Xpluswear.com Review – Offering Best Plus Size Women Clothing or Another Scam Website?

Xpuswear Reviews – Xpluswear.com is an online fashion store dealing in clothes designed and stitched especially for plus-size women. The website origins from China, however, they ship in multiple countries. You can find a variety of dresses, tops, jeans, formal pants, jumpsuits, 2 piece sets along with accessories at affordable prices, that too is marked down under discounts.

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xpluswear reviews

Introduction To Xpluswear.com

Gone are the times when plus-sized people were looked up to such an extent that they couldn’t find the right fit in stores or online. With the new wave of feminism and transitioning fashion, plus-sized clothing is gaining immense popularity and we are witnessing brands coming up with the cutest plus-sized outfits.

Newer brands are difficult to trust as most scamming and fraud cases often emerge out of newly launched brands. With pictures of the most appealing outfits at super affordable prices, there’s a chance you may fall for the trap.

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Xpluswear Reviews is a plus-sized clothing website that has a lot of cute clothes to offer to its customers. Let’s read out the article to find whether it is legitimate or a scam.

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What is the Website about? How do they work?

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Xpluswear is a fashion brand that specializes in plus-sized women’s clothing items. Latest, fashionable, and trendy clothes are available in the perfect fit. With 365 new arrivals daily, you have a wide variety of options to choose from.

Shipping takes approximately 10 to 20 business days and all orders above $49 are shipped for free. You can even return unworn clothes within 30 days of delivery and qualify for a full refund.

Payments can be done online via PayPal, Google Play, or through your Visa or Master cards.

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons that Xpluswear.com comes with:



  • A vast option of plus size wears to choose from
  • Reasonable Prices
  • A multitude of convenient payment methods
  • Customization options are also available
  • Valid SSL certificate


  • The website access is blocked in many countries
  • The host country for Xpluswear.com is considered a high-risk country.
  • The website is new and unpopular.
  • No Cash on delivery option

What are the existing Xpluswear Reviews?

Xpluswear.com has a poor rating of 2.2 stars only. The customers don’t seem happy with their purchase either. Many have complained that their orders from months ago haven’t been delivered yet. Those who received their order said that the clothing was made of cheap material. The sizes they received were not the same, and sometimes even the product was completely different from what was shown in the picture.

Xpluswear Customers complained about when they claimed a refund, they were refused by the company.

Moreover, their 30-day return warranty is only applicable if the customers themselves shipped back the order to China. Some say that the website is a scam and no one should buy anything from here.

On the other hand, a few buyers mentioned that they got their orders on time, the product and packaging, everything was up to the mark. The clothes fitted perfectly and they were satisfied by the services.

Is Xpluswear Brand Legit or not? How can we say that?

The best way to find out about how good or bad a brand is to check its customer reviews and ratings. There are no Xpluswear reviews on the website itself; that is the first thing that puts them under suspect; moreover, reviews on other blogs are also mostly negative.

The domain is new and the WHOIS identity of the domain name owner is hidden too, that may be because the owner wants to stay away from spam emails and messages, this is worth mentioning as such a pattern is shown by many fraudulent websites.

Since the website is new, despite the super attractive and “die for” offers, there aren’t many visitors on this website. For this reason, not much credibility for the brand can be set and the trust index is only 1%.
Additionally, this website is from a high-risk country, and the server it is hosted on has a record of hosting many suspicious websites. This makes us think that the website is not legitimate.

But let’s not conclude yet.

What makes us think that this website may be legitimate is its presence on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. They are seen responding to customer queries and questions on Facebook which a scammer would never do. Besides that, the phone number and address entered on the website is valid.

Final Verdict (Xpluswear Reviews)

Wrapping up Xpluswear reviews we can say that not just the negative reviews, but various other factors make us think that ordering from Xpluswear will end up in loss of money. The website is new and they somewhat get a benefit of the doubt as well. They may be legit even though the chances appear low, there may be defaming campaigns being run by their competitors.

If you have experienced shopping from Xpluswears.com let us know whether they are a scam or a legitimate brand.

