Clarifion Air Purifier Reviews – Ultra Quite, No Filter Replacement, Releases Negative Ions & Easy to Use

clarifion air purifier review

Since the air quality is decreasing day by day in the whole world, because of air pollution and other chemical particles which stay in the Air.

Due to this, many medical problems considered as harmful diseases such as asthma, lung infection, cardiac arrest and different allergies are arising which are bad for mental and physical health.

Some of the stated diseases makes living hard throughout their life and can also lead to death. Many psychologists say that people living in high air polluted areas have deceased focus and a slow thinking process than people who live in the fresh air. So we need a best air purifying system at home.

By the way, there are many air purifier systems available in the market, but what looks more popular nowadays is Clarifion.

What is Clarifion? And How it Works?

Clarifion usage

Clarifion is an Air purifier machine, which uses its negative ions that absorb and remove dust, bacteria and even different viruses and allergens from the air, so the person living there can have a fresh breath throughout the day. You may also check blaux portable ac.

It is specifically designed in such a way that it covers an area up to 150 Square feet, and it is recommended by the company to use one in each room and placing clarifion near door and window is highly recommended, so it can remove the dirt particle’s from the air as soon as they are entered in the room.

The usage is very easy, the user just has to plug in it and a light will be turned on which will show you that Clarifion has started its job, and to make it super easier for the user.

With the help of new technology there is no button on the machine, no filter replacement is required because its Air filter contains negative ions in it, which will do the rest, and there is no regular maintenance is required.  

How is it Scientifically Proved?

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clarifion logo

Well after long researches, we have not found any scientific evidence for this specific product, but different researches are being carried out from 2004 when scientists noticed that many people are dying from pollution and the worst part they noticed by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that people nowadays spends 90% of the time indoor in form of home or office even Cafes.

And now it has been discovered that buildings from inside are two to five times more polluted than the air outside the house or any building. This is because positive ions which are harmful for the health stays where there is less ventilating system.

As technology is increasing day by day, to make everything hygienic and safer for humans, and to reduce harmful impacts on the human body, that is why Air purifier or Air Ionizers are made.

Is There Any Side Effects? What Are Pros and Cons

clarifion side effects

As far as research, No side effects are reported for clarifion, but according to some facts, there are some side effects of Air Ionizers and purifiers that affect the environment as well as the health of the users.

It generates Negative Ions in the environment and for this instance they are unwanted sometimes and it can create attract other gases in the environment which are hazardous for the Environment. And as stated in the research that best Ionizers produce ozone which is extremely toxic and highly toxic, which is even dangerous for animals and humans.

The Air purifier, that generates can be very harmful for the areas which are not well ventilated and the ozone produced by it can damage a human lung very fast. And when it ionizes heavy molecules it lay on the ground, which forms a dirty surface which is extremely hazardous sometimes.



  • It removes pollutants from the Air.
  • It doesn’t have any noise.
  • No regular maintenance is required.
  • No side effects on Animals.
  • Can be used in Vehicles.


  • It is not effective in large rooms.
  • A regular vacuum on the surface is needed.
  • Might produce dangerous levels of gases.
  • It might be dangerous for non-ventilated rooms.

Clarifion Fee, Pricing, and Refund Policy

Clarifion on its official website has stated following prices of its device which are along with shipment because it is free for all type of purchases:

  1. One Clarifion: $39.97
  2. Three Clarifion: $95.91
  3. Six Clarifion: $149.82
  4. Ten Clarifion: $199.70

The company states that the order is expected to be delivered in 15 to 20 days depending on the availability of the product and the shipping center.

Their return policy is good, they offer 30 days money-back guarantee, if for any instance the customer doesn’t like the product it can be returned with just a call to a customer supports. The money will be refunded after reducing (15% restocking fee) or 90% store credit which is issued once they have received confirmation of returned product. For future detail customers have to call the supports.

Is it Scam or Legit? Explore by Facts

The product is legit; not a scam at all, furthermore, it complies with all the standard rules were followed by the company on the making of this product.

