Is Legit? Find out in This Review from Real Users legit: Is It a Safe Way of Funds Transfer? This modern era offers new ways and technologies to make daily chores easy. Now, you can easily work out everything with the advanced use of such devices. However, payment methods of paper checks have always been a bit annoying. But that is also going to be swept away by this website.

Is legit?
Is legit?

Digital disbursement offers you an electronic way of funds transfer rather than the use of old paper checks. It is a user-friendly secondary way that various sectors can take it up. Now, companies are redesigning their workflow to eliminate the old payment techniques.

But is legit? Does it safely transfer your money? Does it provide quick services? We know you may be concerned about many things. Thus, today we bring you reviews to find out if legit. Let’s run a complete detailed check on the website, its usage, and trust score, followed by customer reviews.

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About Digital Disbursement

Digital Disbursement allows you to make payments through the advanced digital settlement process. It has built-in data that can detect fraud cases and only allows the authentic ones to succeed in a transaction. It offers a variety of ways to transfer money, like PayPal, Zelle, and ACH or direct deposit. 

about Digitaldisbursements
about Digitaldisbursements

It is a quick way of receiving payments from consumers. They can efficiently and safely receive their money without any discomfort. Moreover, it also allows you to choose the payment mode that is best for the receiver. Now, there will be no waiting for the checks to be processed in order to cash them out.

How to Use Digital Disbursement?

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The platform is easy to use. You only need to follow the following steps listed below.

  1. First, visit the official website,, in a new browser.
  2. Fill in the information they are asking for on the front page.
  3. You need to provide your username, password, email, pin, birth year, and phone number and agree to the terms.
  4. Then, click on the register icon.
  5. Your account has been registered.

You can check further details in the email sent by

Log in to Digital Disbursement

You can now log in to your account every time with the same details. Thus, open the website and log in using your name and password. It is the same one you provided at the time of registration. Let’s move one step further to find out if legit.

Website Details 

Let us have a look at the details of this website.

  • The website got registered on April 6, 2019.
  • The website is about 4 years old.
  • The server location is in the United States. 
  • The details of the website owner need to be provided.
  • Thus, the website has been functional for the past 4 years. 

What does Digital Disbursement offer you?

It offers the following facilities, as listed below.

Multiple Payment Options

You can now pay in various ways like PayPal, MasterCard, or any other. It allows you to select any mode based on your needs. 

Low-Cost Way

This platform is less expensive than using physical checks.

Highly secure

It uses various advanced security resources and verification techniques to ensure complete security. 

Detailed Reporting

It provides complete detail in the form of graphs about your payments. The stats are clear, and it even keeps up with the history. You can even download these payment reports on your laptop or phone.

Simple Usage

You do not need to make a new account every time. You can use the same one to make payments every time.

What is the Trust Score for Digital disbursement?

You can now check if legit or not through the trust score. It is most likely known to be a legal platform. It has a trust score of 100. The website has a valid SSL certification along with a DNS filter. legit Reviews: Are Customers Satisfied?

The official website shows no comment, so we checked on TrustPilot. There is not even a single comment or review by the website’s users. We cannot find any comments from the users of this website. Thus, it is hard to say if legit or not. 

Pros and Cons

Let us have a look at the pros and cons as well.



  • The website is easy to use.
  • There are no additional charges for creating your account.
  • It offers various options for money transfers.
  • It has a built-in detector for fraud transactions.
  • The trust score is pretty good.


  • There are no user reviews.

Final Verdict(Is legit) legit or is it a scam website? We looked on to the details. It has pretty cool features. You can use it in the comfort of your home or office. Now, there is no need to write paper checks. It uses the ACH Network to transfer money. It is an electronic way of sending money to the required person. Although it has no reviews, the trust score is impressive. Thus, you should give it a try at least once.