Sora Bra – Best Comfortable Bra For Plus Size Women or Another Scam Product?

sora Bra reviews

If you are in the late sixty and looking to buy a perfect bra, we would really like to split Sora Bra Reviews and details with you. In the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada, most women search for a great-sized bra that does not irritate and also does not make them feel uncomfortable. Fantastic and wonderful fabric and complete closure are the two main features ladies look for in every bra.

Retiring from a fabric company where she worked for 45 years, the lithe and energetic Claudia Ruiz emerged from retirement more than two years ago on a mission to drag older women out of obscurity. Claudia’s decision to model lingerie was daring in a country where older women were treated as if they “are not alive anymore”. She is a reminder that life still goes on after 60. With the motto “Sixty is the new Sexy“, she proved that life can still be fun and exhilarating. After some initial butterflies, Claudia says she feels comfortable stripping to her underwear in public. Determined to appear as natural as possible, she insists on no photoshopping. Now coming to Sora Bra Reviews let’s get to it.

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Table of contents

  1. What is Sora Bra?
  2. Specifications
  3. Features
  4. Pros & Cons
  5. Is It Legit?
  6. Customer Reviews
  7. Final Words

Best Items On Amazon

AESO Sora Bra 5D Shaping Seamless Front Closure Bra,Lgniteg Bra Front Closure Bras for Women
AESO Sora Bra 5D Shaping Seamless Front Closure Bra,Lgniteg Bra Front Closure Bras for Women
LELEBEAR Sora Bra - 5D Shaping Seamless Front Closure Bra (Pink+Beige, XX-Large)
LELEBEAR Sora Bra – 5D Shaping Seamless Front Closure Bra (Pink+Beige, XX-Large)
Igniteg Bra-Ultimate Lift Stretch, Sora Bra-5d Shaping Seamless Front Closure Bra
Igniteg Bra-Ultimate Lift Stretch, Sora Bra-5d Shaping Seamless Front Closure Bra
Sora Bra, 5d Shaping Seamless Front Closure Bra, Women Soft Front Lace Bras with 2 Pack
Sora Bra, 5d Shaping Seamless Front Closure Bra, Women Soft Front Lace Bras with 2 Pack

What is Sora Bra?

Made from natural latex extracted from rubber trees, the Sora Bra 5D molded foams lifts your breasts with exceptional cushioning comfort, breathability, and softness that prevents chafing and skin irritation in humid, hot weather. The design of 5D seamed cups, wide side wings, strong cushioned shoulder straps, and a U-shape back panel ensures maximum support against sagging while smoothing back bulges and correcting armpit fats for a flattering silhouette. Lightweight Latex foam with soft fabric wicks away moisture incredibly fast to keep you sweat-free and comfortable throughout the day.

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Specifications of Sora Bra

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  • Product: A premium quality clothing bra for women
  • Bra Style: Seamless, Push Up, Lace
  • Strap Type: Non-adjusted Straps
  • Shaping: Provides 5D shaping
  • Available Color Pattern: Black, Pink, and Beige
  • Pattern Type: Floral
  • The material used: Iced Silk, Cotton, Spandex, Latex Pad
  • Closure: Complete closure from the front
  • Cost: 39.95 $
  • Discount: Available
  • Available sizing: From M To 5XL

Features of Sora Bra

  • ANTIBACTERIAL: With a natural latex pad and high-quality fabric, this bra protects your breasts from bacteria with full support.
  • Wirefree: Wirefree construction smoothes side and back bulges to create a sleeker silhouette underneath clothing.
sora bra reviews

Now let’s check out some Pros & Cons of Sora Bra Reviews



  • Sora bra has a front last facility that comforts each woman.
  • Sora Bra is non-wired and offers complete support.
  • It makes the wearer comfortable with its tender material.
  • Sora Bra will not offer a saggy bust.
  • It will not cause shoulder pain.


  • Sora Bra Reviews are not available over the internet.
  • Sora Bra Reviews are also nowhere to be found on social media platforms.
  • There is no assurance about the Sora Bra durability.
  • No customer reviews are enlisted on the official website.
sora bra reviews

Is Sora Bra Legit or Scam Product?