As all the information is disclosed on their official website and if still there something doubtful, it can be asked by the live customer support service and reviews are also taken from the third party website (Amazon).

Is Trusted?

Now, Let’s digg clarifion website technically.

  • Owner Name: Hidden
  • Registration Date: 2019-11-08
  • SSL Protected: Yes

Where it is Located?

300 spectrum Center Dr Suite 1090, Irvine CA 92618 (Not verified by us)

What people say about Clarifon? People Reviews Analysis

clarifion customer review analysis

According to customer reviews in Amazon and Clarifion official website, it can be analyzed that people have felt that their children were now less allergens after using this and they now feel fresher when they wake up in the morning.

Whereas some of the customers those are using other Air purifiers have said that they are not completely satisfied with this product and a little expensive.

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Conclusions (In short)

It can be concluded that, Clarifion is a product which should be used by the people who have allergies and other problems related to these. But it shouldn’t be used in the rooms which are not well ventilated because it can be highly toxic for the people in the room.

It is highly recommended to use this near windows and doors. People who are not facing any mental or physical problems should avoid using any of these kinds of products to a safe environment and should use more natural alternatives.

We DO NOT RECOMMEND buying this product from their website.
We suggest you buy from a big marketplace like AMAZON. If you already bought it please share your review and help others.

Best Sellers on Amazon

Latest Reviews

Made in China, find an American made solution.

2.0 rating
March 22, 2021

This company will not respond to your inquiries and it comes from China and I suggest that you find another source to solve your problem

Richard Rowe

110 Reviews

  1. Piece of Crap! I noticed No difference in the Dust. Follow your instincts – When it sounds to good to be true – it probably is – some kind of a scam.

    1. I bought these for my home three years ago. It does drop dust particles to the ground which reduces airborne particles. The small print in the box recommend cleaning the device to avoid fire hazard. It does work but you must be diligent with vacuuming or dusting the floor. Dust will always exist minimizing it is what this product does. It also states a 3 year life span so I will be buying new one here shortly .. PS I also use filter for central air and stand alone plasma waves devices .. for instance in the morning to circulate and encourage outdoor air into the home I open two or three windows and the plasma wave runs near the open window to capture particles .. it’s always a maintenance thing for sure .. I m glad we have kleenex too but have you noticed kleenex puts out particles,, so daily saline nose wash is part of care of sinus.. good things take due diligence for sure ..

  2. This is Richard and Carol Frasco. You are posting our review (picture of dust going into a vent). We were called, interviewed, and our story has been used in your advertisement. We have been trying to get ahold of your company. We were never paid the $500 as promised , if you use our interview. Im sure this is an over site. Please look into this, and please send us the $500 as promised.

  3. Mine lasted two or three months. Piece of junk. No customer service. Hope they go out of business.

  4. I had a headache from the moment I plugged them in. In my left temple. Never had that before. Unplugged them and it went away. They will not refund my money because it’s outside my 30 days. They do nothing for the dust either. Horrible product

    1. My allergies got worse, I read the cons, these things are dangerous especially in small areas, Don’t buy.

  5. Why is there no point made that addresses how the home environment continually gets so dusty? You should advise a visual inspection (and cleaning) of the system filters and intake ductwork. Perhaps the homeowners are sucking in dirty air from an attic or crawl space.

  6. So glad I found this site! Tired of purchasing things that fail to do what is “promised.” The fact that so many complained about lack of manufacturer response to their issues is sufficient reason to deep-six any thought of buying from them. Keep up the good work checking out these, what I will call, Chinese scam products.

    1. No way to tell it’s working. Wish I had seen your comments before purchasing. Lesson well learned.

  7. I was so anxious to get this product. I thought it would at least help cut some to the dust down in my house. No, it didn’t do a thing. It only works as a night light throughout my house. I completely waste $155.00 for nothing. If anyone decides to buy this product please read the reviews before buy it. This product is not what it claims to be. I will also be reporting this product to the Better Business Bureau. Wish I could get my money back.