75 Reviews

  1. OK I’ll order from Xpluswear and I receive my first item and it was OK but my next two items no no they weren’t the dress. The fabric was very cheap and it was not the color that it was supposed to be. It was more black than gold making it look like a dirty gold color . and my other outfit which I decided I could just keep it and just wear it casually but it’s supposed to be a dressing up made out of some cheese fabric that I can’t even explain what it is and then it has pearls on it, which is OK because I thought I could wear it dressy but not so I thought that the material was velvet and it didn’t look nothing like it was supposed to kind of off the shoulders …now I receive my package within about maybe two or three weeks which was good . But my only problem with them is they don’t want to refund my money or exchange the product but I actually want it my money refunded, but I would take the exchange and just not order from them again……

  2. Ordered four items in June 2022 and it took 7 weeks for one item to arrive and the remaining items were received after over 2 months. None of the items looked like the picture. All of the materials were cheap and one item was not even remotely the same color that was on the picture. I am highly disappointed and do not recommend this sight to anyone!!!!

    1. Ordered several items, which were true to size and fitting well. Flattering and cost cutting clothing for plus sized women, very satisfied. Expect long delivery delays.

  3. they have tons of websites with these same clothes on them, im assuming they are all fake also. What is the real website with all of these beautiful clothes.

  4. Placed an order with XPluswear in June 2022, items arrived within 2 weeks. Upon A thorough look at the items one item was defective. and it didn’t look as it appeared on their site. I ordered a puffy dress and what I got was flat. I was very disappointed as I thought my search was over for my outfit to wear to my brother’s wedding. Now my search starts over. Glad I still have a few months to find something. Immediately I contacted XPluswear via email as instructed per their return/refund policy. After several conversations with them via email back-and-forth for days. They kept sending the same message begging me keeping the items I have with a discount. I advised them a discount was not feasible as one item was defective and the other was too small. Therefore, I had no use for either item. (I don’t know of anyone who would be able to wear the one good item) or I would have gifted it.

    After 5th days I got tired of all the back-and-forth with them so I contacted my bank and asked them to do a charge back. Then XPluswear finally gave me a full refund for the defective item. My bank confirmed. Happy for that but that did not fully satisfy my issue as I still had the other item which I needed a Return Authorization (RA) number and the NY address to return it. I truly didn’t understand why all the back-and-forth was required as it was within days of receipt of the items and still within the 30 day return policy. I contacted them again and luckily on the 7th day I finally got the RA number and the return address. The yesterday I returned the item. I expect a full refund on that item within a week as it was returned unworn and still in the package it was received in with the skew number attached as instructed. Jumping all their hoops and taking a picture of the proof of return and sending to then.
    If I don’t receive a refund I will again contact my bank for further action as I have been keeping them in the loop and sending copies of all correspondence between them and I.
    There online reviews are great on their site which are obviously fake! I WILL NOT BE ORDERING FROM THEM AGAIN!!! – You have been Warned!!! As the old saying goes
    Buyer beware!!!

  5. This website is horrible I ordered a dress in June for my daughter’s wedding way in May I never got the dress at all they said they couldn’t find my address but yet and still 2 other dresses got delivered at my address. Long story short the dress went back to them and they didn’t want to refund my money talking about they will give me 50 percent back when I never got the dress I had to contact my lawyer that I were about to get involved with this situation never again will I ever order from this site

    1. I order from this company in May 2022 I haven’t heard anything about my order I have emailed them several times about my order no response but when I order they was so quick to get my money. I will advise anyone not to purchase from this company.

  6. Always do a review or haul check on any online store with YOUTUBE first. If you can’t find anything at all, that’s an immediate red flag, otherwise, there will be some very honest reviews and often hauls of actual clothing from the site so you can see it and decide for yourselves.

  7. This place is TERRIBLE! Sub-par clothing that comes SMELLY azfawk as if they’ve been sitting in a 20-yr old attic! Been almost 2 months and I’m STILL missing 2 items! Customer service acts as if they don’t understand english or just plan stupid! They keep sending me the same cookie cutter message when I’ve sent my order number, photos and partial tracking information NUMEROUS times over the past month! The only thing left to do is to dispute this mf!

      1. Dear Brigitte,
        Thank you for your support. We will keep up our hard work to offer better merchandise and faster service, hoping to see you again. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us (at support@xpluswear.com.)

