NuWave OxyPure Smart Air Purifier – The Most Advanced Air Purifier on the Market Today?

NuWave OxyPure Smart Air Purifier Reviews

It has been estimated that air pollution kills a total of 7 million people each year worldwide.

According to research conducted by WHO, 9 out of 10 people breathe in contaminated air. From smog to smoke in homes, it poses a major health risk to all humans equally.

The combined hazard of outdoor and indoor air pollutions causes millions of premature deaths each year.

Impurity in the air causes many health risks including many heart diseases, strokes, lung cancer, acute respiratory infections, and many chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases.

Despite decades of progress, air quality has reduced significantly. This is mainly because of irregular consumption patterns on behalf of humans. To combat this issue, our NuWave OxyPure Smart Air Purifier is the perfect fit.

One of the reasons why there is more indoor air pollution than outside is because of the absence of ventilators.

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Areas with little ventilation trap pollutants like dust, commonly found in houses.

From reducing allergy triggers and asthma to prevention against any air contaminant, Nuwave Oxypure smart air purifier is beneficial for both commercial and residential environments. This may include schools, hospitals, offices, homes, and many commercial areas.

About NuWave OxyPure Smart Air Purifier

nuwave oxypure

NuWave OxyPure Smart Air Purifier is famous for eliminating 99.5% airborne viruses and bacteria from your homes leaving you with pure air to breathe in. The electrostatic bio guard filter helps draw the harmful pathogens in the air. The ions generated in the filter trap these pathogens and destroy them completely inside the filter.

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Some Specifications

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  • Product Dimensions: 14 x 14 x 26 inches
  • Item Weight: 37.2 pounds
  • Batteries Required: No

All You Need To Know About Your Air Purifier

Advanced Air Filtration It has 4 filters. The first one is the stainless steel reusable pre-filter and this filter lasts for 20 years straight.

The second is the bio guard filter and this also lasts for 20 years.

The third is the ozone emission removal filter which is the most powerful lasting up to 25 years.

The last is the carbon filter also known as the HEPA filter and this needs to be replaced after every year.

Clean air delivery for OxyPure is measured in cubic feet per minute. It is 332 for smoke, 369 for pollen, and 346 for dust.

Breathe Easy day and nightUsually, airborne diseases trigger sinuses and cause lung problems.

Now with the advanced OxyPure Air Purifier, you can breathe easily all day and all night. Setting to “Whisper-quiet” sleep mode enables you to sleep peacefully all night. It eliminates all toxins that enter your living space and cleanses your air.

Save Money and EnergyIt is one of the most efficient air purifiers out there. Filters do not need regular replacement thus it saves us from spending money on new filters regularly.

It is automated to function at its fullest when the air has a high proportion of toxins. When these pollutants are removed, it automatically switches to a lower mode, thus saving energy.

WarrantyNuWave OxyPure Air Purifier has 3 years of manufacturing warranty which is far more than most brands available out there.

NuWave is here to make a difference. It is here to serve more for less cost.

For more than 20 years, it has been successful in improving the living atmosphere for humans.

All you have to do is switch on the OxyPure and it will protect you and your loved ones from dust, lead, smoke, pollen, pet dander, bacteria, allergens, and many viruses in any room up to 1200 square feet. The best part about this purifier is its long-lasting filters which are both cost and energy-efficient.



  • 360 Degree Air Intake – This allows you to position your purifier anywhere in the room. It takes in air from all sides as opposed to the conventional air purifiers that only take in air from one side.
  • Clean Air Delivery Rate – It delivers clean air at unmatched rates. The CADR for dust is 346, 332 for cooking, fireplace and tobacco, and 369 for pollen.
  • Various modes – From whisper-quiet to turbo mode, you can clean your air, removing up to 99.5% pathogens. When you enable its whisper mode, it creates ideal sleeping conditions.
  • Wifi-enabled – You can download the NuWave App on your smartphone and monitor it from anywhere without being physically present in the room.


  • Costly – Although it is a onetime investment, but not many can afford this.
  • Not all rooms require Air Purifier
  • Short Warranty – Many products experience technical issues after 5 years of purchase. Thus 3 years warranty doesn’t do much in this regard.

Does OxyPure Help with respiratory issues?

Yes, OxyPure is designed in a way that it helps with respiratory issues. You will see a huge difference in the lung capacity once you get rid of all the harmful pathogens, allergens, and pollutants.