      1. If the light is not on then is not working, make sure the outlet where you plug the unit is working, there are some outlets that work only with a light switch on. If all fails contact the company for an exchange or refund.

  8. I just received an email from clarifon that they are refunding my purchase. please don’t post that comment as they are trying to do right. I will update this when the refund becomes real

    1. I had to order it twice and twice they got my address wrong. The first time they refunded the money because I fought with them a whole week, second time I had to call ups myself because again they Couldn’t manage to write a complete address for the 3rd time.
      Piece of shit stopped working after a month. Do no buy this piece of shit from China that’s prob $1 over there and they charge you $30 here, terrible

  9. the worst ionizers on the market. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. I ordered one and it does nothing but put out a blue nite lite…they sent me a replacement. same thing. I’m asking for a refund and am happy to snail mail these boxes of nothing back to them. now they won’t reply though. it says BBB accredited….the BBB ($$$) is my next stop on the internet to warn people about this scam

  10. I like this product. I had 3 and felt they did an effective job. After 5 months 1 just quit working. When I contacted the company they said they only guarantee for 30 days. That’s a sign of a company that manufactures a cheap product. I would have expected them to at least stand behind their product for half a year. I think I’ll check out other ionizers in the future.

    1. I also purchase a 3 pack, one of the unit stop working. I contacted CLIRIFION for replacement. They couldn’t fine my sales record, which was less than 6 months.
      This product want go far, due to none customer and product support. There is a % of the product that will fail due to high mechanical product which QC miss.
      I’m an x-customer.

    2. Sending on what state you live in the manufacturer or who ever sold unit responsible for it up to 4 years!! Maine has a implied warranty law and holds them to it!

  11. Ordered three-pack on February 27. Finally delivered on April 4. Plugged in all three units in separate locations. Today one of three failed. No more blue light.
    Called Clarifion: Warranty is only 30 days. Sorry sir, you should have bought the $19.95 Warranty package. No replacement for you.

  12. Bought 9 units Jan 16, 2021 – didn’t arrive until mid-Feb 2021. By March 13, 2021 4 of 9 units had failed (no light or air movement). Called Clarifion customer service and was told they only have a 30 day warranty and it was our problem. VERY HIGH Failure rate, poor warranty and horrible customer service. I DO NOT recommend this product.

  13. FYI:
    phone: 949-502-0146
    I ordered several units on Oct. 1. and FedEx has verified that they have received shipment. Delivery is scheduled for Oct. 13. Package is currently in transit and I can track updates through FedEx Delivery Manager.
    I’ll let all of you know when (and if) Clarifion package actually arrives. I used similar units (different manufacturer) in my studio years ago. It worked just fine to lower dust particles via ionization when a HEPA filter model unit did not. The size of the room and number of units installed per square feet is very important in order to get maximum benefits.

  14. I ordered 3 of these because they sounded very promising. I found out after the purchase that THEY ADDED a 2-year warranty for $20!! Then I saw all these bad reviews. I called them to cancel, and she said she couldn’t cancel, because the order just shipped (2 weeks after I purchased it). I said I wanted to speak to a supervisor, and she said “She’s not available today”. What! So I asked for the supervisor’s name, and she literally said she wasn’t allowed to give it to me. I told her I wanted to cancel then entire order, and she said she couldn’t cancel it until after I receive it – which could be 2 more weeks. And then she said there would be a 15% restocking fee! I asked again for a supervisor, and she hung up on me!!

    1. When you get the pkg, don’t open it and write return to sender. Take pictures of the pkg first. This usually works for me and that way I’m not out more postage.

  15. I bought Clarifions, installed them and my allergies, which had been under control with the use of Claritin, returned even though I was continuing to take Claritin. I unplugged the Clarifions and my allergies went away. I found articles linking ionizers to allergic reaction. I told the company that I wanted to return my Clarifions. They said I could return them but I had to pay for the return postage and they would charge me a 15% restocking fee!
    So Buyer Beware!