  8. This blog is definitely rather handy since I’m at the moment creating an internet floral website – although I am only starting out therefore it’s really fairly small, nothing like this site. Can link to a few of the posts here as they are quite. Thanks much. Zoey Olsen


    1. You are riht…so I am out $88.00
      Lesson learned…when it sunds to good to be true ….it usually is

    2. X plus wear is another Chinese company that their clothes is are not true to size, poor quality and I DIDN’T receive all of my merchandise. The swim suit was misleading they advertised it too as a set (swim suit and cover up)and only sent the swimsuit. I ordered it a coverup and paid $49.99 for didn’t receive it with the other swim suit merchandise. I’m thinking to myself why not ship everything together? Weird/Scam!!!! When I emailed them requesting where’s my stuff? I got NO RESPONSE!!! PLEASE DONOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

  10. I have been contemplating ordering from this company for some time. My daughter said “Mom before you do, check the reviews”. I’m so glad I did. The clothes look nice, but from the reviews the quality and looks are not the same as their advertisement. (False advertising). Thank you all for your reviews. I will shop and spend my money somewhere else.

    1. Please do not purchase from this company I placed my order March 7 “I did not read the reviews” I have not received my merchandise yet. I spent over 230.00 they immediately took it off my card and sent an email that the order was good to go. I have sent several email requesting a refund and they totally disregarded that and replied that the merchandise is on the way. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS COMPANY!!

      1. I’ve been waiting for my order. After reading several of these reviews I should have not order from this company. I tried to contact customer service and my email was blocked from their customer service after contacting them about my order. I’m glad I didn’t make a big order. I will know contact PayPal for my money and hopefully stop this company for using PayPal to collect payments from this fraudulent company in China its not a black owned business. Using black women to advertise this company. I only spent $68.00 and I’m glad it wasn’t more than that. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY WHEN YOU CONTACT THEM ABOUT YOUR ORDER THEY WILL BLOCK YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS….

        1. WOW…so that is why I do not get a response.
          I am going to call Paypal also and get my money back…file a complaint.

      2. Count your blessings…the quality of the clothes is AWFUL!!!.Very cheap fabric,drab colors…not good quality.
        We get what we pay for…cheap is as cheap does.
        You are just out of $230.00….like me…I am out $88.00
        Lesson learned…should have read the reviews!!!

    2. PLEASE DONT BUY FROM THEM. Ive been waiting over a MONTH for one order!!! They’re a SCAM!!!!!!

    3. They are horrible. They sent me the wrong dress and then said I had to pay 50% of the cost to get the right one. Material is cheap. NOPE – I’ll look elsewhere and wish I had read reviews first.

      1. I just received my order from them and the quality of material is poor and poorly sewn. I only bought one dress because I was a litte suspicious about the website. I should have read the reviews before ordering at all. I’m going to try to return it. But, from previous reviews it may be useless. May have loss $43.99.

    4. I’ve been waiting for my order. After reading several of these reviews I should have not order from this company. I tried to contact customer service and my email was blocked from their customer service after contacting them about my order. I’m glad I didn’t make a big order. I will know contact PayPal for my money and hopefully stop this company for using PayPal to collect payments from this fraudulent company in China its not a black owned business. Using black women to advertise this company.

    5. Not to mention the clothing is all over price excessively. This seems like a predator company preying on peoples size to exploit extra money from customers. Most of the items their selling can easily be found for 20.00 to 30.00 less than what they are scamming you for, Just take your time and look and I promise you 10/10 you’ll find most of the merchandise on other sites far less cheaper and Stress free worrying about begin scammed. Eric Dress is a another company to be ware of it can take up to 3 or 5 months before receiving articles and by then you have given up or totally forgotten about your order. So do your home work before jumping right in.

    6. I am still waiting for my refund.
      I ordered a white dress and sent me a black dress.
      I have sent the item back to them.
      This has been going on since March 22, 2022

  11. Ordererd Jean coatvand two dresses. Never received any of my items. SCAM SCAM SCAM DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE

  12. WARNING.. WARNING…DO NOT BUY FROM THESE VENDORS!!!! I ordered from them and 1 of my items were lost in transit.. I notified them immediately (and I have proof of the numerous emails) and they refused to replace my items despite sending photos of my open package upon delivery.. It takes forever to receive your items and your item is not as described.. Please don’t say I didn’t warn you.. This company is not worth your money!!!

