Tlora Clothing Reviews: 7 Things You Should Know About Tlora

TLORA is a relatively new player in the women’s clothing space, and they’ve been making a big splash. But is it all hype, or are they legitimately offering some of the best clothes out there for women? In this Tlora clothing review, we take a look at Tlora clothing and what they have to offer. We’ll also explore whether or not we think their clothing is worth your hard-earned money. Let’s get started!

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  2. Is Tlora Legit
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  4. Tlora Clothing Reviews
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Is tlora clothing legit or scam

So, you are looking to buy a new top, dress or some other item of clothing from Tlora? Here are 7 things that you should know about Tlora clothing before making your purchase.

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1: Facts About Tlora Brand

tlora clothing brand

Tlora is a brand that sells clothing directly to consumers. They offer a great selection of women’s clothing, including tops and dresses for every occasion. They also have two-piece sets in different colors to sweeten up your wardrobe with some trendy pieces! The company has eliminated the middleman and any additional fees involved in order to maintain high-quality products at an affordable price point, all while maintaining trendiness among their customers with beautiful designs from amazing factories across Asia!

tlora whois

However, it is worth noting that the brand is fresh. It was established in September 2021. The owner of this brand is so protective and private that they refuse to show themselves. This isn’t a very trusting way for customers, who may want more information on what makes their brand tick! This brand mostly promotes clothing on the Facebook platform.

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2: Facts About Tlora Clothing and Prices

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Tops are the most popular items in Tlora’s clothing. In this Tlora clothing review, we’ll take a look at some facts about tops and why you should buy one for yourself or as a gift!

tlora tops

Youthful Round Neck Print Short Sleeve Top is being heavily promoted on Facebook by tlora. It’s no surprise that this dress is perfect for your next beach day. The neckline, sleeve length and pattern type all work together to create an effortlessly elegant look without compromising comfort!

tlora tops on other website

However, it’s worth noting that this dress is also available on many other sites. The price Tlora offered is $29, which can be considered expensive compared to what you’ll find on some websites, where they charge just 27 dollars!

3: Facts About Website Quality:

The website is not so professional and difficult to navigate although images of clothing are of high quality.

4: Facts About Shipping and Return Policy

tlora clothing tops 2

The brand offers free shipping for orders over $79! They claim shipping via USPS or FedEx can take 35 business days to arrive. Express delivery is available with DHL and UPS as well.

It seems like people who buy from this website have a worse experience when it comes to shipping.

Tlora’s refund policy is a little stricter than most companies. It’s important to contact Tlora customer service as soon as possible after receiving your order and return it within 30 days of receipt for a full refund. They don’t allow shipments without an authorized shipping label from the company itself!

There have been some bad reviews about Tlora’s refund policy but people are happy overall.

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5: Facts About Social Media Presence

tlora clothing on social media

Tlora’s social media presence is a mess. They update their Facebook page with new designs and coupon codes, but they delete negative comments from customers about website issues or poor service experiences if someone leaves them on one of these platforms. On Instagram, there are 90 followers who receive all the same information as long-standing fans – which means that anyone looking at Tlorarush coupons online would be getting steals without ever interacting in person! There isn’t even an account for Youtube where people can see what this company has going viral lately.

6: Facts About Payment Mode

This brand accepts Paypal and all major credit cards for payments. We are not sure how secure this website is, However, we can’t help you if your card info has been compromised by hackers!

7: Facts About Customer Service

Tlora’s email address ( is listed only as being for help and support, but it looks like it might be associated with another company. The logo on the page says “epiomail,” which isn’t her actual domain name at all-that should make you cautious! Therefore, we are not too sure about the authenticity of this email address. It seems suspicious to us, This raises some questions about who they really are and what kind of company this might be for! But I guess you can check it out before making a decision!

Tlora Clothing Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

tlora clothing customer reviews

You can’t always trust what you read on the internet. This is because some people are more likely to post reviews about their bad experiences with a company than good ones, so it’s important that before making any decisions we check out these websites for ourselves and make sure they’re legitimate!

