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The hotness of summery disturbs the life of human beings whether you’re at home or at office or college, no matter you’re an old man or a small child, as you get more perspired and you lose your work efficiency.

If you want to remain active and presentable, when the Celsius is above 30o, then you have no option but to fight back with this unbearable hotness of weather.

Of course, you can’t swim or take a bath indefinitely but you can have an air conditioner, a cooler or a fan. These are all remedies as long as you’re sitting or lodging at a place for a period 4-5 hours, but when you have frequent movements from lawn to room, or from meeting room to office cabin, or from one place to other, these electric appliances seemed to be less useful as they’re bulky and less mobile.

It’s blazing hot this year – just like every past year – and we may not be able to cope with such a high temperate without an AC or cooler.

If you are an obese person and you get heavily perspired due to high temperature. You need nothing but an air cooler. Everyone wants that he may spend his time at home comfortably and with peace of mind, whether he is lodging inside his room or sitting outside in the lawn.

popular air cooler in the world

Having a portable cooler is the only thing that could protect you from chilly hotness of the summer!!!

Now if one has decided to buy air cooler in such critical scenario, there are many questions related to the specification of cooler to be bought by him? Such as Which Air Cooler should be bought? Which one is more efficient? Which one is more durable? What about the volume and weight? How much power it would consume? What about wind thrust and speed of fans? And the number of other questions as well.

Nowadays there are numerous brands each claiming to be best but consumer is confused which one to buy and which one is the best value in return of price they would pay. But here we have a solution. After a thorough research in the market it has been figured out Zen Cooler is the solution that is durable as well as portable appliance having all the best that should a fine cooler should possess.

What’s a Zen Cooler?

Zen Cooler is a personal air cooler that is highly efficient and is specially designed for a healthy and comfortable environment which provides cooling as well as peace of mind.

Because of its best features, it has captured the attention of users, such as blade speed controller switch, USB power switch, built-in water tank having a capacity of 5-8 hours of operation.

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Another unique feature – which none of the other coolers has – it’s purification of air, cooling of the air, and dehumidification of air. That means all the specs that a cooler should have had by Zen Cooler.

zen air cooler features

Zen Cooler Specifications

  • Single net weight / gross weight: 740g / 965g
  • Product color: powder, gray, blue
  • Water usage time: 3-8 hours
  • Material: ABS / silicone / electronic components
  • Water tank capacity: 380ml
  • Product size: 170x152x157mm

Why to Buy Zen Cooler?

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The three unique operational features are combined in this cooler i.e. purification of air, cooling of the air, and dehumidification of air, and because of these features this cooler stood ‘out of crowd’ in the cooling appliances.

buy zen cooler

Another unparalleled feature is its energy-efficient operation which renders it as the best choice for the summer-stricken.

For energy price are soaring, that’s why the electric motor is made up of 100% pure copper which enable the cooler consumes very fewer units of power but produces the best cooling.

Though many coolers have attached water tank through which hot air inflows and it purifies and chills that air and throw outward.

Yet water finished very soon and you have to re-fill the tank again and again. But in the case of Zen Cooler has solved this trouble faced by the cooler-users. This cooler is made with a special fluid dynamics design which can retain the water for 5 – 8 hours and you can enjoy the chilly air without any interruption. (bobbergdesigns)

It’s a mini cooler with an ergonomic and compact outer-body design which not only ensures a healthy and peaceful environment but also adds value to the beauty of your room setting of office décor due to its amazing color scheme and frame design.

I must say that this is a wonderful thing if you’re in Texas during the summer period.

How Easily it Operates?

how zen cooler work

To be very precise it’s a user-friendly appliance. All you have to do is just fill its water tank with water or ice and then you put the power button ON, let’s enjoy awesome chilly air.

You don’t need any technical expertise anyone can operate it’s so simple, any adult or child can operate it very easily.

As its portable cooler, that’s why it weighs as little as 740 grams, and you can place it anywhere you want. 


Does Zen Cooler is useful only in small rooms or for a moderate level of summer temperature?

Its most obvious question when you’re going to buy a cooler, whether or not the cooler is suitable according to a peculiar environment in which you had.