  13. BEWARE!! DON’T DO IT!!!
    I ordered 2 blazers, a 2-piece set, and leather pants. The only thing that fit was the set, because of the stretchy, loose material. However, one blazer was entirely too small and the other swallowed me, although the size charts were identical. I ordered brown pants but they sent orange pants. On the return policy, they tell you since the size charts are provided, if the clothes do not fit that is because of your personal negligence. However, the size charts are very inaccurate. They also say that they are not responsible for color differences. One of the strange things that I noticed was them not receiving packages that people have returned. These are all the ways they are able to keep people’s money and not give refunds. But the quality of the clothes are very cheap and I will NEVER ever order from them again. It was a total waste of money and time.

    1. If I could share pics and video of this mess of a dress I received I would.Do not order guys I ordered this dress waited a month for it to arrive right before an event I had planned and it is NOTHING like the dress in the pics I ordered a 2xl they sent me this poorly made crap with a flap in front the dress is the size of a baby elephant I want a refund!!!!

  14. The material is cheap, looks nothing like on the models. Walmart items have better material hen the items I have been receiving. I will not purchase from this company again especially when I look at the review and many of them complaining about the same issue the, fabric material is straight cheap

  15. 10/10 do NOT recommend this company. I don’t understand how they got these “verified” users to leave reviews on the site, I can honestly only assume they’re all fake. This is like one of those horror stories of, what I was expecting versus what I got. I should of read the reviews OFF their website and gone with my gut, but I hope someone else can learn from my mistakes. Extremely cheap material, one layer of tulle with extremely random, all over the place stitching.. when I tell you I think I could make something better than what I got out of a garbage bag, I am not kidding. I went back and forth with the company for a while, finally it was clear that the best they would give me was 50% back, but not including shipping. They didn’t profit from shipping, so they asked that “I please understand.” Well, let me tell you- I don’t understand. Because when you profit off of telling someone they’re getting one thing, and then sending them literal trash, no one should have to “understand” anything and the full amount plus shipping should have been refunded, without me having to pay another dollar. They would have me ship it back to them so they could play this con on someone else, resell it and make more profit.


    1. You are correct with the information you provided. This company does not list how to return items that was wrong. I will not recommend this company to anyone. BUY from American stores not online you will get this company who portray as NOTHING BUT A DUMMY COMPANY.

  16. In my experience, some Chinese companies have a peculiar idea of how Americans are built! I ordered some pants in my usual size, but they were too small, so I ordered the next bigger size. When they came, the legs were 4″ longer, but the hips and rise were *exactly* the same as before. I returned both (they were an Amazon seller) and ordered from an American company instead.

    1. Do not buy anything from this company they are a scam ordered items on the 15th of April tried to contact them no response. I had to get PayPal involved I refuse to let this company off with my money. If it aint american website or in United States don’t order they have several other websites that do the same scamming.

  17. Thanks for the reviews. I was about to place an order, because the clothing is so nice, but after reading these reviews I’ve changed my mind. I don’t need the headaches. Thanks all.

    1. Yes please do not order. I ordered $500 worth in November 2021 to be shipped to my home address only to receive it a month later 1 outfit. Then a week later 1 outfit and a half. Then an email from them.stating the majority of my order could not be delivered because of insufficient address yet I ordered it all together at the same time. Support responded once telling me to reach out to my local post office. I did so and after their tracking was determined the package was back at the company. Support still has not responded till this day to say whether the package will be resent to me or a refund given. This is the absolute worst company ever

    2. I have been waiting on this dress for weeks. I believe that the tracking is done by someone paid to input random entries just so that the customer can believe the package is moving. Supposedly my package has been in 6 different cities in Florida including the one I live in and it still went somewhere else. It has been to Tampa twice.I am almost positive looking at the reviews that this is a scam. And if I ever do get the dress it’s going to be after my event and probably a piece of crap a child made.

      Feeling scammed

  18. Hi, I placed an order 5 Jan 2022, with this company for an XL jumpsuit and I haven’t received it yet. I’m sorry that I placed this order. I was going on a cruise and had plans to wear it. I’ve gone on the cruise and I was so disappointed that I didn’t get the item. I wish something could be done about this. I would like to get the jumpsuit however, if not, I want my money back. The order #XD103189, paid $49.98. Thats not right and they should be disallowed, penalized rather than get away with this scam. I agree with many others, there should be a Lawsuit against these worthless individuals. I wished I had read the reviews first. NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!