Is there any ideal room to place OxyPure?

You can place it anywhere you like. With the 360-degree air intake technology, it purifies the air regardless of its placement.

What does Eco-Friendly Mode do?

It allows OxyPure to stay off until it detects poor air quality.

NuWave OxyPure Air Purifier Real Reviews

Many people have different views on nuwave oxypure there is some real users reviews available let’s check out what those people are saying!

Ngaire Taylor a real nuwave oxypure user is saying,

“Now… I am only suggesting this… for people who are very high risk and have to be quarantined in a household with someone who has been tested +ve with coronavirus in the same household… … and these are only suggested brands.
(I have no personal experience with these specific companies)”

Ngaire Taylor another real nuwave oxypure user is saying,

“i bought this last month this is very helpful and plug and play. Thank you nuwave”

Final Verdict

It’s better to invest in an air purifier because their benefit outweighs its cost.

Many people can’t live with pets because it triggers their allergies. But investing in NuWave OxyPure makes sure that you can live with your pet easily without having to worry about pet dander triggering your allergies. It also leaves the air fresh and clean.

People who are worried that their homes and offices capture bad odors have nothing to worry about once they invest in a good air purifier.

Research shows that second-hand smoking is as harmful as active smoking and thus it can have serious side effects. NuWave OxyPure is specifically designed to eliminate tobacco pollutants and smoke particles from the air. That’s why investing in OxyPure will make a significant difference in your life.

57 Reviews

  1. I never buy from any infomercials but they almost had me. Checked the reviews not just from here but other places . This is a total scam just as I had originally thought . We went with BlueAir . Read consumer reports and purchased from Amazon .

    Do not buy this product . It’s a scam and they are just trying to make money and don’t care about the consumer .

  2. Saw an infomercial last night. Went online to place my order and instead found these reviews and many more. So it appears I dodged a bullet. I purchased a Vornado air purifiers for half the price that one of these oxypure unit costs.
    Its been 6 years and the Vornado I purchased is still going strong. Its sitting next to me as I type this.
    I purchase cheap replacement filters from amazon and they work just as good as the originals. The only issue with the Vornado is that it is not energy efficient and I am not a fan of replacing the filters. But as far as reliability goes Vornados are excellent value and work great for allergy sufferers and those with chemical sensitivities such as myself. I have also purchased and use Holmes and Honeywell. All of the brands mentioned above are great alternatives for the budget conscious shoppers. However, of all the ones I have used I would definitely say Vornado has been the most effective in reducing allergens for me.

    1. What is the negative, you seem to just recomend another unit with out giving details as to what is wrong with it.

  3. I’m amazed with some of the negative reviews, but we did purchase our Nuwaveoxy in February 2021. My main reason for this purchase was for cleaner air and due to the fact we have two dogs.. I must say we feel better and this really senses the bad odors immediately. The biggest example was we left our home for about an hour and one of our dogs had a poop accident (not normal) and when we returned the nuwave was on turbo and the odors colors did change from green until we cleaned up. Yes, the nuwave does sense burnt popcorn and other usual odors. The nuwave does eliminates the need to have Airwick fragrances throughout the home. A safer/natural air cleaner. No negatives currently but we are happy with our Nuwaveoxy. Yes, initially I wasn’t sure of my purchase due to the cost but well worth it. We are happy customers!!! This is our honest assessment!!!

  4. Just saw the commercial which was very convincing, but since I’ve been scammed before I thought I should check reviews. THANKS to everyone for being so diligent in helping others to avoid what appears to be a scam!

  5. thanks people I was just about to order one . BUT NOT NOW !!!! been scammed to many times . Thanks for the heads up

  6. We’ve had ours for 3 months now and a couple of days ago we noticed a black film on several things around the house…appliances, mini splits, ceiling fans, etc. We removed it from the house and have found the soot(?) on absolutely everything in the house. We now have to have the rugs and drapes cleaned and paint every wall. Several things will have to be tossed out, like lampshades and such. We are so upset about this and fear there’s nothing to be done about it.

  7. It sounded so good, until I read the reviews. Not ONE person was happy with their purchase. I just avoided what looks and smells like just another huge scam. Words are cheap and they certainly use many.

