Soft Serve Clothing Reviews: The Best Cotton Hoodies, Joggers and Zippers

About Soft Serve Clothing

about soft server clothing

We asked thousands of men and women, what they considered to be the essential part of their wardrobe. The majority of them replied that the wardrobe is incomplete without hoodies.

It shouldn’t be difficult to find hoodies. Numerous brands make them. However, it definitely is difficult to find good-quality hoodies with soft and comfortable fabrics that are vibrant and trendy.

Such a brand that rules over the internet these days is Soft Serve, which manufactures unisex hoodies. The company has an extravagant social media presence of more than 50K likes on Facebook and about 55K followers on Instagram.

But is the brand worth spending your hard-earned money on? Read along to find out the answers to all the questions that you may have in mind regarding the Soft Serve Clothing Store. It will definitely help you make your decision.

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Overview of Soft Serve Clothing

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soft serve clothing overview

Aiming to create the softest hoodies ever, the soft serve clothing store uses purely organic cotton and recycled water bottles only for their production. This makes all the raw material sustainable and environment friendly.

The brand believed in creating a hoodie for everyone so most of their items are unisex. This provides both men and women with a perfect blend of comfort and style with ease.

Soft serve clothing believes in detailing that satisfies customers and you will see each piece being sown to perfection.

Some of the highlighted features of the store are listed below:

Highlights of the Brand:

  1. Soft and comfortable fabric
  2. Trendy designs
  3. Unisex hoodies
  4. Affordable prices
  5. Ships internationally
  6. Year-round sales and discounts

Soft Serve Clothing Best Sellers Review

Soft serve clothing staying true to their culture are the manufacturers of the softest cotton fabric ever. Their hoodies are vibrant, cruelty-free, and environmentally friendly.

Let’s have a look at the best sellers from Soft Serve Clothing.

Cloud Cotton Hoodie Review

Cloud Cotton Hoodie Review

Made from the softest, most comfortable, and enduring material is the Cloud Cotton Hoodie. The fabric of their hoodies is made from organic cotton and recycled plastic bottles. (Adipex) The hoodies are unisex. They are available in multiple sizes and extraordinary colors which include; classic jet black, shark steel blue, deep purple, marvelous magenta, perfect grey, blush pink, ocean mint, pastel peach, and sky blue.

The Cloud Cotton Hoodie with its perfect material and perfect finish feel light and soft when worn, making you cozy and at ease. The size chart is with reference to women’s size, the company advises the men to buy a size larger.

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Cloud Cotton Zipper Review

Cloud Cotton Zipper Review

Next in line is the Cloud Cotton Zipper. Like their other hoodies, the cloud cotton zipper also has a feathery light texture and a smooth feel to it. As the company claims, it is the softest zipper hoodie in the world. Fabric synthesized from recycled bottles and organic cotton is used in its making.

The colors available in this category are jet black, deep purple, ocean mint, perfect grey, shark steel blue, and blush pink. Its size chart is according to men’s fitting, women are advised to buy a size smaller than theirs.

Cloud Knit Blanket Hoodie Review

Cloud Knit Blanket Hoodie Review

Equally comfortable, soft, and cozy is the Cloud Knit Blanket Hoodie. Along with being warm and pleasant, they are also stylish and can be worn wherever you want.

The hoodie is available in sizes large and above in the shades navy blue, midnight black, shark steel blue, deep purple, periwinkle pixie dust, blush pink, and bone white.

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Who Is Soft Serve Clothing For?

For somebody who is obsessed with hoodies, cannot want to upgrade their hoodie collection, or can always find space to fit more hoodies in their closet, this store is no less than heaven for you.

If you are looking for some chic and iconic hoodies to revamp your winter wardrobe, your go-to place is none other than Soft Serve Clothing Store.

The designs are fashionable, the colors are vibrant and the prices are affordable.

Soft Serve Clothing Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

soft server clothing reviews

Customers have given the brand excellent feedback and all of them seem to be super happy about their purchase. How could they not post such amazing reviews on their website?

Listed below are a few testimonials of the customers posted in the reviews section of the website.

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A customer thanked soft serve by saying: 

“I love your hoodies for me it’s important that they are soft bc I have hypersensitivity to touch and get cold very easy!! So this hoodie helps with both things and I love how it fits they are true to size and are extremely comfortable!!! It’s worth the price you pay!!! Thankyou!!”

Another customer writes: 

“I have 7 items from your company and have ordered as a gift also. Great quality! 

Also your customer service is top quality. I had an issue with an order I placed as a gift back in December and it was resolved to my satisfaction. Thank you!”

