Tribel Reviews: Is it a Secure Social Network?

tribel review

Various social media platforms are growing rapidly, providing users with access to various communication tools. Social media platforms provide access to their users to have conversations, share information, and access various types of information and web content. It helps them find jobs, buy products, and for various other purposes. Social media marketing helps brands connect with customers and fosters new business.

These platforms allow you to share your blogs, micro-blogs, and wikis and allow you to access other social networking sites, such as photo-sharing sites, instant messaging, and video-sharing sites. Read More: Is Verihend Legit

Even though there are already present social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., a new website has been launched to provide people access to their friends and family. Here we present you with tribel reviews to provide awareness about its use.

About Tribel

Tribel is a very smart social networking app where you can post and it will immediately reach the right audience. You finally get the recognition you deserve for making great posts. The Tribe is an open-source and cloud-based social networking platform. TRIBE is the world’s fastest-growing self-serve marketplace, connecting brands, and agencies with social media influencers. See Also: Reviews

It is a website that hosts an online community or group of friends, similar to other social networking sites. This free social media networking website integrates with Google Analytics, allowing users to track usage and other relevant activities.

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Is it legit? Does it work?

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tribel legit or scam

Tribel has Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts to promote its app and its use. From what can be seen, the app is highly maintained and works well. It seems to have a great user response, lacking much negative feedback. Must Like: Testergigs Com Legit

This app seemed to work fine until now, but is still not very popular. A few percent of people are aware of the app. It has about 381k followers on Facebook, showing a good response.

Specification of Tribel

Tribel is a social networking app with the following specifications:

  • It is a customizable community platform to connect, engage, and retain customers.
  • Tribel is a collection of digital interactions derived from social networks.
  • It instantly adds social features.
  • It allows users to grow organically.
  • Get user insights by analyzing activity data.

Features of Tribel

Tribel is growing quite popular because

  • It is a self-hosted app.
  • Tribel allows users to tag and get notifications.
  • It has various search features.
  • Increase user engagement with gamification, AMAs, polls, and incentive systems.
  • Google Analytics integration is present.
  • It provides the user with space and content tagging.
  • Regulatory compliance is provided.
  • Permissions are taken from the user.
  • Analytics tools enable users to measure and monitor community performance accurately.

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How to Use?

Users can gain access by signing in using established platforms such as Google, Facebook, Slack, and LinkedIn. One has to download the app from their smartphone’s app store. You have to create an account to sign in and access the app. 

After gaining access, you can invite your friends and post memes or business posts on the app, anything that would make you connect to other people. You can also join groups to meet new people. It is a very simple-to-use app like others. You have to create an account and gain access to it.

Promotion and Discount

You can have free access to the app in the beginning. They have various offers for free, just like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. This app is also free, and you can enjoy it just by downloading it from the app store.

Customer Reviews

People seem to be quite happy and say that the Tribel team is professional. Tribel’s creative approach ensures customer satisfaction at various levels. Customers’ reviews show that they find it to be a good platform for laying a community foundation and an effective means of communication. So, the customer review holds a vital part of the application rank. It is best to review first and then install the app. Would Like: What time do staples open today?



  • Allow people to connect.
  • It helps in finding new jobs and information.
  • Marketing for brands just got easier.
  • promotion of your products.
  • Keep in touch with friends.
  • It shows the star contributors separately.


  • Already, social media apps are widely available.
  • It does not have a video chat option.
  • I need to download it from the apple store.


A few questions are frequently asked by users. So here are the most commonly asked questions that might help you in this manner.

Is it present on all social media? Yes, it is present on all handles. 

Does it allow the user to contact different people? You can contact your friends and other people.

Can you invite your friends to it? Yes, you may invite anyone you want on the app.

Final Verdict

You can read tribel reviews and get an idea of how the app works. It is a social networking app like the early days of Facebook, and you will enjoy connecting with people through this new application. As a result, we recommend that you conduct extensive research before using any application, as they may contain viruses.

