Windlady Hair Color Review: Long Lasting Coloring Shampoo with Perfume Milk

windlady hair color reviews

Coloring is an art, and hair coloring is one thing that needs expertise. Why live with the shade of hair that you were born with. Life is too short and sticking to one tone is boring. Indeed, most people use colors to cover their greys, but some love to show off their tones. Whatever the reason, professional hair coloring is a tricky job and needs help. The saloon visits cost you an arm and a leg, and the results are not up to the mark. But on the internet, you might have studied the windlady hair color. Is it safe to apply to the hair?

Indeed, many brands are dealing with colors, but are they selling it as another scam? In this piece, we will be focusing on the windlady hair color reviews. Is it the best or another online shopping scam? 

No one would like to put their money at risk, and that is why we are here to help you make up your mind about the items. So are you ready to uncover all about this product? This essay will study the details, features, user reviews, and more. Related: East African Secrets Hair Growth Oil Reviews

About Windlady Hair Color 

Are you searching for an honest review of this item? In this article, you will find all about this item in great depth. You may think these reviews are honest. Can you respond to this feedback? Our feedback depends on various factors, such as pros and cons, user feedback, item features, etc.

So, before we jump to the features, let us learn about its material, color ranges, packaging, and more. See More: Soleil Miracle Protector Spray Reviews

Material: This color consists of the following that makes your hair look rich and soft.

  1. Cetearyl alcohol is from mixed plants.
  2. Cetyl Alcohol is from vegetables.
  3. The Stearyl Alcohol from Vegetables.
  4. Glycerin comes from vegetables.
  5. Behentrimonium chloride
  6. Cocos Nucifera, or Coconut Oil,
  7. Butyrospermum Parkii or Organic Shea Butter
  8. Simmondsia Chinensis (Organic Jojoba) Seed Oil
  9. Persea Gratissima, or Avocado Oil,
  10. Oenothera Biennis, or Evening Primrose Oil,
  11. Sesamum Indicum, or Sesame Oil,

Windlady hair color is accessible in various shades of the following: Green, Tropical green, Gray, Blue, Pink, Purple, Orange, Red, Black, Gold, Chestnut Brown, Light Brown See Also: Mane Root Activator Shampoo Reviews

The data about its package and size is:

  • The size is 10 x 10 x 10 cm.
  • The net weight is 0.1 kg.
  • The volume is 100ml (3.3oz).
  • Its expiration date: 3 years.

So, the set of hair colors consists of the following things.

  • One set contains one hair coloring shampoo and is best for short – medium-length hair.
  • The second set consists of 2 Windlady Coloring Shampoos, and it is suitable for long strands.
  • It also consists of one piece of perfume milk.

Now you get an idea of the specifications of this stuff. But it has some exciting features that make you want to buy one.

The Features of Windlady Hair Color

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windlady hair color reviews 2

Have you ever heard of a hair color that also moisturizes the hair? If not, then this windlady hair color claims to do so. The following are the top features that make it the best. Would Like: Eluxe Shampoo Reviews

There is no need for bleach: you can now get the glamorous and vibrant shade without bleaching. 

It moisturizes and colors: This hair color combines moisturizing and coloring in a single application. Hence, it secures the strand from being damaged.

It makes your hair look glamorous: It offers glamorous and vibrant hair colors.

The color is long-lasting: It lasts for 62 washes.

Other Features

  • It is easy to use.
  • It is safe for your hair.
  • This color has safe and natural ingredients.
  • It is ammonia free.

How to Use?

You might be thinking about how to use this color on your hair. Does it need any professional help? The best part about this color is that it never requires any help. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps, and you are good to go. Don’t Miss: Bookkhair Reviews

  1. First, damp the hair.
  2. After that, apply the shampoo ( the colored shampoo) for 15 mins.
  3. Wash the hair with a mild shampoo.
  4. This hair color is a 1: 1 ratio with milk.
  5. For great outcomes, mix windlady color with milk.

Promotion and Discounts 

Do you want to get one for your hair? The great news is that this item is on sale, and you can get as many tubes as you want.

  • Buy three, have1 a piece of Perfume Milk, and add three pieces to the cart. 67% of users
  • Buy 5 and get 2 pc of perfume milk. So hurry up and add five pieces today to get a deal.

Customer Reviews

There is some feedback from the users on their official website. Also, there are no reviews from the buyers on another handle. They have mentioned other social links, but it makes the visitor land on their social page.



  • It is safe and natural.
  • It does not contain ammonia, and its color lasts up to 62 washes.
  • It never dries the hair.
  • It moisturizes the strands.
  • The item is on sale, and you can get it for only eight dollars.


  • There were no reviews from the users
  • The deals seem unreal.


Is it ammonia-free?

Yes, it is 100 percent safe and natural.

How many washes does it last?

It lasts for 62 washes.

Final Verdict 

Our windlady hair color reviews state that this item looks promising as it fades, not containing any harsh chemicals. But there is not much feedback about this item. Hence, we suggest you wait a little while, then decide to buy it.