One satisfied customer says:

“I have purchased several items from Soft Serve clothing, including hoodies, lightweight hoodies, lounge wear and a blanket. The material is amazingly soft and the pictures don’t adequately convey how beautiful the colors are. I am very happy with my purchase.”

We did not rely solely on the reviews found on their website but dug deep into finding reviews from other credible sources also such as Trustpilot. We found out that soft serve has a rating of 1.9-star on Trustpilot, revealing the majority of them were negative reviews where customers complained about the quality of the yarn and about the delivery process taking way longer than promised.

Let’s have a look at what these customers have to say.

“Really wish I had researched more before purchasing. These hoodies were overly expensive so I thought surely they’d be amazing, but after one single wash, the hoodie pocket detached on the side. Like others I see, I reached out to customer service to see if they could help – no offer to return, just a $25 credit for future purchases. No thank you, I’ll pass on sending more money their way. No concern in response about quality control and lot#. I would advise others to just keep scrolling and save your money.”

Is Soft Serve Clothing Worth It?

Soft Serve Clothing Worth It

Based on the customer satisfaction index, their overall terms of service, and customer support system, the brands seem to be quite promising. They know what they are doing and how they are doing it.

They have great reviews on their Facebook page and Website but third-party websites have negative things to say about the brand.

Despite the fact that the designs look appealing and the pictures make you feel like this is a must-have item, ask the brand about concerns that you have. Talk to people who have purchased before as mixed reviews are to be seen all over the internet.

The designs are cute and we understand you might be facing problems resisting buying the hoodies, there’s always a chance that you end up receiving low-quality products.

Soft Serve Clothing Promotions & Discounts 

Currently, the website is having a sale varying from product to product and offers up to 50% of selected items, however, all articles are marked down to a considerable extent.

Signing up for their newsletter gives you exclusive access to $10 off your first order. It can be applied to anything you wish to purchase.

For now, we were unable to find any discount codes, however, subscribing to their newsletter and following their social media handles will keep you updated on discounts, promotions, and exclusive orders.

Where to Buy Soft Serve Clothing?

Their official website is the

Find all of their latest collections and shop out your heart from here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Soft Serve Ship its products internationally?

Yes, Soft serve ships its products internationally. As the brand claims, people all over the world can order these cruelty-free, softest hoodies ever. However, the customs duties imposed on orders outside the USA are to be dealt with by the customers themselves.

What is the brand’s shipping policy?

Shipping takes about 3 – 7 business days within the United States and outside of the States, it takes 7 – 14 business days. Shipping charges apply depending on your location.

What is the brand’s return policy?

 The brand has a very strict return policy. Items must go through the return portal to be processed for return. Parcels are applicable for returns only if purchased on actual price, sale items will not be considered unless found defective. Moreover, there is no guarantee that you will receive the same colored article in exchange due to pieces being limited in number.

Who owns Soft Serve Clothing Company?

Unfortunately, we were unable to find the company’s owner’s name. It is not listed on their website nor does any third-party website has any information regarding it.

How to Contact Soft Serve Clothing?

The store is operational online only.

Soft Serve clothing can be contacted via the email address mentioned on their website. Unfortunately, there is no phone number mentioned that can be used for communication. The only mode of communication is via

You can also drop them a message on their Facebook or Instagram handles. They are seen to be highly active over there and tend to respond to customer queries faster.

Get Access to Exclusive Deals

Keep yourself updated on all the exciting offers that Soft Serve Clothing Store has for its customers by signing up for their newsletter. They also offer a $10 discount on your first order after you have signed up.

8 Reviews

  1. Do not order from this company. It is a scam. You will lose money. Placed an order totaling $207 on November 28, 2022. I have not received my items. I have not received a refund. At the time of my order, all items were in stock. My items were never shipped. The company did not contact me to let me know any items were back ordered or unavailable. I had to contact them for updates (please see their actual responses below). I received several offers for free merchandise or a credit. Why would I want either of these things when my original order was not fulfilled and communication and customer service was poor at best?

    From Soft Serve Clothing (after I emailed them)
    Hi Nancy,
    I wish I had a better update. The production team just informed us that the shipping out of orders is a bit longer than we’d hoped. The orders are set to ship out June 30th. However, this is the exact date that the items will ship out and there will be no more changes. We’re so sorry about the difficulty this delay has caused. I’m upgrading your shipping in the meantime and I completely understand if you prefer to cancel. But if you would like to wait, we would love to add on a free tote to your order as a token of appreciation for your patience.

    Hi Nancy,
    Thank you for reaching out.

    We received more details regarding the delays and wanted to be transparent with you about the current status of orders.

    In the middle of our last round of production, our manufacturing partner closed their business due to the rapid spike in cost increases from the supply chain issues. Unfortunately, since all of our items use proprietary processes for manufacturing it took us much longer than anticipated to get our production up and running with a new supplier. Since this is our first round of manufacturing with our new supplier we wanted to be certain that the items were up to the high standards of the Soft Serve items everyone has come to love.