  16. Did not care for it.Tried to call and could never get thru..I received 6 units and they are crap.Was told they couldn’t find my order.You have to have a special number and instructions to send them back.I keep getting E-mails that they can not find my order and to call.This has been going on for days.I don’t understand how they can get away with it.

  17. I had a similar experience with another company (not same or similar product), and when all was said and done it turned out they were not really located in the United States which is why the shipping was taking so long. Products coming from China for instance are taking an extremely long time since the pandemic came to the U.S. That may not be the case with Clarifion, but sure sounds like it to me as far as the delay in delivery. I appreciate all the reviews and I will NOT be ordering. Since my other similar experience, it has taught me to read the reviews people leave and I believe it has just saved me some money! Thanks very much.

  18. I was considering a purchase until I read these reviews. I’ve learned the hard way about these sites that advertise on Facebook or elsewhere to pay attention to nonsensical/disconnected sentences, poor grammar and spelling as a big “tip off” these sites are from China. They attempt to hide this saying USA, but as someone above mentioned, they use an American address to pretend they are an American company. These companies are making billions scamming people and laughing all the way to the bank. When you complain, they tell you returning the product will cost you too much money and offer you $5 or $8 dollars refund on a $40 product. They started with me at $3 then $5 then $15 every time I refused stating I wanted a FULL refund. I got so sick of the bickering back and forth I finally said $30 refund for a $40 product and they accepted it. Be very wary of these independent sites selling on Facebook. They are inundating Facebook with fraudulent products, often sending things that aren’t at all what the ad showed in a video. Do your homework. Stick to reputable companies you can validate!

    1. Hello, I purchased 3 units and they over charged me $10. So I emailed but still no response. Do you have a phone number for this company? If so, please forward to my thank you

    2. And PayPal is a useless company that I will no longer use. If you file a dispute they deny it regardless. Always use a reputable credit card company.

      1. I, also, can vouch for the negativeness of PayPal….that is the main reason that I do not make purchases from the internet….I got into some problems with PayPal & got hacked….noone cared…..noone wanted to help…

  19. Why are all these comments on how bad the company is as to how the product works? Delivery services are jus getting back to normal. I got my order in like 3 weeks. Why not order it on amazon? Its much faster. Jus wont have the warranty.

    Well the product works great. I dont wake up with crazy allergies.

    1. I agree with Alex. I bought 3 and within hours I noticed an improvement in the freshness of the air. The first morning after I woke without the stuffy nose I was accustomed to waking up with. My constant need to clear my throat of flem also improved. It definitely cleared the air of dust and particles, because the size and amount of dust on furniture and shelves was greater. Before there was a constant fine dust on furniture that was annoying. After plugging Clarifion the air gets cleared out and I’m able to wipe away the dust particles off the furniture. I have been happy that I purchased these. Compared to the cost and size of a room air purifier that takes up so much space and gives me the ability to spread out around the house. I’m very pleased

      1. You are pressing your luck in attempting to salvage this scam with this fraudulent review countering the hundreds of reviews all describing the exact scam. Your either part of our one of the main scammers or your being paid or offered something to fraudulently make this review. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out and plain for anyone who reads your review along with the many who you scammed. This is a felony here and you know it. I won’t lower myself to your level by stating what I think of you and what you really are.

  20. Thanks for the “real” reviews. Will definitely not order. Any recommendations on what I should get? 4 person house but only my 13 son had allergies. He won’t go to an allergist so I don’t think my poor boy has ever had a good nights sleep and probably doesn’t know what “good” feels like. I would like to get a something for his room. I would say he had a pretty big room but I don’t need something for the entire house. Any recommendations? Thank you!

    1. This product maybe the worst product because I spent $85.00 and got nothing. They tell me it was delivered I got nothing but the run-around. Do not buy this product they will not deliver and they will not refund when you don’t get the product. In my opinion it’s a scam, they take your money then say screw you.