  8. CUSTOMER SERVICE TRULY STINKS!!!!! The product is not as described, the air coming out when turned on smells like burnt plastic after 7+ days of use. Customer service would not send return label and it was very expensive to return ($143.90). Customer service representative was very difficult to understand (bad English pronunciation) and was not helpful. I will never purchase a Nuwave product nor recommend a product to anyone else. 0 stars. My mistake was NOT CHECKING THE REVIEWS FIRST.

  9. Just saw the add, was considering it but lucky I read the reviews. Their just dumping their crap in Australia now. Watch out people.

    1. Hi Fiona! Thank you for your interest in the NuWave OxyPure. I will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

      1. Hi are these negative reviews about the nuWay OxyPure air purifier or another brand ??
        & please tell me If the Filters ( especially the hepa/carbon) are all fulLy SEALED in the machine or air escapes ???

        Also do bacteria /mould breed within the machine?

        Thanks please reply asap to anncarne@ as am about to buy a purifier at home

      2. It sounds like “crickets” because your “customer support” obviously STINKS as much as your SCAM people out of money PRODUCT does!!! SO glad I read all your horrible reviews and dodged an EXTREMELY expensive bullet!!!!!!

  10. You all caught me just in time. I was about to call and order that thing. Thanks ever so much for the heads up. I was going to buy something I couldn’t afford because I desperately need what they say they have. I have some kind of indoor air pollution that makes me nod off, makes me light headed and gives me brain fog. I’m open to any suggestions if anyone has any. Please!

    1. Hi J.D, The Oxypure is a great unit that helps filter and eliminate bad air quality. I am happy to inform you, we are currently offering payment plans. Please feel free to reach out to us, if you have any further questions or concerns. We’ll be happy to assist!

    2. Uuuuh that sounds like possible carbon monoxide poisoning. I’d suggest installing a detector and getting any gas lines/gas appliances checked for leaks.

    3. You may want to contact your local HVAC company who deals with air quality issues. Make sure to check their credentials and ask what they check to determine the proper air quality.

  11. I bought 2 filters for $1200 and only one worked. They refused to exchange the broken one and made impossible terms to get it submitted for warranty repair! Cost me $180 to return the units for refund. Plus the say they will charge handling fee! Don’t buy anything from these scam artists

  12. Too many bad reviews. Was going to order (one for myself & one for my daughter and her family), but because of poor customer service and operating issues I’m going to buy Honeywell. I read reviews on

    1. We are so sorry to hear you feel this way. Is there anything we can assist you with? Please do not hesitate to contact us directly. We are here to help.

      1. Got this unit from my neighbor. She purchased on July 30 2020. On September 13 it refused to turn on. Acted like no power or burned out fuse. She got frustrated at useless warranty and bought something else. Would have thought that for $650,00 it would work longer than two months!

  13. Horrible company. Received the unit and didn’t work. Tried calling for 3 days to get some kind of help,finally got thru on the chat line. End result I’m sent it back, cost me $70 to ship back ground plus whatever their processing return fee is . Do yourself a favor and stay clear of this company.

  14. I received my Nuwave Air Purifier and am very happy. Only one problem, after watching tv yesterday and today, I realized I was supposed to receive 4 Hepa filters with it. Thus could have been a mistake of the packers, however, I do believe you will take care of this issue, since you do owe me 4 filters. Everything else is working and I am very happy with its performance, but I do feel I was cheated. Please mail me the filters that should have been packed with my purifier. I could not reach anyone in any way from your company, phone, email, etc. Poor customer service, extremely poor. People on tv should be aware of the fact that you are unable to reach customer service in any way. I hope you will take care of this, I am not going to go away.

      1. Hi Lori, we are sorry to hear about this inconvenience. Please reach out to us directly. We can gladly look further into this for you. Your satisfaction is important to us.

    1. Hello Diane! We see this has been resolved. Please feel free to reach out to us, if you have any further questions. We are here to help.

  15. Just lost a customer, too many bad reviews and no good customer service to resolve problems. People can report you to their State’s Attorney General for Consumer Complaints.

  16. I followed the unpacking instructions, plugged in solo, turned it on and it sounded like someone was on the inside of this tin can beating with a stick. After turning it off and back on I got the same sound. I called the number listed for support and no answer, tried the chat and was given the instructions on how to return the unit with 90 days and of course I have to pay the return postage. There is no such thing as support for this unit.
    Beware: when you type in all caps you are yelling:

    1. I was told that they have no techs at all for customer questions or help and that you have to put in a warranty claim

  17. don,t buy this peice of crap. it is junk and the customer service is the worst i have ever seen. they won,t answer the phone and lie. this company suck big ones. STAY AWAY FAR AWAY

  18. i just received this product and do not recall even ordering it..i have not opened it yet..i think i will return it ..who do i call????