    Regardless, we take full responsibility for the delays and understand how this has affected your experience with our company. Our production team has guaranteed that all orders will be shipped out on August 31st. I completely understand your concerns, and I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused. If you would like to wait, I would like to send over a $50 gift card as a token of our appreciation for your patience and understanding.

    Our production is back up and running and working hard to catch up on orders. As soon as your order ships you will receive a separate email with your tracking information.

    Thank you for sticking by us while we traverse this difficult time with our small business. We’re truly sorry we weren’t able to meet the time frames relayed earlier.
    Customer Care Specialist
    Soft Serve Clothing

    7-11-23 my response (and my similar subsequent responses)
    Thank you for your email. At this point, I’d just like to cancel the order and receive a refund.
    Thank you,

    Hi Nancy,
    Thank you for confirming, I understand, just before I send the request, I wanna see if I can change your mind. If you are willing to wait, I am happy to add a free item for you, just let me know what size you’d like. How does it sound? But if you prefer to go ahead with the cancellation and refund, just let me know.
    Customer Care Specialists

    Hi Nancy,
    I understand, and I sincerely apologize for the delay and any disappointment this may have caused you. I have already submitted a request to cancel the order. Please accept my apologies once again, and I hope you have a fantastic rest of the week!
    Customer Care Specialists
    Soft Serve Clothing

    Hi Nancy,

    I apologize for the delay in processing your refund. I have sent a follow-up request to ensure that it is taken care of as soon as possible.

    I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, and I appreciate your patience. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out. Have a great rest of the week!

    Customer Care Specialists
    Soft Serve Clothing

    Hi Nancy,

    I apologize for the inconvenience caused by the delay in processing your refund. Unfortunately, we encountered a backend issue that has been preventing us from processing refunds. Our IT team is fully aware of the situation and is working diligently to rectify it as quickly as possible.

    Rest assured, we are doing everything in our power to expedite the resolution, and we expect to have everything sorted out within the next few days. I genuinely appreciate your patience and understanding during this challenging time. Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us, and we are committed to providing you with the best service possible. If you have any further concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly.

    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

    Customer Care Specialists
    Soft Serve Clothing

    Hi Nancy,

    Please know that resolving this issue remains our top priority at this time. Regrettably, it has not been completely resolved as of yet, but I want to assure you that our dedicated team is actively working to fix it. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and I truly appreciate your patience and understanding during this process.

    Although I wish I could offer more specific details, I am hopeful that the matter will be resolved soon, allowing me to promptly wrap it up for you. Thank you for your continued patience, and please feel free to reach out if you have any further questions or concerns.

    Customer Care Specialists
    Soft Serve Clothing

    I followed up again on 1-3-24 and have not received a response.

    Caveat emptor

  2. Ordered 10/22 and still waiting for my order. Can’t get a refund just total bs excuses. I ordered previously and it was great. Such a shame they turned to crap service. Actually no service

  3. I’m still waiting for an order from June 2022 (it’s now Nov 2023). I have been told that the order has FINALLY left the production facility and is on it’s way to the distro site. I’m giving it a couple more weeks and then I’m giving up. It’s too bad, I have received other orders from them in the past and the quality was great, super soft, really comfy clothes. Unfortunate that they have gone downhill so badly.

  4. I placed a $78 order back on March 4, 2023. Never received my order or the refund I requested. Corresponded with them numerous times and was told on each email they would be shipping it. This is a terrible company and don’t order unless you want to through your money away for absolutely nothing!

  5. I bought 2 hoodies in December 2022. Initially products were supposed to be shipped in Jan. My item was never shipped and in May I asked them to refund my order. I’ve been asking for a refund for 5 months now. Their excuse is that some refund machine is broken. What a crock of 💩
    I couldn’t give no stars but 0/5

  6. This company is shameful, has screwed thousands of customers. Facebook has a SOFT SERVE CLOTHING REVIEWS that spell it out.

  7. I placed an order in the first week of October, and got a confirmation stating the product would ship in early November… and never heard from them again. I reached out in early January expressing my displeasure that there had been no further communication regarding delays, and requesting to cancel my order. I was offered a gift card, which I declined. I was then offered a mystery item, which I declined. I have now asked for a refund more than three times and still no refund and no item.

  8. Shipping is more like 3-6 months if ever (it was better early on in the pandemic, but I gave yet to receive anything ordered since 2021, and one item I had to finally dispute the charges on my credit card when they kept telling me several times over the course of two months “it will ship in two weeks” after I had already waited 4 months before even contacting them).

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