    2. This is an Asian company (notice the fractured English) and you should NOT order from them! Instead go to reputable allergy websites such as National Allergy Supply for air filters and other products that will solve your problems. I ordered a hepa filter for my bedroom ten years ago, and other than having to buy filters now and then, I’ve been very pleased. They are more expensive on the front end, but you get years of SAFE use.

    3. Since he won’t go to an allergist, try a cover for both his mattress, and pillows. He is probably allergic to dust mites. I finally took my son to an allergist, took the test, and that was the only thing he reacted to. It did wonders for his sleeping.


    I ordered Clarifion on May 11, 2020. On May 16,2020 email stating shipment on its way.
    May 18, 2020 email from Clarifion saying takes 10 to 21 days to arrive.
    On July 7, 2030 sent email to Clarifion to cancel the order and demanded a refund.
    July 8, 2020 saying shipment shd arrive this week.
    Today July 18,2020. Nothing. I demanded a refund and nothing .

    1. Is there a phone number where I can get a refund, these air purifiers don’t do a thing for me !!!!!

      1. FYI:
        phone: 949-502-0146
        I ordered several units on Oct. 1. and FedEx has verified that they have received shipment. Delivery is scheduled for Oct. 13. Package is currently in transit and I can track updates through FedEx Delivery Manager.
        I’ll let all of you know when (and if) Clarifion package actually arrives. I used similar units (different manufacturer) in my studio years ago. It worked just fine to lower dust particles via ionization when a HEPA filter model unit did not. The size of the room and number of units installed per square feet is very important in order to get maximum benefits.

      2. I decided to reply to you because the EXACT sequence of placing order and receiving nothing happened to me !
        My neighbor purchased one from Amazon–I just learned this –and it is nothing but a dim night light. She put it
        in a sunbeam ( you know–where you can see dust in a stream of light )–the dust did NOT move. It all stayed in the same area–zero happened.
        From now on, I will always carefully read a review section–more than one of them-prior to ordering anything.
        ONLY thing I know that is effective is a dust rag and Endust !! The Swiffer cloths are pretty good. This thing is
        a money grab and run–AND-by being plugged in to your electrical outlet–it is costing you even more money to do nothing !! LESSON LEARNED !!

  22. I ordered from them back in early April, I just received my order tonight (July 14th). I’m guessing they are on back order due to a lot of people ordering them at the moment (thanks Covid 19).

  23. 1-888-346-9805 Is their phone number
    Good Luck! They hung up on me, I was asking questions about the coverage because I have very high ceilings, the only sales person according to her, she could not answer, I asked to speak to someone who knows about the product, she hung up on me! They list a sale of 10-12 of their products! They lost a good sale due to Rea! I then found these reviews, glad I did not place my order. These people gave no business skills, no product knowledge, do not care about the customer. HORRIBLE EVERYONE MUST TURN THEM IN TO THE BBB FOR SURE! Blast them on social media. You all have rights as consumers!

  24. this is going to the white house to be dealt with trump will shut them down they think there not playing with fire well look out the India guy I talked to tells me there on its way well so am I

    1. Their – There – They’re …Trump will only shut them down if they have evidence to testify against his numerous crimes!

      1. What crimes?! Get a grip. Be happy, you’ve got four years with your black woman President. Hello socialism, goodbye economy!!!!!

    2. Contrary to some other reviews, I received my order in a reasonable length of time. I was very skeptical, yet with all the smoke from the fires, I have not had to use my emergency inhaler. I am using it in my medium sized bedroom only.
      The only complaint I have is that it emits a light that does disturb my sleep. I Followed the suggestion to place it off the ground in an area where air circulates. From now I’ll put it in a less visible spot at night.

  25. Ordered product April 28th and just received the 6 air purifiers that I purchased today, July 8th. Communication from the company was horrible until I wrote and demanded a refund. All of a sudden I was sent shipping information. 🤦🏼‍♀️

    My advice is to email and demand a refund. After I finally made contact, the person who helped me was great. Though, I will never order from this company again or recommend it to anyone.