  19. wow saw the commercial last night and was going to buy 2 units,but after hearing all this,i think ill stick with a honeywell,rated exellent by consumer reports. 8/20/20

  20. DO NOT purchase! I spent $600 on this piece of crap. It JUST arrived today, I unboxed it and plugged it in, the fan just pulsates. It will not stay on. I cannot get through to ANYONE. I feel like the biggest sucker ever.

  21. Thank all of you sorry for the trouble everyone is having I was going to consider buying one Thank’s for the heads up hope you get help

  22. Was about to purchase this unit and after reading the reviews I decided to keep researching other brands.

  23. Thank you , you guys. I was watching it on TV this morning and was about to call and order it. I thought first, see what others say about this system. Thank you for SAVING me. Because I’m a Senior and this was going to put me DEEP in debt. Thanks for your honesty and experience with this company.

  24. Watched commercial this morning on tv. Was ready,willing and able to buy. Read reviews. Would never buy a product without customer service. Good by NuWave OxyPure.

  25. I purchased a Nuwave air purifier for $499 and I purchased the extra filters for another $200. when it was mailed to me, the box was in good shape. I followed all the instructions (took plastic off the filter) turned it on and it worked Great, for a day, it was on its dedicated circuit solo, but when I woke up the next morning, it was off, I opened the filter tray closed it it popped on then shut off.. and would not turn on again 3 days later of calling emailing texting being blocked by every help the company had… I called the helpline was on hold until my battery went DEAD, I emailed them and the email said it would not go through. so I called the (Buy this product phone number) and asked how do I get ahold of them because my air purifier don’t work, the nice lady said call 1-877-689-2838 so I wrote the number down and hung up and realized that was the same number I called for help and NO ONE ever answered. so I called back the (buy this product now number within 5 minutes) and my phone said the number was blocked I tried emailing them and my email said email was not able to go through I tried over and over .. they blocked my phone my wife’s phone all my emails, I have a $700.00+ paper weight. If you buy this product you will be Very lucky if it works and if it does it wont be for long! That’s their VIP warranty

    1. I looked at the better business bureau’s page doe NuWave. They’re not rated well, but they did respond to BBB complaints. Maybe try filing a complaint with them to see if you can get a response that way.

    2. Honestly I’m having the very same problem. My first one only lasted 3mos. It took a a total of 4 more months to get it returned. They shipped out what I thought was my original purifier too my previous address. Although my new address was on file. I opened a claim in search of. I had to drive to my old address in search of my package. I found it a week later being held by the association of property management. Got it home. On boxed, only to reveal its not my original. Different serial #. It’s defective. Lighted panel does not work. It’s a glorified fan. Blowing air from the base, when it’s suppose to suck bad air in. Noticed sensor is open and hollow. Sides are bent due to plastic mold defects. What a hot mess this is. Can’t get a hold of anyone for help. I’ve been trying since June 17th. 21 it is now October 16th 21 . This place is running a complete scam on the people’s recent fears of this virus. I say it’s high time we start a class action Law suit 😡😡😡 I have plenty of documentation to provide proof of intent too steal from and miss lead the public for profit. This is totally unacceptable 😤

  26. Thanks for the information. I was about to purchase one. Now I amlooking at other options. It sure sounds like scam.

    1. I have a Dyson hot cool and have had it for 2 years now works great and replacment filters are 99.00 and will last a year

  27. Thank you for sharing this. I was about to purchase. No one has that kind of money to not get a response. Yes, I would put it on Facebook, Twitter and IG so everyone can be aware. No one can afford this especially during the times we are living in.

  28. I ordered the nuwave oxypure smart air purifier just received it install the nuwave connect app cant log in give me verification number and called support tech wants 100.00 dollars upront before helping me telling me my computer and cell phone are infected which not true I run my security all my devices are safe chat on line for support another money grabber they wont let me access and register my newly purchase air purifier unless you give extra money to this soo called support team . whats going on guys is this a scam tell me .or maybe ill post it on facebook and utube to expose this scam going on .

    1. I just got mine and I am having same problem getting it to power on, no success, also not able to connect to WiFi either, also wants money to get a tech to help resolve problem. No answer when calling customer service.

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