Now you don’t need to worry anymore, Zen Cooler is designed for high-temperature range for 30o-50o C. It has powerful blades and motor due to which it can throw air at large distance and you can enjoy the chillness no matter how far you’re.

Noise and Vibration of Zen Cooler

Of course, everyone wants a peaceful environment free from noise. A fine cooler should operate with minimal noise, and this is what this cooler had. It operates smoothly with no noise and within a short span of time it will cool down quickly your room temperature.

Is it as Quiet as having Central A/C?

No, off course not, this is not the case.

If you may not compare it with a central AC. You can place and use it anywhere inside your living room where you’re sitting or lying and you may enjoy cooling within a few minutes.

What about Guarantee & Support?

Zen Cooler is offered with 60 days money-back guarantee.

Help & After Sales Services is quite amazing with turnaround time of 24 hours.

We obtained a single complaint from a lady that after two days the cooler was producing some slight noise, as she lodged complain, the team responded within 8 hours and addressed the issue within 3-5 days by replacement if unit.

Official Website: https://www.zencooler.com/

80 Reviews

  1. When i sent an ad of another device similar to this through my messenger it was deamed in appropriate for facebook use… I got the ad from youtube… It was odd… I didn’t order anything tho…

  2. Running time: The Ontel Arctic Air Personal Air Cooler can accept two cups of water at a time–this allows running it for 8 hours at a time when the fan is running at low.

  3. Power consumption: Depending on the model, a personal portable air cooler can run on as little as 18 Watts of power–compare this to an air conditioner that requires as much as 1500 Watts of power! That s not including the cost of the air conditioner and the hassle of having to install it. Dry out the filter periodically: Some devices are supplied with a filter, such as the Arctic Air Cooler. If you run your device with water in it all the time, that filter may become moldy. It s advised to run it with no water on occasion, so as to dry out the filter. You should also empty the device of its water, to ensure it dries out.

    1. Mine gets moldy even if I dry filter out. Any suggestions? The filters are too expensive to replace every time I use it.

  4. Noise level: Some complain that portable air coolers can run noisily. The Madoats portable air conditioner has a noise level of 58 decibels. That s about the same as a conversation in a room–but it might not be so easy to use it while sleeping. But the noise level will depend on the fan speed.

  5. I ordered 4 through FB site – received timely .. Ordered because my son likes it cool and his wife and children not so much .. Their electric ran $300 or more a month.. Since he started using 2 of them next to his bed and his favorite place to sit, his wife has been able to raise the temperature in the home to a normal range about 74 instead of below 70 .. Their bill has went down by half. My son said works great and only issue is you have to keep it filled . He said no problem they are worth it. Has been using them for a few months now. We live in Florida.

  6. 8/20/19 I paid for 4 zen cooler. I received after 3 mo. Coolers were not working. After 10 days I return to Burbank CA. Till now I didn’t received money.Service Co is terrible. They should be in jail. This Co is sham a total scam.

  7. It’s totally a scam. I was so excited because I’m pregnant and live in a very hot climate. I was so impressed that it was an MIT student who invented it, thinking it was this huge breakthrough. We bought 4 and the extra solar charger add on. Guess what? It didn’t work at all. It’s a very crappy, weak, over priced tiny fan. It does not cool down an entire room. We followed the instructions exactly. AND they didn’t send the solar USB charger we paid for. AND their customer service is terrible and put the wrong address, addressing our package to Guam. I emailed them and told them immediately they had the wrong address on the order, gave them the correct one, and they said they’d correct it before sending it. They didn’t. They still shipped it to the wrong address. So it took a super long time to get here. Meanwhile all of my family was waiting to find out whether they should buy one. I told them it was a waste of money and to save their money. It DOES NOT WORK AS PROMISED. IT DOES NOT DELIVER the cool air the ads claim to. And interestingly, there is nowhere on their website or amazon to leave a review. So all the raving reviews I read and fell for were probably paid actors or affiliates. Total scam. Then when I wanted to return it immediately because it didn’t work at all, they said they don’t provide a shipping label, and it’s going to cost me over $40 to ship it back!! And they still never responded about the missing USB solar charger I had ordered with it. TOTAL SCAM. RUN IN THE OTHER DIRECTION.