    1. Being that shipping takes so long and tracking numbers don’t seem to be correct, I believe this product is actually made in China. Hard to reach some one at the company, shipping issues, tracking number issues; sounds like problems I had when I tried to buy a product I thought was made in USA, but just distributed here, actually produced in China. Exact same problems!

      1. 1-888-346-9805 Is their phone number
        Good Luck! They hung up on me, I was asking questions about the coverage because I have very high ceilings, the only sales person according to her, she could not answer, I asked to speak to someone who knows about the product, she hung up on me! They list a sale of 10-12 of their products! They lost a good sale due to Rea! I then found these reviews, glad I did not place my order. These people gave no business skills, no product knowledge, do not care about the customer. HORRIBLE EVERYONE MUST TURN THEM IN TO THE BBB FOR SURE! Blast them on social media. You all have rights as consumers!

        1. How can you turn them in to the BBB as you said when this companies are mainly in China, can only purchase from well established companies.

  26. I have been waiting a month for my order, it is so ridiculous, it has only gone from one part of California to another. Why would anyone recommend this product. Guess I am calling my credit card company for a refund.

  27. I ordered 3 of their products on April 28th. Says it was picked up on May 4th by USPS. Still haven’t received them. The tracking number isn’t valid. Had my daughter check to make sure. It is now June 19th and still not received. Ordered Air Genie 2 weeks ago and they came today. Please refund my money or send me the product asap.

  28. I placed an order on May 19 but was shown as incomplete due to an item left in cart via my phone so you think it would not have completed or processed. On May 20 I went ahead and placed an via my PC thinking first order did not go thru. Well turns out I was charged for both orders one for 6 each plus warranty and 6 only. I have called them Clarifion support to inform them of all this and said they found both orders and said to return one order when they arrive. I have yet to to receive any order as of June 18. I checked the tracking USPS and they show Pitney Bowes picked them up one in transport and the other being delivered ? What a hassle. I have emailed them , I am giving them a call today. I feel like I am being Jacked here.

  29. I order one unit in May but I have not receive it. I can no find a phone to call.

    1. 1-888-346-9805 Is their phone number
      Good Luck! They hung up on me, I was asking questions about the coverage because I have very high ceilings, the only sales person according to her, she could not answer, I asked to speak to someone who knows about the product, she hung up on me! They list a sale of 10-12 of their products! They lost a good sale due to Rea! I then found these reviews, glad I did not place my order. These people gave no business skills, no product knowledge, do not care about the customer. HORRIBLE EVERYONE MUST TURN THEM IN TO THE BBB FOR SURE! Blast them on social media. You all have rights as consumers!

  30. I have emailed them and no response try to call them several times and couldn’t get through i order 3 clarifion air system my confirmation letter informed me that I will received a tracking within 72 hours and I have not received one yet. I will report this company to BBB if I don’t heard from them soon.

  31. I, too received no confirmation, no connection whatsoever. Considering cancelling order or, simply stopping payment on credit card. This is getting ridiculous. By the way, WHERE is this made?

  32. June 8,2020
    I too have been waiting for an order placed May 9th. Received an email May 20th stating a shipping partner had my package and would deliver it to USPS within a few hours. USPS has no record of receiving a package for me.

  33. I placed the order and mistakenly added some thing that I do not need is
    there anyway you can refund me the money for the pillows ? Of 57.00 .=20
    I do not need them please see attached picture.

    Each time I call nobody is able to help me.

  34. This is a SCAM company. I like many others fell for it. Ordered April 13 and have not received the product. Got a hold of customer service a few times via phone and they only assure me it’s on the way. Customer service via email sends me different tracking numbers. The Company they supposedly ship with also has many complaints. I rarely order like this and hate that I lost so much money. DO NOT BUY. REPORT to BBB and authorities. I will update if there are any changes. IF, IF I ever receive the product I seriously doubt it is real.

