Hexclad Hybrid Cookware – Extremely Durable Stainless Steel, non-stick Pans Inside and Out – Is Hexclad Worth The Money?

HexClad cookware is a range of hybrid and non-stick cooking utensils with tri-play coatings. It has some impressive features, and most home chefs are raving about its benefits. Let’s see if HexClad is worth all the hype?

hexclad hybrid cookware review

HexClad Cookware: A Detailed Review

Cooking is therapeutic for most people. If you ask a home chef what is the most important factor that can make or break the meal apart from the recipe, of course. The answer would be the pot and pans you are cooking in.

Being a cooking enthusiast, I can vouch for that. To make perfectly scrambled eggs or to get that crispy top on your salmon is possible if you use the right utensils. Read More: Soturan Reviews

Hexclad cookware is all the fuss these days, and people are quite impressed with the feature this company is offering.

So we came up with a Hexclad review in this article. We will also discuss how it is different from other non-stick cookware, and is it safe to use?

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Hexclad Specifications

  1. Website: https://hexclad.com/
  2. Products: Pans & Pots
  3. Type: Stainless Steel & Non-stick
  4. Dimensions: 8″ – 10″ – 12″ – 14″
  5. Sets: Available (6pc + 7pc)
  6. Price range: $150 – $180

What is HexClad Cookware?

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hexclad pans

Hexclad cookware is a hybrid line of cookware that is both stainless steel and non-stick.

With one Hexclad pan, you can cook anything you want. Want to sauté some veggies and scramble eggs for Chinese rice?

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hexclad hybrid cookware review

No big deal as HexClad one pan can take care of this problem. It will also save you from the trouble of washing the mountain of dishes. I am totally sold on this point if I am honest. See Also: GothamSet.com Reviews

With its tri-play layering, hexclad is scratch-resistant, so you can use steel spatulas and tongs. Also, the heat is distributed evenly, so it is a perfect pan to sauté and smear.

tri-ply layering means that there are three layers at work.

First is
a magnetic stainless steel layer so it can work on any stovetop. Then comes an
aluminum layer for even heat distribution, and then the top layer is steel

The laser-etched patented hexagon design of Hexclad pans makes the pans attractive and quite functional compared to other non-stick brands.

The peaks and valleys are stainless steel and non-stick, respectively, and they help the food cook evenly.

Is HexClad Worth the Money?

is hexclad cookware worth the money

is an expensive brand, so it is natural to think twice before making the

It’s true that Hexclad is pricey, but the features make up for the price. As they say, you get what you pay for. See Also: Thyme and Table Cookware Reviews

Hexclad cookware is oven and dishwasher safe. The pan can bear the heat up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Apart from that, unlike other traditional cookware, you can actually use steel spatulas, and it won’t get scratched.

exterior is also scratch-resistant, so the pan will look pristine from outside
as well. That is a big advantage because regular non-stick pans get all burned
up after the first few uses.

handle is heat resistant, so it will stay cool for you to grab and mix the
gravy easily.

These Hexclad pans are beautiful, lightweight, and are perfect for people looking for a multi-purpose pan.

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hexclad hybrid cookware review

One-pan can serve so many purposes, so if you are short on space, I would recommend buying these gorgeous pans.

And the cherry on the top is that Hexclad cookware comes
with a lifetime warranty. However, the cosmetic aspect of the product is not
covered in the warranty. It included minor scratches or slight discoloration.

Is HexClad Cookware Safe?

According to Hexclad, their pans are free of PFOA chemicals, but it does contain some amount of PTFA.

Usually, PTFA is considered safe as it is also used in dental implants,
heart stents, and other medical procedures.

The problem with PTFA is that one you reach the 500 Fahrenheit; the pans start to decompose. Must Like: Wam Kitchen Store Reviews

And it can be harmful to living things birds, pets and humans and cause flu-like symptoms.

However, it is not a life-threatening issue.

But here is a thing – Cookware without PTFA cannot stand the long duration of cooking. The pans without PTFA start to deteriorate quickly after continuous usage, so you have to change your cookware regularly.

So the crux of the matter is that if you are looking for something completely ‘’green’’ or without PTFA, you may want to avoid Hexclad cookware.

Where is HexClad Made?

All the products by HexaClad are designed at their headquarters in Los Angeles, United States.

The manufacturing process takes place in China.

Who Owns HexClad?

Daniel Winer is the CEO of Hexclad. He is also available on LinkedIn. You can view his full profile here.

How Do You Clean a HexClad Pans?

Hexclad pans are easy to clean. Due to the non-stick material, the food comes right off the pan. You can also use a dishwasher as they are dishwasher proof.

Even cleaning by
hand isn’t hard. For tougher stains, you can use the abrasive side of the
sponge to get the burned bits off.

Any discoloration is
quite normal; however, soaking in warm soapy water would do the trick and get
rid of food build-up.

Just take care of your Hexclad pans after every use and scrub them nicely to get shining pristine pans.

How To Use Hexclad Cookware?

To get the maximum
out of your Hexclad hybrid cookware, it is imperative to first season the pans
properly. Otherwise, your food will keep burning.

To properly season your pan, first, heat the pan on medium-low heat. After that, spread one teaspoon of vegetable oil on the surface. Keep it on the heat for 1-2 minutes, and you’re done.

You don’t have to
season your pan before each use. It will automatically season itself from the
fat that is released from your food.

Apart from that, to evenly cook the meal and to avoid the burn, you need to cook on LOW HEAT. If your food is sticking, the culprit mostly is the high flame. The technology in Hexclad cookware allows it to heal faster compared to other cookware.

Wrap Up

If you are skeptical and want to try out a single pan to see how you like the Hexclad cookware, the 8’’ sauté pan is perfect for a start.

It is inexpensive and has great reviews too. Although buying each product individually cost more compared to buying a 6 Pcs Hybrid cookware set which is good value for money,

Either way, it depends on you and what you need. The reviews about Hexclad are mainly positive, although it is reported that food does get burnt if you aren’t too careful.

This Hexclad review is curated in order to help you make a decision about your next cookware as we all know how important pots and pans are for a home chef.

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