Flawless Nu Razor Review: No Nicks, Cuts, or Bumps

flawless nu razor

One of the biggest beauty problem faced by women around the world is getting rid of unwanted body hair. I mean, let’s face it: we women have to go through so much trouble to maintain our hygiene and also make our skin look smooth and silky (every girl’s dream, right?)

Razors are as old as time, but we all know that finding a good razor that gets its job done is a big hassle. But with the Flawless Nu razor, this problem is taken care of. I am talking about getting rid of undesirable body hair without nick, cuts and bump. Tempting, right?

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Let’s take a detailed look at what exactly is Flawless Nu razor, and how does it work?

What is Finishing Touch Flawless Nu Razor?

The dry shave is a new mantra for girls these days. Wanna know why? Well, the dry shave is much more convenient than wet shave due to so many reasons. The Flawless Nurazor is one of its kind dry shave razor that will undoubtedly evolve your hair game without any pain or discomfort whatsoever. Don’t Miss: 5minskin Reviews

Firstly, the bi-directional razor head lets you shave both ways, making it fairly straightforward and simple to use. Traditional razors aren’t very good at extracting hair from those curves and bumps of the body where hair often go undetected. Well, not anymore!

Equipped with the pivoted head, the flawless Nu razor takes care of each and every hair on your body. That is why it the most suitable razor for your sensitive areas as well underarms, ankles, knees etc.

The 18k gold plated head is hypoallergenic, which is ideal for people with sensitive skin. Hypoallergenic means no skin irritation aftershave, which is quite a common occurrence with regular razors.

The gentle and painless Nu razor can be used every day. Want to rock those legs in your new mini skirt? No need to apply shaving cream or soap, with Nu razor dry shaver, you can take care of the undesirable hair anywhere in a jiffy. Also Check: Commoderyskinco Reviews

Moreover, the discreet and portable design is perfect for carrying in your handbag anywhere you go. This makes it a travel-friendly and a portable shaver.

Unlike other razors, the Nu razor Flawless is designed to make the shaving safer. So no more nicks, cuts and bumps on your skin. That is why this razor is approved by dermatologists too. Enjoy smooth, scratch-free skin every day now. Read More: Nutty Buzzy Hair Removal Reviews

The Built-in LED light is also included so that you can get rid of every hair. The battery is rechargeable that can conveniently be charged via USB cord.

Flawless Nu Razor Features

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  • 18k Gold-plated, hypoallergenic head
  • Bi-directional patented head shaves up and down
  • Dry shave, no soap or water requires
  • Travel-friendly
  • Beautiful rose gold colour with a sleek design, easy to hold
  • Comes with LED light
  • Environment-friendly helps save water
  • Rechargeable battery, USB charger included
  • Comes with safety guard, trimmer attachment, a cleaning brush and a rechargeable cord

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How Does it Work?

With the new patented blade design, that boasts 200 hair removing precision points, shaving becomes effortless and flawless. The biggest perk is that you can shave without a shower, in the comfort of your room sitting on a chair. Especially in winters when it becomes harder to wet shave because of the drop in the temperature, Nu razor is a lifesaver. Explore More: Bleame Reviews

For best results, please follow the directions below:

  1. Make sure your legs are free of any kind of moisture like lotion, cream, soap or water. The razor work to maximum capacity on dry legs or other body parts.
  2. Turn on the button placed on the top of the handle and start shaving just like that. You can shave up and down because of the bi-directional razor head.
  3. Enjoy painless, cut-free shave in few simple steps.

Does it Really Work?

Flawless Nu razor by finishing touch is all the fuss these days. It is actually amazon’s choice for ladies body shaver category. People who use it are very much satisfied with it. One reviewer says “easy to use and painless. Saving a fortune on waxing.”

Another lady adds “I love that you can use it outside the shower.”

Wrap up

Razors are a girl’s best friend when it comes to disposing of your body hair. There are many reasons that most girls prefer razors over other painful hair removal methods: the main reason being painless operation and convenience.

We are living in 2020, so it’s time to get upgraded and get done with painful and time-consuming hair removing methods like waxing, threading, creams etc. We are leading busy lives and hair removing procedure should not involve complicated techniques and gadgets.

