The Reviews: A Legitimate Place To Make Hotel Bookings?

bookaroom reviews

As the hotel industry makes a move online, guests can now make their room bookings online as well. While this is very convenient, there is also the danger that you may get scammed. Hence, it’s important to know whether the business you plan on making a booking from is legitimate.

Knowing the details of a business can help you better decide whether or not a business is safe enough to make a booking with.

Today we’ll be reviewing The Bookaroom to see whether it’s a trustworthy place to make bookings from.

What is The Book A Room?

The Bookroom, as per their webpage, is a UK-based, family-owned hotel chain. They own 11 signature properties, each of which is a hotel. In addition to offering room bookings, The Book a room of hotels also hosts weddings and corporate events.

They claim to provide excellent customer service to their guests prior to their stay, throughout their stay, and even afterward. These are pretty big claims, so does The Bookaroom live up to its word?

Is The Bookaroom Legit?

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bookaroom legit or scam

Using the domain age checker, we were able to find out that the age of the domain for the Bookaroom webpage is 5 years and 2 months. This is a sign that Bookaroom is a legit business, as it has had an established domain for a long time.

Another sign that reflects well on The Bookaroom is the fact that it has retained a social media presence on Facebook. Generally, scams do not have any social media, so this only makes us trust Bookaroom more.

An address has also been provided on their webpage, as well as other contact information such as an email address, and a contact number. This is a good indication that Bookaroom is legit, as scam websites tend not to provide contact information.

Additionally, Bookaroom has many positive customer testimonials across multiple platforms. They have an impressive 4/5 rating on Book a room also has received a good rating on, at 7.2/10.  These positive customer reviews are a good sign that Bookaroom is reliable. Furthermore, this hotel group has a very high trust score on, at 100/100.


In addition, The Book a room has a valid HTTPS address and has not been blacklisted on any search engines. All in all, The Book a room seems quite legit.

What Do The Customers Say?

As already mentioned, Bookaroom has positive customer reviews. Their Newcastle hotel has 696 reviews on All of these guests say that they had a positive experience staying with this brand. According to these reviews, Bookaroom ensures excellent customer service. Upon searching, we found 2 negative customer reviews that said the rooms and bathrooms at their Newcastle were a bit unclean. Also, another common cause of complaints in some negative reviews is that the hotel group can cancel your bookings at the last minute and send you to one of their less well-maintained hotels.

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Pricing and Cancellation Policy

Book a room offers relatively lower prices as compared to other hotels.  Although each of their hotels has different per-night charges, they are still cheaper than other hotels in their area. For example their royal station hotel. Their Angel Hotel, in Cardiff, for example, charges you $98 for 1 room, however for the same number of rooms you would have to pay $566 at the nearby Parkgate hotel. That seems like a very good bargain!. To add to this Bookaroom also offers mouth-watering discounts on some of their hotels several times throughout the year.

You can use the code ‘FIFTEEN’ to save 15 percent on room rates in their Stirling hotel. Hosting a wedding or an event at one of their hotels is also cheaper compared to other venues. If you’re looking to host a meeting or an event at their hotels, you will get complimentary Wi-Fi and any free drink of your choice. The Book a room Hotel Group also offers free cancellation in case you have had a change of plans. That’s a big plus in our books!

Pros and Cons



  • Low room charges
  • High Trust Score on
  • Free cancellation


  • Cleanliness of rooms might be an issue
  • Have cancelled bookings at the last minute
  • Some negative reviews on

Should You Stay With The Bookaroom of Hotels?

The Book a room of Hotels shows all the indications of a legitimate business. According to the thousands of customer reviews of this collection of hotels, we think that the Bookaroom of Hotels is reliable enough to put your trust in and that you will not be disappointed.

All in all, we’d advise you to give the Bookaroom a try. We’re sure you will have a positive experience!

3 Reviews

  1. I booked a room with them and was charged $70 over what the hotel was charging. So advice to everyone out there if you know what hotel you’ll need next in the case it was Holiday Inn Express get the direct number to your next hotel from the front desk directory.
    Do NOT use bookaroom. It’s a total rip off.

  2. I booked a room and they added a service fee of 413.96 on a 371.00 dollar room. Told the person booking I didn’t want to pay and he said it was to late. I asked to speak to his supervisor and he told me to dispute with the bank. I accidentally dialed into them, don’t do business with them, they add a hefty service charge claiming it is high local taxes.

  3. DO. NOT USE…I booked a room for an overnight beach trip and they advertised as $329 for the night . But they charged me $511 ! The hotel
    Couldn’t help me because it was a third party … I called the company and they offered a discount. I didn’t want a discount.. i was scammed. had to call my credit card company to dispute! $180 overcharge!

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