    1. Thanks for sharing this information. I will file a fraud disrupt. Unbelievable.

  35. I also placed an order in April 11th and have not received the product. Customer service is a joke. They finally sent me a tracking number that doesnt update. I’ve called 4 times and got 4 different stories. I believe this company is a scam. I’ve placed a dispute with my credit card company to get my money back, after waiting the 21 business days I was told I needed to wait. Then I recieved an email from Clarifion asking me to drop my dispute with the credit card company. They said if I don’t, they cannot process my refund and may win the dispute against the credit card company. Please do not order from this site. Save yourself from the weeks of frustration. This company needs to be reported.

  36. Would like to know where my order is. Ordered in April. Charged my CC. But have not received my order. Yes I am pretty perturbed!! Knew I should have not ordered. If I don’t get soon will file complaint with AG. Because like I said it has been charged to my CC…

  37. I ordered from the company Clarifon, paid and never received my order. What’s up with that?

  38. Same as stated above. Ordered, few days later got a email it was shipped. Tracking shows it still hasnt been picked up and it has been well over the sites noted longest shipping time frame. I emailed to checl status with them and still no reply 4 days later. Possible scam

  39. Clarifion Team,
    I need an update of my order, it’s been 3 weeks already, please answer my 2 emails.

    Thank you

  40. BEWARE:
    I ordered 3 of these April 13th and received notification my order was being shipped on April 15th. The tracking is showing it still not being sent out only a label created. I have emailed customer support several times and no one will reply. The website says they will reply in 1 business day.
    I posted a message on Facebook and Clarifion told me to email them. 🙄

    1. Ours took 15 business days to arrive. We were also worried but the did arrive as described in there ad.

    2. I felt same…….
      I ordered on April 1st, all tracking said it was in CA and date never changed from April 9th……..finally they arrived May 1st…….so don’t give up. I think (only been 2 days) that they are working………. fingers crossed

    3. The SAME THINGS has happened to Me this company is a joke why they would do thing to people who work had for there money DON”T ORDER FROM THEM BIG MISTAKE!!!!

    4. Same here!! I ordered around April 9th and received a shipping notice on 4/13 with a tracking # from Inglewood, CA but no other updates received. It is super frustrating.

    5. i order mine on April 11 .so nothing has come in the mail. using PayPal i thought it was ok ..

    6. I have found this form of advertising attached to the news is shady . I bought earphones for 30 dollars took more than a month to get them, Then they were just ear plugs not worth 5 dollars. When I bought that I also bought a two other items face masks., which never came. Tried to contact that company.. They never responded. I don’t even buy from the attachments to the news site.

      1. I bought one last year to test it. It seemed to help my allergies. I bought 3 more 5/9. I just called today and they had my info but said it was on back order but should be getting more next week. Very helpful but yes, I should have been notified and not had to reach out to them. I hope this helps.

        1. How long ago did you purchase? Me since first week of April had to send message asking for tracking info says it’s being shipped 2 was ago location still in Cali no other locations yet? What to do?

          1. I having the same trouble with this company that you’re having. We’re you able to get a hold of them?

          2. I’m having same problem. Canceled my order, my credit hasn’t been returned yet. Called and said they were closed. That was today.

          3. I ordered 3 in April and I am just getting them tonight. I am looking for the customer service number because one of them don’t work:(

          1. This Company is full of crap, the person on the sales line cannot even answer questions about coverage, I felt I needed to know because I gave very high ceilings… Rea could not answer so I asked to speak to someone who could, she hung up. First she was not listening to me I had to repeat myself 3 times.
            The companies fault for poor training. Just for that reason and all of the comments here you need to be put out of business. I’m glad this happened before I found out what happened to all of you. Everyone needs to contact the BBB in Irvine CA and BLAST THEM ON SOCIAL MEDIA!

            It ALL falls on the owner (who try’s to make you think it’s made in the USA but it’s not, it’s just shipped from here!) such total BS.

            Rea you need to be fired! There are too many good people with good work ethics looking for jobs! You have no work ethic and know nothing about consumer rights!

    1. sticker on the side of unit : warning to do frequent inspection / and collected dirt cleaned…fine…the 64 dollar question is : with no instructions…how do you open it up to do eighter ??

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