend, but with time they started getting invested in it and made it a part-time income source.

They recommend this platform to anyone and everyone who would like to make some quick money. Don’t Miss: Reviews

Some negative reviews also exist where people talk about their wallets being emptied without them withdrawing money. This annoyed and disappointed those to their core who had invested a lot of energy and time into social earn.

Is Social Earn legit or not? How can we tell that?

Customer reviews pretty much convinced us that the website is legitimate. Several people have posted good things about the website and have provided shreds of evidence of their earnings. They have been seen promoting it on their social media handles and withdrawing cash out instantly as well.

Do some people argue whether this is a legitimate source of earning or just a pyramid scheme?

Many social earners have confirmed that they did not pay a single penny while signing up, and thus it is not a pyramid scheme. 

Moreover, what makes us believe that it is legitimate is the active social media presence of social earn. They have a functioning Facebook as well as an Instagram page. The site is HTTPS protected which is a benefit.

However, since it was created just three months ago in September 2021. The trust index for social earn is only 1% which is considered very low. The contact information mentioned on the website is not functional. ( Therefore, there is no way to connect to the owners of this platform.

Above all, there is always a chance of all the reviews being solely made up. Thus, there is a big possibility that the whole thing may be a big scam. Explore More: Testerup Reviews

Final Verdict

Majorly these kinds of websites that attract you towards effortless money are a scam. 

Such websites have viral and malicious advertisements being displayed that can harm and induce viruses and malware to your device.

According to social earners worldwide they have made money and are still using it. Since they seem satisfied and haven’t had any such issues while working on social earn we believe that it is a legitimate site.

However, negative reviews also exist and that is something to be considerate of before stepping into the world of social earning.

45 Reviews

  1. Report this site its full of malware and will not give you anything its simple a spam site. report to google and have this site taking down. I never went though the full things as i can tell this is a scam app. Be careful and tell others to stay away from this site.

  2. Son unos malditos sólo engañan que si cumple con 30 imvitados te pagan, que si esto que si lo otro y nada, hice como 4000 usd en 3 cuentas y con fecha de pago y ahora se desaparecieron

  3. Social earn sucks. i have have 180 dollars that i have earned but i cant cash out. they ask me to try certain apps but it says apps are not available. I have just waisted my time. fuckkkkkk the app

  4. you are right. i have tried to cash out but it tells me to finish all the procedures like taking the survey and testing the apps. when i try to open the apps, it says the apps are not available but they are coming soon.

  5. The website is a scam. I never received my payout & they changed their website. So now if I sign in with my old account it’s telling me the username/account doesn’t exist.

  6. This website is scam. Full of malware. If you have antivirus such as Avast on your Labtop’s, it would block when you attempt to open the surveys and application. I downloaded the extension they offer and it’s full of malware. It has deleted everything on my laptops. I lost everything on it. It’s sad. Also, you need to accumulate 200 dollars to cash out. I had accumulated 125 dollars but never cashed it .

  7. Did u get your cash out really ,Please don’t scam us anymore ,I was hoping so much but still I have hope ,some on Google it says is legit ,they really pay for you.

  8. The site has never paid out and you can’t reach allison she is never on line i think she is everyones manager and thats messed up the time and effort you put into it and nothing i will sign a petition with the rest of you

    1. I will sign a petition as well I never received my payout or my rewards I did everything correctly and my payout was approved however I never received anything and when I tried to contact customer service they never email back or answer on Skype smh…

  9. I completed and cashed out haven’t received a dime it is truly a scam I was really hoping it wasn’t but you can’t email anyone they have one manager Allison she looks at messages on Skype but doesn’t respond. It was a complete waste of my time. It’s really 😔 sad.

  10. This shit is a very big scam. On completion of my tasks I was denied access of login in to my account
    This website should be pulled down😡✊

  11. Don’t register don’t believe them don’t even download anything they are scam and the Government should shut them down for this!!! Social earn is scam!!!!

  12. I have not got paid at all! There is no one to contact a complete waste of time! They should be sued.

  13. Socialearn is definitely a scam I cashed out 4x got payment dates and all. Did not see no money and hurt my credibility with family and friends I cashed nearly 11783.94 dollars and still waiting They need to be shut down for false advertisement talking bout trying to keep you from scamming them and they turn around and scam you what is this reverse psychology or something I’m with whoever wants signatures for a petition to bring this campaign to the ground and those reviews are fake they want to control the narrative and the message I’m sorry for all you who got scam

    1. I’m willing to petition. Social Earn is a whole fkin’ SCAM!
      I’m about 2 months overdue for my cash out payment & have received nothing at all, as of yet!

    2. I’ll do a petition! I was so happy I’m a widow and thought I’d have my bill money and lil extra and nothing. And I did a lot ! So upset

    3. I had a friend that had 14,500 plus dollars. She didnt get a red cent. They got me for 1200.00 and went ghost. Definitely a scam sight.

      1. That never pay, this is all fake at the end!!! I meet all requirements, was waiting for 28 days to collect my payment and $0 , that what I got. Nobody answered when you try to get in contact etc. Just don’t waste your time

    1. Good luck…smh. if you get paid, you’ll be the only person to ever get money from these crooks!

  14. Socialearn is definitely a scam I cashed out 3x got payment dates and all. Did not see no money and hurt my credibility with family and friends I cashed nearly 4000 dollars and still waiting They need to be shut down for false advertisement talking bout trying to keep you from scamming them and they turn around and scam you what is this reverse psychology or something I’m with whoever wants signatures for a petition to bring this campaign to the ground and those reviews are fake they want to control the narrative and the message I’m sorry for all you who got scam

  15. I completed all the tasks, I was told to wait till a specific date which is 14days from the very day I click cashout, they said because they have to verify my task. I checkwe back and its all verified, I should be getting the money on Jan 6 2022. Today is 7th I didn’t receive anything yet.

  16. I think that platform is nothing but a scam. I performed all the tasks and earned a lot… Boom they stopped me from going into my account. Wtf

  17. I will be reporting social earn to the BBB. I have a big following and I referred a lot of people to them and haven’t received any of my money and neither have they. I will get this site shut down before 2022 is over with. You don’t play with peoples time and money especially mines. Hope it was worth playing on people’s need for making extra money because social earn is about to lose big. Mark my words

  18. This socialearn is nothing but a scam The Apple store should be ashamed of themselves for letting this app be on their site bringing in these kids expecting to get paid and they get nothing social media is going to hear and see so people stop using this site

  19. Social earn is a scam. I completed all my tasks, I done the surveys, I got all of my invites. My scheduled payment day was today. I haven’t received anything yet. It’s messed up that y’all have people do all of this stuff. To end up not even getting paid the money that you earned.

      1. Hello everyone I have Past completed all tasks and alot of refferals(30) my first payment schedule date (10/04/2022) $1206 to my jazzcash account but haven’t received yet nothing and second payment schedule date (19/04/2022) to jazzcash account still nothing receive I’m trying to login my old account but it says incorrect username and password don’t waste your time and social earn total fake site I wil report you about social earn fake reviews 😡😡😡😡😡😡

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