Let’s analyze some facts about the Sora Bra product and know whether it’s worth the money or not.

  • The Sora Bras make the women bold, confident, and brave.
  • Claudia Ruiz has positioned down her efforts to deliver this top-notch product in front of older ladies who keep away from elegant attire because of their age.
  • Sora Bra Reviews are not available on most trustable customer review platforms like Trustpilot.
  • The imagination and prescient in the back of the product’s release is to make older women’s lifestyles higher in a manner where age should not become a barrier.
  • Sora Bra is available for all body types; no matter if you are skinny or fat, you can find your size.
  • Many online platforms sell this bra at an affordable price and share their views, but we can’t rely on it as the real id is not accessible so these views could be manipulated.
  • The Sora Bra presence on social media platforms is completely missing.

After considering all these facts this Sora Bra Reviews product seems suspicious. To claim this product as a fake would be too soon so it’s better to wait for some time so that customer reviews will be available to make our final call for our readers.

Customer Reviews

Many online shopping stores are selling this Sora Bra product. Many positive customer reviews are enlisted as it makes them feel comfortable all over the day. The straps of the bra are broad, and 3 hooks connected to the front aspect provide notable fitting. But it’s not easy to trust these reviews. The reviews might be manipulated because their customer ids are hidden.

Moreover the product is completely missing from social media pages which further raises dounts about this product.

For now, no real customer Sora Bra Reviews are found online.

Final Words

The product is made for a good purpose, but at the same time, it has negative aspects due to which we are considering it as suspicious. So we urge our readers to do proper research before making their mind to buying this product.

We DO NOT RECOMMEND buying this product from their website.
We suggest you buy from a big marketplace like AMAZON. If you already bought it please share your review and help others.

Best Items On Amazon

AESO Sora Bra 5D Shaping Seamless Front Closure Bra,Lgniteg Bra Front Closure Bras for Women
AESO Sora Bra 5D Shaping Seamless Front Closure Bra,Lgniteg Bra Front Closure Bras for Women
LELEBEAR Sora Bra - 5D Shaping Seamless Front Closure Bra (Pink+Beige, XX-Large)
LELEBEAR Sora Bra – 5D Shaping Seamless Front Closure Bra (Pink+Beige, XX-Large)
Igniteg Bra-Ultimate Lift Stretch, Sora Bra-5d Shaping Seamless Front Closure Bra
Igniteg Bra-Ultimate Lift Stretch, Sora Bra-5d Shaping Seamless Front Closure Bra
Sora Bra, 5d Shaping Seamless Front Closure Bra, Women Soft Front Lace Bras with 2 Pack
Sora Bra, 5d Shaping Seamless Front Closure Bra, Women Soft Front Lace Bras with 2 Pack

32 Reviews

  1. I wish I had seen this site before I ordered a set of 3 bras. Even though I ordered my size the ones that came are too small, the material is cheap and flimsy. When I asked for a refund and where I should send them back, I was told that it is too “complicated and expensive to send them back to Hong Kong” so instead I was offered a $15.00 coupon to buy something else from this company, this is to replace the $44.00 I spent on the bras. Hah!!! fool me once -shame on you —-fool me twice- shame on me!!! I will never do business with this company again.

  2. DO NOT BUY THE SORA BRA!!!!! Piece of junk. Straps were glued together! Flimsy material that doesn’t cover where it needs to cover! The elastic is so poor that my breast pops out underneath when I put my arm up! The product is so badly made, probably in China. It is not even symmetrical! I feel so stupid having been conned. I wished I had read all these accurate reviews beforehand!

  3. This is the worst bra I have ever bought in my life. First of all it looks like I have 3 boobs as it constantly rides around your body while at the same time it constantly rides up at the back. My boobs also fall out of the bottom of it and I’m constantly trying to put my boobs back in it. I end up wearing a bra that the top of it is riding around my neck at the back and I have to keep pulling it down. As far as I’m concerned it’s a piece of crap and a scam. The only part that was good on it was that it did up at the front and I had no trouble with that. I am very sorry that I ever bought it. I know I can’t send it back because it’s made in China and they ask you to put a tracking number on it ends up costing you about 70 bucks to send them back. They notice and they know that no one wants to spend that kind of money to send it back that’s why they tell you to put a tracking number on the piece of crap.