54 Reviews

  1. Total garbage, zero instruction, completly different brand, “milk” is freaking peroxide…completly misleading advertising!! This is not just some easy peasy shampoo. Total bullshit. Cutting my losses and through crap straight in the trash.

  2. Hi how my name is Latonya Lampley I had ordered windlady I put the wrong zip code so they going to send back I wat now can y’all send to the right address,my address is243 fairway Dr pataskala oh 43062 I put 43068

    1. You shouldn’t put your address on the internet like this. If you go to their website you can contact them by email. Never do this. There’s weirdos out there !!!!

  3. No update on shipping and the email address isn’t valid. I’m going to my bank Monday to dispute the charges. Pretty sure this is a scam

    1. Not a scam. Mine came in the mail today. Just a little confused it says it’s a shampoo but then the box says to mix with peroxide

      1. you mix it with the milk that they sale. It has to be 3%, 6%, 9% or 12% Aofanni color developer.

    2. I actually got mine after about a month. Its def not a scam as far as ordering. however I did notice I did not get the shampoo form that I thought I ordered, but I am waiting now for 45 min to see what this color does. I got the tropical green one.

    3. This happened to me I sent six different emails and finally one person responded back to me. I bought my product on February 26th and one month later I finally got the product. Two weeks after they took my money it shows that my order was submitted. My question is why did it take two weeks after they took my money for my order to go in. It literally came from what they show is Illinois to China from China back to Illinois from Illinois to Washington State and bounced around all over Washington State before getting to me where I live in washington. They tried to hide the international label. I definitely will not be purchasing again from them ever. But I also experience the fake customer service invalid email situation. I’m shocked that one of my emails finally went through and I got tracking. Buyers beware

  4. Bought 3 different colors that were SUPPOSEDLY “shampoo, but they’re typical dye tubes that you have to MIX with developer 🙄3tubes, 1developer, no “milk”, lmao…what a total scam!🤬🤬🤬I’m not putting this crap from China in my hair👍🏼(also under a different name, lol)

    1. Yes. Claim it’s a shampoo get it says I need developer. Great!!!!! Glad to know I’m not the only one

    2. Bought what i thought was suppost to be the shampoo. I recieved about a month later (and several emails to customer service) a tube of regular color and hydrogen peroxide developer. Did as box said and did not get results promised. They promise one thing and give you something else. My hair did not have the results promised

  5. I got mines today but it’s from Wind lady but I didn’t get the so called Milk you need to mix it together the expiration date is 12-21-2025 I got gray 2 tubes no instructions SMH how am I going to use it can someone please help what can I use?? Thank you.

    1. Hi, I ordered and got mine too. I received 3 of the color tunes and one small bottle of the so called online milk but it’s not labeled as such on the bottle. I went to this website here and got the directions. So between the directions I found here and what was on the box the tube came in I pieced it enough together. You use one third of the bottle container for each tube of color shampoo. You use the shampoo on damp hair, one tube for short to medium length hair for 45mins then wash out. Then use regular shampoo, then use and rinse one third of the cream in the bottle. It’s supposed to last a maximum of 62 weeks. If you didn’t get the bottle of cream then I’d go to the WINDLADY ONLINE SHOP and look for the shampoo and contact them. It’s the name of the company that supplies it to whoever you got it from, whichever ad site, click bait site. That’s about as much as I know. And that most of the ingredients are from Natural sources.
      Good luck to you!! I’m going to try it! :))

  6. I got mine yesterday, i got 2 different color grey and red, I’m still thinking about if im ready to use it or not, it will expire on 10/19/2025…

  7. I bought 2x blue and 2 of the 9% hydrogen peroxide (perfume cream) off the windlady store. Just used it today after taking 3 weeks to arrive.
    Had no idea how to use it, as it didn’t come with instructions.
    The date on the packaging is the production date, not the use by date.

    As a professional hair colourist, I used it the same way I would for clients… I put both the 2x blue dyes and 2x perfume cream in a bowl and mixed with a brush and gloves.

    I applied it on 100% dry hair, starting at the ends of my hair, working my way to the roots.

    I left it on for 30 mins then rinsed out.
    It hasn’t damaged my hair in the slightest, but hasn’t gone the vivid blue it claimed.
    It is however, navy blue with a very electric blue hue when stood in bright lights.

    It’s not a bad product to use, but isn’t as bright as you’d hope for.
    It could be better with 30% hydrogen peroxide instead of the 9%. This would’ve given a more pronounced effect.

    I will buy it again and try it with my personal 30% hydrogen peroxide instead, to see the difference.

  8. Got mine today 1. Qiani (red) 1 windlady (grey) 1 secrtury (gold) and 1 bottle of hydrogen peroxide. No “milk” that your supposed to mix with color. Skeptical now after reading these reviews, the secrtury expired 4/23/2022, the Qianji is in Chinese and is a larger tube. The windlady expires 10/07/2025. Will try and follow up.