  19. Hello my name is Mrs Cooper I recently placed the order for a dress in a size 3x and when I went to follow my package it said it was on this way but it haven’t gotten here yet please send me the address or refund my money thank you

  20. SCAM ALERT.. i will say that i received my items in a timely manner.. But the material sucks.. the items look nothing like the pictures shown on the site.. I am very upset. I paid over 100$ for something that i cant wear.. Ugh.. So please run and run fast this site is a complete scam.. I was going to reach out for a refund but based on the reviews it will be a waste of time. ugh.. wish i had read the review before i placed my order.. this is not a good site to order from.. stick with what you know.. lane bryant * ashley stewart * even shien is a much better site than xpluswear–
    again .. run and run fast..

  21. I ordered an outfit December 16, 2021 and was given a tracking number. Each time I try to track the tracking number it says no tracking information available. I emailed the company twice , and no response. Glad it was only $35

  22. I ordered Suze 22/24 and received a size 10/12 and the color is not at all like was showed.And it was not shipped in 24 hours like it stated. I’m very disappointed.

    1. I have received two sweater mini dresses. I ordered them a size to big and they still fit like a regular sweater. This site is not accurate. Clothes DO NOT fit like they are suppose to. I was very disappointed!

  23. Really wish I did this research before I spent close to $400. They said order is shipped and even provided a tracking number. Everytime I click on the tracking number it states that it doesn’t exist. I’ve emailed them 3 times with no response. So I’m definitely calling that money a loss as I feel like I’ve been scammed for sure!

  24. I wish I had read the reviews first! I was just so excited to see beautiful clothing that I thought was perfect to celebrate my birthday in….I feel so stupid, funny thing, I always read reviews smh….all I was thinking was if ima order a dress I would have to do it now. I ordered Dec 1st, shipped Dec 4th, it is currently Dec 10 and I need my items before Dec 17. Im crossing my fingers and hoping for the best since there have been good reviews

    1. Good luck your story says everything I said too they said they delivered when that didn’t happen thinking postal service stealing but it’s the company xplusWear insisted that’s not their order number I’m out of over 80 something dollars I ordered 12 03 2021 nothing so disappointed

  25. So glad I read the reviews!!! I had a cart full of items. I will head to the mall and purchase my items at least I will be taking my items home with me instead of waiting on items that may never come 🙃 🙂

    1. One of my mom friends ordered from this site a month ago & the item still has not arrived. She’s emailed them regarding a refund and it’s just crickets. The site is truly a scam.

  26. Received 2 dresses, both are horribly made. The company is out of China but originally said it was from the US who has items made in China. They refused to refund my money unless I pay extra money to return the dresses to a house/rental address in NY. They gave me a number to contact Philip Low but the number goes back to a logistic company in California owned by Fat H Cheung.

  27. Your comment is sooo true!! I feel the same way and thank you very much for your review. Be blessed!

  28. This is a fradulent company! They make it impossible for you to return so you are left with cheap dresses that look nothing like they do online! I spent alot of money and still am waiting on a zip code and correct mailing address! I’m very upset I was conned into spending my hard earned money on this cheap crap.

  29. I sent 3 emails to company asking to cancel my order and refund me. I placed an order 2 days ago. But after reading all the reviews i don’t want their crap. So far nobody has responded. I didn’t even get a tracking number. Im worried. I spent close to $400 Canadian.

  30. Don’t order from this place. My order took a month to come and the clothes were very poor quality. I had dye on my hands and clothes from just holding my jumpsuit that I ordered from them. Horrible horrible quality clothes. Save yourself money time and a headache and don’t order from them

  31. I have received 2 of the items I ordered and I love them. They were a little long but that’s ok. I’ve already place 3 more orders. This website is not a scam.

    1. I received 3 of the items I ordered 5 items over knee boots and a sweater dress never received, they were very costly I wish I could sue

  32. I ordered a jacket from them. I received it in one week. It did come with a flaw. A fraying seam which I could trim up and it would be just fine. I let the company know and they gave me a $20 gift card and let me keep the jacket. I wasn’t totally unimpressed with them. The jacket still is cute and I plan to wear it. I have had an overall good experience


    1. It took awhile, but my order DID come in. The blue jean coat looks just like it did online. I’m pleasantly surprised and pleased with the order. I had not read the reviews before I ordered. If I had, I probably would not have ordered. The package came from 5215 South Boyle Avenue, Building 2, Vernon, California 90058

  34. I have order 3 dresses from them, the dresses are not true to size. I HAVENOT GOTTEN A RESPONSE FOR REFUND OR EXCHANGE INFORMATION.
    I AM OUT OF ALMOST $200.

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