  4. Their website says manufactured and sent from the USA. This is a lie. I ordered the size recommend in their conversion chart and the bras that arrived are way too small. The materials and manufacture quality is absolute crap. When I tried to return the bras for a refund they would not give me a return address saying that the return freight would cost more than the bras. They offered me a 20% refund and to keep the bras. DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT, IT IS A SCAM TO GET YOUR MONEY.

    1. I also ordered two of these bras in small I got two large bras in an X-Large bag. Have been trying to get a refund (impossible) I am told by SoraBra that I would have to pay to mail them back to China. Which I refuse to pay for their mistake. I was offered a 10% refund to keep them(what a joke what am I going to do with bras I can’t wear) so don’t by this product it is 💩💩

  5. Absolutely waste of money ,I ordered 3 on a special offer costing $64 they re all different sizes and absolute trash

  6. Agree, crappy all around. Cheap, no support, raw material. I knew it was going to be disappointing buy WOW, such poor quality. From China, cheap, cheap ,cheap. Absolutley don’t waste your time or money. I am not even going to attempt to refund. Lesson learnt. Won’t do it again!!

  7. I agree with the ladies above. I thought the bra was made in the USA – no, it’s from China. Crappy quality. Tried three different email addresses and their website chat and no one will respond. My credit card company is refunding my money now. Jerks.

  8. I bought this bra from Amazon, it is a very cheaply made flimsy excuse for a bra. It is nothing like what was advertised. These bras have absolutely no support what so ever. Save your money don’t buy this crap.

  9. I ordered this bra as it was advertised to suit the older woman. It was utter garbage. The cups wouldn’t support anything. Don’t buy them!,

  10. Most ridiculous bra I’ve ever seen. Waited almost a month to receive an unfinished piece of cloth with cups that cover almost none of me that has major hooks and eyes in the front that were next to impossible to hook! What a waste of money and time! DO NOT BUY THIS BRA OR ANY OTHER PRODUCT FROM THIS COMPANY!

  11. Awful piece of material. False claims of cushioned shoulder straps with removable pads, back control panel. All lies it is just a thin flimsy piece of material with 2 cups. No support whatsoever.

  12. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY. They took my payment but did not deliver the product. Their email was
    Returned undeliverable and there was no telephone number to call. Now I am working with my credit card company for a full refund.

  13. The product is horrible and this company is even worse. I ordered and received two bras. The fit is horrible and the product is very cheaply made. I contacted them for a refund. After many messages and emails I was told that a refund was deposited in my bank. That was a lie. Too much time has passed for me to continue to dispute this through my bank. The only way to contact customer service for this company is through email or chat on their website. You could also send a letter but that would probably be futile also. Just don’t do business with them!!

  14. Check the tag on your bras. Do they say Sora…bet not. Mine said China with some Chinese writing I couldn’t read. You should tell PayPal that the product you ordered is not the product you received…it’s called false advertising. Keep after them. PayPal needs to step up and put a stop to all the false advertising. Tell the company you purchased from you are filing a dispute with PayPal and expect a full refund. If they want their product back they should pay for the return because they didn’t provide the Sora Bra you ordered…they sent you knock offs…Absolute False Advertising!

  15. On May 29, 2021, I placed an online order for 7 bras to be paid by PayPal. Since I do not know the source, I decided not to purchase the bras and did not authorize payment. The website does not have an option to remove the items from the cart nor is there a phone number to contact bdtoolx. I wrote to, the website provided for resolution several times informing them that their site will not allow me to remove the items and asked for further help. Every single day I receive an e-mail stating “You left items in your cart and haven’t completed you purchase. You can complete it now while they’re still available.” I am completely ignored with a plea for help. I do t understand why the company does not remove/cancel the items per my request from their own computer program. All get is the daily harassment emails. Heed warnings about purchasing from unknown sights!!!!!!

  16. Finally a web site where I can leave a review. Thank you. My bra took a month to be delivered to Australia. I do not like the shape the bra gives me. The Return Policy is a joke, as they simply do not reply to emails – which is the only way to contact them. Beware!