    1. I finally got mine and I’m skeptical. There’s nothing else that came not the stuff in dye bottle. Boo directions, no milk, no developer I’m asking to send back.

  9. And I only are my commas the same as everybody else’s not from Lynne when lady came from Secrtury. Three hair dyes not shampoo with one developer so not sure how I’m supposed to use the other two since you use one to one. But I ordered purple and they sent me pink no idea how to get my money back

  10. Bruh, just listen to all the other comments. Same issue.. might buy a developer and try it. I f’d around and found out for sure. Lol good luck everyone.

  11. I just got mine in the mail and it’s not from “Windlady” its from a company called “Secrtury”. I bought 2 bottles of dye and did not get the developer with it. SMH.

  12. Yes I bought this product. It is a total scam. Not a shampoo. It is a hair dye with peroxide. I hate it!!!! Do not buy!!

  13. So I haven’t used mine because it is expired and it is a dye not a shampoo. The “milk” is 9% hydrogen peroxide. I do know hairstylists so I can get their help but I am upset this site is a scam. Also not windlady but secrtury…..

  14. Same exact problem, received it today and it’s just a tube of dye called secrtury. Afraid to even try it and from these comments doubt I’ll get a refund.

    1. yeah I got mine and they were supposed to send the ‘perfume milk’ that you mix it with and they never did. SMH.

    2. So I got the product about a week ago. I ordered red and it is from Windlady but it’s definitely just a regular dye, not shampoo. It was just the tube of dye…the usage directions are on the packaging. But no “perfume milk” which is basically the developer. I haven’t decided whether I’m even gonna use it but if I do I would use more than a 9% developer… probably safer, better results, with a 20%-30%. I’ve been coloring since I was a teenager so it’s not a problem but the whole site is a scam, false advertising for sure. Extremely dissatisfied and disappointed, bc who wants to go through that whole process when you thought it was going to be a quick shampoo color treatment 🙄😩

  15. I wouldn’t say scam necessarily but definitely false advertising. I ordered 3 colors and got 1 milk (9% peroxide developer). Well it’s not shampoo, it’s actual hair dye and the “milk” is the 9% peroxide developer. Which I guess you’re supposed to mix 1 bottle of milk to 1 bottle of dye. No directions for use and it’s from China so anything written on the box doesn’t make sense in English. It also says for salon use only on the box. It also didn’t come from Windlady but the Serctury place which I guess is the same company. Their websites are identical. I’m very nervous to try this product. Not sure why they advertise it as shampoo instead of hair dye. It also took several weeks to arrive… I guess because it came from China. I’m pretty annoyed by the whole thing. I’m thinking about attempting to use it tonight. Not sure if it’ll work.

    1. How u described what u got is the same 4me….I am hesitant 2put it on all my hair…so I will try it out on a few strands at the end of my long hair.
      I think there is a language barrier…how they express things…..they say “shampoo”…when in fact they mean “hair dye”… does come from China!!!!

    2. I’m hoping to use it soon on a piece of hair on the underside and back if my head as a test strip. I suggest that to anyone trying it! Good luck! 😉

  16. So ordered and didn’t get the milk shampoo. Got hydrogen peroxide. The company name on bottles is Secrtury.. it’s a dye not a shampoo in. False advertising and not even wanting to attempt to use it. Not sure how to send back and get my money for this.

    1. Exactly the same happen to me! This company is a complete scam!! I reported them and waiting to see if I get my money back! Not using it and NOT expecting my money back either

  17. I purchased the red shampoo and the milk. I got in the shower, wet my hair. Mixed the shampoo and milk together in my hair. Left it sit for 20 minutes, then washed my hair as normal with Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner. It turned my brown hair bright red and the color has lasted through about 5 hair washes so far. Mine did also have an expiration of April 2022 (I used it in August) and it didn’t cause any negative effect. I don’t, however, like that the shampoo doesn’t automatically come with the milk and it has to be purchased separately. The milk is basically the developer and you must use it to get the hair colored. I would definitely purchase again though!

    1. How did you use it did u mix your colour with the peroxide if you could plz give me more info as I bough purple and silver and trying to figure out how to use it

  18. Definitely NOT a shampoo. It’s a dye and comes from China. The name is Secretary, not Windlady pn the box and tube. There is a date on mine 4/21/2022. So if that’s an exploration date, it’s expired. I ordered it through the website and NOT Facebook. Now I’m a bit paranoid about my credit card.

  19. Scam 100%. I bought the red color and perfume milk and it came in as hair dye, not shampoo. Also this company sent me a products that did not have Windlady brand name on it. It had the brand name Secrtury. Which these two brand names are linked so know that Secrtury is a scam as well. Also, the product is 5 months expired. Case closed, do not purchase from Windlady, do not purchase from Secrtury.

  20. This is a FULL SCAM. You can find all you need under Secrtury shampoo ( it the same company) When it comes in , first Not a shampoo
    (it’s a die) also 5 months past due date, and you do NOT GET A REFUND. They also don’t have a secure site so check you credit card payment!

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