The Tlora clothing website has an average rating of 4.2 stars on Trustpilot, with over 80% of reviewers giving it a great review and many describing how their latest purchase was both flattering and well made – but there’s one problem: many customers have complained about delays or non-delivery (or even both). While these negative experiences aren’t shared by all shoppers who shop at this site, however; those reviewing them seem happy enough to go ahead anyway, despite knowing what others went through!

One buyer said,

It’s hard to know how these will turn out, but the customer service was great and they arrived in perfect condition. There were some issues with the delivery time on one order so hopefully, that wasn’t an indicator of future performance!

Another said,

The tops are so beautiful! They have that silky fabric and they fit just right. I think it’s because of how much beer we drink in America, but the sizes seem smaller than what you would expect for a woman who wears an extra small or large shirt normally – no worries though as long as your measurements match up with this size chart (which is why there’s room).


Overall, the brand is new and people are still getting used to it. Some prices are higher than average, but overall support has been good. Shipping times have also been satisfactory.

Please keep in mind that we only assess a brand’s worth based on considering both an online presence and social media popularity. Please contact us if any information is missing so that we can update it.

Have you tried out this brand yet? What was your experience? Leave a comment below and let us know.

13 Reviews

  1. We are all so used to quick delivery and easy returns because of Amazon. After I ordered two dresses from Tlora, I wondered if I had made a mistake. I was drawn in by the cute looking dress on Facebook.

    It took a while for them to arrive and I want to return one because it does not look as good on me as I hoped. I have a feeling that unless I can tell them that there is a defect, they won’t let me return it. I WILL NOT order from them again.

  2. DO NOT order from this company.
    If you receive a damaged garment you are out the money. They will not send you a return label. I was offered $9 for a purchase of $46 and told me I could keep the item. And what can I do with a damaged item other than throw it in the garbage!?

  3. I had the same issue. I received my order and tried it on right away knowing I only had a short time to return it. Looked nothing like the picture and in the description it said gold flecks which actually looked like leopard material. They also offered me 12$ and keep the dress then 27$ and return it at my expense. I returned it sent them a copy of my post office receipt and imagine that no response since. I will be contacting my credit card company to see what they can do. It’s funny there refund policy says return no problem…not!!!! I strongly suggest be aware of this company.

  4. At first their return button only lead you back to the products page. I have file a complaint with my credit card company. They are up to a $47 dollar return payment! CRAZY

  5. Ordered the cutest tops ever! They arrived. The seams were barely 1/16 th inch wide. They weren’t the ones I ordered. The material was cheap. Trying to contact the company was like trying to fly to the moon in a helicopter.

  6. Trying to get a refund or return a product is impossible. Clothing is cheap and does not look like what is posted on their website. When I received the two dresses it listed the merchant as PingPong. First they offered me a $12.00 refund, then they offered me $28 to keep the dresses. I have a charge of $89.98 on my credit card and they will not send me a return slip so I can return them. Now I have a credit card dispute in process.

  7. Horrible company
    Dresses are cheaply made and designed
    Trying to get my money back is a nightmare
    So far they are offering 25 on a 80 purchase

  8. I ordered 2 dresses which took 4 weeks to arrive. The dresses didn’t well so I emailed and asked what the refund process was. I knew I had 30 days. I emailed several times over a week and they finally responded asking if I would take $12.00 and keep the dresses. I said I spent $80.00 and would like to return them for a full refund. I got no response until I contact the credit card company to file a claim. I received an email stating I was going to get a full refund and it would take 5 days to hit the credit card company. Fingers are crossed. Beware if you want to return the items.

    1. I had the exact same experience. I paid $84.98 for two dresses and they offered me $12 and said I could keep them. I wrote back and said that wasn’t acceptable. Waiting to hear back from them. Next step is going to my credit card company. Never again will I order from an online company except Amazon which has an amazing return policy.

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