58 Reviews

  1. I have been on Tribel for a while now. I have voiced my issues with the very things that plague every social media site.
    I voiced them and many ways, through humor, through directly addressing the culprits and through posting moderate observations. Yes, it is filled with narcissistic people, who need to dominate the conversation, people who are just there to fulfill a need to be noticed by accumulating those pesky stars (kindergarten behavior) and boasting as many followers.
    There is a tendency to just follow anyone to get a follow back. There is a tendency, like on FB, to swarm the site with memes that have been copied and pasted a million times already. Certain trendy memes collect hundreds or thousands of likes!
    Sometimes it feels like if one sheep bleats a whole herd of sheep responds. There are the super star contributors who seem to have only one purpose in life, to post memes all day and collect stars and followers. But… the good thing is you can block all those small minded morons. The people you surround yourself with may be a smaller group. Also good is that you can pick and choose among various themes.
    No, it’s not the golden solution to our social media woes, but it beats FB in many aspects, despite its yet unresolved technical issues such as too small typeface when editing, or oversized images or still lack of advanced messaging levels.
    Many people will annoy you, MAGA trolls appear frequently like mean little school bullies trying to disrupt, spit hate and mockery, the usual. Yes, it seems like a mainly left alternative, but that is only because America is mainly extreme capitalistic. What appears as left in America is only moderate in Europe. That also addresses the great problem that this site is yet really only an American centered outlet, and as usual, Americans society are navel gazers, in the believe their culture, there limited views of the real world is all there needs to be. That is the sad part! Maybe it will become more international, possibly not!

      1. Says the self righteous hate filled Trumpublican… we are glad when you don’t troll us, because anytime that happens, it’s like a bully enters the playground! No, of course we don’t like you, why would we? Why would we like anything that has already been exercised by the fascists in Europe 77 years ago. It’s just starting a new popularity among those who have either forgotten, or never learned the lessons! But alas, history tells us that this rise of a certain evil happens every 70 to 100 years. Maybe one day humanity matures enough to avoid these trouble spot that cause so much suffering, wars and hate from prejudiced people. Maybe one day, humanity will be able to resist the rise of narcissistic political leaders who exploit the disgruntled masses for their own insane purpose!

    1. Just wondering if Tribel informs you that you have already posted that post so you know that you have already posted it before? Thank you.

  2. Saving edits to posts hangs in forever loop, no error handling, rank amateur, waste of time. Too buggy to use. Nobody’s tested this at all, it would seem.

  3. Filled out sign-up info. Asked for verification number that was never sent to my e-mail. Would not allow me to re-send code. Now in limbo because I cannot re-create an account because my e-mail address is already used on initial attempt to sign up. Should be addressed. Are you paying attention and attempting to fix problems?

    1. I had no problem installing it on my Motorola android. And I use Mcafee LiveSafe protection against hackingg, spam, and so on.

  4. I joined Tribel a few days ago. I find it the most left-leaning social media site I’ve ever seen. I have not yet seen a single Conservative post.

      1. No conservative voice? Just like minded on one app?
        I want to rumble, I want my opinion to be heard by those who may disagree.
        I like discussion.
        No thanks sticking with Twitter.

    1. It’s about time the left had a voice in the social media universe without being drowned out by the lies and propaganda on the other sites! It is much less toxic and unlike FB and Twitter, the users simply ignore those they disagree with instead of threatening them with violence. It is literally a breath of fresh air for those that have not succumbed to the cult think of the MAGA movement.

    2. Excellent! Now Twitter users will have somewhere to go after Elon Musk destroys it….🙄

    3. It’s full of hate and threats of violence, one post that’s not been taken down says “ So what do we [do] about lindsay Gramme?,” wrote one user in August about Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC). “The scum sucking piece of hillbilly shit is calling for riots… McConnell too. Investigate his chinese asset wife for colluding with china and trading state secrets. Skanky fucking bitch needs to rot in a cell too, for life.” Another user commented, “These mother fuckers are terrorists and should be shot.”. Will be reported to google and apple for sure, it’s against the TOS

    4. That is why you can join Trumps personal site Truth…. You can pursue your own little truth. It’s just, even though limited, effort to establish something beyond the extreme capitalist, exploitive, pure American centered navel gazing view of reality. We, at least I do and many others on that site, we try to establish a sense of empathy with anyone who suffers under those above mentioned maladies of human behavior.

  5. I joined a few days ago with the idea that I could customize my feed and preference, not to meet men (I’ve had the same man for 40 years, I certainly don’t need another). Yet I only seem to be receiving messages and friend requests from men – messages and friend requests that smell like an awful lot like “phish”. I posted this same message on my feed, let’s see if it works. Had the same problem on LinkedIn for a while – who the heck thought THAT was a good way to meet women? I’ll give it some time…

    1. Hi there. I just signed up yesterday and already i have 6 men sending messages. I didnt know this was a dating app. Im going to delete this app. No thx. Not needing a man.