  17. I’m ashamed to say that I too am waiting for mine.
    I’m hoping they aren’t as bad as the reviews I’m reading.
    But I’m afraid they are going to be.
    How can people get away with scamming. I don’t understand how they can do this to people and not have a care in the world.
    Is there a way we can get our full refund back. I paid over 88 dollars for them.
    Still waiting.
    I wish I would have seen these reviews before I bought them.
    From now on, I’ll be checking ratings on everything I buy on line.

    1. I bought this directly from the website and it’s AWEFUL. The cups are WAY too small and the straps are way too big and not adjustable. I can’t reach them to return it. I’ve emailed 4 times and have gotten zero reply! I’m currently using PayPal to try to dispute it, but not getting much from them either. They say I need “evidence”. All I have is an ill fitting bra and several unanswered emails. What other “evidence” could I give? Bottom line – do not purchase anything from this company and tell your friends!

    2. Ordered bras in 50g received size 44. Response send back to warehouse in China. Cost of shipping will be more than cost or they wll give me 5% refund. No thanks. Lois Wolfram

  18. I ordered on April 20th and it is now June 20th and I still haven’t received my bras, I have a strong feeling I have been scammed. So disappointed.

    1. You’re not alone; I bought one on May 7th, still no bra received. Live and Learn.

      1. I too have been waiting for mine.
        I ordered 3, that was $88.00 dollars and some cents already taken out of my account.
        I’m still waiting.
        They sent me an email saying they were shipped, but I haven’t recieved them yet. I ordered from their website.
        Still waiting….

        1. Hi all, I ordered 3 bras, waited for 2 months. They finally arrived , only to find they were way too big! I have sent them back, but as yet, zero response to 3 emails I have sent. Nearly £48 out of pocket and absolutely livid at my own stupidity. Like others here, I wish I had read reviews first, before ordering.

  19. This bras is worthless. I am a senior and need a bras with wide straps and a front closure so I purchases it at over 80 dollars Canadian. It doesn’t fit! They had a card in the package with the email address ‘’ when I reached out to them the reply was that there is no such address.

  20. I did receive my Sora Bra in about 3 weeks. I am disappointed in its construction; the edges are unfinished. The Bra fits poorly although I tried to use the size chart. Beware.

  21. I waited 6 weeks to get theses bras, only to be disappointed when I saw them. Cheapest material that could be used and extra small in the cups even tho I ordered a large . Straps are just material that had been cut , no sewn edges . Cheap made .. fo not buy this product

  22. I purchased this bra back in April 29, 2021. Still have not received it as of June 8. They were paid in full with a credit card. Tried numerous times to email the company about not receiving them, have not gotten a response back . Even my husband sent a email. I believe they scammed me. Beware of this company. I would not have bought them knowing where they were made, certainly not USA made. Disappointed and scammed

  23. I purchased this bra late March or early April and didn’t receive it till around May 10.
    When I first put it on I was a bit concerned about the fit but that could be that I chose the wrong size. Normally I’m about a 16 DD so I got got the 4XL.
    After about 5 minutes of wearing it I had to keep doing it back up again as it kept coming undone when ever I tried to do something.
    So far it’s not rating very well.
    I will try bending the hooks a bit and see how that goes

    1. I’m still waiting as well hoped it was a good product but now I’m worried I’ve been scammed..

  24. Buyer beware! This bra is a piece of garbage. Not only that, but they falsely advertise that it is made in Georgia, U.S.A. but it is made in China. Their ‘return’ policy is a joke. They not only want you to return it to China, at your expense, but then deduct money upon receipt, for handling fees for cancellation and the cost of the shipping they paid to send to us. Plus, they don’t guarantee that they will accept the item. It is a hit and miss, all at our expense. They offer to refund $5 and allow us to keep the bra. This is a thieving company, with deceptive practices. Stay away. I lost $45 for a piece of total garbage. They are supposed to be for older women, affording support in areas younger women don’t need, but I get better support from a t-shirt. Again, beware. Don’t buy from these people, and pass on this information. They don’t deserve to be in business. IF they had disclosed that the bras were made in China, I would never have purchased it. But I think they know this, and that is why they lie about it being U.S. made.

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