Flawless Nu razor is a perfect solution for all your hair problems. The silky and smooth hairless body will make you fall in love with yourself. I say it’s definitely worth a try!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Flawless Nu razor make hair grow thicker?
Finishing Touch claims that its flawless razor features a technology that “erases hair by paring it down through a spinning head” which refrain the hair from growing back thicker and darker. Moreover, the hypoallergenic blade does not irritate the skin as some other chemical removers do.

Does shaving upper lips make it dark?
The most common myth and downside attached to shaving hair are once you shave the hair anywhere on your body, they come back quicker, thicker and even darker. But it’s all an old wives tale and research has also proven that. According to multiple studies and research, it has been proven that shaving certainly doesn’t amplify the thickness or regrowth of the hair. Many dermatologists recommend shaving upper lips compared to waxing or chemical hair removing.

Is it suitable for brows?
Finishing touch flawless Nu razor is the perfect device to get rid of unattractive hair anywhere, including your chin, temples, brows, upper lips etc. You can also use flawless body razor to get rid of unwanted body hair. Keep in mind that finishing touch produces different razor for face and body. The razor head size is changed in body and face razor.

41 Reviews

  1. Not good. Went up and down on leg and it did very little. Tried on my arms with no luck. Bad investment. Taking back to store.

  2. I used this razor once. About 2 days later, it goes on by itself, turned it off. A while later the same thing. Thought the battery needed charging. Charged it as instructed. The flashing light went solid. Unplugged the charger and could not get it to turn on to use. Tried to take it back to Walmart for refund. Because of Covid-19, could not return it. Several days later, the shaver comes on by itself. I turned it off and then could not start it again. Would appreciation a resolution to this problem.

  3. Any have a comparison with the nu razor and the shave and trim by the same company


  5. I finally got around to charging my NuRazor. As long as you go over and over your legs it will remove most hair. I tried to shave under my arms – said something about a guard or guide there wasn’t one in my box. I cut and irritated under my arms. I have pictures. Not sure about this shaver. And yes I do know how to use one.

  6. I am a cancer patient and unfortunately have developed lymphadema in my legs causing little bumps and blisters. I would love to shave my legs will the NuRazor do the job without cutting or opening these small bumps and blisters?

  7. Yeah, not worth the hype. You have to go over a spot MULTIPLE TIMES to even get some of the hair cut. Not impressed.


  8. I bought it for my wife who is a black and beautiful, it works great every where and now I’m not afraid to shave her.

    Thanks NuRazor

  9. Just received this razor, save the money!! While yes, it cuts the hair, it leaves stuble. NOT a close shave at all. Would not recommend if you are looking for a good, smooth close shave.

    1. Thank you so much Susan, I knew it wouldn’t be a close shave, all electric razors leave stubble.

    2. I agree. I bought one at Walmart. It does absolutely nothing. Dont waste your money folks.

    3. I agree it does leave stubble I don’t like it at all! My suggestion, don’t buy one!!!

  10. This razor won’t shave a fuzz off a peach. One of the most worthless piece of crap I ever bought. Unforce able for me I bought for a gift which was after the 60 day return so am stuck with this piece of junk.

  11. I wwould really love to have this but one thing concerns me: it appears you have to keep the button pressed at all times while shaving. Is this a true statement? I am disabled (the reason why this shaver is so appealing to me) but keeping the button pressed at all times will become difficult after a short while. Please respond quickly, as i dont want to miss out on the free shipping.
    Julie R.

    1. Looking at the commercial it does not appear that you have to hold the button down while using it.

    1. probably but it really doesn’t work well. I bought it for the occasional lazy days and it’s useless.

    1. Not sure about how long it lasts, but I read it is charged with a USB cord, so I’m assuming no replacement batteries! I’m ordering mine today!

  12. Really great product. Easy to use and painless. Saving a fortune on waxing. For my wife, by the way…

    1. Hey Kenny. If you shave your entire head, like I do, When the SOLO Electric replaced everything I was using. My Sweeny Todd special went byby. This can only be a step better. So its a “woman’s” Razor. BFD!! Why? Cause its Gold in Color?? If it works good, I don’t care if its PINK!!

    1. Turn on the button placed on the top of the handle and start shaving just like that. You can shave up and down because of the bi-directional razor head.

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