      1. It happens to every female. I ignore them and block them. Don’t give up yet. It really is a good app if you are like minded. These creepy incel bastards need to be blocked so they go away. I never look at my messages but will go in to block them eventually.

        1. Agreed; as a man, my only followers on Twitter have been (allegedly) single females. Married, don’t care, lol.

    2. LOTS of people are using LinkedIn to find a partner. I was also kind of surprised to hear this…
      God Bless, and Namaste…

    3. I had to laugh when I read your post (…I certainly don’t need another..) you obviously don’t have the best view of men it seems. Look do what I do, check what the person posted on his site other than chasing women. I am an old guy, still get the “Hi how are you” and usually discard or block. Women have bad opinions about men in general because of the immature men they have let into their lives! Believe me, it’s the same the other way round!

  6. At this point … It’s refreshing to see something other than the clickbait and disappointing posts that let me know my friends and family aren’t who I thought they were. I’m tired of seeing what baffles me in people I thought I knew so well.
    I deleted all my other social media accts because I’m literally fed up. I don’t need mirror feedback, I just came here looking for open minds and hearts. An alternative to pigeonholing mega-media sites … Be real.
    Just Be Real.

  7. I signed up yesterday. I filled all the categories including vegan and vegetarian. Guess what the first three posts that appeared in my feed…
    The first was butchering a cow, the second butchering pork, and the third was butchering lamb.
    My first impression is that Tribel is KraP.

    1. People do what they do! Face the reality that there are butchers hunters killers! What did you expect? Live by example.
      It is immature to react. You think of yourself as an advanced human being? Just the label “I am a vegetarian” is just that a label. You whine like a child! Do something, live an exemplary life, for once! Start!

  8. I’m accessing Tribel on an iPad. The images fill up the whole screen. I can’t find how to make them smaller. I feel like I’m in the front room at a movie.

    1. My problem is the opposite. I signed on on my iPhone and the font is so small that I can not read it and no way to increase it. The iPhone has a font size adjustability but it does not work on Tribel.

  9. No problem signing in but I have been bombarded with friends request. It feels as if I would be in a dating site. I can control that but makes you wonder how safe it is

  10. So far in the previews, not having signed up yet, all I see is political memes bitching about republicans and how their posts are censored on FB. Oh And the boring “I just joined!” posts. I have a strong feeling they are giving me a blue feed and not showing posts by conservatives. It doesn’t look like anyone is having fun. Too damn boring to draw my interest.

      1. It’s for hate filled far left lunatics. Here’s some posts from the site

        So what do we [do] about lindsay Gramme?,” wrote one user in August about Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC). “The scum sucking piece of hillbilly shit is calling for riots… McConnell too. Investigate his chinese asset wife for colluding with china and trading state secrets. Skanky fucking bitch needs to rot in a cell too, for life.” Another user commented, “These mother fuckers are terrorists and should be shot.”

        Definitely going to mass report to apple and google

    1. Exactly. Not as advertised. It is doing nothing to change the rhetoric. You may have an issue with this if you’re a moderate. Seems to lean far left. Just republican bashing.

    2. It is a liberal social media site. If you are like minded you will have a great time. If not you can join Truth Social where you might feel more comfortable.

  11. I’d wanted another social network, I had become tired of Meta and FB. Tribel has turned out to be frustrating! Tiresome request for password and still not gain access to my account.

    1. Because I live in far away Montana, my email is slow and I never receive the verification number in time to enter it before it is timed out. Very frustrating!

  12. I had nothing but problems signing up, and getting past needing verification codes and get stuck in a revolving door syndrome several times. After a while I just gave up

  13. Tribel’s been great for the hubs & I from the get-go. No issues registering, signing in, etc., since first coming on board about a month ago now.

    We love the content and engagement. Bye Facebook and thanks for the memories 😊

  14. I have tried many times to sign into Tribal but it puts me in a revolving door looking for my password and the third authorization. I have android. Hope this gets fixed. Have seen others with the same issues. Let me know when it is cause I would love to switch from Fb.

    1. Trying to sign up but keep getting request for Verification code which isn’t working. What’s up with that? Is Tribel even legit?

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