Maya Steam Shower Review- is it Worthy to Buy or Waste of Money?

Maya Steam Shower Review – Read this unbiased research to configure the legitimacy of Maya steam shower. Have you ever wondered why steam showers are gaining market value rapidly?

Table of contents

  1. About Mayabath
  2. Is Mayabath Legit?
  3. Why Choose Maya Steam Shower
  4. Conclusion

Excitingly, steam showers are of great significance to heal the body physically and mentally. For this very reason, you will see many gymnasiums, health centers, and fitness clubs having these fixtures. It provides heat to the body, which increases blood circulation, detoxifies the body, reduces the tension from the joints and cartilages, and recovers fatigue by removing metabolic wastes from the body.

Steam Showers are now at the perk of tropical bathing. Other than the health benefits, it is more environment-friendly and adds a treat at your place, making it more attractive. The changing trend and temperature have led the owners of homes and hotels to install elegant steam showers. The online market is brimming with a wide variety of these fixtures but here, we need to be very specific to select the quality product.  

About is an online store, selling luxury bathing fixtures and accessories. The store is catering in elegant walk-in tubs, steam showers, and towel warmers. The company understands the importance of top-notch quality products, which stands the test time. It claims to build reliable products, extensively tested, and ensures optimum safety during the operations.

To make the right buying decision for Maya Steam Shower have a look at the product specification.

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Types of Maya Steam Shower

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Maya steam showers are available in 6 basic categories that arementioned below:

1. Catania Platinum Steam Shower

  • Size: 71″ L x 38″ W x 88″ H
  • Available in black and white color

2. Seina Steam Shower

  • Size: 67″ L x 51″ W x 88″ H
  • Available in white, black, and grey color

3. Matera Luxury Steam Shower

  • Size: 47″ L x 36″ W x 89″ H
  • Available in black color only

4. Comfort Walk-In Steam Shower

  • Size: 59″ L x 59″ W x 90.5″ H
  • Available in white, black, and grey color

5. Valencia Steam Shower

  • Size: 64″ L x 64″ W x 88″ H
  • Available in white, red, black, and grey color

6. The Superior Platinum Steam Shower

  • Size: 64″ L x 64″ W x 88″ H
  • Available in white, red, black, and grey color

Primary Specifications of product- Why choose Maya Steam Shower?

Those, who have experience of having a steam bath at any spa, know how blissful it is to outfit the steam shower in their bathrooms. The Maya bath keeps pace with technology and innovations to deliver the most cutting-edge features.

The lifespan of Steam Shower

It has incorporated with properties that reduce the risk of breakdown and enhance the lifespan of the product. The designers has installed Ceramic cores in thermostatic valves to maximize the lifespan.

Strength of Steam Shower

It is highly strengthening with a 3mm layer of acrylic material and 3 to 4 layers of fiberglass. Moreover, rigidity and sturdiness are increased by adding stainless steel frame.  

Safety Features

It is built with advanced safety features of RCD technology, which reduces the risk of short circuits. The edge protection keeps the glass safe from breakage. And most importantly, It has high heat-detection system, instill to detect overheating to prevent burnout.

Trending Designs and Colors

Experts have built contemporary designs to fulfill all needs and tastes. Married with the most wanting trends, Maya steam showers come in a wide range of sizes and colors, which adds an attractive finishing touch to luxury bathrooms.

Besides this, special wood tones are created to incorporate in traditional baths.

Value Adding serves ravishing steam showers at competitive market prices with no extra or hidden charges at all. The pricing strategy is transparent, you only pay what you see on the website- no extra penny.

Customers can enjoy more savings on the purchase of multiple units. However, the website also showcases seasonal sales.

Maya Bath Steam Shower Sale

Maya bath has announced exciting sales on every category of steam showers with free shipping. Customers can have a luxurious steam shower at pocket-friendly prices.

Steam Shower Buyers and Installation Guide

Maya bath claims to be an expert in selling steam showers and to help its customers in making the right buying decision a detailed buying guide has been added to its official website. The positive part of buying from this website is, they have thorough installation guide, added to its websites to make the installation hassle-free.

Before getting to any installer, must read the guide yourself. Additionally, in the end, customers see a checklist to confirm the perfect installation.



  • Available in varied sizes and colors
  • Highly safe operations
  • Available at discounted price
  • Incorporated with digital LCD TV
  • Aromatherapy


  • Less number of reviews
  • Available in United States only


After analyzing all the features of this product and thorough research of customers’ reviews, we articulated valuable facets to give honest Maya Steam Shower Review. The website is found to be serving for more than six years that is significant to speak about credibility.

However, the product is rated between 4-4.5 with seven to eight customers’ reviews. If we consider, its social pages then Instagram is congested with more than a thousand followers. Maya steam shower brings a lot of features and truly gives a luxury spa experience at home.

We hope that this research has helped you in making the right decision. Write to us in the comment section if you’ve prior experience. Your opinions are worthy! For more health and beauty reviews visit our site.