  8. As many others have experienced, I too encountered a long delay in receiving the product. I live in California so I’m well versed in the science of water cooling devices. In order for these devices to be effective, the humidity level in your area must be low (17% or lower) Using an air conditioning thermometer, I measured the temperature drop of air exiting the unit. It went from 78 degrees to 70 degrees within five minutes. In the correct environment (low humidity) the unit will cool you down if place in front of you, e.g., on your desk. Folks, for $49.00, it’s not an air conditioner…it’s a miniature swamp cooler. For me, it’s a perfect fit.

  9. Well go a buy one then from these RIP off merchants, how the hell can we review the product when it never showed up and your given an invalid tracking number, they dont reply to emails, there is no where else to go but here, so excuse me for complaing you jerk

  10. Absolute rip-off – it took six weeks to be delivered from the time I ordered it and it proved to be useless. I sent the item back by registered mail return receipt requested – it was delivered back to them and signed for by them (although I never received the return receipt) 17 days ago and I’m still waiting on a refund to my credit card. A pack of criminal thieves who need to be put in jail.

  11. Zen Coolers are a total scam. They are incredibly small and won’t run on a tank of water for more than 2-3 hours. These things wouldn’t cool down a bird cage let alone a small room.
    Their customer service is terrible. The delivery was slow (over six weeks). Their communication via email or by phone is non-existent. I returned to coolers according to their instructions, got confirmation that they received the coolers, and a month later I still have not gotten a refund!

    Zen Coolers are a complete waste of money and a total scam!

  12. Returned my Zen Coolers and never received my money back!
    Item did not deliver the cooler air as advertised. Please do not waste your money.

  13. How can you recommend a product with all the bad reviews? I put ice chips in the tank. Set a thermometer in front for hours, zero tempiture change! The wicking of water is so slow, no cold water makes it to the filter. So, sent back 3 weeks ago, sent an email week 2. They asked for tracking number. Sent with proof of hand delivery to a person.
    Still no refund.

  14. DO NOT BUY. I ordered 2 units on 7/26/19, shipping confirmation 8/11/19, finally received on 8/29/19 . Great timing, as summer ends. Anyway, I opened one unit, added water, ran the unit. Useless, Useless, Useless for cooling. Then, icing on the cake, it leaks on the table or desk you sit in on. Not from the water tank BTW, but from the foot of the opposite corner.

    Starting on 9/2/19 I emailed customer service re: a return. They would not supply a prepaid return label, even though the unit is defective. I finally paid $27.80 to ship the units back. In the original packaging and original box. Still waiting for a refund. Will get my credit card company involved next.

  15. I have had similar problems, ordered from these people the end of July, got a tracking number and dispatch notice on the 9 of September, today is the 16th of October and nothing
    They state it will be delivered by FedEx, but somehow it is somewhere in the Philippines in the hands of Philippine post who are incapable of delivering a parcel to an adress next to there office, I have made two long trips to the city to the post office, to no avail, if the parcel actually exists no one from philpost can locate it, I’m really thinking just another chinnese scammer, I contacted their customer support but all they do is sent another copy of the dispatch document with equally useless tracking number, I’m thinking of contacting Visa card and list them as scammers and try and get the charges reversed, wish I’d read this page first, or they had the honesty it was coming by philpost I never would have purchased 2 of these things that now sound defective and useless,

  16. Hardly what I’d call an engineering marvel. I put a room thermometer in front of it and let is sit there and the temperature only went down about 1 degree after 3 hours, even after it went and emptied the water container. Had to sit within 6 feet of it to get any breeze and it was no different than a small, small fan for cooling. Quite a disappointment.

  17. Just received two units after 2 weeks, shipped from China. Plugged it in and no difference or change. Honolulu’s humidity is @ 80%+ and it does not work here. Bummer because if I knew this does not work in high humidity areas never would have bought them. Ill be sending them back, hope that guarantee is real.

  18. We bought four of these (what a mistake!).

    Even in a small, enclosed room, with 2 hours time, there was NO difference in the temp in the room. If you are within about ONE FOOT of the cooler, you can feel a slight cooling effect. My recommendation: do not buy this product. A fan would do a MUCH better job of cooling people. This a/c unit does nothing to lower the temp in even a small room.

  19. This does NOT come close to cooling any air. It’s a pathetic device that has very little power and does NOT cool the air in the least. I’m so ashamed of myself for buying this product. Zen Cooler is a TOTAL sham.

  20. I ordered 4 and after a month I got one. It is shipped from China. Very Weak. Do not waste your time and money. Have to be 3 feet in front of your face to feel any cool air.

  21. Well, like most of the reviews, after waiting more than a month and extremely poor customer service response, filed a complaint with Pay Pal. Two days later they shipped me a tracking number that said (for over a week) that there package was waiting to ship. Took another 10 days to receive. Huge disappointment! Blows air out approximately 3 feet when fan is on it’s highest setting, but is definitely not cool. False advertising, and non existant customer service. Bad decision.

  22. I am afraid that as I get older and more senile, my ordering ability will be revoked if I keep ordering crap like the Zen Cooler. Wow!
    Funny story. I’m on the phone with PayPal starting a dispute claim about not getting the product, when the product shows up. I’m sorry it did!
    Previous reviews are correct. It’s a plastic box with water and a fan and it cools like a plastic box with water and a slow fan.
    Don’t waste your money….please!

  23. Piece of junk, fake testimonials, blows some weak fog, cools NOTHING, NADA!!!! I’m sure the money back guarantee will be a major scam?

  24. We ordered 4 ZenCoolers on August 11th directly from “zencooler.com”. 3 weeks later we called and were informed by customer service that we would receive them by the end of the 4th week. We called again yesterday, Sept 11th and were told that due to high demand the units had to be shipped from China but we would receive them in about 2 weeks. Guess what was delivered today? However, it does NOT cool as described- all 4 are being returned. Although, I wonder how long to receive a refund.

  25. Same as other reviews. Purchased 4 with PayPal on 7/31/19. Emailed twice asking for the status of my order. First told 10 – 18 ‘business’ days (I could have read that on the website). After 20 ‘business’ days, inquired again and was given a useless fedex tracking number. Then I complained to PayPal (opened a case). All the sudden my order shipped. Received today (9/12/19) and yes, it is a desktop fan – nothing more.

  26. I JUST GOT MY ORDER TODAY!!!! I ordered Four of these off of facebook advertisements probably back in June, and I woke up this morning thinking that I needed to try to contact this company and tell them I wanted a refund, but low and behold the mailman just brought me a box with all 4 of them inside, I was quite relieved because I was feeling like I got scammed, so for any of you that are still waiting for your order, you will likely still get it, but it may take a lot longer than what anyone should have to wait for. I have yet to try them out, so I can’t say much about that, but I just wanted to let people know that they are going to have to be exceptionally patient, I don’t know that I’ve ever waited for something so long in my life, but I did get mine, so there is hope for you as well. I have a feeling that they oversold their product and then had to play catch up because they were selling faster than they could make them….but that’s just my thoughts on it!

  27. I ordered on Aug 4th, thinking it will help with the smoldering heat of the summer. Well, Summer is over and just received it yesterday( Sept 11). Still, it was hot, so I excitedly filled it up with water ( first mistake- though this is what you supposed to do, it leaked all over!)
    So I sat down in the hot room in front of my brand new personal air cooling unit, waiting to be cooled down. Now I’m wondering if I had a hot flash at the same time, but the only thing I experienced was a light breeze. Ok, let’s turn it up since it has 3 settings on the FAN ( not AC, what do I expect?!? Also, make sure not to move it, so it doesn’t leak! I got a refreshing, little stronger breeze. Nice. So I can’t sit in front of it, started doing some normal stuff has to be done in the house— and at that moment the whole ‘nice’ was lost. I don’t know what was I thinking, as this is nothing, but a glorified small fan. I purchased 4 of them, spent over $200!!! I must have lost my mind!
    Definitely not worth the money! Contacted them to return the item- let’s see how that will go.
    And I love it how ‘Forty Reviews’ say if you are not satisfied buy something else— that should tell you a lot!

  28. I ordered my Zen Cooler on July 21st. Received it on August 31st. It is nothing more than a fan that evaporates the water within a 2 hr time frame. The temp of my 8X10 room when I turned it on was 80 degrees. After 4 hrs and having to fill the water tank a 2nd time the room was still 80 degrees. A regular fan works better than this.

    1. I totally agree with you! It’s just a fan but you’re better off with a fan because you don’t have to fill a fan with water. Zen Cooler’s claim that water lasts 3-8 hours is bogus. The water in my cooler lasted a half hour to 45 minutes. And you need a USB outlet for the cooler to run. I bought an adapter that USB plugs into then I can plug it into a regular electrical outlet.

  29. For evaporative coolers to work, the humidity has to be below 35%. If you live in the desert southwest, they work very well to cool because the humidity maybe 11-17%. So adding moisture to the air is cooling. But in Louisiana, it wouldn’t help at all. It would make it more uncomfortable. AC’s dehumidify.

  30. Ordered my Zen Cooler on 7-19-19 – still don’t have it on 9-6-19. Geez, summer is almost over now. Ugh.

  31. I’m tending to believe that the Zen Cooler is a scam. I ordered one, have never received it. Their website is less than customer service friendly – cannot check on an order or get any info. When you call you get disconnected or end up speaking with someone in India who cannot or will not answer your questions. It is amazing to me that they cannot tell you when your order will ship or any other details and they are extremely rude on the phone. The service overall has been beyond atrocious. When I asked to cancel the order since they could not help me he said he couldn’t do that…..I’m disputing with my credit card company today and will not be paying for this cooler.

  32. Dear Forty Reviews,
    How well this Zen Cooler works?…. time will tell but I will say than any time one evaporates water continuously to cool air that minerals in the water are left and must be cleaned and maintained. If you have hard water coming from the tap then it is worse. The same goes for the air purifier filter. Before I would buy one I would like to see an independent test of 1000 cycles simulating approximately one year of continuous operation.
    That said after being in Florida and having been threatened by Hurricane Dorian one application once this product proves itself is emergency cooling when power from the company is down and being provided by small generators sized for just refrigerators, lights and some cooking. The ZenCooler would allow the occupants get some sleep in a humid place like Florida but if your house is very tight the humidity would build up. However most older home have a good deal of exfiltration. We will see how the Zen Cooler thrives or dies next September 2020.

  33. I come here to read a review of the item and most of you are complaining and not reviewing. Please if you need to complain go to ripoff or some complaint site

    i ordered air cooler (BPACT10WT) through AMAZON i can say that, it is Quiet, efficient air conditioner

    1. That’s a real air conditioner. The Zen is not. No compressor. Says it dehumidifies when, in fact, it humidifies. Like others have said, it is a box of water with a fan. Nothing new or innovative about that. If you live in Phoenix it may work okay. Here in the South it would be a bad joke.

  35. PEOPLE, think about this. On a hot high humidity day say 80* it feels hot and muggy. Take the same day with low humidity and it is comfortable. I don’t see how this can possibly cool a room by adding humidity to the room air.

  36. It’s been 25 days and still have not received anything. I was expecting to get a tracking number after ordering but didn’t, so I wrote to them asking for one. They replied back and said my order would arrive 10-18 days or sooner and gave me a FedEx tracking number that did not work!! B.S.!! I wrote to them today and told them if I didn’t get my order in the next few days I will do everything I can to get my money back and that I am reporting them to the Better Business Bureau. I think everyone who believes they’ve been scammed should do the same. I refuse to sit quietly and do nothing while they have my hard earned money and I have nothing in return!

    1. HOW CAN I GET IN TOUCH WITH THIS COMPANY. I THINK I HAVE BEEN SCAMED ON FACEBOOK THIS MORNING. I have notified Discover this morning because that check any thing that is charged to me.
      discover e-mailed me.

  37. Stay away! They never shipped my product. They don’t answer their customer service line or emails

  38. This company is a sham. We ordered the cooler in July but have not received it yet. Called twice, waited at least 45 minutes. Both times, customer service rep said it’s in the mail. Asked for the tracking or shipping info, response was “I don’t know.” I guess you can’t kill the messenger. Another Chinese scam.

  39. I was just about to order 4 Zen Coolers but something told me to check the reviews BEFORE making my purchase. I’m so glad I did. I’m so sick of these rip off scams, not getting my purchases or being duped into buying crap that doesnt work. Thank you everyone, for making writing your reviews.

  40. I have not received mine. I can’t get anyone to answer the phone number given. I dear I am ripped off. WTH

    1. I paid for 4 coolers and havent recieved anything in the mail yet. Wheres my product?

  41. I ordered this several weeks ago. I tried calling the company and no response. It hangs up after 5 minutes on hold. (I tried several times) They have my money, but I have no product!

  42. This “cooler” is nothing more than a weak, 3-speed desk fan. Does not cool air. A worthless, total rip-off. I’m returning mine after one day.

    1. That’s what I thought. Nothing more than as cheap plastic box that only evaporates and cools air though the water. No compressor or true AC technology, just an overpriced evaporative cooler.

    2. Couldn’t agree more. I wanted to return mine, but they will not process a refund without original packaging. Their customer service is the worst I have experienced in many years.

  43. It has been 3 weeks since I ordered 4..nothing so far,,customer service phone number rings forever. 2nd email says by the end of the week….we’ll see

  44. I ordered units also from a facebook ad and it was now 20 days ago and still no delivery of the coolers. I have contacted their support department and am awaiting a response. I will not pay my credit card bill unless they arrive soon

  45. I ordered my stuff 18 days ago but never receive these items. I contacted the company and called twice no one responding. Please let me know where is my order?

    1. “Due to the current high volume of orders, we are experiencing brief delays with some shipments.” (Feedback received from ZenCooler Support team regarding late deliveries).

      We (fortyreviews.com) suggest you contact their support team directly. Thanks.

      1. They won’t answer. WTH
        I work hard for my money. I will not sit back and just let you rip me off or these other customers that you haven’t sent them their equipment either. If you think i’m Not serious know I am. I want my product or my money back now.

  46. I lost $120 ordering off FACEBOOK advertisements got nothing PLEASE do not make the some costly mistake I did I am PISSED-OFF at FACEBOOK for allowing thousands of people to get RIPPED-OFF

      1. I ordered off Facebook. Haven’t received anything. So mad. Going to sue these people. Seriously

        1. The same thing happened to me! Ordered 2 units on 7/29/19!
          Haven’t received anything! Sent emails to customer service and called their “customer service” line & only got the run around from a foreign call center!

      2. I ordered 4 on July 23, has not heard anything, called PayPal to dispute, was told on Aug 6, it will be shipped, still nothing On Aug 16, Facebook scam

        1. I did the same thing and in late September I came home and they were delivered. Was going to return but I’m afraid I’d never see my money back. Do you have a phone number to contact?

    1. That is not a review of the product, That is a complaint against the person on facebook selling it.
      you people do not understand what a review is

      1. I ordered directly from the site, not FaceBook and it has been 5 weeks and they keep saying it has shipped. BUT NOTHING!

    2. I did the same thing at the beginning of July, paid through PayPal but got nothing. I complained to PayPal and the company finally got an email saying the shipment had been held up (I presume from China but I don’t know) but my order would be coming as soon as possible. I received it yesterday a full 2 months after I ordered. I hope the same has been true for you…if not contact the company directly.
      Good Luck

    3. This company is not legit. They said it shipped and gave me a FedX shipping number. I checked FedX and they stated it was not one of their numbers. I emailed them to complain and said they never gave me a FedX tracking number even though it’s their email. Then they indicated I gave them a bad address. (Really??). I filed disputes with credit card company and have filed complaints with attorney general. The company then emailed me to say they would give me a full credit once they receive the product back in their warehouse based on their terms and conditions. I never received the product. Scammers

      1. Yup facing same situation, they told me was shipped by FedEx with a tracking number that says Philippine post, now this outfit couldnt deliver if it was next door, even so philpost say they have no record of such a parcel, even though tracking number says it’s with them, only response I get from zen cooler is another copy of the order, also saying the adress is wrong, even though it my adress, my email and my phone call, will go see my bank when I return to nz, they dont like scammers there

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